Magic Duel

Dec 29th, 2020
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  1. >You're totally screwed.
  2. >How the hell does a pony even hold ten instruments.
  3. >And this bitch is playing a trombone without a fucking mouth.
  4. "This just can't be!"
  5. "One more, I can turn a mare into a stallion."
  6. >Applejack tries to escape but in vain.
  7. >Twilight scores a hit on one of her best friends.
  8. >Dude, that's kinda cold.
  9. >But now she's built like her brother.
  10. >You have to squeeze your legs together.
  11. >Fucking unf.
  12. "Eeyup."
  13. >That's a stallion's voice!
  14. >She's totally a fucking stallion now!
  15. >No wait... He's a fucking stallion now, right?
  16. >But, she probably still identifies as a mare.
  17. >Unless Twilight changed her brain too.
  18. >That would be kinda hot
  19. >You wouldn't even realize you've been transformed
  20. >Like what if you're not really...
  21. >Oh crap you're just standing here.
  22. >Everyone's staring, and Twilight's fucking giggling.
  23. >Fake a cough. FAKE A COUGH.
  24. "Uh... Snips! Snails!"
  25. "Well Trixie I guess my amulet's more powerful than yo-"
  26. >ZAP.
  27. >Snips and Snails are shrouded in a cloud of smoke.
  28. >Your jaw drops at the same time Twilight does.
  29. "Wuh-what did you do to us!"
  30. >Snail's stupid Kermit voice is even more annoying as a chick.
  31. >Her eyes grow wide when she hears it.
  32. >She frantically waves a hoof where her junk used to be.
  33. >Snips doesn't seem to mind.
  34. >She even strikes a pose for the crowd.
  35. "What, did I..."
  36. >She's still stunned.
  37. >You aim your horn at Twilight.
  38. "Only a fool would doubt my power, Twilight Sparkle!"
  39. >Your eyes begin to glow as smirk crawls across your face.
  40. >You cackle with glee.
  41. "Your move! Sparkle!"
  42. >Twilight starts to sweat.
  43. "Uh, sure... Spike!"
  44. >Spike flips.
  45. "What! I mean, coming!"
  46. >She zaps him in the face.
  47. >Ouch.
  48. >Oh wait...
  49. >Now he's got a mustache.
  50. >Tada?
  51. "Aw sweet, this spell rules!"
  52. >Twilight smiles nervously.
  53. >Seriously, a mustache?
  54. >Pfft, you could do even before you got the amulet.
  55. >You giggle.
  56. >Twilight's so fucked.
  57. >Like, so fucking fucked.
  58. >Like fucked right in that juicy ass of hers.
  59. >You are so gonna screw-
  60. >Everyone's staring
  61. >At least Twilight's not giggling like an asshole.
  62. >COUGH
  63. "Spike!"
  64. >He jumps
  65. "Oh, you don't mind if I borrow him do you?"
  66. >Twilight slowly nods her head, and Spike steps forward
  67. "Well, Spike is it? Prepare yourself!"
  68. >You surround him in a red glow
  69. "Waugh!"
  70. >Now to make him more shapely
  71. >His rear starts to swell
  72. >Aww yea!
  73. >Give him some boobies!
  74. >Oh no wait, dragons don't have boobs.
  75. >But boobs are really hot.
  76. >His chest swells
  77. >Oh shit you take it back
  78. >His chest shrinks
  79. "Ngh, Twilight!"
  80. >The sparklebutt can't save you now fool!
  81. >Throw in a little aging spell
  82. >His legs extend, and his thighs fill out
  83. >They become more shapely, and feminine
  84. >You give her rear a slap with your magic just to see it jiggle
  85. >A gasp emerges from the crowd
  86. >At least your beautiful assistants seem to be enjoying the show!
  87. >Poor Snails, without his dick he looks totally lost.
  88. >Mmm, dem thighs
  89. >FOCUS
  90. >Now for his dick!
