Assignment 1 - mothert26

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  1. <h1>Assignment 1</h1>
  2. <p>I've learned basic HTML in <em>high school</em>, but don't remember much. I had to <strong>look up</strong> a lot of HTML tags to <em>remember</em>. I currently work at an <q>advertising</q> company where I need to look over ad codes and HTML and while I can read and understand the basics, I would love to be more proficient at it. </p>
  3. <p>I hope that I can learn a lot from this <button>class.</button><br><br>
  4. Goals I hope to achieve: <br>
  5. <ul>
  6. <li>Better understanding of HTML
  7. <li>Learn CCS and Javascript
  8. <li>Have fun!
  9. </ul></p>
  10. <h2>Here's my attempt at a table</h2>
  11. <table>
  12. <tr>
  13. <th>Name</th>
  14. <th>Age</th>
  15. <th>Sex</th>
  16. </tr>
  17. <tr>
  18. <td>Bob</td>
  19. <td>24</td>
  20. <td>M</td>
  21. </tr>
  22. <tr>
  23. <td>Mary</td>
  24. <td>22</td>
  25. <td>F</td>
  26. </tr>
  27. <tr>
  28. <td>Sue</td>
  29. <td>60</td>
  30. <td>M</td>
  31. </tr>
  32. </table>
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