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  1. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  2. Blackbeak, Ri`Vahz's Enforcer: 230HP, 2DR. Age: unknown.
  4. *****
  5. (Controlling, Hard Working, Loyal, Neurotic, Patient, Professional)
  7. *****
  8. APPEARANCE: a darkly toned gryphon with his feline half being panther, the bird half a crow, an interesting contrast compared to his dark blue edged, bright orange eyes. He has few noticeable scars for an Enforcer, mostly due to his relatively new position to this profession and his unorthodox fighting style.
  10. *****
  11. BIOGRAPHY: unknown. While in training when Sevrit's reign was established, Blackbeak wanted to train under Sha'Ro as he wished to assassinate her at a later date, planning on gaining her trust by any means necessary to complete his plan. After Sevrit's death, he was chosen by Ri`Vahz to become her new Enforcer as his training was nearly finished, and had been untainted by Sha'Ro's influence. He had also become the bouncer for Corvren's Inn, having been offered the job after being selected as Ri`Vahz's Enforcer, agreeing since his duties of keeping the peace and loyalty to Ri`Vahz were unneeded thanks to the new Warlord being popular amongst the Vale.
  13. Has mentioned a former year long relationship to the now current Huntsmaster of the Vale, Cu'Nir, when they were much younger. Although it ended peacefully and they went their separate ways, Blackbeak tends to unconsciously avoid being paired with her on tasks given to him. He will, however, reluctantly follow his orders through.
  15. When he agreed to help Captain Swe of Razorback Company hunt down several gryphon deserters resulting from the conflicts between the Order and the Gryphon Kingdoms, he did not anticipate the revelations he read on a rune soap cube, taken off one of the deserters after executing them with aid from Swe's ruthless and expert tactics. Reviewing Captain Swe's words, 'Deserters do not deserve mercy', what was written on the deserter's paper, and including his actions during Sevrit's upheaval, Blackbeak has has begun silently questioning himself and his place in the rebuilt Vale ever since. Unfortunately, there seems to be no clear answer in sight for his questions.
  17. Is now second in command to the excavations of the unknown land discovered by Cu'Nir, Ghost and Swe, but due to recent hostile activities in these lands Blackbeak is on a constant hair trigger, to the point where if things were to go south he may not be able to handle it. After Simon and Swe's experimental breaches into the innards of the uncovered structure, Blackbeak led a sizable excursion deeper for some time. Although they encountered no traps, nor were any ambusher met, as soon as the excursion force left for camp they all collectively fell ill, varying from nausea to falling unconscious, bringing Blackbeak to a near breakdown from stress, and had to be convinced by Swe and Healer Sláint to take up a bed, leaving him winded and visibly shaken at his own leadership.
  19. Spent the six months of Razorback Fortress's renovation concentrating the forces under his command to excavate the plains surrounding the main digsite, while prohibiting entrance to the now mostly uncovered pyramid, silently waiting for Cu'Nir to return and give him a concrete order.
  21. *****
  23. Master Assault+10
  24. Master Parry+10
  25. Master Riposte+10
  27. *****
  29. Expert Stealth+5
  31. *****
  33. Expert Negotiation+3
  34. Expert Perception+2
  36. *****
  38. -Raptor's Eye: a standard trait of intelligent predators, typically gryphons, that adds +1 to and grants an additional roll to one of the following skills: Assault, Parry, Riposte, Ambush, Perception, or Stealth. The bonus is only added to whichever skill is in use that turn.
  40. *****
  41. SPECIAL ABILITY: Master First Strike (limit 3 uses, otherwise incurring -20HP damage to Blackbeak per use). This ability was taught to Blackbeak as part of his Enforcer training, a technique few know, and even fewer are willing to attempt. When used, Blackbeak's body locks into a pouncing stance where his entire muscular structure tenses up for a time, and like a coiled spring the stored energy is released instantly in a blast. If held for to long his body will begin to lose health as his musculature begins to deteriorate under the strain.  Roll 4x [1d6+2] to initiate, can only be utilized 3 turns in a row, suffers -20HP per turn after the 3rd turn. Can only be used every 4th turn, though this number increases if he goes over the 3 turn safety limit. SHOCKWAVE: an optional secondary ability used along with First Strike to stun enemies with 2x [1d6+2]. Unlike First Strike, Shockwave can only be used once per Operation as the production of the shockwave itself takes a heavy toll on Blackbeak's wings, and may only be triggered once the limit is reached on First Strike.
  43. *****
  45. -Vale Enforcer's Armor (Custom-Fit, Rune-Forged): custom fit to his proportions, Enforcer armor is a standard design seen throughout other Gryphon Kingdoms' regions, the Vale being no different. The only difference between this set and others are the wing cutouts, just wide enough to allow Blackbeak to perform First Strike with greater ease and comfort than normal.
  46. -Armor Value: 4DR.
  47. -Armor Class: Full Body, Heavy.
  48. -Enchantment Slots: 3/3 remaining.
  49. -Heavy Weight Penalty: suffers a -1 penalty to all Block/Evasion/Flight/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls.
  52. *****
  56. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  57. Countess Folunasi, Demi-Proctorate: 220HP, 1DR. Age: 50. Month of birth: July.
  59. *****
  60. (Easily Embarrassed, Friendly, Honorable, Intuitive, Level-Headed, Minor Psychosis: Irritation, Natural Speaker, Noble, Peaceful, Polite, Respectful, Savant, Studious, Soft-Spoken, Veterancy: Alchemy/Mysticism, Warm-Hearted)
  62. *****
  63. APPEARANCE: an attractive, middle aged bright neon green coated Saddle Arabian mare with soft purple eyes and a number of stress lines present across her face. Her mane and tail, both a vivid chartreuse, are constantly brushed and well groomed, her mane is cut to medium length, rolled halfway down her neck, and allowed to flop on whichever side it chooses, while her tail is left long and the end cut into a pronounced half-moon. Bears only a few scars from combat. Physically fit and in good shape for her age, Folunasi's fondness of sweets and pastries, particularly those from Prance and the Crystal Empire, leaves her with accentuated curves on her neck, stomach, and flanks. As a result, Katyal simply calls her a 'chunky hot mama mare'.
  65. *****
  66. BIOGRAPHY: born and raised on her family's estate in the Olvia Tributary on the northwestern Saddle Arabian coast, Countess Folunasi, real name Rain-Touching-Valleys, is an outlying senior Demi-Proctorate of Saddle Arabia's well known Circle of Assassins, a position similar to that of Master Thief in the Rogue's Circle. The young Countess-to-be was trained, as most Saddle Arabians are required, in the basics of mysticism, showing above average preference and talent for healing and divination rather than affliction or causing harm.  While she inherited the title as her family's birthright, she professes little enjoyment for it's duties or standards, and spends the majority of her time acquiring clothing from Equestria, jewelry from Gozka, food (and recipes) from Prance, and relaxing at her remodeled estate outside Buzzard's Rest.
  68. By far the most idealistic and non-violent member of the Assassin's Circle, Folunasi's well-meaning inclination of peaceful conduct has made her well known and appreciated throughout Saddle Arabia, Germaneigh, and Ewerup, always preferring to negotiate in a manner that benefits all parties involved. As a long time trade broker and third party negotiator, Folunasi is often the first pony called upon for her skills, especially in volatile political situations and in cities such as Buzzard's Rest, Saddle Arabia's second largest city, known for the notorious tempers of it's inhabitants. She is even more legendary for her deviously playful nature, being somehow always able to escape her Mareguards, constantly exploring Tallus cities without their supervision and potential meddling, even going so far as slipping away to meet potential suitors in private locations far from contact.
  70. Around the same period that most humans arrived on Tallus in Equestria, the Countess was called in to negotiate with the elders of Imeron during it's dry season immediately after the appearance of a strange, well armed biped 'mare'. Quickly ascertaining that the mostly hairless smooth skinned female, calling herself Katyal, was less of a danger and more of a quirky, knowledgeable Otherworldly oddity, she realized Katyal's disruption could prove to be beneficial for Imeron and Saddle Arabia as a whole, due in part to the many Otherworldly or Planar dangers that still inhabited the country's outlying regions.
  72. Initially taking Katyal on as a hired mercenary, both in order to teach her more about Tallus and to keep eyes and ears on the depressed woman, Countess Folunasi was angered to learn how agents on Katyal's world were treated as expendable resources. Offering her friendship and home freely to the First Responder in the hopes that she could soothe her mind, she learned quickly that humans were much more amiable (and less snarky) once in pleasant conditions, choosing to make her employment permanent. Despite Katyal's reluctance and many of the Circle's members calling the pair of good-natured but hedonistic renegades little more than lazy Discordites, Countess Folunasi became well respected for her renewed dedication and urgings to make the Circle of Assassins a legitimate organization once more, though Katyal's unwavering code of ethics, steadfast depression, and hatred towards those that would abuse their power and position for selfish meant that even though the relics of her former life was being put to good use, she was neither officially sanctioned, nor accepted by the majority.
  74. Fortunately, most of the Circle's older members turned a blind eye towards Folunasi's activities, especially after noting her collected evidence that the younger Circle members in Buzzard's Rest had degenerated into little more than a self-serving gang of thugs, was causing political storms to erupt in both Equestria and Germaneigh whenever the mention of treaties or trade agreements with Saddle Arabia came about. After a number of incidents involving blackmailing, disgracing corrupt Circle of Assassins members in public, and outright stealing evidence of illegal activities, Countess Folunasi went before Imeron's elders, along with a number of like-minded Proctorates, presenting Katyal's history, actions, and incorruptibility before the gathering as proof of her charge's honor and harmlessness.
  76. As debate between the Saddle Arabians and Eyes gathered ensued, shortly afterwards Katyal was granted permanent mareship in Saddle Arabia, with all due rights and privileges. Much to the surprise of those gathered, the Proctorates immediately admitted Katyal as a Soft Hoof, the first rank of the Assassin's Circle, under Folunasi's tutelage, with the stern demand that no human technology or knowledge that had the potential to destabilize the country, or Tallus, could ever be shared or revealed. Pleased, she obliged by accepting the Circle's proposal for Katyal, whom was stunned at the offer, nonetheless deciding not to challenge her marefriend's acceptance for her.
  78. Believing that adding her own legitimacy to the Circle would allow for greater contact and beneficial trade on Tallus, Folunasi chose to seek ownership of her family's formerly vast estate in the Va`Sanuez Delta, a region that was once home to several hundred villages, also formerly a thriving training ground for mystics. Though the jungles and swamps had overtaken the estate after a Remnant from the the Lunar-Solar Conflict devastated the coastline, several attempts to obtain her family's silver leg guards through standard means faltered, her veteran combat entourage rebuffed several times by the dangerous reptiles and other creatures of the swamps.
  80. Noticing her Mareguard's twin amusement and exasperation at the circumstance, Folunasi was surprised at Katyal's request for aid in hiring a human from Razorback Company, known in Saddle Arabia as the 'Lost Sun Mercenaries'. Understanding that a Razorback member might offer a broader range of capabilities and skills than Saddle Arabians or Eyes would have, Folunasi accepted the request, offering a contract through Captain Shanis of Tartarus Isle, a mercenary pegasus whom had the celebrated honor and distinction of killing the Solar Tyrant and was fondly known as the Mercenary Queen in Saddle Arabia, placing half a million Bits down for the retrieval of her family's heirloom leg guards. Along with the payment, a number of odds and ends the pair had taken from now-imprisoned, outcast, or reforming Assassins, were added to the contract should any other family relics be recovered.
  82. Hearing that the contract had been taken while enjoying a pleasant night in Imeron, Folunasi and Katyal quickly passed through the city, though were unable to escape Thrill and Starglow's notices. Laying down in the hopes of taking a nap next to the Delta's translocation matrice while Katyal went to survey the ruined estate, Folunasi politely greeted Jeff on his arrival, finding his appearance to be of little threat, and was greatly curious as to how a male human would act and function. Noting an interesting lack of similarities between him and her Mareguard, she was greatly surprised at his charm and friendliness, turning bashful at his words and reminding (or chiding) herself to invite him to her home in the Olvia Tributary should business conclude proper for.. extracurricular 'business'.
  84. Despite having to silently threaten Katyal into cooperating nicely with Jeff, the Countess, knowing that collateral damage to the old estate was more than likely a necessity, brushed aside her concerns as the pair returned to the translocation stone, alive and (apparently) unharmed, after an hour, yet still took amusement from tormenting the Responder's obvious lack of taking precautions. With the heirloom leg guards in her possession, a number of crested hoofbands and a personal treasury from one of her ancestors being retrieved as well, they were immediately translocated back to the Olvia estate, sending a missive to Shanis that the secondary contract award was to be delivered promptly.
