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  1. $ErrorActionPreference = "Stop"
  2. #If there is a error stop!
  3. $theFolder = Read-Host -Prompt "Enter folder location you wish to backup"
  4. # variable 'theFolder' = the entered file location.
  5. $question = Read-Host -Prompt "Would you like to backup another folder? 'Y' or 'N'"
  6. if ($question -eq 'Y') {$moreFolder = Read-Host "Enter second folder location"} else
  7. # variable 'backup' = the entered backup location
  8. {$backup = Read-Host -Prompt "Enter backup location"}
  9. echo $thefolder
  10. echo $backup
  11. echo $moreFolder
  12. # checking to see if there is a connection there.
  13. Test-Path $theFolder
  14. Test-Path $moreFolder
  15. Test-Path $backup
  16. # testing the path of both the folder and backup location
  17. Copy-Item -Path $theFolder* -Destination $backup -Recurse
  18. Copy-Item -path $moreFolder* -Destination $backup -Recurse
  19. # copy via file pathway defined ealier. put into destination staging.
  20. # recurse = bypass all prompts (are you sure etc)
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