FemAnon in Equestria with multiple Anons Chapter 1

Jul 9th, 2014
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  1. >SPLASH!
  3. >You struggle and flail your arms, as the world is tinted into an ocean blue
  4. >Shutting your eyes, you soon stop your arms, letting loose your air-
  5. >"HEY, THERE'S A...."
  6. >"WE NEED T..."
  7. >The yells going towards your way soon fade out, as you let loose of your body...
  10. >You kneel on your knees and hands, furiously push water out your lungs, practically coughing out a storm
  11. >A fist pounds on your back, causing you to drop to the floor
  12. >...OW!
  13. >You turn around, to face the culprit
  14. "Hey! What's the big idea-"
  15. >...
  16. >This Motherfucker
  17. >Actually, he might be a pedophile, judging by his looks of him
  18. >Neckbeard, fedora, and wet as fuck-
  19. >Well, okay, that's probably because of the lake, but still
  20. >At least his fedora matches his clothing
  21. >All black
  22. >You just sigh and lift yourself up, coughing slightly
  23. "Listen, you whale," you start out, pointing a finger towards him, "If ya ever do that to me again, I'll have you killed in a snap of a finger. I have over 300 confirmed kills-and that's just the "confirmed" ones. Don't fuck with me."
  24. >Intimidated by you, he starts to bite his fingernails
  25. >...However, you can't help but notice a bulge in his pants
  26. >...God you wish that was a banana in his pocket
  27. "Get the fuck outta here, perv!"
  28. >He soon flocks off, his dick swaying in the wind
  29. >You can't help but pinch your nose, sighing a long sigh
  30. >You begin to check yourself, to make sure you didn't lose anything
  31. >Glasses, check
  32. >Glasses case, check
  33. >Money, wet
  34. >Clothes, wet
  35. >Hair, wet, but check
  36. >You should probably put in a ponytail
  37. >Now where's your scrunchie...
  38. >Finding it on the floor, you get all the water out of it, just making it wet again
  39. >Must've fell out of your pocket
  40. >You're currently wearing some booty shorts, and a polo shirt
  41. >...Hey, you were sleeping, and all your pajamas were in the wash!
  42. >You really didn't expect you fall into a fucking lake today
  43. >Putting your hair into a ponytail, you cross your arms, attempting to gain some warmth
  44. >Oh right
  45. >It's fucking freezing out here
  46. >There's snow on the ground, icy wind in the air, and you are just fucking freezing
  47. >The icy wind blowing into the exposed parts of your body isn't helping either
  48. >Luckily, some neckbeart offers you his coat
  49. >In normal circumstances, you wouldn't declined
  50. >But it's fucking Winter in summer time, there's no way in hell you're not obliging
  51. >You quickly put the jacket on, and smile, glad that you won't being dying of hypothermia so soon
  52. >"Over here!" You hear someone yell
  53. >...Why not?
  54. >Moving your practically frozen feet, you follow the sound of the voice, hoping it leads you somewhere good
  55. >The voice leads you to a cliff
  56. >...Great, you're subconsciously telling yourself to kill yourself
  57. >Actually, no, some skinny guy-may God bless his bones-apparently led you all over here
  58. >Resisting the urge to push him off and laugh, you look at the view he brought you to
  59. >Snow
  60. >Snow, snow, more snow, even more snow
  61. >Well, okay, not just that
  62. >Some straw houses, and a few buildings that stand out
  63. >Such as, the gigantic fucking castle, standing in front of the small town
  64. >Whoever built that th-
  65. >Wait...
  66. >This all seems very farmiliar...
  67. >Straw houses, stupidly giant castle...
  68. >Hm...
  69. >Can't place it
  70. >The rest of your group seemingly can't place it, either, as you look at them, scratching their heads and rubbing their chins
  71. >Some of the more skinny ones start going to the front
  72. >...Soon, you join them, pondering what could possibly be next
  73. >"Where should we go from here?" One asks, to no one in particular
  74. "I dunno. Where's the closest town?"
  75. >Sarcasm is the only tone that flows through your voice
  76. >The others just roll their eyes and sigh at you, the fatter of your kind being oddly quiet about all of this
  77. >"I meant how should we get there? There's no way to go from here."
  78. >...
  79. >Shit, he's right
  80. >Well... fuck
  81. >You're lost
  82. >You have no idea how to go from here
  83. >In the meantime, you start to count how many of you are there
  84. >One, two, three...