  86. Curious, yet unsurprised, at Belltower's impromptu arrival from the Fortress, Folunasi immediately recognized her as one of the Starborn's preeminent thieves, recalling numerous Circle members encountering her in Detrot and Manehattan. While amused at the byplay resulting from Belltower's arrival, the Countess, moderately annoyed at Katyal's constant and aggravating attempts at flirting, resorted to pinning the Responder in order to shut her up, giving Belltower and Jeff time to speak, while also noticing the signs of Katyal sustaining the beginnings of an arcane overdose. After learning Folunasi's 'other' offer, Belltower decided to humor Jeff for charming the noblemare, and immediately turned her own silver-tongue on the Countess, asking if she would mind the pair having their Hearth's Warming Eve at her estate.
  88. Unwilling to disappoint her contract taker or his mate, Folunasi immediately agreed, and as a side note began to understand Katyal's strange reasons for throwing herself at every pretty mare or handsome stallion whenever she was able to. Entering the Olvia estate with Jeff and Belltower in tow, Katyal succumbed to a full fledged arcane overdose, forcing the Countess to deliver the woman to her attendant entourage, leaving the two to lounge in her private sauna. Returning with an exotic dinner, Belltower queried Folunasi about bringing Malyne to the estate, both as a statement of good will that she was not under orders to spy on the Countess, and out of genuine respect. The proposal was accepted without a second thought. Arriving with Malyne, the four shared an exotic dinner, the batfoal's sincere, if strangely amused, appreciation for the food giving Folunasi a sense of ease with the three.
  90. As dinner concluded, the Countess, on a whim, gave Malyne 'official rights of exploration' to her manor, stating that she could venture anywhere she wished and inspect whatever she wanted, sending the foal along with one of her non-combat entourage. Ensuring that Malyne had left and closing the alcove door, the Countess slipped a small blue bottle from her wine pouch, offering it to Belltower with specific instructions to only drink half.. ..while not one to be jealous, Belltower is still surprised, and a bit envious, at both Folunasi's 'goods' and experience.
  92. *****
  94. -Irritation, Minor. Although her peaceful nature normally keeps her mood in check, Katyal's constant flirtation and outright, to her, disgraceful manners tend to grate on the Countess's nerves quite often, and she seems to have little to no care in what methods she utilizes to keep her Mareguard quiet, up to (and often) including having to suffocate Katyal between her rear legs.
  96. *****
  97. CUTIE MARK: two gold mounds with numerous silver droplets falling between each. Looks exactly what it sounds like.
  99. *****
  100. STATUS: currently overseeing the restoration of the entire Va`Sanuez Delta region.
  102. *****
  104. -Jeff: quite agreeable towards.
  106. -Katyal Alvugarde: her lover and mentor. Also her sometime jailer when she gets out of control..
  108. *****
  110. Master Assault+4
  111. Master Parry+4
  112. Master Riposte+4
  114. Master Mysticism+8
  116. *****
  118. Expert Block+4
  119. Expert Evasion+4
  120. Expert Reaction Speed+4
  121. Expert Sprint+4
  123. Basic Stealth+3
  125. *****
  127. Master Alchemy+9
  128. Master Appraisal+5
  129. Expert Bartering+3
  130. Master Negotiation+5
  131. Expert Perception+4
  132. Expert Research+8
  134. *****
  135. SHARED ABILITY: Grandmaster Lone Waltz. Through their shared experiences on Tallus, Katyal and Folunasi have found that, although they are from entirely different worlds and upbringings, they share more in common together than with those of their own species. Whether alone or together, both may at any time sacrifice one of their skills to gain additional rolls equal to that skill's rank for the rest of the Operation. At this time, Katyal must add +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte, Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint, and Ranged rolls, while Folunasi must add +2 to all Alchemy, Assault/Parry/Riposte, and Mysticism rolls. Furthermore, Countess Folunasi's knowledge and teachings grant Katyal an active Master Alchemy+4 skill.
  137. *****
  138. UNIQUE ABILITY: Master Warm Hooves. Countess Folunasi's protective mentality, ponial combat-support philosophy, aptly named Sand-Denying-Storms, and her life long study of mysticism's more peaceful uses, have combined with Katyal Alvugarde's (mostly) useful companionship and knowledge, granting her greater effectiveness in supporting her Mareguard's (completely) unhinged combat style and (utterly) unhindered tactics. Adds +4 to all non-combat Alchemy, Mysticism, and Negotiation rolls, while also being granted a [1d6+4] <Mystic Divination: Bitter Secrets ability that only functions against a single female opponent; once a cumulative total of 10 points has been achieved, the target will be stunned for 4 turns, becoming unable to take any actions while also being untargetable except by Eldritch beings.
  140. *****
  141. UNIQUE ITEM: Cruxis Hoofband. A rolled sheaf of cobalt formed into a well fitting hoofband, given to her by Katyal after being accepted into the Circle of Assassins, with the inside and outside ring flattened. The interior and exterior are both engraved with a ring of cryptic symbols, appearing to be a blend of both Saddle Arabian and English text, but only they know the meaning.
  143. *****
  147. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  148. Dancing Eyes, Primal Psion: 400HP, 4DR. Age: 47. Month of birth: January.
  150. *****
  151. (ELITE: Combat/Psion, Fearless, Focused, Homosexual Sadomasochist, Intellectual, Passive-Aggressive, Powerful, Savant, Scarred, Severe Addiction: Painkillers, Veterancy: Alchemy/Chemistry, Willful)
  153. *****
  154. APPEARANCE: a large, physically imposing dark sapphire-coated earth pony mare with regal blue hooves and cool sapphire blue eyes. Covered in several thousand rings pierced through her coat, the metals and materials ranging from copper to iron, mythril, diamondine and more. Numerous designs can formed with the rings, most notably birds, though can be changed to suit her whims.
  156. *****
  157. BIOGRAPHY: one of a few primal psions, Dancing Eyes' abilities are naturally advanced, far beyond the scale of most talented and finely tuned earth ponies, making her physical and mental skills highly formidable, even against the leaders of most countries and nations on Tallus. While she has an extreme personal disdain to males of any species, her professional demeanor sometimes overrides that particular mental quirk, except during winter or under stress. Known only to a few, Dancing Eyes is a master craftspony, able to carve immaculate, flawless figurines from semi-precious and precious gems with intense ease, one of her collections now stored in Alpha Locker.
  159. A former member of the Tower Guard, Stalliongrad's elite all earth pony unit of master psions, her history is well buried under the intrigue of the times. With extensive knowledge in the fields of alchemy and chemistry, she is able to produce numerous drugs to enhance her own physical and mental capabilities, though became addicted from adding painkillers to combat the side-effects, though she can create stable, lesser versions without said side-effects. It's rumored that most of the combat drugs on Tallus are directly attributed to her.
  161. During the attempt to disrupt and spy on the operations of Razorback Fortress, Dancing Eyes created a Mind's Eye and Mind's Vortex to disrupt Pella, Belltower, Serra, and Allys, the four easiest targets for her to remove self-control and self-command from. After the eye was destroyed, Dante's use of the Cretalva enchantment on his blade was transmitted through the Vortex, allowing the mystical poison to spread across her body and through her mind, leaving her in agony and entirely useless for several days.
  163. Upon being found in a nearly crippled state in her residence in Stalliongrad, which was promptly burned down afterwards, Dancing Eyes was easily captured and transferred to the Fortress, notably by Serra and Hollow, the first of which made a deal to the second to contain the potent psion in the Nest. Taking Discord's advice from earlier to heart, the pair then found that Dancing Eyes has an oddly tremendous fear of snakes.
  165. Virtually locked in the Nest for some time, during a surprise 'visit' by Empress Silver, on unofficial business,  Dancing Eyes was given the opportunity to face her deepest fears, the Empress nonchalantly stating that any earth pony, or pony nonetheless, can be given a second chance. The former leader then left her descendant with an original copy of the Empress's book on respect and understanding, written before the Dynasty era with notes on her personal and professional failures during exile. After thoroughly reading and understanding the flaws of Silver's attempted reign, Dancing Eyes has taken a knowledgeable stance of self-disgust and regret, severely rethinking her actions over the past ten years.
  167. Considering Anon's and Jeff's words about her willingness to suffer punishment, she is reluctant to pursue self-retribution and vindication any further, seeing such as a waste of time and energy. While she has acknowledged that her actions have driven Serra from the Fortress, Dancing Eyes is torn between her loyalty as an honorable prisoner of war and the ideology of her former rank as a Tower Guard Master-Captain. Thinking through the predicament, Dancing Eyes chose to take a neutral vow, giving her personal oath of (as much as possible) non-hostile compliance, furthermore stating that she would not try to leave should the opportunity present itself.
  169. In Razorback's second winter, Dancing Eyes had continued to elude heatstones, not knowing quite what they were or how they worked, and paid for it greatly, the rings covering her coat freezing after only a couple minutes outdoors, making her far more miserable and irritated than normal. Interrupted by Dragon King Velkruz shattering the Fortress's shield to deliver three of Frost King Gelvran's scales, Dancing Eyes decided to take a break from reading, leaving the library in a sour mood and vowing to, at the very least, pound either Spiral or Twisted Wing into paste, ensuring one of them was constantly available to take care of such odd situations should they survive.
  171. Pushing the Frost Dragon's scales into the pagoda, and ordering them to be sent off, she was set upon by Paredolia wanting to know the status of the Councilierge's activity. Lying down to check her temper and contemplate for several minutes, Dancing Eyes acknowledged that her circumstance wasn't terrible, all events considered, and threw her trademark acid humor at him, not realizing he had little knowledge of the Councilierge. Hollow's arrival and gift of a heatstone checked her irritation once more, but the annoyance while being in the cold was too much, and decided to teach him a lesson, facing faced Paredolia and muttering the phrase: "I'm going to rape you", with sincere, demoralizing intent. Knocking him down, she proceeded to grind herself on his mask, and during the process shouted for Hollow to, literally, beat her ass with a steel bench, to which he obliged. Finishing, and utterly startled by the arrival of numerous Crystal ponies, Dancing Eyes decided to leave as quickly as possible, seeking out Krinza in the workshop to turn her heatstone and another into as many rings as possible, though nopony is sure of who pierced them to her.
  173. When Spiral left the Fortress to parts unknown, Dancing Eyes became greatly irritated at the derelict state of the library, taking it upon herself to act as librarian, much to Roust's disdain. Greatly surprised at being able to lift a block of wood one night while explaining her skill in carving to Malyne, she's discovered that the demi-sentient will only interdict her psionic abilities if they would effect another being or the Fortress itself. Seeing the fuzzy batfoal's curiousity and amazement as completely benign (and terribly adorable), Dancing Eyes continues to, quietly, teach her the arts of crafting and carving. She continues to sort, order, and organize books without concern, but as of yet hasn't realized Tipper is constantly watching with belated amusement, while Hodch dismisses the Primal Psion's actions entirely, stating that he has neither reason fear her, nor considers her a potential danger.
  175. *****
  176. CUTIE MARK: unknown, cannot be seen.
  178. *****
  179. STATUS: formerly a Master-Captain Tower Guard, turned assassin at some point in the past. Now a P.O.W. at Razorback Fortress, spending her time as a librarian, or at the fountain to relax.
  181. *****
  183. Grandmaster Assault+16
  184. Grandmaster Parry+16
  185. Grandmaster Riposte+16
  187. Basic Demoralize+3
  188. Lunge+17
  189. Mind's Eye+6
  190. Grandmaster Psion+20
  192. *****
  194. Expert Block+6
  195. Expert Evasion+4
  196. Expert Reaction Speed+6
  197. Expert Sprint+6
  199. Master Creativity+8
  200. Master Illusionary+8
  201. Mind's Vortex+6
  202. Resist Damage+10
  204. *****
  206. Master Alchemy+6
  207. Basic Bartering+3
  208. Master Crafting+10
  209. Basic Negotiation+4
  210. Master Research+6
  212. *****
  214. -BOSS-class Fearless: Dancing Eyes cannot be Intimidated or Demoralized normally.
  216. -Master Shattering Earth: once every fourth turn, Dancing Eyes may use her psionic abilities to dramatically increase her body's concussive power, performing a supremely effective frontal stomp that deals damage to all ground based enemies in a 180' radius once every fourth turn using 4x [1d6+10] rolls, also causing painful, stunning tremors to the legs, typically rendering her opponents immobile.
