Mon dieu

Dec 27th, 2013
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  1. >day babysitting Dandelion
  2. >and also pulling off a devious plot
  3. >a plan of such deviancy it could only originate from your mind
  4. “Anon can I have one more cream soda?”
  5. >oh yes
  6. >you’ve been giving Dandelion a lot to drink
  7. >there is only one horizon where you are heading with this
  8. >and that is
  9. >a shower
  10. >a shower so beautiful it could be called golden
  11. >A Golden Dandelion shower
  12. >oh yes, it is day watersports with Dandelion in Equestria
  13. >speaking of her, you notice she is fidgeting a bit
  14. >about time, she’s been downing cream sodas one after the other
  15. “Uh, ummm... where is the toilet?”
  16. >plan urine; execute
  17. >”Oh, what a terrible thing that has happened, my toilet broke down earlier today”
  18. >Dandelion fidgets a bit more and blushes
  19. “Anon Dandelion really needs to pee...”
  20. >”Oh well you are in luck, for we humans happen to be able to absorb and drink urine and filter it to nutrients. Just pee on me”
  21. >Dandelion seems shocked as she looks at your announcement
  22. “But...but isn’t that gross? To be peed on?”
  23. >”Nonsense Dandelion, I admit it can feel a bit unorthodox but for your wellbeing I’ll sacrifice my sanctity of social norms and use this power, just for you”
  24. >Dandelion still seems reluctant
  25. >but her fidgeting has grown, she can’t hold onto it for long now
  26. “...O-ok...”
  27. >you stop yourself from grinning in victory
  28. “Umm... s-should Dandelion go to the toilet or pee into a cup?”
  29. >”Don’t worry Dandelion, let me guide you trough it”
  30. >you get down from the couch you two are sitting on and get to your knees before the now bashful and blushing Dandelion who is crossing her legs cutely to hold it in
  31. >you part her hind legs and see her tiny little, well, the thing you would expect between a little filly’s legs
  32. >not a penis
  33. >”Ok Dandelion, now just let it out, don’t worry about getting it on anything and relax”
  34. >Dandelion hides the lower part of her face and averts her gaze away from you in embarrassment as her face gets even more rosier
  35. >and then it comes out
  36. >a slight dribble at first, but soon it grows to full stream and splashes against your face with its warmth
  37. >”Oooooh mon dieu...”
  38. >such strong aroma of urine
  39. >it is like sweet nectar upon your nose
  40. >Dandelion has now closed her eyes in embarrassment as she keeps peeing on your face
  41. >the sweet foul nectar dribbles down onto your clothes and stings your skin
  42. >you open your mouth and let the liquid to fly into there
  43. >it tastes bitter and lukewarm
  44. >you gurgle it a bit and then swallow it
  45. >you stomach turns a bit at your fowl act but your mind tells you body to feel good
  46. >”Je t’aime Dandelion”
  47. >you collapse to your back and lie in the small pool of Dandelions piss as it grows colder
  48. >you open your eyes and see a very embarrassed Dandelion looking at you from the couch
  49. “Uh- umm are you ok”
  50. >”Yes, I just need a moment for the nutrients to absorb”
  51. >Dandelion averts her eyes again
  52. “Dandelion needs to go again...”
  53. >you nod at Dandelion and smile as she turns around and sticks her butt over the edge of the couch and douses you with her warm shower
  54. >such a glorious day
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