Ghidorah blows up oil rig

Darkgenerallord Jun 16th, 2019 58 Never
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  1. The three-headed monster opened the gaping maw of its central head and spat a bolt of electricity at the Gullfaks D.  The powerful ray skimmed along the North Sea, boiling the water where it touched.  Then the jagged bolt of power reached the Gullfaks D’s central section.  
  2. Metal seared and melted, and secondary explosions ripped through the Gullfaks living quarters and power station.  Then a second bolt of jagged energy lanced out and struck the oil storage facility.  
  3. The result was the largest non-nuclear explosion ever to occur on the face of the earth.  The Gullfaks D literally vanished in a dazzling, glaring, burning mass of fire.  The blast reached into the sky in a fiery mushroom cloud.
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