  218. -Master Shattering Stomp: heightening the effects of her already impressive strength, Dancing Eyes may empower herself with a short, controlled aura of finely honed psionic flux, targeting and severely damaging an opponent's weapon or armor with 4x [1d6+10] rolls, or in certain cases, outright destroying said equipment, all without harming her enemy.
  220. *****
  221. UNIQUE ABILITY: Master Evolving Defenses. A long-learned ability that grants Dancing Eyes a layer of automatic defenses beyond her normal skills, allowing her to shift, change, and maintain the rings pierced across her body with psionic wards of protection, giving her the capacity to adapt to all sources of damage from a single target's physical or elemental attacks, weaponry, and absorb other effects such as stuns and crippling strikes. Roll 4x [1d6+10], total results -2 for each roll are gained as temporary DR for that turn against the target Dancing Eyes has selected, while also gaining an additional +1 for each max critical up to a maximum of +20, essentially becoming near-invulnerable to harm against most selected opponents.
  223. *****
  224. ITEMS:
  225. -60x immaculate carved pony figurines, currently stored in Alpha Locker.
  227. -Crate of Flawed Gems: a wooden slat & nailed crate containing approximately 16 pounds of non-tradeable gems. Currently being used to teach Malyne how to carve.
  229. *****
  231. -Interlocking Rings: roughly 5,200 interlocking metal rings consisting of copper, brass, bronze, iron, steel, cobalt, titanium, tungsten, emeraldine, rubynine, sapphirine, silverine, mythril, kanpri, diamondine, and both crystalline Empire heatstone and coldstone pierced across her entire body, forming a flowing, somewhat lightweight coat of primary armor. More of a well thought out extravagance than an ersatz form of protection on Dancing's part, although it is rather difficult for most ponies to look at them for long without feeling queasy.
  232. -Armor Value: 2DR.
  233. -Armor Class: Full Body, Unique Medium.
  234. -Enchantment Slots: none.
  235. -Mechanical Enhancement #1: negates blunt trauma.
  237. *****
  239. -Greeting Book, Original: the first, and only, book written by Silver, bound in valo bark and written in silver ink on white vellum sheaf paper, long before she became the Empress. Created with the intention of familiarizing and expanding the trust of all sentient species towards each other, countless translated copies circulated around Tallus during the Dynasty Eras, leading to remarkably long lasting agreements and cooperation of formerly bitter antagonistic species towards each other. Whether or not all other copies of this book were destroyed by the Nightmare in retaliation for her hostile takeovers of certain races as the Empress is unknown, Silver safeguarded this original, although unsure of why she was protecting this one piece of her past so strongly. Giving the original to Dancing Eyes after allowing the primal psion to face her innermost fears, Silver made no mention of what she should look for, leaving her to attempt the arduous task of understanding the simple, yet naively complex, intricacies of cross-species relationships on her own. Adds +1 to all non-combat rolls when dealing with Tallus natives.
  241. *****
  245. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  246. Erov, Taurom the Trader's Right Claw: 130HP, 2DR. Age: unknown.
  248. *****
  249. (Business Minded, Femme Fatale, Formal, Patient)
  251. *****
  252. APPEARANCE: a lithe, agile, smooth dark brown coated and crimson feathered gryphoness, usually in a state of constant purring. Her claws are a lighter shade of red, though often dyed like her beak. Her primaries are bleached a bone white, while her eyes are a solid soft baby blue. On each of her legs are pure gold bangles with tiny runes etched into them, giving her a boost in speed with the unnatural effect of fluid hyper-motion if being watched directly.
  254. *****
  255. BIOGRAPHY: came to the Vale and it's rebuilt city, after Sevrit the Bastard was overthrown, under her old friend's second in command, Taurom, a trader who grew up in the Inner Kingdoms with Erov. The two catbirds have worked alongside each other for the entirety of their lives so far, keeping an eye on each others back in the ruthless trade industry found. After hearing the Vale was liberated, Erov and Taurom shipped off to the newly freed region in order to capitalize on being the first and (through Taurom's cutthroat attitude towards business) only major Trading Post for the Vale and it's neighboring regions.
  257. After being saved by Simon from a Minotaur mercenary during an attack on Anfang by the Order, and spending 'quality' time with him and Cu'Nir, Erov has quickly grown attached to the odd couple, wanting to spend more time with them and see where it takes her. For the past couple of months, Erov has rarely entered the Fortress, and when that event occurred she was strictly guided about by Cu'Nir. When back in the Vale, working with Taurom as usual, she has taken time to practice with her new wingblades that she had forged from the dead minotaur's axehead, and at quite a bargain too.
  259. *****
  261. -Simon and Cu'Nir: after her time spent with the pair, she has quickly grown fond of the Huntsmaster, and desires to continue learning more of them.
  263. *****
  265. Expert Assault+1
  266. Expert Parry+1
  267. Expert Riposte+1
  269. *****
  271. Master Block+4
  272. Master Evasion+4
  273. Master Flight+4
  274. Master Reaction Speed+4
  275. Master Sprint+4
  277. Basic Stealth+3
  279. *****
  281. Expert Negotiation+2
  283. *****
  285. -Raptor's Eye: a standard trait of intelligent predators, typically gryphons, that adds +1 to and grants an additional roll to one of the following skills: Assault, Parry, Riposte, Ambush, Perception, or Stealth. The bonus is only added to whichever skill is in use that turn.
  287. *****
  289. -Expert First Strike (limit 2 uses, otherwise incurring -20HP damage to Erov per use). This ability was taught to Erov at some point while she was still in the Inner Kingdoms for an unknown reason, a technique few know, and even fewer are willing to attempt. When used, Erov's body locks into a pouncing stance where her entire muscular structure tenses up for a time, and like a coiled spring the stored energy is released instantly in a blast. If held for too long, her body will begin to break down as her musculature deteriorates under the strain. Roll 3x [1d6+3] to initiate, can only be utilized 2 turns in a row, suffering -20HP per turn after the 2rd turn. May only be used every 4th turn, though this number increases if she goes over the 3-turn 'safe' limit.
  291. -Razor Talons: properly taken care of and perpetually sharpened, Erov's claws add +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls, and inflicts Bleeding on living targets.
  293. *****
  294. UNIQUE ABILITY: ?????
  296. *****
  298. -Golden Rune Etched Bangles: 16 bangles on the end of Erov's legs that, when all are worn, add +2 to all Block/Evasion/Flight/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls, with the side effect of making her motions unnaturally fluid in direct line of sight.
  300. -Pearly White Lingerie: one fitting corset, connecting leg warmers, several tail bands, (optional) wing restraints and a neck collar with small Kanpri ball bell. All made from velvet, silk and Bouclé, commissioned for herself and paid by Taurom. Used when certain 'opportunities' occur when it comes to practicing business, or when Erov feels a bit adventurous.
  302. *****
  304. -Searing Glaze Wingblades (Custom-Fit, Runic-Forged): formerly the axe head for a Minotaur mercenary, now reforged into thin blades to blend in with Erov's wings, some of it's original carved-enchantment surviving the forging process.
  305. -Melee Weapon Class: Light.
  306. -Enchantment Slots: 2/3 remaining.
  307. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  308. -Offensive Enchantment #1: grants a [1d6+4] <Searing Glaze Ice elemental attack.
  310. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  311. Fuigah, Shadow Wing Seamstress: 190HP, 2DR. Age: 39.
  313. *****
  314. (Curious, Haunting Eyes, Helpful)
  316. *****
  317. APPEARANCE: a female Gryphon covered beak to claws in Phantom Rags, the area around her beak loosely closed with strands of string, allowing her to speak while covering her entire head. Her tail, claws, talons and feather tips are topped off with needles and other sewing equipment. Like most gryphons she carries a belt around her midriff, full of supplies one in her position would carry.
  319. *****
  320. BIOGRAPHY: part of Clúda's following group of Shadow Wings, serving as their Seamstress. Is second-in-command under Clúda, and like the rest of the Shadow Wings has her motives tied to the unknown lands. Over the past two months she has grown steadily impatient with the way things are progressing, though is forced to hold her tongue so to not jeopardize her reasons for being on the other side of the world.
  322. *****
  324. Expert Assault+6
  325. Expert Parry+6
  326. Expert Riposte+6
  328. *****
  331. Basic Stealth+5
  333. *****
  335. Basic Medical+2
  336. Master Seamstress
  338. *****
  340. -Follows Clúda.
  342. *****
  346. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  347. Katyal Alvugarde, Ark Initiate: 40HP, 2DR. Age: 33. Month of Birth: November.
  349. (Anti-Authority, Blunt, Bold, Careless, Direct, Distrust: Earth Ponies, Fear: Monstrous Beings, Fragile Mind, Hedonistic, Irresponsible, Lazy, Mischievous, OCD: Equipment Checking, Snarky, Stubborn, Temperamental, Veterancy: Combat/Defense/Ranged)
  351. *****
  352. TOTAL XP:    92
  353. UNSPENT XP:  2
  355. *****
  356. BIOGRAPHY: while she states little about her pre-FBI years, Katyal was once a Bureau agent, whom at one point decided to apply to the First Response Division, an advanced, well equipped unit specialized in rapid infiltrations for hostage rescues and other terrorism related activities. Formerly a male only Division, Katyal's acceptance along with a large number of female agents created a relatively hostile environment during, and after, the new mixed sex unit's training. In her words: "..typical Old Guard Spies versus New Guard Spies bullshit with political skull-fucking as the side dish".
  358. Passing basic and intermediate weaponry training with above average scores, she decided to take the position of emergency trauma medic, passing the course in the top 5. Though her superiors considered her well acclimated to the new environment due to her easy-going temperament and high scores, something Katyal thought amusing, she consistently chose to butt heads whenever the mistakes of others would prove distracting or fatal, preferring to keep her newfound friends in the Division out of politics as much as possible.
  360. During her first four years in the Division, which had begun sending their units overseas to combat numerous jihad and warlord militias alongside military forces as backup and intelligence gatherers, Katyal's effective, but careless, speed-and-violence-only approach to recovering wounded agents and military personnel across the globe garnered her enough favor to apply for a position in the Critical Response Division. Immensely pleased at the promotion, Katyal shortly found herself under constant movemarent from hot spot to hot spot, and with the rare few times a decent sleep before being thrown into conflict was had, discovered that the inordinate stresses of her new position were rapidly wearing her down.
  362. At this time she often slipped herself and others in the Critical response teams painkillers or amphetamines from her own supplies whenever possible, a mistake that would later see her blacklisted. Despite major normalization between the new and old Division agents, budgets for the various Divisions were rapidly increased as their effectiveness continued to rise, which also meant adding psychiatric counselors to combat teams during off duty hours. After a medical quota for the Critical Response Division's supplies turned up short on several items, an inquiry by a hardline quartermaster was made to the commanding agent, whom immediately dismissed the potential for substance abuse. Although the commander was well aware of the positive effects Katyal's numerous 'additional dosage necessary' addendums to transcripts, he had little reason to throw his now respected agents to the political wolves, and considered the charges to have no substance. Undeterred, the quartermaster, along with aid from older intelligence agents, scrutinized the outflow of equipment and supplies until tracking down the sole unit responsible.
  364. With her fellow agents suspended from duty, in court and under oath Katyal was unable to provide sufficient logical reasoning for the quantities of substances used, forcing herself to take one for the team and admitting that she was over-prescribing for combat trauma and stress related problems. Demoted from the Critical Response Division after barely over 5 months of service, her promotion and service dates were stricken from the FBI's records, and was sent back to First Response with numerous unsigned, undated, and unlisted black marks. Disgruntled, but still uncaring as always, Katyal immediately returned to service, and while happy to be back with her friends, she was unaware that she would begin seeing the same 24/7 surveillance at her former Division.
  366. After three years of off and on fighting, small brushfire conflicts across the world exploded into full blown wars when small remote robotics, most with semi-autonomous AI's, went from ridiculously expensive and highly unreliable to cheap, rugged, and virtually impossible to hack. This made the need for cross-training personnel in the newly redesigned medical and combat equipment setups between the military and government agencies to became a requirement, forcing many of the Divisions to train with the new technologies available whenever off duty, adding tremendously to their workload. Plagued once again with sleepless nights, unshakeable fatigue, and constant stress, Katyal's performance slowly degraded to abysmal levels, whom began appropriating painkillers and amphetamines once more just to keep herself sane and able to function.