  85. >Twenty
  86. >Well that's not ba-
  87. >SPLASH!
  88. >And there comes some more
  90. >Slide?
  91. "That's such a stupid idea! Come on guys, we have t-"
  92. >"WHEEEE!"
  93. >One of your group members slides down the hill
  94. >Welp, he's a gone-
  95. >"WHOOOO!"
  96. >Soon, your entire group starts to slide on their asses, down the cliff
  97. >...Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em
  98. >Taking off your new jacket-OH JESUS CHRIST!
  99. >Nope, fuck that
  100. >Too cold for sleddin', today
  101. >You quickly put your jacket back on, looking for another way down
  102. > 'Cause you sure as hell not sliding down on your ass
  103. >You're pretty sure you don't have an ass of steal to slide on
  104. >Looking around, you notice a robe
  105. >A long robe, to be exact
  106. >Some fucker must of taken his wet robe off
  107. >Understandable, you'll die faster if you keep all your wet clothes on
  108. >But fuck it, if you wanna get anywhere, you oughta slide down
  109. >Grabbing the robe, you tie it around your waist and run towards the ledge
  111. >You jump off, and fashion yourself to land on your ass when you fall
  112. >SLAM!
  114. >You untie the robe, and hold your knees, hoping this ride ends soon, screaming all the way
  115. >As your ride gets faster, your screams become quieter, at the fear of passing out
  116. >Twice in one day is no okay
  117. >Soon, you see that your ride is coming to an end, as you're about to bowl a bunch of neckbeards
  118. >The first one turns to face you, as he freezes in panic
  119. >You look as his shir-...Wait...
  120. >Is that...
  121. >Rainbow Da-
  122. >CRASH!
  124. >Luckily, that fatass broke your landing
  125. >...Although, you can't say the same about his stomach
  126. >You may have given him a stomach-concussion
  127. >...If that's even something people should be worried about
  128. >Quickly getting up, and taking your newfound robe with you, you go to the front of the pact
  129. >The group, including yourself, is in front of the same town you all saw from earlier
  130. >Well, more so on the outskirts of town
  131. >But still, you're there
  132. >You start to enter the town, leading your group int-
  133. >"HI THERE!"
  135. >The pink pone full of happiness jumps in front of your face, causing you to fall behind the second in line
  136. >The punks behind you, and now in front of you, scream with delight
  137. >You gather yourself together, getting up off your ass
  138. >Okay, that's the last time you're getting interupp-
  139. >"OhmigoshIcan'tbelievewhatI'mevenseeingrightnownewponiesdecidedtocometoPONYVILLE! I've never ponies like you before! What are you?"
  140. >God damn it
  141. >This pink pony... shit
  142. >You know her, but... her name escapes you at the moment...
  143. >Fuck it, her name isn't important at the moment
  144. >You decide to answer her question, pushing others out of the way
  145. "We're hu-"
  146. >"WE'RE BRONIES!"
  147. >ACK!
  148. >Something about that FUCKING name
  149. >It causes you to cringe, so fucking hard
  150. >You look to your right, and notice a fat neckbeard standing right there
  151. >...God damn it
  152. "Actually, we're called h-"
  153. >"Bronies? Cool! My name's Pinkie Pie!"
  154. >Ponka!
  155. >Duh, why didn't you get it before?
  156. >You can't help but smile at her, as you start to speak up again
  157. "Hi Pi-"
  158. >"HI PINKIE!"
  159. >The crowd behind you, including the fucker next to you, yell, straight into your ears
  160. >The pink pony just giggles, trotting into the town behind her
  161. >You follow, practically leading the groupd behind you
  162. >As you all get in the middle of town, a burst of memories explode in your face
  163. >'...You're fucking kidding,' you thought, a look of shock upon your face
  164. >Why did it take you so long to piece together?
  165. >"Welcome, everybrony, to PONYVILLE!"
  168. >Ponyville...
  169. >Memories of the show, the fandom associated with the show, and those god awful places you went to to discuss the show
  170. >4chan, EQD... Youtube
  171. >A shiver runs down your spine
  172. >You swear to God, that was the worst of it
  173. >Autism, beyond compare
  174. >But... for some reason... you can't help but smile
  175. >All those years on /mlp/ have FINALLY brought you here
  176. >You've done it!
  177. >You've fuckin' made it to Ponyville!