  91. >You twist his innards
  92. >She moans
  93. "Woah"
  94. >You smirk
  95. >Now she seems to be enjoying it
  96. >You lower her to her feet
  97. "Now my loyal subject. Bow before me!"
  98. >She shakes her head and drunkenly stumbles around, drooling
  99. "Heh"
  100. >She wipes her mouth, and points a claw at you
  101. "I will never be your loyal subject! You! Evil! Bi-"
  102. >You flood your horn with magic, and proceed to invade her mind
  103. >Twilight's loyal subject
  104. >Delete
  105. >Inhibitions
  106. >How can a subject perform under this restriction?
  107. >Deleting!
  108. >Identifies as male
  109. >...
  110. >Hmm, if I keep this should I refer to Spike as a guy then?
  111. >Aw screw it, I'll just keep calling her a she.
  112. >It's cuter that way.
  113. >You chuckle, keeping that.
  114. >How about this, Horniness x 10
  115. "Gyah, what are you..."
  116. >She's on the edge
  117. >Her claws are sucked between her thighs
  118. "N-no! I'm not.. I'm not a girl!" She whines in a clearly female voice
  119. >Her face blushes a deep red
  120. "Ngh, I... can't!"
  121. >Her knees buckle, and she faceplants into a puddle of her own fluids
  122. "This... fucking... rules!" she gurgles
  123. >Most ponies flee into their houses.
  124. >Twilight looks to be on the verge of tears
  125. >Spike crawls to you on her knees, with a crazed grin on her face.
  126. >Fucking UNF.
  127. "I'm all yours... Trixie"
  128. "Spike! No!"
  129. >She falls defeated
  130. "Well Twilight, do you have the magic to change your subject back!"
  131. >She screams in a mix of rage, and pain
  132. "This isn't over Trixie!"
  133. >She begins to charge up a powerful attack
  134. >You hit her in the horn, leaving it burnt and smoking
  135. >The crowd gasps
  136. >She breaks for the forest
  137. >Spike leaps to her feet
  138. "No Spike!"
  139. >...
  140. "She's mine."
  141. ---
  142. >You race through the Everfree forest
  143. >Trailing far behind Twilight
  144. >Grand victory speeches don't give themselves!
  145. >Maybe that was stupid...
  146. >Nevermind, you see a light up ahead.
  147. >Suddenly, you're in a clearing
  148. >With the outline of a cottage lit by a fire
  149. >You bust through the door!
  150. >"Foolish Twilight!"
  151. >The room is pitch black, and silent
  152. >"Don't you know? Running will only make your punishment humiliating!"
  153. >Oh man, you can't wait to do lines of sugar off that filly's ass
  154. >Something hits you in the face
  155. >It shatters, leaving you drenched
  156. "What!"
  157. >Equestria is spinning
  158. >You're falling through space
  159. >Wee!
  160. >Ouch
  161. >The ground's no fun
  162. >You fell near the fire, at least you can see now
  163. >The light flickers across your rear
  164. >Damn, you really turn yourself on!
  165. >The headache sets in now
  166. >Celestia fuck! That really hurt!
  167. >You feel nauseous
  168. >Welp time to vomit
  169. >Your lunch almost douses the fire
  170. "Ngh!"
  171. >Encore!
  172. >You vomit again
  173. "Make it stop!"
  174. >It does, because you're the Great and Powerful Trrrixie!
  175. >Now the pain has moved to your nethers
  176. >You grasp at your crotch
  177. >Dear shit it burns
  178. >Why the... Why are you so horny!
  179. "Nff, Twilight!"
  180. >You feel a pressure pushing your hooves away.
  181. "W-what sorcery!"
  182. >Something... fleshy? Swells against your fetlocks.
  183. >You squeeze it, trying to force it back.
  184. >Unf, your eyes are watering
  185. >T-that felt kinda good...
  186. >You do it again.
  187. >Tears burn your cheeks
  188. >Your mind is melting
  189. >You look at your crotch
  190. >You explode in horror and anger
  191. "Twilight!"
  192. ---
  193. >You ransack the cottage, but she's gone
  194. >You swear to Celestia that when you find her you'll...
