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  1. Your Name - Pablo Kincaid
  3. Date of Birth - 02/14/1999
  5. Approximately How Long Have You Been a Member of Life Studios -  uhh Years upon years fam
  7. Why do you want to join the LSPD/BCSO? (100 Word Minimum) - There are many reasons I want to be part of the BCSO. For many years now I have found that being part of a team brings out the better part of me. For others and also myself it turns out to be more of a enjoyable experience. I want to be able to go around a help others and meet new people. Whilst part of Law Enforcement you meet new personalities which opens new doors for opportunities and experiences. While a cop you experience new things everything, there are always plot twists and new things that you can do that you wouldn't be able to as a civilian. I want to be able to set an example for the new people on the island and hopefully motivate them to do good rather than bad.
  9. What special skills, if any, can you offer the LSPD/BCSO? - I posses many skills and traits that can greatly benefit the BCSO/LSPD. For one, I bring a lot of experience. On previous islands I have held many positions within both PD and SO for extended periods of time which provided me with many experiences that most wouldn't have. I have been part of many SERT teams in which I learned how properly and effectively communicate with other officers. Communication is a vital part of Law Enforcement and lacking the ability to properly get your message across can can people hurt. I have built my entire law enforcement "career" around strategic movement and strategy. For a long period of time as well I was part of DTU. In DTU I also experienced many things that will benefit this Sheriff's Office. Patience was a key thing that I learned. Not everything will be handed to you on a platter. Things will get frustrating. I have learned to overcome that impatience and adapt to what is presented in front of me. I am someone who knows his limits, I posses marksman skills that can save a fellow officers life. My piloting skills are also above average. I am able to transport a team from point A to point B in a timely and safe manner.
  11. What experience, if any, do you have with law enforcement? - I have been part of both SWAT/SERT and DTU on other 'islands'. I have held command positions in both these departments.
  13. Why should we hire you over other applicants? (50 Word Minimum) - The reason why I should be hired over other applicants is because of the experience and skills that I posses. Not many applicants have the same amount of experience that I do. My resume puts into detail what kind of law enforcement officer I am. With a profession like this, you need certain traits and skills such as patience to be able to carry out a healthy and professional career.
  17. Do you agree that you have read and fully understand the Criminal Code? Yessir
  19. Do you agree that you will keep anything you learn from the interview process confidential? Yessir
  21. Do you agree that by applying to the LSPD/BCSO, it does not guarantee a spot or even an interview within the LSPD/BCSO? Yessir
  25. Signed,
  27. Pablo Kincaid
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