  368. A year and a half of further service later, Katyal quit the First Response Division, turning to civil life in order to escape from deeply entrenched guilt, several addictions, and disgust at the Bureau's treatment of agents. Due to the several notable honors on her records, she was immediately accepted at a regional hospital in her home city as a nurse, spending the next two months working without a problem. Finding herself feeling useless outside the FBI, but unable and unwilling to join again, she began slipping into depression, often going for a friendly local drink to improve her mood. With her outlook on life striking rock bottom upon hearing news of expanded military operations, Katyal began drinking heavily. Fired after coming into the hospital drunk, she moved five times over the following eleven months to different cities and different hospitals to avoid her track record from catching up with her.
  370. Late one night, while drunkenly stumbling back home, she was fatally struck by a car from behind, from what she can recall. Landing face first into Imeron's sandy lakebed during the dry season, strangely outfitted with her former equipment loadout, the village's inhabitants quickly took Katyal into custody. Interrogating her otherworldly nature and existence, Katyal was convinced that she was having a hallucinogenic episode, and played along with the tall, brightly colored, saddle-wearing talking ponies.. until she became bored of their repeated questions. Deploying her trusted rifle against an enemy coconut, with hysterical effects from the Saddle Arabians, she was then secluded in a guarded cottage for several hours in fear of her unknown, possibly volatile capabilities.
  372. Awoken from a decent nap, a bright, neon green Saddle Arabian mare without a saddle or ornamentation introduced herself as Countess Folunasi, and unlike the others, was merely curious as to Katyal's arrival. Confused and concerned by the quirky woman's story of her own death, Folunasi continued to answer her questions about Tallus, eventually deciding that Katyal meant no harm and was simply being self-protective. Noticing her depressive statements, Folunasi was unwilling to allow her be the subject of a mystic's interrogation, and decided to offer Katyal a job as a mercenary under her employ. The rest, of course, is history.
  374. Having quite a bit of fun retrieving her lover's family heirlooms with Jeff's immense aid, her encounter with the Hookfanged Water Viper and the Swamp Prowler has boosted her confidence, though is still very frightened about potentially entering any (and all) wilderness areas.
  376. *****
  377. STATUS: currently aiding Countess Folunasi in surveying the Va`Sanuez Delta during it's restoration.
  379. *****
  381. -Countess Folunasi: her lover, primary Mareguard, and soon to be... wife? ...maybe? Who knows which one even wears the pants...
  383. *****
  384. EVOLVING ABILITY: Hard Stomp. Granted by Empress Silver, ONCE per Operation, Katyal is granted the ancient earth pony technique that she dubs: "THE NEGOTIATOR", granting her the ability to either stomp a downed enemy or one below her in height, with 4x [1d6+2] rolls that ignore 1/2 of the target's DR. This ability deals double damage against Fragile targets and Undead, but only deals half damage to Spectrals. NOTE: during the turn that Hard Stop is activated, Katyal may only utilize Defensive skills.
  386. *****
  388. Master Assault
  389. Master Parry
  390. Master Riposte
  392. Master Combat Rifles/Shotguns
  393. Basic Intimidation
  394. Master Small Arms
  396. *****
  398. Master Block
  399. Master Evasion
  400. Master Reaction Speed
  401. Master Sprint
  403. *****
  405. Expert Engineering
  406. Master Explosives
  407. Basic Medical
  408. Expert Thievery
  409. Basic Traps
  410. Expert Scouting
  411. Expert Perception
  413. *****
  415. >Enhanced Assassin's Synergy (Expert): adds +1 to all Combat Rifle/Shotgun, and +2 to all Assault & Small Arms rolls.
  417. >Enhanced Reconnaissance Specialist (Expert): adds +1 to all non-combat Stealth, and +2 to all Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint & Perception rolls.
  419. >Veteran First Responder (Expert): adds +2 to all Reaction Speed or Sprint, Medical, and Scouting rolls. TWICE per Operation, Katyal may sacrifice two of V.F.R.'s listed skills for 2 turns and in returned adding +4 to all rolls of the remaining skill, though the sacrificed skills cannot be utilized for the rest of the Operation after this occurs.
  421. *****
  422. TRAIT: Grandmaster Lost Secrets of An`Meliu. At any time Katyal may roll [1d6+2], the result being the number of turns that she is granted a [1d6+4] roll of her choice that functions as any standard skill she is capable of performing. In addition, Katyal is granted +10 MaxHP permanently, and is conferred a passive Grandmaster Iron Will+4, though her complicated personality makes this extremely difficult to utilize as she must be suffering from a negative mental status effect for a minimum of 1 turn. Once per Operation, Katyal may at any time summon Grives An`Meliu with a [1d6+4] roll, whom will immediately arrive and remain for that number of turns, healing and removing status effects from her and any nearby allies with 2x [1d6+10] <Restoration rolls before disappearing. An`Meliu's physical presence also renders Katyal immune to the follow status effects: Confusion, Pacify, Silence, and Sleep.
  424. *****
  426. -Hardened Responder's Leather Jacket & Cargoes (Mystic-Forged, Unique Legendary Permanent Artifact): a lightweight, heavily modified, and well worn set of cold weather leather clothes used by Rangers on Katyal's world, numerous leather pouches later added for storing all of her miscellaneous alchemy and personal items. An ancient water-walking enchantment was the first addition to this set, granting the ability to walk, run, sit, (or even sleep in her case) solidly on liquid surfaces without worry of falling through, later imbued with a Lishanki Silver-Gift charm for additional versatility. Multiple reinforcements, the first coming from a basic armor charm, were further added to by a series of of tough, properly cured Dune Serpent hide segments, increasing it's weight and bulk to what should be an uncomfortable level, though the amount of, erm, "ventilation holes" make it at least somewhat useful in most regions.
  427. -Armor Value: 3DR.
  428. -Armor Class: Full Body, Light.
  429. -Enchantment Slots: 0/3 remaining.
  430. -Offensive Enchantment #1: adds +1 to all Intimidation rolls.
  431. -Passive Enchantment #1: adds +1 to all Bartering & Negotiation rolls.
  432. -Utility Enchantment #1: grants permanent water-walking.
  434. *****
  436. -Lightened Arkadian Sledgehammer (Arkadian-Aligned, Mystic-Forged, Ancient Legendary Artifact): Katyal's primary weapon, a 4' long, sealed and runed ironwood handle attached to a dark brown steel-like material that forms two square heads, very similar to common sledgehammers. While she refuses to state how exactly she acquired this archaic weapon from the Arkadian clan, the first of three offshoots from the Ferron, it's kept in excellent condition, and bears an impressive earth elemental enchantment, typical of anything owned by the Arkadians. Typically used for smashing coconuts open or being waved around while delivering vague threats.
  437. -Melee Weapon Class: Two-Handed.
  438. -Enchantment Slots: 2/3 remaining.
  439. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte
  440. -Offensive Enchantment #1: grants a [1d6+4] <Stoneshatter Mystic earth elemental attack.
  441. -Two-Handed: grants an additional Block roll.
  443. *****
  445. >Customized 6MM Haisel & Krantz 77PDW (Unique): A personal defense submachine gun similar in appearance to a standard H&K MP7, though this one uses a high velocity 6MM penetrator cartridge. Recolored in swamp tones and and has been engraved with a relief of Folunasi.. from the rear.
  446. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Small Arms rolls.
  447. -Ammunition Class: 6.2x31MM LSC.
  448. -Ammunition Magazine Capacity: X/X cartridges. Comes with 3x magazines.
  449. -Maximum Optimal Range: 50M with a -1 penalty per 25M beyond this range.
  450. -Maximum Effective Range: 100M.
  452. >Customized 8MM Magnum Haisel & Krantz KLR-73 Pistol. A semi-automatic pistol mostly similar in appearance to a standard H&K USP-2, though this one uses a much lighter, higher velocity 8MM penetrator cartridge. Recently recolored using desert toned ceramic paint, the grips carefully resized, and etched with a a decorative Saddle Arabian flower motif.
  453. -Base Modifier: adds +3 to all Small Arms rolls.
  454. -Ammunition Class: Small Arms, 8.5x24MM LPY.
  455. -Ammunition Magazine Capacity: 14/14 cartridges. Comes with 3x magazines.
  456. -Maximum Optimal Range: 50M with a -1 penalty per 25M beyond this range.
  457. -Maximum Effective Range: 100M.
  458. -Attachment #1: Holosight, adds +1 to Small Arms rolls when in use.
  460. >Customized 10MM Remiliav Advanced IRR (Unique): a combat rifle virtually the same as a stock Remington ACR, though this one uses a non-suppressed, relativly high velocity 10MM rifle penetrator cartridge.
  461. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Combat Rifle rolls.
  462. -Ammunition Class: Combat Rifle, 10.1x35MM NGT.
  463. -Ammunition Magazine Capacity: 30/30 cartridges. Comes with 3x magazines.
  464. -Maximum Optimal Range: 400M with a -1 penalty per 200M beyond this range
  465. -Maximum Effective Range: 1,200M.
  466. -Attachment #1: 3x5 Scope: adds +1 to all Combat Rifle rolls & adds +1 to a SINGLE Perception roll when in use.
  468. *****
  470. -Improved Soundstone: a traditional piece of equipment for nearly all Saddle Arabian natives, these bright yellow oval pieces of glass are created by heating, compressing, and compacting a layer of Howling Dune region sand, then enacting several rituals of mystic perception. When carried against one's skin, sound stones enhance the bearer's sensitivity to vibration, also slightly increasing visual acuity, obviously emulating the ability to 'see' through sandstorms. This particular one was created by Countess Folunasi, and while functionally the same as any other soundstone, it prevents feedback from loud noises, foul odors, and bright light. Adds +1 to all Perception or Scouting rolls.
  472. -Toy Castle Float: a plastic, bright pink miniature floating castle 10' in diameter, complete with an elongated mock noble armchair in the center for lounging, a small false moat around the outside for decoration, and two long, bright pink plastic oars for locomotion. Made from 5MM of dyed rubber, these hardy and easily repairable novelty toys were normally bought for children of the upper class, though Kaytal requested it from a wish disc specifically for the purpose of lounging about in Imeron's lake. While it doesn't look stable enough for two at first glance, Katyal and Folunasi have used it to survey the Olvia Tributary on numerous excursions. Capacity wise it has enough space for several days of provisions, although it can be spotted from a mile away with little difficulty.
  474. *****
  476. -Atamayaguchi Drones: nine technologically advanced bright yellow drones, 2" in length, each with an integrated miniature video recorder for transmitting direct visual feed to a display & command tablet with an 8"x6" screen using a [1d6+3] roll. Created on her world by a PanAsian consortium that dealt with prototype AI and drone technology, these hornet painted drones feature a simple but effective hivemind logic program that allows an operator to safely infiltrate buildings or scout large areas without exposure to enemy fire. As both a safety precaution and a surprise offense, each drone contains a small charge of C-5, a newly created compact plastic-polymer explosive. Upon use of a vocal command or an order from the tablet, the drones will swarm onto a target and detonate with a single [1d6+9] roll, dealing the equivalent damage of C-4.
  478. *****
  480. -Blind-Eye Chant: adds +2 to either all Perception or non-combat Stealth rolls, but may only use one or the other each turn.
  482. -Corsair King's Siglet: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte and Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls when dealing with living beings, but suffers a -3 penalty to all rolls when facing non-physical opponents.
  484. -Superior Armor Charm: adds a natural +2DR.
  487. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  488. Leaf Shatter: 140HP, 3DR. Age: 39. Month of birth: October.
  490. *****
  491. (Careful, Cheery, Curious, Elite: Thief, Inquisitive, Soft-Spoken, Veterancy: Senses)
  493. *****
  494. APPEARANCE: a light yellow bodied, curly coated batpony with large stubby wingclaws and nubby fangs, typical of fruit-eaters, having a touch of a Romanian accent. The three broad, rounded claws on each wing are capable of being curled into an armored 'fist', allowing Leaf to counter melee weaponry and tear through armor, though not without a great amount of difficulty.
  496. *****
  497. BIOGRAPHY: unknown. Leaf Shatter is a true hermaphrodite, having both male and female genitalia, though is female in mentality, emotional capacity, and action. A master treasure hunter of the Moors, Leaf is known to hang around Las Pegasus for several nights at a time, learning tricks from the other members of the Rogue's Circle, mostly to expand her repertoire of skills, and freely teaching all she knows.
