Body Cam Footage 07/09/2018

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  1. 19:30] :: [DISPATCH] CCPD| 143 | Officer M. Lockwood: 143 to 149 "All good?"
  2. [19:30] :: [DISPATCH] CCPD | 149 | Officer D. Florentino: 149 to 143 Still looking
  3. [19:31] Cierra Theriac-Triton (cierra.theriac) is online.
  4. [19:32] :: [DISPATCH] CCFD | FF/EMT 344 | B. Kraven: 344 to dispatch
  5. [19:33] :: [DISPATCH] CCPD | 138 | Sergeant M. Papp: Dispatch, 138, I'm 10-6 if needed.
  6. [19:33] :: [DISPATCH] CCFD |  C-1 Chief | Sheppard: Dispatch (( Currently acting )) Go ahead 344
  7. [19:33] :: [DISPATCH] CCFD |  C-1 Chief | Sheppard: Dispatch (( Currently acting )) Copy that 138
  8. [19:34] :: [DISPATCH] CCFD | FF/EMT 344 | B. Kraven: standby for update from Summit Fire
  9. [19:34] :: [DISPATCH] CCFD |  C-1 Chief | Sheppard: Dispatch (( Currently acting )) Standing by
  10. [19:34] :: [CCPD] CCFD | Paramedic - SRT  372 | T.Box: red yellow charged Chief
  11. [19:36] :: [CCPD] CCPD| 143 | Officer M. Lockwood: 143 to All units look out for a white female, dark hair, ratty clothing, dark colored clothing, possible teen"
  12. [19:36] :: [CCPD] CCPD| 143 | Officer M. Lockwood: last seen on Boston Street, Array
  13. 19:39] Athena (kaimartin55) quickly dives under the table again
  14. [19:39] :: [DISPATCH] CCFD | Paramedic - SRT  372 | T.Box: Engine 51 to dispatch, can we get some PD out here on barracuda for traffic and civilian control
  15. [19:40] :: [DISPATCH] CCPD| 143 | Officer M. Lockwood: 143 On the way.
  16. [19:42] :: [CCPD] CCFD | Paramedic - SRT  372 | T.Box: E51 to Chief, cutting my deck cannon now that yall are interior
  17. [19:47] :: [DISPATCH] CCPD | 149 | Officer D. Florentino: 143 to 372 En Route ( 143 crashed)
  18. [19:50] Tom Box ( shouts: Ma'am please stand BACK
  19. [19:52] Tredpro Road Flare: Enter Mouselook, Click to drop, Hold for a toss
  20. [19:53] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Ma'am you need to move back behind my patrol car please.
  21. [19:53] Qrystal Blue Persuasion-Abba (qrystalsea): oh ok
  22. [19:56] :: [DISPATCH] CCFD | Paramedic - SRT  372 | T.Box: Engine 51 to dispatch, going to need that PD and PD investigator on scene asap.
  23. [19:57] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Walking up to the Sergeants Car i have both ways blocked. (Lockwood Crashed)
  24. [19:58] Michael Papp (owen.papp) rolls his window down, "Solid Copy, If you have everything handled here I'll move on," he would explain, "Just radio me if you need any help or assistance?"
  25. [19:59] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Copy that I had to stop looking for the female that  held up the new store in town
  26. [20:00] Michael Papp (owen.papp) nods slowly, "I'll keep my eyes open then."
  27. [20:00] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): 'Nods"
  28. [20:00] Tom Box ( (( yeah.  its its the anniversary of the granite mountain hot shots
  29. [20:00] Tom Box ( (( just.... too soon
  30. [20:00] Tom Box ( (( you KNOW hes going to want to do all sorts of parades and etc.
  31. [20:02] :: [CCPD] CCFD | Paramedic - SRT  372 | T.Box: PD, can you come get this man in a suit out of the scene?
  32. [20:02] Tom Box ( nods "yes Sir.  You.  This is an active fire scene and is very dangerous, please step back with the police officer here, for you own safety"
  33. [20:03] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Walking up to the Man in the suit." Sir if i can have step back behind my car so these men can do there job. Please.
  34. [20:04] David Admiral (trent.admiral) looks behind him "You mean the guy that didnt stop me to begin with?" as he chuckles listening as the cop talks "Dont touch me dude Ill drop you" as he begins to walk down the road
  35. [20:04] John Sheppard (fastshot41): Turning around lifting his Visor looking at the two gentlemen
  36. [20:06] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): "looking around Keeping a eye on the two making sure they stay back so the fire fighters can work. "
  37. 20:07] David Admiral (trent.admiral) looks to the cop and just walks off trying to find another way to see the fire
  38. [20:08] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Keeping a eye on the guy that seem to be a ass
  39. [20:12] :: [DISPATCH] CCPD | 149 | Officer D. Florentino: 149 to Dispatch Show me and 143 on scene Area secure.
  40. [20:12] Tom Box ( waves the officer over
  41. [20:13] Tom Box ( hey man.  didnt want to put this over the air.  we got a body up on the 2nd floor.
