Hist. Ref. - Winter 1006 - Siege of Silence - Interlude

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  1. {221Hist. Ref.{_-{_{222Winter{_1006{320{_-{_{540Siege of Silence - Interlude{n{n
  3. {c{221Hist. Ref.{_-{_{222Winter{_1006{320{_-{_{540Siege of Silence - Interlude{n{n|/|/|/|-|h|!WWhile the forces of the Compact are still returning home after the destruction of the western most bringer column, the city of Arx prepares for siege. An evacuation of the Lower Boroughs has been ongoing, aided by the Culler family in particular. House Mercier led by Lazarus and the Crafter's guild led by Joscelin have been aiding the stream of refugees traveling to Arx for safety, while Lord Michael Bisland helped establish a refugee camp in the City Center of Arx. Lady Anabelle Lyonesse helps to see to the supplies of the refugees, and rallies flogging spirits. Arx waits for the return of the victors from the battle, and the port of Arx stays busy, as the largest port of in the world, with hundreds of ships at any one time.|/|/|-So a few more trading vessels from the Mourning Isles doesn't attract much notice, a flotilla claiming to be with the Black Mountain Trading Company as its prodigal-looking crews talks with the Iron Guard at the docks, even though it seems a bit irregular. As a captain in the Iron Guard talking to the sailors finds matters a bit odd, and presses the questioning, the captain casually grabs the iron guardsman by the arm, lifts him in the air, and tears him apart. The captain nods at his crew and they immediately draw weapons and begin butchering the Iron Guardsmen on the dock, as several of the figures tear men and women apart with their bare hands. Bringers of Silence are in the Lower Boroughs.|/|/|-|h|!WFor the rest of the city, smoke from the Lower Boroughs begin to rise, as the docks are aflame, as Iron Guardsmen and confessors race down to respond. The hostile shavs racing through the Lower Boroughs are running into a surprising amount of prepared traps and ambushes as they clash with Iron Guardsmen stationed in the lower city, carefully arranged snares and surprising resistance that has been being prepared for months by the Culler family for just this sort of nightmare.|/|/|-|h|!WThe battle in the Lower Boroughs was short but vicious, resulting in a large amount of the docks being badly damaged, scores of dead iron guardsmen, and hundreds of dead sailors and merchants that were at the docks at the time, the majority from the fires or drowning as many jumped to flee the Bringers. It seems that the Bringers of Silence and shavs were slain, but some may have spread through the Lower Boroughs or beyond in the chaos, appearing to all other respects as any other prodigals.|/|/|-|h|!WWhile it's unclear how they slipped further into the Lower Boroughs, likely in the confusion, a trio of Bringers of Silence were stopped before they escaped into the Pit and then into the catacombs beneath the city. While there are many dead, it seems the chaos has ended for now.|/|/{n
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