Hearts Desire - 3

Feb 19th, 2016
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  1. >We eventually got home and started trying to unpack our groceries as fast as possible.
  2. >A few people on the street saw us, but payed no mind as we hurriedly rushed between the car and inside.
  3. >Fuck, it was getting harder and harder to walk as time went on.
  4. >On the last trip between the car and our house, my foot-hoof got caught on something and I slammed into the ground.
  5. >Or at least, I would have had I not thrust my hands in front of me only to land comfortably on them.
  6. >...
  7. >What?
  8. >I was standing with my legs and arms fully extended and it was... Comfortable.
  9. >Like, I felt I was supposed to be standing like this.
  10. >I knew I wasn't supposed to be standing like this, but it felt like I was.
  11. >"What are you doing, dude?"
  12. "Uh..."
  13. >I tried to push myself back up to standing on two legs, but I immediately felt off balance again and fell to all fours again.
  14. "Dude, I can't. I can't stand up."
  15. >"Shit, this must be the next part of the transformation or something."
  16. >I glanced over to the bag of groceries I had been carrying only to see that one of the jars inside had shattered, spreading spaghetti sauce all over the step.
  17. >OH FUCK NO.
  18. >AJ walked over and tried to open the door to our house but fell over on the way there and landed on all fours.
  19. >I could see her try to push herself back up like I had, but it was just as futile.
  20. >She stumbled forward, managed to twist the nob open and flung the door inward.
  21. >I walked behind her and closed the door behind me.
  22. >Well, "walk" is giving what I did too much credit.
  23. >I kinda just fumbled forward, placing random legs in front of the others when they reached too far behind me.
  24. >Anyone looking at me would have thought that I was some sought of drunk horse-human hybrid.
  25. >Once the door was closed, we walked to the kitchen and began slowly and carefully unpacking our groceries.
  26. >We had to be careful, now that we both didn't have hands and we had to walk on all fours.
  27. >I seemed to get a hold of walking a little faster than AJ did, so I helped her carry anything that was a little bit too heavy.
  28. >I was pretty sure that we had shrunk a little too, as even perched up with my forelegs on the bench, I felt a lot shorter than I used to be.
  29. >When we were done, we walked over and sat on the couch, happy to be done with the groceries.
  30. >"Well. That was an adventure and a half."
  31. "Yeah, man. Absolutely. Well, it's good that we got it done now, huh? I mean, seeing as we can't really walk on two legs any more."
  32. >"Mmmm..."
  33. >AJ pushed herself up and grabbed the arcade stick to play some games.
  34. >"You up for some Skullgirls?"
  35. "Eh, not really."
  36. >"Suit yourself. I still haven't finished the single-player story for Peacock, so I guess I'll do that."
  37. >We sat quite a bit apart on the couch usually, but for whatever reason, I felt myself gravitating toward sitting next to her.
  38. >I felt like for whatever reason, the gap in between us felt... Unnatural.
  39. >I got up for a "glass of water" and when I came back, I sat just that little bit closer to her.
  40. >I watched AJ play for a while, but slowly, my gaze changed from watching the TV to watching her.
  41. >She really is the only friend I have.
  42. >I thought about her, remembering all the times that we had hung out, all the times she had helped me when she didn't need to and all the times that she had been there for me when no one else had.
  43. >She really was the best friend I had ever had.
  44. >My heart started racing for some reason.
  45. >Why?
  46. >I stopped looking at her and started watching the TV again.
  47. >But I just didn't want to.
  48. >I wanted to look at her.
  49. >Her bright green eyes.
  50. >Her beautiful golden hair...
  51. >I sighed loudly and my heart started to beat even faster.
  52. >AJ glanced over at me and raised an eyebrow.
  53. >"Uh, you alright over there, sugarcube?"
  54. "S... Sugarcube?"
  55. >"Oh, uh, sorry. I don't know why I said that."
  56. "N-No, I... Kinda... Like it."
  57. >"Alright then... So why were you staring at me?"
  58. "What? I-I was?"
  59. >"Yeah, man. You were."
  60. >Oh shit, I was.
  61. >Why?
  62. >Why did staring at her make my heart beat faster?
  63. "Sorry, it, uh, won't happen again. Sorry."
  64. >I looked back toward the TV.
  65. >"Hey, I'm not trying to make you feel guilty or anything, I just didn't know why you were staring at me."
  66. >Neither did I.
  67. >I sat in silence and watched her play.
  68. >My eyes started drooping and my body began to relax.
  69. >I realized I was beginning to fall asleep, but I honestly felt so comfortable here on the couch that I couldn't be bothered getting up and going to bed.