  499. *****
  500. FETISH: enjoys being bitten on the neck during sex, otherwise her taste is incredibly vanilla.
  502. *****
  503. CUTIE MARK: a pale, elongated flat-bladed leaf broken into numerous shards and segments.
  505. *****
  506. STATUS: a former outlying member of of the Rogues Circle, now residing in the Moors permanently, one of the few true batpony treasure hunters besides Torven.
  508. *****
  510. -Torven: a good friend to.
  512. -Razorback: despises.
  514. *****
  516. Master Assault+10
  517. Master Counter+10
  518. Master Riposte+10
  520. *****
  522. Master Block+6
  523. Master Evasion+6
  524. Master Flight+6
  525. Master Reaction Speed+9
  526. Master Sprint+3
  528. Basic Screech+4
  529. Expert Stealth+6
  531. *****
  533. Expert Bartering+3
  534. Expert Perception+4
  535. Master Sleight of Claw+9
  537. *****
  539. -Natural Weaponry: Leaf Shatter's short, nubby fangs are somewhat tough, and her large stubby claws are inherently stronger than most batponies, allowing her to pierce 1DR with each attack when in use.
  541. *****
  545. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  546. Old Horn, 600HP, 5DR. Age: unknown.
  548. *****
  549. APPEARANCE: a 10'4" Minotaur covered in a shaggy, unkempt mossy coat from hooves to horns, giving him the immediate look of a plant covered tree. The only clothing he bears is a thick, tattered belt made from entwined nettle stalks carrying numerous bags and satchels, all heavy with healing powders and poultices collected for many years from across the world, making him quite sought after as he has brought back many from death's doorstep. Small creatures have been observed to have made nests inside the thick layer of dirty fur on Old Horn, the most common of which is a tiny Drake that occasionally climbs out to light Old Horn's pipe.
  551. *****
  552. BIOGRAPHY: a wandering minotaur druid that travels wherever he chooses, leaving without a word if the place he has arrived at feels off to him. As a druid, he is one with nature and magic, but looks down at magic users such as unicorns since they tend to force magic to do their bidding, rather then work with as the natural order of life functions, leaving him with a bit of disdain to all magic users since the majority tend to have an air of superiority about themselves.
  554. Old Horn has been a druid his entire life, unique amongst minotaurs, and has travelled across Tallus numerous times, even delving into separate worlds. This, of course, he highly dislikes; he would rather charge an army alone then go into another dimension willingly. Even with his hunched form, Old Horn towers over most sentients on Tallus, naturally making an intimidating sight to behold. Even with his passive dislike of magic users, he is still the embodiment of a "gentle giant". In his long life he has seen the worst this world could throw at him and then some, thus he has gained great patience for the "younger ones" and their bickering. He carries a walking staff, in reality an old, gnarled sapling of some sort, with floating runes circling about the top.
  556. After Novus' physical death, he collected his Ka and placed it into a herd of nearby Pred-Elk. Originally intended for use against the Efirates, he instantly grew attached to them when he realized that instead of increased intelligence, it gave the herd of low-tier monsters actual sentience. After a few days of careful teaching they soon adopted the minotaur as a father figure. Out of them all, he favored the most intelligent and curious of the herd of the herd, Sparking Fleur. Waking up to what could be seen as a calling, Sparking Fleur then said her goodbyes to her friend Twisty and went back to Old Horn. The only season she could feel was 'Change'.
  558. Becoming worried of Sparking Fleur's absence, so has sent Bright Amber to investigate, but was surprised to find that Bright too had become enthralled by Razorback when the Pred-Elk had returned, and is silently happy about this change of events. Adding to this, he has devised a plan of action since the original Efirate swarms have been destroyed, making him redouble his efforts on finding the Whitemane's lair.
  560. At Bright Amber's behest, Old Horn quickly took ownership of the strange, abandoned complex in the Everfree, repurposing it for the Pred-Elks and studying what lies inside.
  562. *****
  564. Master Assault+15
  565. Master Parry+15
  566. Master Riposte+15
  568. *****
  570. Grandmaster Druidry+41
  572. ****
  574. Expert Healing Touch+10
  576. *****
  577. UNIQUE ABILITY: An Elder's Wise Words. Throughout his life, Old Horn has seen and conversed with many beings, both native to Tallus, also including the flora and fauna, sometimes Otherworldly in nature, gaining valuable knowledge in the art of disarming others with words alone, granting a single [1d6+10] roll that functions as Negotiation.
  579. *****
  581. -Druidry Baggage: sacks, bags and satchels filled with an assortment of healing items and other gathered objects he has hoarded throughout his wandering life.
  583. -Pipe: an aged looking smoking pipe with a long thin stem and a (human) fist sized bowl, usually seen with pillows of smoke wafting out that, thankfully, mask his pungent, earthy scent.
  585. -Walking Staff: a tall, gnarled living tree with cryptic runes lazily floating around its top, also featuring a hidden slot where he keeps his pipe and herbs hidden.
  588. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  589. Razeek, Courier: 90HP, 2DR. Age: 16.
  591. *****
  592. (Elite: Speed, Horn Dog, Hot Tempered, Sensual, Vindictive)
  594. *****
  595. APPEARANCE: a small bodied, overly tan gryphon with jade green eyes and several noticeable golden highlights across his body, while the tips of his feathers are bright green and purple, obviously being laced with poison.
  597. *****
  598. BIOGRAPHY: Lok'cen's younger sibling, Razeek travels constantly, having been employed as a courier and messenger for Anfang and the Vale, sometimes delivering to Las Pegasus. Razeek has a short fuse, and as such he will spit and shout in another's face no matter whom or what they are, though he is reluctant to use his weapons unless provoked. The poisons lacing his green steel tipped wings are made from his own concoctions, mostly from the Vale and surrounding wildernesses. Each feather has a different effect, from physically paralyzing an enemy, to flooding the lungs with coagulated blood, and more. Razeek has made sure to be immune to the poisons and venoms he collects, but always carries antidotes, just in case.
  600. Like (nearly) all gryphons, he has a certain disdain for unicorns and magic users, oddly enough this quirk extends to rune-forgers as well. His run in with Lucky's Enforcer, Pike, and her ward Meridian Veil, has left him with a bad taste in his mouth for the hu'um of Razorback, despite what his older brother says. He has, however, grown infatuated with a female Hu'um, Natalia, ever since she fed him and his family, and has wanted to "repay" her in his own way.. except for Lok'cen being very eager to cock-block for his own amusement, MUCH to Razeek's annoyance.
  602. Long wanting to prove himself, once the opportunity arrived, in the form of going underground to explore the depths of lost catacombs in the unknown lands, he took the chance immediately. Apart from a single moment of being frozen in fear, the Fledgling stood fast till the end. Aiding Fuigah in carrying Ghost out of the catacombs, he then vowed to laze about in the Encampment for as long as he feels like it, believing he's earned it after going through what happened down below.
  604. During the past few months, Razeek moved between the Vale and the Unknown Lands either running errands or scouting. Noticing, strangely, that he hasn't been contacted for any jobs from Las Pegasus lately, he's paid no mind to it. Recently he moved out of the roost (to Lok'cen's mixed feelings) to take up space in Natalia's Diner, where he helps her out whenever not flying around. Even then, however, he is still beta as fuck, and keeps their relationship platonic.
  606. *****
  608. -Lok'cen: for better or worse, the younger brother to.
  609. -Natalia: has moved in to help with her Diner whenever not doing errands, though their relationship is painfully mutual.
  611. *****
  613. Basic Assault+2
  614. Basic Parry+2
  615. Basic Riposte+2
  617. *****
  619. Master Block+8
  620. Master Evasion+8
  621. Master Flight+8
  622. Master Reaction Speed+8
  623. Master Sprint+8
  625. *****
  627. Bartering+4
  628. Expert Chemistry+2
  629. Expert Field Medicine+4
  630. Basic Wilderness Survival+4
  632. *****
  634. -Raptor's Eye: a standard trait of intelligent predators, typically gryphons, that adds +1 to and grants an additional roll to one of the following skills: Assault, Parry, Riposte, Ambush, Perception, or Stealth. The bonus is only added to whichever skill is in use that turn.
  636. *****
  637. UNIQUE ABILITY: Basic Poison Touch-Venom Brush. Razeek's runic tipped primaries are dyed either a royal purple or a jade green to signify their toxic nature, each one coated in a different fast acting, though somewhat weak toxin. Due to his intense speed and honed fine muscle focus, Razeek can control which poison is utilized with near-perfect precision. Must be used in concert with Assault, Parry, or Riposte, and upon landing a strike a [1d6] <Envenomation effect takes place, though may only occur once every 3rd turn, the effects of which are as follows:
  638. #1, tetrodotoxin: an aquatic based neurotoxin that restricts airflow by tightening the trachea and preventing proper dilation of the lungs, the affected target suffering a -2 penalty to all rolls the following turn.
  639. #2, apitoxin: a potent venom that causes temporary burning sensations to the optical nerves, the affected target suffering -2 to all visual based Perception/Scouting/Wilderness Survival rolls the following turn.
  640. #3, ototoxic poisoning: a result of improper alchemical testing resulting in an organic solvent that causes temporary hearing loss and nausea, the affected target suffering a -2 penalty to all sound based Perception/Scouting/Wilderness Survival rolls the following turn.
  641. #4, saxitoxin: a shellfish based neurotoxin that slows movement and cripples fine muscle control, the affected target suffering -2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte and Block/Evasion/Flight/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls the next following .
  642. #5, hemotoxic anticoagulant: a toxic venom that causes pain to the afflicted area and prevents the body from regenerating, the affected target also suffering from Bleeding status for the next 3 turns or until staunched.
  643. #6, neosaxitoxin: an organic anesthetic venom that causes the affected target to suffer -2 to all Block/Evasion/Flight/Reaction Speed/Sprint and Perception rolls the following turn.
  645. *****
  647. -Pouch Belt: a staple for all gryphons, these pouches and sacks contain the antidotes to his poisons and toxins.
  649. *****
  651. -Runic-Steel Tipped Feathers (Custom-Fit, Rune-Forged). a heavily customized and modified set of a specialized purple and green colored runic steel, permanently affixed to the end of Razeek's primary feathers. The colorations denote to predators the various poisons, venoms, and toxins covering each are probably not going to be pleasant to deal with.
  652. -Melee Weapon Class: Light.
  653. -Enchantment Slots: 0/3 remaining.
  654. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  655. -Armor Pierce: 2 (negates 2DR).
  656. -Offensive Enchantment: Runic Puncturing, allows the edge of each feather to be sharpened to an unnatural degree, making light work of unarmored or lightly armored foes.
  657. -Defensive Enchantment: Runic Compositing, enhances the durability of each feather so they will not bend easily under contact.
  658. -Passive Enchantment: Runic Anti-Corrosive, prevents degredation from Razeek's home brewed toxins.
  661. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  662. Ri`Vahz, Warlord of the Vale: 450HP, 4DR. Age: 32. Month of birth: unknown.
  664. *****
  665. (Brawler, Dislike: Unicorns, ELITE: Combat/Defense/Senses, Honorable, Hot Tempered, Mischievous, Purposeful, Veteran)
  667. *****
  668. APPEARANCE: a white and green feathered, and coated, well built gryphon warrioress. Though an an Anfang native, Ri`Vahz has no specific avian or feline species traits, though her pale red eyes, despite being a colored daughter of two solid toned gryphons, make her a bit exotic to most catbirds.
  670. *****
  671. BIOGRAPHY: formerly a noted Commander in the Gryphon Kingdom Armies, after retiring from service Ri`Vahz returned to her home in the Vale, intent on recovering from the constant border conflicts. During this time, Lord Sevrit, disliked by most for his cruel, conniving mentality, challenged the current Warlord in a rite of combat for the title. Overpowering Warlord Sukal easily, Ri`Vahz, along with the rest of Anfang and the Vale's citizens, were forced to watch Sevrit take the Vale's throne. Knowing that she did not have the capacity to kill Sevrit, or his new Enforcer Sha'Ro, Ri`Vahz instead focused on rebuilding Anfang as a training ground, calling older warriors and scouts alike from retirement in order to teach fledgelings.
  673. Fiercely protective of Anfang and the Vale, she is quiet and reflective when amongst her own kind, though can be unreasonably hot blooded in open combat, and has a blue streak of anger towards unicorns, particularly offensive casters such as Spiral whom she sees as insolent cowards. Her respect for gryphon fledgelents is paramount, often going out of her way to teach them hunter's tricks and knowledge that others may think they need to learn on their own. At this point she did not travel very often, preferring to remain near her home to defend against the Order's incursions into her homeland.