  42. [20:13] John Sheppard (fastshot41): Nodding " Alrighty lets hop back in the trucks and get ready to roll out "
  43. [20:13] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Notices the Fire fighter waving him over. and follows him.
  44. [20:13] John Sheppard (fastshot41): (( Sending you the NC now DJ ))
  45. [20:13] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Alright.
  46. [20:13] Tom Box ( we are going to clear the scene and hand it over to you.
  47. [20:13] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): (( ok ))
  48. [20:13] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Copy that.
  49. 20:14] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Ok Thanks guys i know you have your hands full.
  50. [20:14] Tom Box ( nods "thank you.  Can i have your badge number please?"
  51. [20:20:16] Tom Box ( nods "thank you Officer.  I'm Paramedic Box, Badge 372, ill let dispatch know we are transfering scene to you.
  52. [20:16] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Copy that.
  53. [20:16] :: [DISPATCH] CCFD | Paramedic - SRT  372 | T.Box: Engine 51 Dispatch, transfering scene command to PD, Badge 149
  54. [20:17] :: [DISPATCH] CCFD |  C-1 Chief | Sheppard: Dispatch (( Currently Acting)) Copy that 372
  55. [20:17] Tom Box ( all yours Officer
  56. [20:17] :: [DISPATCH] CCPD | 149 | Officer D. Florentino: 149 to Dispatch we will need a k9 unit to our location.15] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Sure its 149 Officer Delvon J Florentino.
  57. [20:18]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey) walks back around after securing the other man, "Whats going on? What did i miss?"
  58. [20:21] :: [DISPATCH] CCPD| 143 | Officer M. Lockwood: 143 to Dispatch : resuming patrol
  59. [20:21] :: [DISPATCH] NuitDarksin Resident: 51 to dispatch, show us clear from 1406 baracuda, rts 1621
  60. [20:22] :: [DISPATCH] CCPD | 138 | Sergeant M. Papp: 149, 138, Whats your location, I'm bringing the dog.
  61. [20:23] :: [DISPATCH] CCPD | 149 | Officer D. Florentino: 138 our location is 1406 Barracuda St.
  62. [20:25] :: [DISPATCH] CCPD | 138 | Sergeant M. Papp: 149, 138, en route to your location.
  63. [20:25] :: [DISPATCH] CCPD | 149 | Officer D. Florentino: 10-4 138
  64. [20:26] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Waves the other officer over.
  65. [20:28] :: [DISPATCH] NuitDarksin Resident: 51 back in station
  66. [20:28] :: [DISPATCH] CCFD |  C-1 Chief | Sheppard: Dispatch (( Currently Acting)) Copy that 51 welcome back
  67. 20:29]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey): he looks up at him, "Holy hell..." he walks behind him and looks in the trunk, "Well lets get to it then' grabs some gloves himself and walks with him.
  68. [20:29] :: [DISPATCH] CCPD | 138 | Sergeant M. Papp: Dispatch, 138, mark m on scene.
  69. [20:30] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Putting Gloves on and grabs his kit.. Lets let the k9 go first.
  70. [20:30] Michael Papp (owen.papp) jumps out of his cruiser and opens up Blitz door, "C'mon." he says with a smile.
  71. [20:30] Blitz (ranic.bellic): (( can i get passed the scene info? so i know what im sniffing?
  72. [20:30]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey): nods, 'Lets go" he walks behind.
  73. [20:31] Michael Papp (owen.papp): ((Just reading scene info quick!))
  74. [20:32]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey): ((tyt))
  75. [20:32] Michael Papp (owen.papp): ((okay))
  76. [20:32] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): (( yw ))
  77. [20:34] Michael Papp (owen.papp) grabs Blitz leash , "Alright, let's go see what's up," he would say as he leads over to Lockwood and Florentino. "What's up, guys?"
  78. [20:35] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Hey Papp and hey Blitz. We need to see what he can pickup on the second floor.
  79. [20:36] Michael Papp (owen.papp) looks at the two coppers, "Alright, what do we have up there?"
  80. [20:36] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): We will let you too go first then we can take photos and mark what we need.
  81. [20:37] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): we have a body. badly burnt.
  82. [20:39] Michael Papp (owen.papp) nods slowly as he looks down at Blitz, "Alright, let's see what we can find," he says to his partner as he kneels down to turn on the dogs flashlights and lights.
  83. [20:41] Michael Papp (owen.papp) looks up at the two coppers, "Alright follow us up," he says as he takes hold of the leash, "Alright, Blitz, let's go."
  84. [20:41]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey): looks over at Florentino and nods.20:43] Blitz (ranic.bellic) sniffs around, instantly getting the hit of accelerant.  he sniffs around more and stops at the body, sitting and letting out a bark to alert that he found accelerant.
  85. [20:44] Michael Papp (owen.papp) looks around the charred room, thinking this will be difficult to investigate with no leads.
  86. [20:45] Michael Papp (owen.papp) looks over at Blitz, "What did you find?" he says as he watches the dog, "Accelerant or some kind?"
  87. [20:46] Michael Papp (owen.papp) looks around, "Anything else?"
  88. [20:46] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Watching Blitz Smelling around the body. Hopeful he can pickup the Sent of someone else that might have been in this room.