  195. >Wait, she's gonna message Celestia!
  196. >She's probably headed back for Spike
  197. >You buck the fire into the cottage and light your horn
  198. >The clearing disappears
  199. >For a split second, you're blinded by a fiery red light and you feel weightless.
  200. >You're hooves hit solid ground, and you're standing in Ponyville
  201. >Your junk tugs at your crotch, you reflexively cross your legs
  202. >Damn, that feels weird against your thighs
  203. >The crowd has mostly dispersed
  204. >A circle of stallions surrounds what sounds to be a performing fem-Spike
  205. >Who even moans like that?
  206. >Something's poking your belly
  207. >When will this thing shut off!
  208. >Some throw bits at her and chuckle while the rest eagerly watch
  209. >Most seem to have at least one forehoof occupied
  210. >You recognize the few that hit on you when you first arrived
  211. >Their tools look much larger now
  212. >Perhaps bigger than yours...
  213. >Your eyes glow
  214. >This is completely unacceptable
  215. >You will not be outdone by your lowly subjects!
  216. >You pluck Spike out from the crowd, and place her next to you as they complain
  217. >You levitate the lot with your magic,
  218. >Squishing them together like sardines, cutie mark to cutie mark
  219. "You fools dare to outshine Trixie! Now you must pay the price!"
  220. >Their eyes grow wide
  221. "No Trixie! We're your loyal subjects!
  222. "Have mercy!"
  223. >Heh, their cries are kinda kinky...
  224. >You begin absently fumbling your bits
  225. >Wow, this feels a lot different than when you um, play, normally
  226. >Some stallions close their eyes
  227. >Ungrateful prudes!
  228. "I beg of you Trixie! I-"
  229. "Silence!"
  230. >You focus all your pent up energy on their pitiful forms
  231. >Some cry out, others forlorn accept their fate, and one even looks excited
  232. >Their features begin to soften
  233. >Square muzzles turn round, thick bodies turn lithe and supple
  234. >You decide to give them a rump bump
  235. >Their rears expand, blushing as their hips swell against each other
  236. >Their stallion protests turn into horny mare moans
  237. "That's right, squeal! Squeal for Trixie!"
  238. >Most grip their crotches, others twist their legs
  239. >Fuck! You rub harder, you're almost there!
  240. >Their cocks begin to wither and recede
  241. >Yours, fully erect, begins to lengthen and swell
  242. >You regard their sacks, and slowly push them into their bodies
  243. >Yours swells in turn
  244. >They swear and sweat as you steal their stallionhood
  245. >You cackle gleefully as you force maredom upon them
  246. >A squelching noise erupts from their crotches as cunts crack open between their thighs
  247. >You drop them to the ground
  248. >You look down smugly at the thick flesh between your hooves
  249. >You could get used to this new anatomy
  250. >You only hope the same goes for your subjects!
  251. >If not, well...
  252. >Trixie has enough dong for the lot of them!
  253. >The mass of mares writhes
  254. >They don't know what to do with themselves
  255. >They could use a pelt change!
  256. >Their hues grow lighter
  257. >Some even become pink
  258. >One such mare now looks desperate
  259. >Her horn burns intensely
  260. "Ha!" Spike drunkenly slurs
  261. "She's trying to reverse it"
  262. >She plummets into a snoring scaly pile
  263. >Sparks fly from her horn
  264. >Her face turns red
  265. >She gropes her bits with magic
  266. >Like a novice snake charmer
  267. >To no avail
  268. >Instead she becomes aroused
  269. >You giggle at her failed attempt
  270. >First her rod, and now her magic
  271. >How dare she even try a reversal
  272. >Both pale in comparison to Trixie!
  273. >The sight of her defiance pushes you too far!
  274. "Subject! Do you not appreciate the gifts your ruler has given you?"
  275. >She practically leaps out of her skin
  276. "N-no your majesty, I was simply-"
  277. "Simply trying to escape your beautiful mare figure?"
  278. >The other mares sidle away from her
  279. >Leaving her the center of attention
  280. "For this you must be punished!"
