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  1.  There in a lush meadow sat a strange creature of some sort, on blowing blades of grass. The verdant field whistling to him, where he lay on a sun-baked rock in the middle of it, relaxing. However, this was something more abnormal that walked amongst the earth with just a little more scrutiny one finds an oddity rather than a kid. A Makoyjin rather manifested into the form of one, with a rubber exterior and light-green complexion.To accentuate his soft, undeveloped facial features were set of eyes, the white of them engulfed in blackness, while the pupils were dilated with a seething red hue, a completely accurate representation of an evil that settles in his soul.
  3. His boorish behavior often reflected the many motives of a childish one, with an intense naive toward the society, life and all of its inner workings. Ignorant to how things function and thrive, he finds his attention snagged by his surroundings. The death of his kin, and a sudden rage that boiled within his core. This seemingly harmless curiosity leads to an outburst of anger, when he usually fails to understand the nature of somethings. He allowed his energy signature to roam through the earth, a voice projecting outward towards the citizens of earth.
  5. "As you already know.. Morro and Travis and Tyshawn were killed, and with the help of Earth Mightiest Hero's or otherwise known as the hermits that roam our planet...Its obvious how things must end in order to gain a peace of mind.. For a moment I thought you humans were different, but time, and time again you prove that you don't cherish your life. I ask those who wish to see a change to fight by my side, and remove the toxic hermits that dared spit in our face, and kill our kin.. You're either with me, or against me, but regardless understand..This means war."
  7. The voice came to a sudden end, a smile sliding across the crevice of his lips as he continued plotting his time. It was only a matter of time before his kin was avenged- whatever it took, even if it meant the death of countless.
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