  675. After Warlord Sevrit was put down by Razorback with Spiral's aid, to her immense chagrin the Marquis offered Sevrit's severed head as a truce offering. She could not deny that his efforts were instrumental, and chose to overlook his presence while he aiding in rebuilding her home. The Overking himself chose her to be the new Warlord of the Vale shortly afterwards, reluctantly accepting the position and taking her seat on the empty throne, only after the town was reconstructed. As the Vale's new ruler, she was forced to choose her new head Enforcer from what was left of the former militants, and after some evaluation picked Blackbeak, seeing how he was once under Sha'Ro's wing, but particularly since he seemed in no means negatively influenced by her.
  677. Overwhelmed by the politics of being a leader, Ri`Vahz found respite in knowing that the relations between the Vale and Razorback were in good claws, even if said claws were the Huntsmaster's. Early in her reign, she still had the freedom to wander about outside the castle, treated as an equal, though, sadly, this did not last long.
  679. The rediscovery of the Chamber Librarians was a surprise for Ri`Vahz, as she, along with all others, had believed the fires that devastated the Vale had wiped their order out. Upon visiting them, she found they were in fact alive and well.. (as mentally well one would expect from an isolated pair of Gryphons constantly cooped up in a confined space for years), though this only made her contempt for Sevrit The Bastard deepen, and she vowed to never share his interests or mentalities at all costs.
  681. Over time she has steadily learnt the ways of politics and how to manage the dicey, frigid region despite her best efforts at not wanting to, silently reveling at the frustration she continually gave to her court Scribes and Wards. Her first real test as a political figure came when she was confronted with reports of Gryphon deserters hiding within her borders, and after some thought decided to send Captain Swe and Enforcer Blackbeak to eliminate them. Afterwards, she awarded Swe for his efforts towards the Vale with a permanent home for himself, to which he chose a tower close enough to the castle, one she was glad he chose.
  683. Nearing her time of season that year and in perpetual stress, Ri`Vahz began to slowly lose touch to being on the same level as the average Gryphon, and at this time she was approached by a trader from the Inner Kingdoms by the name of Taurom, with her partner Erov. Using her silver tongue, Taurom quickly gained property in the growing town, proposing her business would shortly benefit all. When not confining herself to her room (and luring in any featherbrain dumb enough to join with a swish of her tail) she escaped the mundane experience of sitting on a throne all day by sparring with the castle guard to keep herself sharp (and to scout out whom amongst the Gryphons had the best stamina).
  685. Being well acquainted with Ghost and Swe at this point, when she was approached by the Operators and the Huntsmaster to explore a Translocation destination found deep in the Librarian Chambers, she gave them the all clear notice, not knowing this would lead to a mass expedition later on. When Huntsmaster Cu'Nir requested to lead an expedition of the newly discovered lands, Ri`Vahz accepted, and shortly declared her decision to the Vale's citizens, entrusting the Huntsmaster as it's leader and tasking Enforcer Blackbeak as Cu'Nir's second-in-command.
  687. Under her guidance with heavy clawed advisements, the Vale transformed into a small city, having a larger population since before Chamber Librarian records began, an achievement she knew Taurom Trades had a claw in reaching, despite her suspicions of the Inner Kingdom Gryphoness. A promise from Tuarom about "sharing the treaures" has mostly ensured the expedition was kept hush hush for the time being, from both the outside world beyond the Vale's borders and the Kingdom itself, Ri`Vahz not wanting to jeopardize what spoils could be wrought from this event. This has, of course, caused neighboring kingdoms to ask questions about why a third of the Vale's population suddenly vanished without a word, but with Ri`Vahz now well versed in political angling, she has been able to deflect any conspiracies pointed towards herself or her fellows.
  689. Informed that Simon had returned to the Vale from the expeditions by his lonesome, Ri`Vahz took this as a chance to relieve some stress, only to be stonewalled when she found him researching the ancient ceremony called a 'wedding' in the Librarian Chamber. Thinking quickly, she handled the situation by sharing with him what she knew, then revealing what potential fallout would occur from such an event. Intimidated at the amount of attention this would garner, Ri`Vahz persevered, swearing to keep the eventual wedding a secret and only allowing the required minimum amount of knowledge about the ceremony to be spread. However, not wanting to suffer through her cycle, she cornered Ghost, attempting to force herself upon him... his response, however, was so poor that she internally decided to go as rough and long as possible on his pelvis. Thankfully, Simon had a lone flashbang handy, and with one agonizing detonation later, the green and white Gryphoness found herself on the floor of the empty Librarian Chamber, wholly unsatisfied and vowing to doom the first catbird she got her claws into for a painful night in her nest.
  691. A month later, news reached her ears that a force of Mountain-Kin Gryphons had arrived in the Vale, seeking information on their executed deserters by interrogating the local population, though apparently all they knew was that an Enforcer, along with a resident human, were involved. Needless to say, their clawing in the matter did not go well with the Huntsmaster, whom happened to be visiting briefly from her times on the other side of the world, and as expected of her station put them in their place without laying a claw on them. After visiting the Mountain-Kin herself in the Militia Aviaries' holding cages, Ri`Vahz pried free the entire story; apparently, they didn't take kindly to their own faction being executed by non-Mountain Kin, also revealing why said kin had deserted. Placing herself in their position, Ri`Vahz became sympathetic to their concerns upon her revelation, and shortly afterwards allowed the Mountain Kin to leave, but granted a fair warning: 'do not rustle the wrong feathers on this matter'.
  693. Feeling her world coming to an apocalyptic end, first with the Mountain-kin swooping in to cause trouble, a string of break-ins and thefts, then Anfang being attacked by the Order, all confounded by the fact that as days went on, the world halting wedding came that bit nearer. When the city square erupted into a riot one faithful night, originating from Corvren's Inn, the Warlord rallied her Enforcers and Castle Guards to fly down from the perched keep to regain order. In the midst of conflict, Ri`Vahz was struck by an epiphany, and with a joyous cackle rejoiced in the riotous battle for the remainder of the night. Since the riot she has begun discovering the fine art of shifting her work load to the Underlings in the castle so that she may pursue more suitable interests on the ground amongst her kin, an idea she wondered why she hadn't known or taken advantage of.
  695. During the Fortress's renovations, Ri`Vahz continued receiving reports from the expedition's members as to what was being uncovered, and is understandably curious as to why Huntsmaster Cu'Nir has spent extended amounts of time with Razorback, although this has left the Warlord with a great deal of down time in Anfang and the Vale, reintroducing herself to her kin and the next generation of Fledglings that have emerged (also visiting Natalia's diner for once). Ri`Vahz has grown steadily worried as reports from neighboring lands tell of missing gryphon populations rising slowly, with rumors of it happening in Equine domains as well. These dark thoughts were confounded when one day she was ambushed in her own castle courtyard by a trio of teenage Fledglings. Before the Guards could intervene she greeted the gryphons with open wings, taking them into her feathery bosom with tears streaking down her beak. Sworn to stay silent, the gryphons of the castle are to keep the existence of Ri'Vahz's returned children secret, both for their Warlord's safety and the Vale's. With the presence of family close to her, Ri'Vahz has grown more comfortable with her role, and vows to never let a single disappearance happen in her Vale and Anfang.
  697. *****
  699. Master Assault+8
  700. Master Parry+8
  701. Master Riposte+8
  703. Expert Ambush+3
  705. *****
  707. Master Block+8
  708. Master Evasion+8
  709. Master Flight+8
  710. Master Reaction Speed+8
  711. Master Sprint+8
  713. Expert Stealth+3
  715. *****
  717. Expert Bartering+3
  718. Expert Negotiation+3
  719. Master Perception+1
  721. *****
  723. -Raptor's Eye: a standard trait of intelligent predators, typically gryphons, that adds +1 to and grants an additional roll to one of the following skills: Assault, Parry, Riposte, Ambush, Perception, or Stealth. The bonus is only added to whichever skill is in use that turn.
  725. *****
  726. STATUS: current Warlord of the Vale, spending as much time as possible away from the castle and reintegrating herself into gryphon society.
  728. *****
  730. -Ghost & Swe: respects them as Gryphon-kin, and sees them as highly reliable allies.
  731. -Huntsmaster Cu'Nir: gives her utmost recommendations for the Huntsmaster, even though their past experiences with each other are rocky. Also hopes her attempted "liaison" with Ghost did not reach her ears.
  732. -Taurom the Trader: is wary of the silver-tongued Gryphoness, though has decided to watch her from a distance seeing how she did keep her end of the agreement.
  734. *****
  736. -Anfang's Legacy (Ancient Eldritch Relic, Rune-Forged): an archaic, full body covering scaled armor dating back to the Late Dynasty Era, bearing a crest of five red claws slashing to the left, emblazoned on a half-green, half-silver teardrop shield on the chest. Constructed entirely of drake scales from numerous species, many of which are now extinct, and bound together by thin strips of a leathery, bright white material, similar to those joining Hatred's blades, connecting each scale together by a strange, glue-like substance, it covers all but the head, claws, and half the tail. Anfang's Legacy was brought to the Vale after the Dynasty fell by the first Gryphon Overking, one of Empress Silver's favored Generals, intending to use it to keep his species together as their standard of honor. The Overking continued to wear this armor night and day as the Gryphon settlement of Anfang reached it's limit, then commissioning the Vale city and it's castle to be built, and shortly following the two, numerous planned cities across the mountainous region and plains were set into motion, sending out convoys and flights to stake their claims. After the Black Palace was fully constructed and nearing the end of his life, the Overking chose to grant Anfang's Legacy to the Vale's Warlord, one of the two surviving nobles from the Dynasty, but had his personal weapons either destroyed or hidden to prevent others from using them wrongfully, leaving many wondering why his disdain for the Dynasty was so great. Despite all attempts, Sevrit was unable claim Anfang's Legacy as his own, making the Chamber Librarians think whatever consciousness inhabits this armor is either highly devious or highly scrupulous, and allowed Ri`Vahz to claim it along with her title without hindrance. Throughout it's history, Anfang's Legacy has been seen as one of the weakest Dynasty relics by the gryphons, with many claiming that "it should be more useful" or "could be better".. but those that have worn it simply smile, knowing, secretly, that proper timing and clever wording are far more useful than a call to war. When timed correctly, that is.
  737. -Armor Value: 2DR.
  738. -Armor Class: Full Body, Unique Medium.
  739. -Enchantment Slots: 1/4 remaining.
  740. -Passive Enchantment #1: adds +1 to all Bartering & Negotiation rolls.
  741. -Eldritch Boon: Anfang's Legacy, upon swearing aloud the oath "WE ARE THE BEGINNING ANEW!" the bearer must roll [1d6], the result being the number of turns that all Allies within hearing distance of the Warlord gain +1 to all rolls.
  742. -CURSED! Only a true Warlord of the Vale may bear Anfang's Legacy.
  745. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  746. Shanis, the Mercenary Queen: 110/130HP, 3DR. Age: 24. Month of birth: November.
  748. *****
  749. (Calm, Efficient, Focused, LEGENDARY, Passive-Aggressive, Prematurely Aged, Quick, Resourceful, Tired, Vengeful, Veterancy: Combat)
  751. *****
  752. APPEARANCE: a dark sunglow maned, dim yellow coated pegasus mare with moderately bright hooves, and hard, piercing yellow eyes. Numerous small scars dot her entire body, though her left rear leg carries a jagged scar, the remains of Kraut's ill fated attempt at taking her down. Shanis has begun showing signs of rapidly advanced preature aging, her mane and hooves dimming significantly in tone, and while still in good condition Shanis has been (rarely) seen to fly stiffly, professing a certain cold, crude enjoyment for walking around under her own power.
  754. *****
  755. BIOGRAPHY: athletic, coordinated, and vengeful, Shanis comes from a long line of mercenary mares, and has continued this role as one herself, seeking to propagate her family's line with distinction. Her early years were spent learning the ins and outs of flight, pegasi combat, and intuitive command with her father's unit, the Tartarus Air Corp, and her later years undergoing specialized weapon and leadership training with her mother's unit, the Arcane Blades, before they were disbanded, though were reformed and revitalized when Zigri returned 2 years before Razorback's arrival. Taking contracts across Southern Equestria, Shanis landed a number of jobs in Stalliongrad, eventually basing the Tartarus Air Corp there, despite the increasing xenophobia from the Watch Guard and citizens.