  281. >You zap her maw
  282. >It opens autonomously to her horror
  283. >She can only gargle her protests, as she's dragged by the mouth towards your flesh, skid marks in tow.
  284. >Your appendage drools in anticipation
  285. >Some mares watch in fear
  286. >Others cheer her on in excitement
  287. >Suddenly
  288. >You sense the dome has been breached
  289. >Sweet Luna, what timing
  290. >Your subject is still approaching
  291. >Her drooling mouth, and nose
  292. >Her teary eyes
  293. >Enough edging
  294. >Better make this quick
  295. >Deftly, you release her mouth
  296. >She coughs, then blurts an apology
  297. "Oh thank you your grace! I will forever-"
  298. >You flip her like a ragdoll
  299. >She gasps as you mount her
  300. >Her nether lips can barely take you
  301. >It only takes a few pumps
  302. >You unleash a torrent of seed into the poor ex-stallion
  303. >Oh fuck was that good!
  304. >Your subject moans as you pull out
  305. "Wait, don't stop"
  306. >Shit, you have to check the breach, but a thought occurs
  307. >You cast a light aging spell on her
  308. >Her belly swells, and ripens
  309. >It blushes due to the added pressure
  310. >Her belly button pops, and she grows chubbier
  311. >You didn't think it was possible
  312. >The dazed mare can only stare at herself, mouth agape, in disbelief at what she's become
  313. >You hear a voice in the distance
  314. >It's Twilight, and she's carrying a reverted, and pissed, Spike
  315. >She's followed by Luna, and Zecora
  316. "Sparkle!" you half-assedly attack her, she easily dodges, and closes the distance between you.
  317. "You did this to me!"
  318. >You expose yourself
  319. "I don't know what you're talking about"
  320. >You roll your eyes
  321. "Don't you remember the potion you threw at me?"
  322. "That was just water you pervert!"
  323. "Then, h-how do you explain this!"
  324. >Zecora steps forward
  325. "The events that did transpire. Might have unlocked a hidden desire."
  326. >Blush
  327. >Luna shoves Twilight aside, and bellows
  328. "What in Equestria has happened here!"
  329. >Your subjects run to her side
  330. "Princess Luna, she's taken over Ponyville and transformed me into a mare!"
  331. >You shake a hoof at her
  332. >She ducks behind Luna's leg
  333. "Is this true Trixie? Such a misuse of magic carries serious consequences!"
  334. >Twilight stares smugly, completely confident in her victory
  335. >She's wont humiliate you again. That's for sure.
  336. "Of course it's true!"
  337. >Time to see how the Princess likes her mind invaded.
  338. "Not that you can do anything about it"
  339. >You gain control of her nervous system, and her horn
  340. "Twilight! I can't move!"
  341. "Now, my dear Princess, bow before your new Queen!"
  342. >You force her to her knees
  343. >Twilight attacks, forcing you to dodge
  344. >The building behind you has a hole blown through it
  345. >Shit Twilight, get it together. You're gonna fucking kill somebody
  346. >She unleashes a barrage of attacks
  347. >All expertly dodged, of course
  348. >Well, until one hits your hat
  349. "Enough!"
  350. >You channel your magic through Luna's horn
  351. >The square is covered in a smoke partially paralyzing almost anyone who breathes it
  352. >You step over a couple bodies to get to Twilight
  353. >You siphon magic from their horns, you can feel your horn surging with power.
  354. >Though too weak to move you can hear her faintly laughing
  355. >You demand an explanation
  356. "When Celestia gets back"
  357. >Cough
  358. "You're gonna be so screwed."
  359. >You drag Luna's unresponsive body towards her face, while you circle around to Twilights rear
  360. "I pity you"
  361. >You want her to see what you're about to do
  362. "Without your amulet you suck at magic."