  178. >...And it couldn't suck more
  179. >Not only is it freezing cold out here, but you're with the scum of the Earth
  180. >And they're exactly as prescribed
  181. >Surprising that someone hasn't tried to hit on you, yet...
  182. >...You just jinxed yourself, didn't you?
  183. >For the love of Christ, you do NOT want to get hit on by these creeps-actually...
  184. >That'd be a bit of a compliment
  185. >You were never hit on back on Earth
  186. >...Actually, retracting that shit, these mother fuckers are fucking creepy
  187. >You'd rather not get hit on at all instead of getting hit on by some autists who masturbate to ponies
  188. >...Although, Braeburn is pretty ho-
  189. >"You guys seem pretty cold! C'mon, we'll go to Ponyville Castle!"
  190. >Oh, is that what it's called now?
  191. >During the walk to Twilight's Castle, you take note of your surrondings
  192. >Rarity's Boutique, Pinkie's Cas-er, Sugar Cube Corner
  193. >Some random houses that might be important later
  194. >...Yeah fuckin' right
  195. >There's no way these ponies are going to be important in anyway later
  196. >These are just some fuckin' ponies
  197. >...Although, something tells you some of these ponies are seriously getting injuried later
  198. >Speaking of ponies, some look your way
  199. >Well, maybe not your way
  200. >Probably towards the actual bronies behind you
  201. >You see them speaking among themselves, most likely talking about how "amazing" it is to have a new species come to town
  202. >They'll regret saying that when they're knocked over by that same species, when they're chasing another pony to fuck
  203. >Thankfully, you all eventually reach Twilight's Castle, the Pinkie knocking on the golden doors
  204. >...Holy shit this place is huge
  205. >This shit has to be three stories tall, at least
  206. >...That has to be the most undermeasurement ever, next to that guy that says jumping off a six foot building would be dangerous
  207. >Pfft, that guy
  208. >"Dude, this has to be at least eight feet tall!"
  209. >...God fucking damn it
  210. >You didn't think idiocy could come along with autism
  211. >Murmurs of excitement are raging on behind you, as you all wait for the fabulous Princess
  212. >"It's open, Pinkie!" You hear a leader-like voice say
  213. >The pinkster nods, telling you all to hang back, as Pinkie walks into the glorious crystal castle
  214. >You, of course, sit down
  215. >You haven't had a chance to sit since you got hear
  216. >...Okay, you just lied
  217. >Sledding down that hill in your now frozen robe was probably the only time you didn't use your legs
  218. >But, besides all that... God damn do you need to relax!
  219. >It's been a long damn day, and you're tuckered ou-
  220. >"She's coming!"
  221. >Oh god fucking damn it!
  222. >You're really annoyed about all these interruptions going on
  223. >The golden doors open up, as Super Duper Fantastical Ponyville Princess Twilight Sparkle The First walks gallantly out of of her Castle, a smile on her face
  224. >"Hello, everybrony!"
  225. >You're gonna have to get used to that, aren't you?
  226. >"I am Princess Twilight Sparkle,"
  227. 'Don't you mean The Fantastical Super Duper Amazing Ponyville Gractious Princess Twilight Sparkle The First?'
  228. >"The Princess of Ponyville, and your new friend!"
  229. >Wait, huh?
  230. >"Yes, this may seem a bit odd, but, I am a friend to all! You all can come to me whenever you want!"
  231. >Cheers are heard, as you realize what a horrible idea that is
  232. >And soon, she shall realize too
  233. >She's going to learn to hate these pieces of shit
  234. >"Please enter, and we shall-GAAAAAAH!"
  235. >As you're trampled by bronies,-by the way, FUCKING OW!-the Princess of Friendship quickly flies up in the air, dodging the onslaught of bronies
  236. >You slowly stand up, and notice Pinkie Pie flying out of the castle
  237. >Huh, wonder what she's doing?
  238. >The Princess quickly flies into the Castle-however, stopping short when she notices you
  239. >"Well, what are you waiting for? Come on in!"
  240. >...Why the fuck not?
  241. >Walking into the castle, you-Woah...
  242. >Holy shit, this place is bigger than you thought...
  243. >The main room is configured into a living room, of some sorts, tables upon tables being sorted everywhere, all with chairs
  244. >Crystal chairs, to be exact
  245. >Although, they seem smooth on the part your ass'll be
  246. >So there's that
  247. >No telling about your back, or whatever
  248. >Who cares about your back, anyhow?