  757. During an Operation in Stalliongrad, several humans, seeking to retrieve weaponry stolen from Razorback and to gain information on the events taking place in the Industrial district, took Shanis down rather brutally, Kraut nearly crippling her with a hind leg shot. Subsequently being healed by Roust and providing a small amount of information under interrogation, Shanis, then going under the nickname Shandris, learned the Operators were the ones responsible for Hunter's torture. Refusing to say any more once realizing whom they were, she angrily demanded they knock her out rather than suffering the same fate. Fortunately (in her eyes), Hollow obliged.
  759. While recovering from the event, she began trading information upon realizing that Hunter's employer, during his theft at the Fortress, was either directly Councilierge related or an affiliate, discovering that several Tartarus Air Corps troopers and numerous citizens of Stalliongrad had been used as test subjects for Bigmaw's new weapon. Deciding that the Operators, whom as non-native forces were distasteful to deal with, her vindictiveness was tempered upon gauging the strength of the Watch Guard and their power brokers, but could be used to purge the city of the Councilierge and their allies, should they meet her exceedingly strict expectations.
  761. Taking possession of Sweet from the Watch Guard, Shanis refused to spare the Juggernaut any mercy, forcing her subordinate mercenaries to pull every piece of information, no matter how miniscule, from her skull, regardless of how she would be seen. Quickly realizing that Sweet had little concrete knowledge of the Councilierge or the Slaver's Guild's actions, Shanis ordered the interrogations to cease, posting several of the Arcane Blades at her cell with orders to ensure that she didn't escape, at any costs.
  763. Passing by the cell one night, she noticed the Enchained pegasus boredly hoof-painting on a cushion with her own blood. Exhausted, severely frustrated, and depressed, Shanis broke down on the spot. (Literally) flying into a fit of rage, she spent several hours trashing the rundown warehouse, destroying whatever she could, ending up with one sprained leg, swollen hooves, and more hatred directed at herself than she ever thought possible. Humiliated at her seemingly endless string of bad choices and disgusted by her own actions, Shanis immediately ordered the Arcane Blades to search for paint and paper, then shattered the lock on Sweet's cell door, stepping in to, for once, attempt treating the Juggernaut like a pony.
  765. Studying Sweet's incredibly wonton, lustful mood swings, Zigri concluded that mares rarely provoked her into a dominative mindset, advising Shanis to deal with her more often, whom belatedly agreed to begin mentoring her. At the outset, Shanis, then riddled with guilt, was continually frustrated at the Juggernaut's awkward, constant demands for pleasure, particularly by stallions, but soon became increasingly close to the Enchained pegasus for her simple, joyous nature, love of hoofpainting, and silly ideas. Before allowing the first opportunity to roam around the warehouse, Shanis joked that she could have all the mercenaries under her command as a single herd.. to which Sweet immediately and loudly agreed, charging off to 'greet' her new family. Stunned at realizing what she'd just caused, and with no means to stop the Juggernaut from taking a joke that she still deeply and seriously regrets, Shanis simply turned a blind eye to the events of that night, though Zigri unfailingly believes Shanis planned the 'Night of Everlasting Terror', as he calls it.
  767. With their base in Stalliongrad's outlying Industrial District coming under heavy scrutiny by pro-Councilierge forces, Shanis suspected another purge, quickly ordering Zigri to take Sweet and most of the Air Corps. to deal as much damage to the Councilierge's infrastructure and ranks as possible, then evacuating the survivors to a previously scouted encampment south of Stalliongrad approximately 100 miles, then on the edge of the snow zone. Distraught at the soon-to-be lethal conditions once her forces returned, and with no allies to speak of, she was convinced by Zigri to attempt contact with Marquis du Spiral, knowing of his connection to Razorback, and their connections to both the Moors and the Crystal Empire. Upon hearing her brother's thoughts, Shanis, hesitant at having to deal with humans again, nonetheless conceded that Zigri had little choice but to accept their offer of aid, especially with the infamous Lunar Executioner backing Spiral's words after their visit.
  769. Contemplating her next moves as food, medical supplies, and healers began arriving hourly, Shanis sent most of her scouts to look for a location with a warmer climate, particularly far enough away from Stalliongrad's borders that the survivors and mercenaries would not be under daily threat. Finding nothing after several weeks, Zigri received a note from an unknown benefactor, the Captain taking this chance to send Sweet along with several Operators to scout a peculiar island on the southern Eyeraqi coast, a portion of Saddle Arabia's jungles that few cared to live in. Finding it suitably habitable, and with a much more appealing climate than she had originally wanted, Shanis claimed ownership of the isle, naming it Tartarus Island after her brother's exploits, to use as their base of operations, and personally organizing the moving of all wounded, ill, and crippled once her new Las Pegasus and Moors allies arrived.
  771. Less than a month later, Shanis ordered a message sent to Razorback, formally requesting that they eliminate Marrowgrin at his residence in Stalliongrad. With Roust's aid, (and a great deal of disgust), Thrill, Hollow, Jeff, and Kraut manage to do so, though not without a suffering enormous amounts of trauma on everyone's part. Afterwards, Hollow presented one of his horns to her as evidence, and with Shanis realizing just how personally invested they were with the state of her mercenaries, saw them as equals, rewarding them (properly) for their efforts with a box of null bricks granted to her by one of the Tower Guard. Afterwards, she silently pledged to pay Razorback honorably, fairly, and in a timely manner for their aid should she find more proper jobs for them to perform.
  773. Months later, upon hearing from Hollow, whom sent Sweet to the Fortress to deal with the re-emerging Solar Tyrant, Shanis took off from Tartarus Island with Zigri, the entirety of the Arcane Blades, and the Tartarus Air Corps. Focusing on dispatching the Anti cores herself, with Sweet keeping the false alicorn at bay, Shanis concluded the encounter, defeating the Tyrant, along with a slight amount of aid from Celestia, by severing it's crystallizing head after the quick but costly battle, claiming it as her trophy and proof of victory. Following the death of the Solar Tyrant, Shanis returned to calm Sweet on her favorite beach, the Juggernaut enraged after seeing her second-best-friend Zigri killed by the false-alicorn, and subsequently revived by Filth. Offering her body, mind, and ka to the Juggernaut in exchange for Sweet's companionship (and hoping to prevent Sweet from losing her mind further), Shanis has, politely, stated numerous times that there is nothing truly wrong with the merry Enchained, only that she needs to relearn how to interact with others properly. It's... extremely unclear as to which one is actually benefiting the most from this exchange, however.
  775. Settling Tartarus Island with both mercenary corps and the survivors from the Councillierge's purge, Shanis sought to expand her role on Tallus, due in part to both the Councilierge's hold on Stalliongrad and the visions she encountered when facing down the Tyrant. Designating the warm, easy to walk upon northern beaches of Tartarus Isle as a rest and recovery zone for those still afflicted with injury or disease, Shanis quickly requested the rest of the island to be surveyed by Imperial engineers, seeking a suitable location for a fortress should the Councilierge find their new home. Agreeing with the idea of having three inter-linked fortresses, one primarily for pegasi on the windy western side, one for earth ponies in the center of the island, and one using the craggy southern shore for sheltering those whom could not fight, the Captain acknowledged that she would need to hire her mercenaries out if she wanted to fund such an endeavor. Using the contacts provided by Twisted Wing and Spiral, Shanis provisioned formal contracts by using the Solar Tyrant's head as proof of her forces' prowess. Shortly, the Empire, Las Pegasus, the Moors, Manehattan, along with numerous smaller cities and towns, all clamored to have a Tartarus Air Corps or Arcane Blades team at their beck and call should the need arise, subsequently redirecting a number of smaller jobs to her forces instead of Razorback, a personal mistake that she has quietly lamented several times to both Sweet and Zigri.
  777. A second base, from a similarly provided note, was taken with aid from the Operators, Zigri barely having to convince Shanis to hire Razorback in clearing out an ancient Lunar Guardian Armory and barracks in the southern Eyeraqi jungles close to the ocean. The outpost, home to a legendary, Otherworldly armorer known as the Arcane Atelier, capable of creating, repairing, restoring, or refurbishing nearly any weapon, armor, or building in seconds to minutes, depending on it's state, was seen as a blessing from the typically unknown and often annoying inhabitants Tallus. With the Atelier freely agreeing to aid the mercenaries, their nearly crippling maintenance costs subsided, allowing Shanis and Zigri to place orders for proper beds and household items for their newly populated island, letting them breathe, and think, clearly for the first time in years.
  779. For a time, Shanis has seemingly become obsessed with treating Sweet for the residual manipulations from Marrowgrin's 'training' and the detrimental effects of her Enchains, ordering constant testing and experimentation to restore, or at least enhance, the Juggernaut's mental capacity, though whether this is out of guilt for her early treatment of Sweet or from true friendship is unknown. Both Twisted Wing and Naliyna, having dealt with Sweet several times apiece and contemplating the strange items that Shanis has requested each time, have speculated this to be the latter.
  781. Due to the premature aging from being subjected to multiple Anti Cores, Shanis has greatly calmed over the past months, losing much of her formerly intense aggression and vindictiveness. Instead, she allows Sweet to speak for her at formal or otherwise important functions... mostly for her own amusement, as watching each and every single pony wind up completely dumbfounded, exasperated, or exhausted at the former Juggernaut's dogged single-mindedness and constantly cheerful smile more than anything else is, in short, far more satisfying than any action she could ever take.
  783. During Razorback Fortress's renovation, Shanis, disturbed at Lucky's unusual and incredibly aggressive actions towards the Wards in the Empire, realized that though the consequences of angering Las Pegasus's benefactor would be much less than doing so to Luna, she understood that Tartarus cannot remain outside the political field forever, and has sought proper training from numerous statesmares and diplomats across Tallus.
  785. *****
  786. CUTIE MARK: the stylized Ace of Spades overlaid on a bright white playing card, the borders trimmed with black lace.
  788. *****
  790. -Accelerated Aging, Unnatural: due to numerous exposures of Superior Anti, much more so than the rest of her pegasi followers, Shanis has been unnaturally aged, appearing roughly 60 years old, judging by the faded state of her coat, eyes, and mane, as well as her slowed physical condition and constant fatigue.
  792. -Damaged Vitality, Unnatural: as above, Shanis has been permanently marred by contact with Superior Anti causing her physical condition to degrade greatly, suffering a -20 MaxHP reduction, decreasing her Utility rolls by -1, and her Offensive & Defensive rolls by -2.
  794. *****
  796. Master Bladesmare+5
  797. Master Parry+5
  798. Master Riposte+5
  800. Expert Intimidation+2
  802. *****
  804. Expert Block+4
  805. Expert Evasion+4
  806. Expert Flight+4
  807. Expert Reaction Speed+5
  808. Expert Sprint+4
  810. Expert Stealth+3
  812. *****
  814. Basic Alchemy+2
  815. Basic Bartering+3
  816. Basic Engineering
  817. Expert Negotiation+3
  818. Expert Perception+3
  819. Basic Research
  820. Expert Scouting+3
  821. Basic Thievery+3
  823. *****
  824. SHARED ABILITY: Expert Penetrating Strikes. Shanis' long years in the field of mercenary work have given her great insight as to the weaknesses of most species, and when combined with her focus on targeting said weaknesses to shorten a fight, this gives her a significant edge over her competitors and enemies... even though Sweet has extreme difficulty remembering how to fight properly instead of simply trampling or headbutting said enemies. Whether Shanis and Sweet are together or separate, each may roll [1d6+1], the result being an additional amount of DR pierced or otherwise negated by all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls for that turn, useable twice per Operation.
  826. *****
  827. STATUS: currently the single most influential mercenary commander in Equestria. Living on Tartarus Island and consolidating a small city-state for those displaced by the Councilierge. On the surface, Shanis owns the Arcane Blades and Tartarus Mercenary Air Corps, though her brother, Commander Zigri, is their new manager and sometime leader.
  829. *****
  831. -Razorback as a whole: has a tenuous agreement with the human company, though likes their company nonetheless.
  832. -Sweet: closest friend, very special somepony, and now engaged to.
  833. -Zigri: older sister to, though his distant mannerisms have strained their relationship greatly.
