The Queens Wrath (Futa NoraXAnon)

Feb 27th, 2015
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  1. [The Queens Passion-Alternate sex scene]
  3. Later that night, after changing back into your regular clothes, you go to the JNPR dorm at the specified time, and knock on the door. Nora answers it in her pink short shorts and boop shirt that is just small enough to give off a tease of skin. She gives you a big grin and a hug, bra-less for the win, before pulling you into the room.
  5. “I'm really glad you decided to come Anon,” She smiles, closing the door after you are both inside.
  7. “Well it would have been rude to turn down a cute girl like you,” You tell her, trying to act charming despite how nervous you are, “So where is the rest of your team?”
  9. You hear the doors lock click.
  11. “Out for the night. They've all got their routines for the night,” She tells you as she struts over.
  13. You slowly back away from her, but it's not long before you're met with a wall.
  15. “S-so that would mean...”
  17. “It's just you and me Anon,” She puts her arms on both sides of you, trapping you against the wall, “for the whole night.”
  19. You're about to scream for help when you feel her lips forced against yours, and her tongue invades your mouth. You feel her knee press up against your crotch and start to rub it, the sudden stimulation causes you to moan in her mouth, and she breaks the kiss.
  21. “You liked that,” She giggles.
  23. She wasn't asking you.
  25. “T-that's not it,” You stammer, “I didn't...”
  27. Before you can protest, she presses her body against yours, and you feel something throb. You feel something throb that WASN'T attached to you, to be more specific. Then you feel her hand under your shirt, she raises it up as she moves her hand up your chest, as her other goes to her waist band.
  29. “It's okay Anon,” she coo's in your ear, “I promise this is going to be fun.”
  31. You move your eyes down, trying to confirm your suspicions, but You can't see past Nora's chest pressed against yours.
  33. “Are you curious,” She asks, “You really want to see it?”
  35. She pulls her waist band down, and you can feel her start rubbing something against your exposed stomach. Something big.
  37. “On your knees big boy,” She orders, "I've got a 'big' surprise for you."
  39. You resist, but Nora is far stronger than she looks, and she pushes you down to your knees. You do your best to prepare yourself for what you know is about to happen. You swallow hard as you come face to face with her hard, throbbing cock. Her pubes closely shaven, and made into the shape of a lightning bolt. Cute.
  41. She slaps you in the face a few times with it. A reminder of whose the boss.
  43. “Suck it Anon,” She brushes it across your lips, fondling her breast as she does, “You know you wanna try it.”
  45. As you feel it push against your lips, coating them in her pre-cum as she tries to force it in, you're left with a choice. You can either keep resisting, and see just how far she'll go to get what she wants, or you can give in and do as she asks. You decide that the quicker she gets off, the quicker you'll be able to get out of here.
  47. “F-fine,” you tell her, grabbing it with your hand, “I-i'll do it, just....go easy okay?”
  49. You look up and see her smirk, unsure rather that is a good sign or bad. You're leaning towards bad.
  51. You start off stroking her cock slowly, as she continues to thrust her hips and rub it against your face, licking her lips in anticipation. She isn't in a waiting mood it seems.
  53. You take another look at the beast in your hands, and open your mouth a small bit, preparing to ease it inside. Nora has other plans however, and you feel a hand grab the back of your head, and you're forced to take at least half of her cock down your throat in one go. You gag on it, but she does not relent.
  55. “Oh god Anon,” Nora moans, thrusting her cock in and out of your mouth, “Your tight little virgin mouth feels so good! Slurp on that cock you dirty boy!”
  57. You put your hands on her sides and try to push her away, desperate for air, but she simply continues to thrust inside your mouth. You feel her inside, as your tongue tries to find room for itself in your own mouth, twitching and throbbing in the back of your throat. You cough and gag on it more as Nora keeps trying to force more of herself in your mouth, and you get the sense that Nora loves when that happens.
  59. “Oh Anon, That feels so good,” she screams, stroking what little bit of her monster didn't fit inside you, “I-i'm going to...”
  61. You close your eyes and brace yourself. You feel Nora's hand forcing you to choke more of her down your throat as she cums. She shoots it straight down your throat, forcing you to swallow it all and she screams your name as she does. After what feels like an eternity, she finally pulls herself out of your mouth.
  63. You cough and sputter, gasping for breath after having been denied it like that. The taste of her cum still lingers in your mouth. You hope that it was enough to satisfy her.
  65. However it isn't long before you feel her pushing it against you again, a mixture of cum and drool giving it a rather slick look.
  67. “You missed a spot,” Nora grins and prods you with it, “Don't worry, I'll be easy while you clean it.”
