Jan 23rd, 2014
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  1. Robin
  3. Background:
  4. Daughter of the fire gym leader in Kindletown. She had a falling out with her dad over her and Eevee's future. Before following you, she would spend almost all of her time helping her dad run his gym, scout out other gyms, or study fire Pokemon.
  6. Attitude: Robin is reserved and generally shy. She's the type that holds it all in then explodes in big outbursts. She's naive and trusting. She tries to see the best in people. She's a good, wholesome person in general, but she's also obviously never had many friends growing up. Robin hates to be a burden more than anything, and always tries to be helpful even at great cost to herself.
  8. Physical:
  9. She's a petite redhead with short hair. She wears practical clothes, slightly modified by you to show off a bit more. Her right eye is disfigured.
  11. Positive Traits:
  12. - Book smart
  13. - Kind
  14. - Honest
  15. - Cute as a button
  16. - Knowledgeable about Pokemon
  17. - Knowledgeable about the region
  18. - Skilled trainer
  20. Negative Traits:
  21. - Street dumb
  22. - Kind to a fault
  23. - Easy to bully or manipulate
  24. - Physically weak
  25. - Naive
  26. - Lacks confidence
  28. NOTE: The moves listed are ones you personally know of, and may not be indicative of the entirety of their known moves
  30. Pokemon:
  32. Sylveon. Robin's first Pokemon. You met Robin when she lost her Eevee, and helped her find it again. Sylveon dislikes Sneasel a lot. A little snooty and skittish, but nice.
  34. >Tackle
  35. >Sand Attack
  36. >Swift
  37. >Charm
  38. >Trump Card
  39. >Last Resort
  40. >Skill Swap
  41. >Special Ribbon Block (Similar to Trunks’ block)
  42. >Fake Tears
  43. >Draining Kiss
  44. >Hyper Voice
  45. >Wish
  46. >Toxic
  47. >Swagger
  48. >Skill Swap
  49. ==============
  50. Golem. Robin caught Geodude using just Eevee. Geodude seems to be generally agreeable and a team player. Since evolving to Graveler and Golem, he's a little arrogant, but still generally helpful to the less evolved Pokemon.
  52. >Mud Sport
  53. >Tackle
  54. >Magnitude
  55. >Sucker Punch
  56. >Stealth Rock
  57. ==============
  58. Ditto. She got it in a trade with Jeanine. It's very, very fast
  59. ==============
  60. Galvantula. It seems to obey her with only needing gestures. It seems friendly. It webs very fast and accurately. It thinks in a weirdly alien way, but seems to understand Robin's subtlest of gestures.
  61. >Electroweb
  62. >Sticky Web
  63. >Thunderbolt
  64. >Thunder
  65. >Disable
  66. >Bug Buzz
  67. >Discharge
  68. ==============
  69. Dragonite. You and Vance (mostly you) pitched it to get her Dratini at the casino in Chloroville. It listens well and adores Robin.
  71. >Thunderwave
  72. >Twister
  73. >Slam
  74. >Dragon Dance
  75. >Safeguard
  76. >Draco Meteor
  77. >Arial Ace
  78. >Sky Drop
  79. >Earthquake
  80. ==============
  81. Gyarados. You gave her a Magikarp to help her get over her fears of Gyarados, and now it's evolved! It knows Bounce. It seems to have territory issues with Leviathan. He doesn't have any of the arrogance issues that your Gyarados has.
  83. Ability: Volt Absorb? Motor Drive? You're not sure, but it's not what it should be. Also can change to Moxie
  85. >Bounce
  86. >Splash
  87. >Tackle
  88. >Rain Dance
  89. >Waterfall
  90. >Dragon Dance
  91. >Hyper Beam
  92. >Double Team
  93. >Dig
  94. >Crunch
  95. >Earthquake
  96. >Hydro Pump
  97. ==============
  98. Ninetails. Robin caught it for you to save it from being hit from Destiny when it was weak. It has a tenacious spirit! It's tanky for it's type.
  100. >Ember
  101. >Confuse Ray
  102. >Will-O-Wisp
  103. >Pain Split
  104. >Hex
  105. >Protect
  106. >Flamethrower
  107. >Dig
  108. >Toxic
  109. ==============
  110. Zoroark. Aggressive and tricky. Zoroark is a bit of a glass cannon. He can slowly regenerate health.
  112. >Flamethrower
  113. >Taunt
  114. >U-Turn
  115. >Grass Knot
  116. >Dark Pulse
  117. >Scary Face
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