  89. [20:47]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey): he watches the dog carefully looking for any body language signs.
  90. [20:49] Michael Papp (owen.papp) kneels down beside the charred body and pulls out a glove for his free hand. Using his gloved hand to feel the pockets for any wallets or IDs. "Anything else, Blitz?"
  91. [20:49] Blitz (ranic.bellic) sniffs around some more
  92. [20:50] Blitz (ranic.bellic) finds nothing more and goes back to the body, alerting it again in the same way
  93. [20:52] Michael Papp (owen.papp) looks over at Blitz, "Accelerant on the body?" he used his hand to drift the dogs nose, "All over?"
  94. [20:52] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Noticing Blitz seems Fixed on the Body..
  95. [20:57] :: [DISPATCH] CCFD | Probie 380 | M. Mapp: test
  96. [20:58] :: [DISPATCH] CCFD | Paramedic - SRT  372 | T.Box: (( 5x5
  97. [20:59] Michael Papp (owen.papp) feels a card or something in the one pocket, he'd call back to Florentino and Lockwood, "Looks like we have an ID," he says, "I'll let you guys go through this and bag and tag." Looking to Blitz he would grab out his favorite rubber bone and give him a good rub with his hands, "There you go, good boy."
  98. [21:00] Blitz (ranic.bellic) barks and takes it, backing up a few paces and gnaws on it
  99. [21:00]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey): he nods at them both and walks towards it, "Ill be happy to do that..." looks down, "Oh...we will find your family Sir...count on it" as he looks at the body.
  100. [21:00] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): "nods Ok thanks guys.
  101. [21:02]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey): ((brb))
  102. [21:03] Michael Papp (owen.papp): ((Alright so you guys can take the lead here, just try and keep me in the loop lol))
  103. [21:05] Michael Papp (owen.papp) stands up, "Alright guys, process this scene, get everything bagged, an send that body away to the Labs for tests." he wold pause as he grins back at Blitiz before quickly looking back at the two cops, "You guys have this Investigation, let me know if you need any support or help."
  104. [21:07] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Digging in his bag takes out a Camera And starts taking photos of the Evidence .
  105. 21:08] Michael Papp (owen.papp) kneels beside Blitz, "Lets go," he says as he picks up the leash.
  106. [21:10] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): After getting the Photo's ask Lockwood if he would get a bag and hands him the ID..
  107. [21:18]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey) he takes the ID and takes a look at it as he walks down to get a bag.
  108. [21:18] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Takes the Bag from his Duffel Bag and Pulls the Knife out placing it in a evidence bag.
  109. [21:19]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey) grabs a separate bag and puts the ID in it, trying to read it if he can. "Belh its covered almost" he walks back up with it in a bag to collect them together.
  110. 21:24] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Takes out the Body bag and unfolds it laying it out. With Lockwood Help The Carefully Move the Body over. Then Zipping it up. And Signing the Evidence tag on it..
  111. [21:24]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey) grunts as he gets ready to lift, "We are going to need a shower after this im tellin ya" grab the handles on the bag, "Ready to lift?"
  112. [21:25] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Yep lets go.
  113. [21:25] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): on three.. 1. 2 3
  114. [21:28] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): I Don't think we get any prints of the door. But if we can get this ID cleaned up we can a least start there.
  115. [21:28]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey): nods he looks down and goes to the kit, "Let me give it a try...i suppose"
  116. [21:30]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey) walks to the back of the car, 'I got the stuff from the robbery in my car. Reporti s ready to go"
  117. [21:31] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): "nods" ok one last pic.
  118. [21:31]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey): nods and pops in his car, "Meet you at Station"
  119. [21:32] :: [DISPATCH] CCPD| 143 | Officer M. Lockwood: 143 to Dispatch, "Heading back to station for evidence drop off with 138"
  120. [21:52]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey) walks in bags in tow, "Sergeant" nods at the man to the right, "Sir" has no idea who he is but looks oddly familiar.
  121. [21:53] Michael Papp (owen.papp) looks up at Lockwood, "Hey."
  122. [21:56]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey) knocks on the divider, 'Florentino" holds up the bag, "Got that evidence from the too. You get anything from that that I can add or ?" looks at him.
  123. 21:58] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): Looking up" not yet working on this whiles its fresh in my head. ( you will have to file that report due to Conflict of Interest Maddy is my Girl Friend )
  124. [21:59]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey): sees him working on something else, "No worries mate i got this one" heads for a desk unless he was stopped, "Ok here we go" boots up his computer.[22:13]  мιĸнaιl ιvan lσcкωσσɗ (dexteratticusgrey) stands up grabbing his coat, "Going to head out here...file this report in the AM. Gotta look for that jeep and now this robbery" sighs, "I swear crime is on the upstick" he starts heading out the door.
  125. [22:13] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): laughs have a good night. bro.
  126. [22:14] DJ Paw-Florentino (smith.pawpad): almost done here.
  127. [22:14] :: [DISPATCH] CCPD| 143 | Officer M. Lockwood: 143 to Dispatch: Show me 10-7
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