  69. You don't see any other option, so you pucker your lips and take her head back inside and swirl your tongue around it. You slowly inch her back in, your head bobbing back and forth on it as you 'clean it' for her. This goes on for only a couple of minutes before she takes herself back out with a 'pop.'
  71. Nora kneels down in front of you, cupping your face in her hand. You wince in fright, but then your feel her lips against yours, her tongue inviting itself in once more. She moans into your mouth as your tongues wrestle for room.
  73. “I forgot how good I taste,” She jokes after breaking the kiss, “It's been so long since i've had a blow job that good Anon. You're a natural.”
  75. You feel your face getting flush and turn away. It's not like you enjoyed doing it...right?
  77. “I didn't have a lot of choice,” You tell her, your breathing finally returning to normal.
  79. “Of course you did Anon,” she coos in your ear, “You were just afraid of making it, so I edged you towards a pleasurable choice.”
  81. “More like shoved me towards it,” you say, still not meeting her gaze.
  83. You feel her hand slide up your leg, between your thighs, and finally stop on your crotch. Nora giggles.
  85. “At least some part of you is honest,” she chuckles, rubbing her hand against you through your pants. You were hard as a rock.
  87. “T-that's not...” You're interrupted by a finger to your lips.
  89. “Anon,” she nibbles on your neck, “Just relax.”
  91. She unbuttons your pants, and reaches right in, pulling out your erect cock. She starts to pump it in her fist, and a gasp escapes you.
  93. “See anon,” you feel her lips against your ear lobe, “this is something we both want.”
  95. No, You don't want this. Do you? She forced herself on you. But you didn't fight back nearly as hard as you could have. Is it possible that some part of you is...enjoying this? Are you enjoying Nora dominating you?
  97. You feel Nora press her own cock, already hard once more, against yours as she strokes. It's bigger than yours.
  99. “Don't pout anon,” she says to you, “Not many people can outrank the queen.”
  101. She rubs it against yours, taking them both in her hand and starts pumping them.
  103. “You're pretty lucky Anon,” She says, “I really wanted to do more than just get a blow job from you when I asked you over. Luckily for you I decided to get the BJ first to calm down, so that I wouldn't do anything...rash. You should be glad you've got such a talent.”
  105. “What are you talking about,” You ask, not really sure you want the answer.
  107. “I'm talking about wanting more than just your mouth Anon. And I still do. I really, really do.”
  109. She stares you dead in the eyes, and you see something in them. Lust, desire, need. You can see them all in her. And she has them all for you.
  111. Her strokes become faster as she milks you for all you're worth, and before you can speak, you feel yourself seize up before you are covered with streams of both parties cum. How can she still be able to shoot such a thick load?
  113. Nora leans her head against yours, panting, and you can feel her warm breath against your skin. She turns you to face her with one hand, and suddenly she forces your mouth open. She sticks her cum covered fingers in your mouth, forcing you to taste your cum cocktail.
  115. “Suck it dry Anon.”
  117. You don't see any other options at this point other than to do as your told, and you close your mouth around her fingers. You close your eyes and swirl your tongue around them, getting another taste of her cum, along with your own. You start to bob your head like you were really giving her fellatio when she suddenly pulls them out.
  119. “Don't get too greedy Anon,” she says before popping the fingers into her own mouth.
  121. You watch, her cheeks puff when her tongue pushes against them, her head bobs as you see her fingers going in and out, over and over. Finally she pulls them out, a string of saliva from her mouth on them as she reaches back over to you.
  123. “Seconds?” She giggles.
  125. You blush and lean your head in, opening your mouth and take her fingers back inside.
  127. “I want you as my personal play thing,” Nora tells you, running her hand through your hair.
  129. You nod in response, finally letting her have her fingers back.
  131. “You'll really be mine Anon? You won't let some other girl have her way with you.”
  133. Is this really what you want? To be some ones sex toy? To be at Nora's every beck and call when she wants to...relax?
  135. “I promise.”
  137. Nora stands up and goes to her night stand. She opens a drawer and pulls something out, but hides it behind her back.
  139. “That's good Anon,” She struts back over to you, her cock yet again flying at full mast as it swings back and forth, “Cause every Queen needs her servant.”
  141. She takes out what she was hiding. An extra large sized condom. To big for yours.
  143. She kneels back down, and caresses your cheek.
  145. “N-Nora, I...” You look away, and blush.
  147. “Are you afraid of what people might say,” She asks, tracing a heart on your chest, “If they find out about what we've done? What we're going to do?”
  149. You face flusters as you turn away, and you nod.
  151. “Don't worry Anon, she tells you, continuing to caress you.
  153. You look back in her eyes and she leans in, whispering in your ear.
  155. “It's not gay. You just like girl dick.”
  158. To be continued(?)
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