  70. >Eventually, the pull of sleep overtook me and I fell into a deep sleep.
  72. >I was on the couch.
  73. >AJ was still playing games, but now, I was closer to her.
  74. >I looked up at her and she smiled at me.
  75. >Her ponytail was draped over her withers and her face practically glowed in the dim light of the room.
  76. >My heart began to flutter with excitement.
  77. >"Howdy, sugarcube."
  78. "H-hey."
  79. >"You look real pretty tonight."
  80. >I did?
  81. >Wow.
  82. >That made me feel... Weird.
  83. >Like, a good weird, but still weird.
  84. "Th-thanks. You too."
  85. >Did I just say that?
  86. >I just called her pretty.
  87. >She began to lean downward toward me and my heart raced with anticipation.
  88. >Anticipation of what?
  89. >What was going on.
  90. >Her eyes were half lidded and her mouth was smiling subtly.
  91. "A-Applejack..?"
  92. >Suddenly, she wrapped a hoof around the back of my neck and pulled me close.
  93. >I was staring deep into her amazing, green eyes.
  94. >"You know, Coloratura, I've always thought you were pretty. The most pretty, amazing, beautiful mare in the whole world."
  95. "AJ, y-you... R-really? Me?"
  96. >What was happening to me?
  97. >"Yes. Ever since we shared that song together back at camp, I've known what I wanted. I've known... /Who/ I wanted."
  98. >Oh my god.
  99. >"You."
  100. >She pulled me even closer and our muzzles met.
  101. >Her tongue pressed against my lips and I let her in.
  102. >My head was practically swimming with excitement and bliss as I let myself go.
  103. >Nothing mattered anymore.
  104. >The world outside was nothing.
  105. >My whole world, my whole life... Nothing was important now.
  106. >Just this.
  107. >This moment.
  108. >This embrace.
  109. >This kiss.
  111. >Applejack was shaking me.
  112. >"Rara, wake up!"
  113. >My eyes pulled themselves open and I saw AJ staring at me.
  114. >Not as she had before, though.
  115. >Now, her eyes were filled with worry.
  116. >We were on the couch, but she wasn't kissing me.
  117. "AJ? What... Why..."
  118. >Oh no.
  119. >It was a dream.
  120. >"You were... Rolling around and groaning in your sleep. Your eyes were all clenched and stuff, so I thought you were having a nightmare."
  121. >That was not a nightmare, that was...
  122. >What the hell kind of dream was that?
  123. >Was that... A wet dream?
  124. >I certainly felt like I had made a mess in my pants, but something felt really weird about it...
  125. >Wow.
  126. >This was the most embarrassing thing in my whole life.
  127. "Uh... Yeah. I-I was having a nightmare, that's right."
  128. >"Are you OK? I... I was really worried about you, sugarcube."
  129. >Sugarcube.
  130. >My heart raced again.
  131. >I loved it when she called me that.
  132. "Y-yeah. I am now. Thanks, AJ."
  133. >"No problem. You should probably get to bed, it's getting really late now."
  134. "No!"
  136. >"Wh-what? Why?"
  137. >Good question.
  138. >I think I just... Wanted her near me.
  139. >No.
  140. >I wasn't doing this.
  141. >I was not falling for my best friend.
  142. >My mind replayed the dream I had just had and my stomach filled with butterfly's again.
  143. >Oh fuck.
  144. >I was falling for my best friend.
  145. >Say no.
  146. >Just go to bed and pretend this never happened.
  147. "I just don't... Want to be... Alone."
  148. >FUCK.
  149. >"Uh, OK then. If you want, we can sleep here on the couch?"
  150. >Say no.
  151. "Y-yeah, I'd really like that, Applejack."
  152. >I'm an idiot.
  153. >She got up and turned off the console before heading to the cupboard to grab a blanket.
  154. >She came back and laid the blanket over me.
  155. >"There was only one clean blanket there, so I hope you don't mind sharing it? We're a lot smaller now, so it shouldn't be that much of a problem."
  156. >I nodded enthusiastically.
  157. >Probably a little too enthusiastically.
  158. >Stop fucking doing this, me.
  159. >Stop acting like this.
  160. >You. Were. Not. Falling. For. AJ.
  161. >So stop it.
  162. >She sat next to me on the couch and pulled the blanket over her, humming in comfortable satisfaction.
  163. >"G'night, sugarcube."
  164. >I pulled myself closer to her and felt her back against mine.
  165. "Goodnight, Applejack."
  166. >I love you.
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