  363. >Seriously, go choke on a dick
  364. >Invading Luna's mind was surprisingly easy, and you begin to give her some new desires
  365. >She doesn't give a fuck about where, or who she is
  366. >She's just got a need for some juicy mare ass
  367. >You focus your magic on her nethers
  368. >They become pliant
  369. >Her clit starts to twitch
  370. >You focus on it's shape
  371. >It combines with her urethra
  372. >It begins to lengthen, and grow in tandem with that stupid grin on her face.
  373. >It's girth swells
  374. >It's tip flares
  375. >Luna softly moans and begins to drool
  376. >You smile at your new handiwork
  377. >Ovaries turn to balls, ova turn to sperm
  378. >Her cunt closes, as a freshly swollen ballsack descends
  379. "You've got a shitty knockoff talent, and no real friends."
  380. >Her cock grows hard
  381. >Her veins bulge
  382. "What in Equestria makes you think you can take on Celestia?"
  383. >Finally, you awaken Luna
  384. >Her eyes open, and glow a powerful white
  385. >Twilight's practically yelling now
  386. "Face it Trixie even with that amulet you're still a total-"
  387. >A mouthful of Luna's mare-dick smothers her mouth
  388. >Muffled screams resonate in her throat as you ram her cunt with your drooling cock
  389. >You hiss
  390. "If you're so much better than me at magic, make my cock disappear!"
  391. >Her horn sparks ineffectually
  392. >More muffled screams as she tries to twist her entire body to escape
  393. >To no avail, she's simply too weak
  394. >And there's no way she's biting Luna
  395. >Luna pistons her girth into Twilight's throat, as you synchronize your thrusts
  396. >You love Luna's energy
  397. >She's a complete natural!
  398. >And her moans, fuck that's hot!
  399. >Actually, it is hot
  400. >You undo your cape, and toss it aside
  401. >Twilight's horn sparks yet again, but still no dice
  402. >Luna bellows a command
  403. "Swallow!"
  404. >A fuckton of cum squirts through Twilights nose
  405. >It mixes her with saliva, sweat, and tears
  406. "That's was an order not a suggestion!"
  407. >Luna grabs Twilight's horn and forces her head back
  408. >A fearful choking erupts from her throat
  409. >Until she finally complies
  410. >Oh fuck, you're so hard your balls start to go numb
  411. >Your ass clenches
  412. >It's still fucking hot
  413. >You tear off your hat, and you pump even harder
  414. >All of the mares are staring
  415. >Some desperately try jerking off
  416. >Which would probably go along better if they had something to jerk
  417. >Their inexperience would be embarrassing if it weren't so cute
  418. "Ha! Need a hand?"
  419. >You zap the ground beneath them
  420. >Red and black tentacles lift them up by their haunches
  421. >Their moans mix with yours, as the tentacles find their way into every hole on their bodies
  422. >Most mares cry out in surprise
  423. >Some loyal subjects sing your praises
  424. >At least until the tentacles practically choke them
  425. >One's gut begins to swell tremendously
  426. >Perhaps she filling with seed?
  427. >Eggs?
  428. >You clench Twilight's haunches even harder
  429. >Her gut feels really soft, and swollen
  430. >Damn, Luna's still cumming!
  431. >Your head rubs against her neck
  432. >You can smell the musk coming from Luna's crotch
  433. >You can hear, and feel the squeals coming from Twilight's throat
  434. >You nibble her ear playfully, then rear up on your hind legs to survey the square
  435. >Total delicious chaos
  436. >Shit your chest is sore
  437. >The amulet is banging you like a door knocker
  438. >You add an extra strap to stabilize it
  439. >Hot hot hot!
  440. >This thing's overheating!
  441. >You levitate it away from you
  442. >It's making it really hard to cum
  443. >You try making your cock bigger
  444. >You try making Twi's pussy tighter
  445. >No dice
  446. >There is no way you're not gonna cum in Twilight
  447. >You've waited too long!
  448. >You quietly undo the latch on the amulet, and wait a beat, as an odd sensation overtakes you
  449. >It's as though your entire body was filled with water, and now it's all being drained through a hole on your forehead.
  450. >You see flashes of red, and you carefully place the amulet on the ground
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