  249. >It's just something that makes you walk, is all
  250. >Walking is practically useless!
  251. >Especially since wheelchair ponies and Scootaloo are canon-oh wait
  252. >Scootaloo's the one who CAN'T fly
  253. >You take your seat at one of the tables with the barely-normal "bronies"
  254. >God, that title shouldn't make you cringe so much...
  255. >But, you can't help but feel so much warmth in here
  256. >...Despite the fact that this seat is cold as fuck
  257. >...But you're so damn tired
  258. >Too tired to care, in fact
  259. >You fold your arms on the table, and lay your head in them, drifting off asleep, ignoring all of the bullshit around you...
  262. >FUCK YOU!
  263. >This shit wakes you out of your peaceful slumber
  264. >Lifting your head up, you sigh, looking at the Perfect Purple Pony Princess of Ponyville
  265. >"I'm sorry, but, you can not stay her for much longer!"
  266. >A collection of sighs and "awwwweee!"s are heard, but you can't help but roll your eyes
  267. >Cheapass
  268. >"Pinkie Pie, shall be taking you to Sugar Cube Corner, where things will get sorted out. Please stand, and follow the mare in the back."
  269. >Fucking cheapass
  270. >You turn your head to look at the pink mare with a gigantic smile on her face
  271. >19 of you stand, and walk towards the pink
  272. >You, however, put your head back down on the table
  273. >The dream world begins to envelope you, once more...
  275. >"Hey! Wake up!"
  276. >Slowly, you raise your head in the air, and open your eyes, only to be greeted by-AHHH!
  277. >...FUCKING OW!
  278. >See, you fell out of your chair and hit your head on the super-duper amazing crystal floor
  279. >Fuck crystals
  280. >...And you're going to the Crystal Empire in the future, aren't you?
  281. >Karma's gonna get your ass when you become Crystilized
  282. >"Oh my Celestia... Are you okay?!"
  283. >'No, I'm a pony'
  284. "Yeah, I'm fine.."
  285. >You get up and sigh, standing on your two feet
  286. >"You're one of the bronies, aren't you?"
  287. >'I'm a fucking human.'
  288. >God, you're going to kill the autist that interrupted you in the first place
  289. "Yeah, I suppose you can say that."
  290. >"And I can only assume you're a female, am I right?"
  291. >No, fucking, shit
  292. "Yeah, how'd you guess?"
  293. >You actually asked that non-sarcastically, although, attempted it to be sarcastic
  294. >"Well, judging by your anatomy, anyone could've guessed! The dead giveaway are your breasts! They're bigger than Pinki-"
  295. "Okay, I get it. Most hu-"
  296. >...You pause, deciding to humor the Ponyville Princess
  297. "Most female /bronies/ have big watermelons, such as mine. It's normal, back where we came from. Infact, it's pretty much encouraged!"
  298. >Watermelons
  299. >Pffft, they're average, at best
  300. >"Huh! That's... really interesting!"
  301. >You smile at the purple horse, crossing your arms
  302. >"We really have to get to Sugar Cube Corner, though..."
  303. >The purple pony's face turned into one of disappointment
  304. >Then she lit up, a lightbulb practically appearing over her head
  305. >"Why don't we walk there together! Then, you could tell me EVERYTHING about where you're from!"
  306. >Ech...
  307. >Going with her... You don't think that's such a good idea...
  308. "I'd love to! ...But,"
  309. >"But what?"
  310. "Uhm... don't you think that'd be a bit dumb?"
  311. >"D-Dumb? How so?" She inquires, a bit baffled at your answer
  312. "Well, won't people think that I'm your teacher's pet? Just another hu-"
  313. >Sighing, you stop yourself and continue
  314. "Just another /brony/ who wants to get close with ONLY the PRINCESS of PONYVILLE!"
  315. >The Princess' eyes widen, nodding
  316. >"I guess you're right... Who should go first, then?"
  317. "Who's the only brony here?"
  318. >She chuckles, and sends you on your way
  319. >"I should be there in five minutes!"
  320. "Eh... Make it ten, Princess! Don't want others to get TOO suspicious, huh?"
  321. >She nods, again, seeing you off
  322. >Cute little Princess, she is
  323. >Exiting the Super Amazing-okay, that's starting to get annoying
  324. >Exiting the Princess' Castle, you start walking off to Suga-
  325. >...Wait
  326. >Where is it again?
  327. >Somepony should know, right?
  328. >You walk up to... a pegasus...
  329. >Shouldn't she be in Cloudsdale?
  330. >Pink and green hair, in the hairstyle of Twilight's, and a white coat
  331. "Er, Hi there! I'm..."
  332. >...
  333. >Yooooouu're...
  334. >You strain your brain to remember...
  335. >Nothing
  336. >Nadda
  337. >Zip
  338. >Fucking Zero
  339. "Not important. Er, Do you happen to know where Sugar Cube Corner is?"
  340. >The pegasus pony smiles and nods, flapping her wings and flying off
  341. >Fuck, she's fast!
  342. >You start to run, in order to catch up to this fast flying pegasus
  343. >Taking note of your surrondings while doing so-JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!
  344. >You ALMOST crashed into this Pegasi, luckily, however, she stopped you with her wings
  345. >Close call
  346. >...Way too many to count, actually
  347. "Thanks... Uh..."
  348. >"Blossomforth!"
  349. "Blossomforth, right."
  350. >Chuckling, you wave her off, entering the Sugar Cube Corne-
  351. >"HI!"
  352. >You stand still, not getting caught off gaurd this time
  353. >Not gonna get you today, Ponka!
  354. >"Brony, right?"
  355. >You sigh and nod, making a mental note to change that name
  356. >"Please, take a seat at ANY table you like!"
  357. >Taking a loooong good look, you see...
  358. >Neckbeards
  359. >Neckbeards
  360. >Hey look, wild neckbeard appeared!
  361. >"OR, if you don't fancy hanging out with them, come over here!"
  362. >You head turns it attention towards the lil' faggot sitting at a table with other people like him
  363. >The LEAST autistic of the bunch
  364. >For some reason, you feel like you're going to end up punching him by the end of all of this
  365. >But, you have nowhere else to go, soo...
  366. >Sitting at his table, you attempt to ignore the others sitting there, just hoping that Ms. Sparkle gets here soo-
  367. >"So, what do you all call yourselves?"
  368. >This guy
  369. >This MOTHERFUCKING guy
  370. >The table stays silent, as you still try to ignore him
  371. >"Don't all talk at once, guys."
  372. >Can't help but chuckle at that
  373. >"I don't remember my name."
  374. >"Oh thank god, I'm not the only one."
  375. >This... actually peaks your interest
  376. >You turn around to face them all, and tilt your head in confusion
  377. "All of us?"
  378. >The table nodded in agreement
  379. >...Well fuckin' shit
  380. >This is a turn of events
  381. >"Seriously? None of you can remember your names?"
  382. "You can?" You can't help but ask in a snarky tone
  383. >Lets see what you can muster, hotshot
  384. >"Of course I can remember my name..."
  385. >Silence
  386. >No names
  387. "Well?"
  388. >"Oh, no. I can't remember my name either."
  389. >HA!
  390. >Don't act like hot shit when you're just a hot prick
  391. >...You need to save that
  392. >"I could have sworn that I could..."
  393. >"Well so much for the confidence."
  394. >Chuckling again, you turn back around, facing the door
  395. 'Hurry it up, Sparkle, I don't have all day.'
  396. >"Why don't we just think of our own names?"
  397. >And here you go turning back around
  398. 'Why not?' You thought
  399. >Nodding along, you get yourself interested in what these fuckers might have to say
  400. >"Yeah, for now, at least. Just so we know what we're calling ourselves-"
  401. >"Everyone! Can I have your attention?!"
  402. >Twilight!
  403. >You turn around in your seat, once again, but with a smile
  404. >The Super Amazing Princess stood on the counter at the front of the room, addressing the entire group
  405. >"Maybe a bit later..."
  406. >Oh shut the fuck up, guy
  407. >"Now... I know you're all very excited, and you want more time to celebrate your arival-" The Princess of Magic, Friendship, and Ponyville started
  408. >Before getting interrupted by the pack of bronies around you
  409. >You can't help but twitch...
  410. >"BUT!"
  411. >And immediately, they all quiet down
  412. >"It's getting VERY late, and I think it's high time that you all get some rest!" The Princess continued
  413. >Oh good. You get to sleep once again
  414. >You were always a sleeper, back home
  415. >Back when you were younger, you missed a LOT of days of school, because of your sleeping habits
  416. >Princess, however, was right
  417. >When you left the castle, you had to guess it was about 10 to 11pm
  418. >"Any questions?"
  419. >Hands of all different shapes-yes, shapes-and sizes shot right up into the air
  420. >Yours, was not one of them
  421. >Twilight pointed a hoof at a random hand
  422. >"Are you really Twilight Sparkle?"
  423. >A collection of sighs is heard from your table, including yourself
  424. >"Er... Yes, anything else?" The Princess seemed a bit confused about answering that question, but, she didn't let it hurt her position
  425. >After all, she has a reputation to hold
  426. >More hands raised, and another brony was picked
  427. >"Yeah... I was... Uhh..."
  428. >This mother fucker stuttered every other word
  429. >"I was just... wondering what..."
  430. >You know exactly what he's going to ask, and you're not going to have it
  431. >"Wondering what your-"
  432. "Excus-"
  433. >"Yeah, I've got a question!"
  434. >Turning around, you see the average mother fucker you HATE so much
  435. >But, he's the only other fucker who wanted something answered, so you'll give him the time of day
  436. >This guy stood up, and began walking to the front of the room, getting up in Twilight's face
  437. >...He's got some balls, you've gotta admit that
  438. >"Where are we staying? We need sleep, yeah, but where? Are we all staying here? All 50 of us?"
  439. >He gestured to the rest of you all, your interest peaking
  440. 'Yeah... fucker does have a point.'
  441. >It was packed in here, the tables just BARELY fitting everyone in here
  442. >Some people, however, hardly fit in the tables
  443. >"Are we just gonna go around every house and ask if a pony can house a human overnight?"
  444. >THANK YOU!
  445. >He said HUMAN!
  446. >"And then what? You're unprepared for us, that's not your fault, but it seems like a massive oversight."
  447. >"If you'd let me finish," The Princess of magic started, "I was getting to the sleeping arrangements."
  448. >Seems like the overconfident avvy is brought down a peg now, crossing his arms over his chest
  449. >"Some of you are free to stay here tonight. My friend Rarity has agreed to have a group of you on the shop floor of the Carousel Boutique."
  450. >You know where that is you think
  451. >Pinkie showed it to you, so, you should be able to get there by yourself
  452. >...You think at least
  453. >"I will be willing to let any remaining people stay in the castle overnight."
  454. >Plugging your ears, you expect a loud cheer to come
  455. >...Nothing
  456. >You look up at Sparkle, who's just talking with the avvy
  457. >Unpluging your ears, you see him just nod, assuming a smug smile was upon his face
  458. >"Good, okay, we'll have fifteen people here, fifteen people in the Boutique, and twenty in the castle. Who-"
  459. >Hands are already raised, before she could finish her sentence
  460. >"...Wants to stay here?"
  461. >And no one's hand went down
  462. >The Twilight Princess-wait... Wrong thing
  463. >The Princess, Twilight picked out fifteen, as the avvy went back to your table
  464. >"Who wants to go to the Carousel Boutique?"
  465. >An entire table of seven raised their hands
  466. >Unpure Rarifags
  467. >Buncha scum, you have to say
  468. >Ponkafags best race
  469. >Twifags close second
  470. >"Come on, bronies! We just need a few more!" The Princess of Perfection said, trying to sound enthusiastic, masking her annoyed face
  471. >Can't blame her, bronies were always annoying
  472. >"Well then, I'll just have to pick some people then, huh?"
  473. >And in that moment, just a FEW more hands went up, along with... the avvy?
  474. >This average mother fucker...
  475. >You didn't expect him to be a Rarifag
  476. >...Okay, maybe he's just being nice
  477. >Soon, the fifteen people deadline was met, as the Pretty Princess speaks up again
  478. >"Okay then, everyone who isn't staying here, follow me. First, we'll be going to Carousel Boutique."
  479. 'Dirty Rarifags need to get the fuck away from me as soon as possible.' You mockingly thought
  480. >"Trying to make friends with 'the Princess'?" The avvy asks, mockingly
  481. 'No, I'm trying to make sure some pervert doesn't "accidentally" touch me. At least in the Castle, there are probably enough bedrooms for MORE than 20 people.'
  482. >"A big castle, plenty of room, only 20 people?"
  483. "Man, you're going to be cramped as fuck in that small shop floor with FIFTEEN of them."
  484. >And if you could get a picture, oh you would cherish it so
  485. >His face spells it all out, he regrets this
  486. >And you couldn't be happier about it
  487. >Princess Magic walks out the door, a small group of child-er, manchildren following her
  488. >Castle Twilight, here you come!
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