  835. *****
  837. -Pegasi Captain's Half-Armor (Custom-Fit, Unique Legendary Permanent Artifact): a black, full body covering armor that protects from her hooves to her neck without hindering her mobility. The outer layer is a series of overlapping hardened cotton and silk layers treated with lava leech gel, further infused with a Captain's Sigil. Undergoing several reweavings and the addition of an ice drake's core to make it much warmer and more resistant to cold and ice, her unicorn cadre renovating into a winter suit and allowing her to glide effortlessly in flight, also removing movement related penalties due to her accelerated aging. Shanis had the rear section covered and armored, mostly to prevent from Sweet performing any surprise 'attacks' while asleep. After the destruction of an Ice Ripper, a massive, near-deity like monstrous Abomination hailing from the Elemental Plane of Ice, in the Northern Empire Wastelands, Roust collected as many pieces of it's crystalline shell that would fit in her sled, returning to the underground Changeling Outpost for a short rest. Scavenging as many of the archaic Crystal Conclave tools and harmonizing kits that she could find, Roust spend the rest of her time removing the plating in Shanis' armor, replacing them with Ice Ripper segments. In a fit of amusement, Shanis mockingly complained that the Vanguard was mothering her nearly as bad as Queen Chrysalis had, to which Roust countered that she'd never been ridden by such an old pegasus before.
  838. -Armor Value: 3DR.
  839. -Armor Class: Full Body, Improved Medium.
  840. -Enchantment Slots: 0/4 remaining.
  841. -Defensive Enchantment #1: reduces ALL Ice elemental harm by 1/4.
  842. -Passive Enchantment #1: adds +1 to all Leadership & Negotiation rolls.
  843. -Reactive Enchantment #1: negates all unnatural Block/Evasion/Flight/Reaction Speed/Sprint penalties.
  844. -Utility Enchantment #1: Artisan Slowfall-Float, while falling from any height the wearer will be slowed to an easily survivable speed; this effect may be negated by mental command at any time, however, the wearer will automatically be cushioned from a lethal fall.
  846. -Snow Hood (Armored Clothing Traits: Custom-Fit): a thickly layered, treated and woven outer silk hood custom ordered from Lann, dyed a matte black to match her armor that covers her entire head and neck. Features a layered diamond visor, similar to human snow goggles, along with a pair of cute, floppy ear flaps for extra protection against the cold.
  847. -Armor Value: 1DR.
  848. -Armor Class: Head & Neck, Light.
  849. -Enchantment Slots: 0/1 remaining.
  850. -Mechanical Enhancement #1: Diamond Visor, provides 4DR to the eyes.
  851. -Defensive Enchantment #1: Nocturnal Ward, prevents being blinded by most sources of light.
  853. *****
  855. -Carved Serrated Wingblades (Weapon Traits: 1/3 Enchantment Slots, Graven-Carved, Legendary Permanent Unique Artifact): approximately 50 large, heavily warded and wickedly serrated wingblades, carved from a solid block of hard specialty steel alloy from Gozka, used for open combat. While similar to most wingblades, these never seem to dull and can slice through most basic forms of armor with extreme ease, though Shanis is unable to use them defensively due to their thin nature and the multitude of serrations present.
  856. -Melee Weapon Class: Light.
  857. -Enchantment Slots: 1/3 remaining.
  858. -Base Modifier: adds +3 to all Bladesmare/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  859. -Armor Pierce: 1 (negates 1DR).
  860. -Offensive Enchantment #1: grants a [1d6+1] <Forceblade non-elemental attack.
  861. -Mechanical Enhancement #1: always inflicts Bleeding.
  863. *****
  864. PHYSICAL ENCHANTMENTS: 0/3 Enchantment Slots.
  865. -Dusk Strider's Vow: an ancient relic of the Dusk Striders, the first Lunar faction militia created millennia before the Dynasty was even in a thought. When assaulting or in combat against an enemy that opposes the values of subterfuge, Shanis gains +5HP/turn, also dealing double damage to Faction traitors.
  867. -Sticky: a powerful full body enchantment that allows it's owner to stick to nearly any surface, including cloud material, without fear of being removed. May also attach items to oneself for a near-permanent hold.
  869. -Superior Armor Charm: provides a natural +2DR.
  872. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  873. Sweet, the Juggernaut: 500HP, 3DR. Age: 49. Month of birth: March.
  875. *****
  876. (Armored, Carefree, Clueless, Determined, Elite: Combat/Demoralize, Forgetful, Heavy, Lustful, LEGENDARY, Minor Psychosis: Easily Bored, Polite, Purposeful, Silly, Simple Minded, Slow, Warm-Hearted)
  878. *****
  879. APPEARANCE: stocky and wiry with a heavy build, Sweet is the largest naturally sized pegasus in modern times, once rivaling that of most small earth ponies, but due to her imperfect Enchains she is slightly smaller than Twisted Wing, standing 4'11" to the top of her head. Her coat is a light, pleasing shade of brown, both eyes being a glowing orange with pink pupils, though the orange is unnoticeable at night due to the pink coloration giving her a limited night-vision, able to see roughly 50M. Despite wearing her armor often, her mane is noticeably large with multiple waves across it's length, giving her a cute (to most mares) appearance. Sweet's wings were modified with 50 diamondine studs, 25 on each wing melded in series to bone, which allows her to somehow 'connect' to the custom fit diamondine armor. For unknown reasons, at some point in time Marrowgrin removed her tail, then filed her teeth down, sharpening them to either prevent her from leaving or ensuring that she would starve without his or another's assistance. On a personal visit, Empress Silver created diamondine replacement caps, melding them to the remnants of her original teeth.. which often results in Sweet overeating, much to Shanis' disdain.
  881. After the completion of Razorback's D.M.M.C. contract, the residents of Tartarus Isle, greatly concerned over Sweet's physical state of affairs, banded together. Shearing several strands from many tails, then bundled together in a mostly sequential order, the resulting false-tail was then hastily glued into position during one night, to which the Isle, collectively, breathed a sigh of relief. Said relief wasn't to last, however. Upon awakening, Sweet's terribly incompetent memory continues to annoy the entirety of the Isle due to her constant 'discoveries' that her tail had either regrown, been stolen or lost and somepony had helpfully returned it, or she'd simply just forgotten that she'd had one all along. From far away, Shanis continues to giggle, secretly taking great satisfaction in seeing such delightful irony irk her kin.
  883. *****
  884. BIOGRAPHY: Sweet, real named Sweet Dreams, was born in Manehattan to Violet Summer, a talented pegasi artist with hundreds of hoof and feather-tip works featured across Equestria, and First Chance, a well known, respected, and professional gambler in Neighvada and Las Pegasus. Aptly named for the peaceful aura that ponies felt whenever coming into contact with her, this peculiar quirk was especially noted by her parents and siblings as they rarely, if ever, slept poorly, particularly since Manehattan's loud, obnoxious residents, along with the constant flow of trains and steam boats, were their most consistent complaints beforehoof.
  886. Developing her strange, almost unicorn-like Cutie Mark while undergoing her first estrus cycle, Sweet, unlike nearly all mares, felt no ill effects from the process, becoming able to manage the negative effects through either calm meditation, or, even stranger, by simply not caring about the circumstance. Since her Mark's nature was incredibly unclear and could impact others in her vicinity, intensive study by a small Manehattan research institute was given to one of Detrot's universities for analysis, their team then accurately demonstrating that it represented her five dominant moods, of which the the white bed, symbolizing joy, was a constant aspect. In a formal letter addressed to Violet Summer and First Chance, Detrot's primary university considered her of having enough importance to warrant paying for an hour or more of her time once per day. After a month of thought, the family agreed, both in part to allow further research on similarly difficult to explain Cutie Marks, and potentially allowing Sweet to join Detrot's prestigious hoofball league.
  888. Sweet's consistently bright, bubbly nature continued into late foalhood where she became heavily involved in hoofball, her larger body size and quick hoofed nature often making her used in place of an earth pony. Growing ever larger as she aged, Sweet managed to wrestle her team's strongest earth pony, the two nearly the same size, to a standstill at the age of 12, an event that she and her family were immensely proud of. A lack of significant injuries, stress, or trauma in Sweet's foalhood eventually culminated at the age of 15 in her being recorded as the largest naturally occurring pegasus in modern times, an impressive feat considering the massive availability of healthy foods and training regimens that all had access to, a fact that later on would garner much of her notoriety.
  890. As public interest in Sweet's exceptional skills grew after scoring a major victory against Canterlot's professional hoofball team, the founder and owner of the Slaver's Guild, run by a Stalliongrad born earth pony named Stream Lark, along with his ally, a minotaur slaver by the name of Marrowgrin and a disgraced outcast of the Hegemony, took their interests as well. Quietly, the pair developed a plan to capture, indoctrinate, and finally Enchain the pegasus into becoming their personal, perfect assassin, and took advantage of a league visit in Stalliongrad to snare her. Upon their success, Stream Lark and Marrowgrin left Stalliongrad, the first's disappearance flagged by the Starborn and the Assassin's Circle, while the second was scrutinized by the Hegemony's Rangers, Marrowgrin's former unit.
  892. Immediately after realizing Sweet's disappearance, the Watch Guard team detailed to the league's visit notified Violet and First Chance, then began circulating a missing pony bill across Equestria and the majority of Tallus, adding a 10,000 Bit payment from the Tower Guard coffers for information on her whereabouts. As time passed, and no information reached the Watch Guard or her parents, Sweet's loss was labeled as an 'Unknown Missing Pony Case' in Stalliongrad and Detrot, the news disheartening the many that knew her. The daily vigils are still remembered to this day by many of the older pony generations.
  894. Approximately ten years after her disappearance, Sweet's first use as an assassin occurred in Saddle Arabia where a retired noble and former member of the Circle of Assassins living in Buzzard's Rest was found dead, the corpse thoroughly pulverized by what was suspected to be heavy hoofboots, and could only identified by part of a remaining tattoo, sparking what would come to be known as the Stalliongrad-Saddle Arabian Conflict. Though the use of her real first name was entirely mitigated by the matte black and streamlined diamondine armor Sweet would be forced to wear for the rest of her time as the Juggernaut, and the completely unhindered attitude, it later became the symbol of the Slaver's Guild to the initial few that knew of them. At this point, Sweet would become known as the foremost legendary being on Tallus, a name that nearly every being on Tallus heard of after this point (except for some batponies living in Moors caves, and a few turtles on the Eyeraqi Coast), and became far more discussed than even the sisters.
  896. (As a sidenote, Nightblade Fankil's long standing investigation was unable to correlate Sweet's disappearance with her reappearance, as there were virtually no reliable sources of information directly from Stalliongrad, and especially not those affiliated with the Councilierge, rendering Sweet's appearances little more than strange, dissonant, and sad footnotes in his journals.)
  898. Brought along by Jeff, Twisted Wing, Clemency, Jeff, Filth, Natalia, and Void entered Anfang on Belltower's request to seek out Tuarom, a well known gryphon shaman to the Starborn, and survey the locals as the Ferron clan once had relations with the outlying city, though Sweet and Marrowgrin, the pair having traveled there at least a day before for reasons that are still as of yet unknown, were watching from the north. Sweet seemed to have completely lost her mind at this point, throwing a tantrum and even managing to threaten Marrowgrin into submission, not before he retaliated with what appeared to be a highly despondent kick. Approaching the six, much too late for them to slip away (mostly due to Void lollygagging and possibly not taking the situation seriously), Sweet, somehow having already known of Kroza's demise, immediately challenged them... in her own peculiar manner, of course). Demanding they either get fucked or fuck her, Sweet suspended the five Operators and Twisted with Anti for some time, shrugging off their ranged weaponry without so much as a trace of concern, the Executioner becoming violently, but shortly, ill after contact. Tiring of her shit, Jeff, Clemency, and Filth took her words seriously (and literally), rushing in to jam their personal weaponry into any hole that they would be accepted, pleasuring the crazed pegasus into submission. Suitably calmed and seemingly no longer hostile, Sweet's memory immediately began faltering while the Operators tried to pry information from her, half of which was obviously wrong, the other half too fragmented to make much sense. Considering the situation for a time, Jeff chose to bring her to the Fortress for future use, though Twisted initially rejected the proposal, giving in to prevent from dealing with Sweet any longer. Filth, however, had other, more temporary plans, allowing her into the Fortress and bringing her into Charlie's Lockers for some 'fun'. The plan, however, didn't involve him being anal vored by an acid Enchained pegasus the size of an earth pony and subsequently being used as an artificial tail. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on a human's view), Lont arrived in time to pull the plug out, burying a mace in her ass, three iron dongs in her twat, and finally depositing two bullets from his Mosin-Nagant pistol with no intent to remove them, leaving her unconscious for several hours.
  900. Building a stockade to contain her, after completing it Spiral remarked to Jeff on the negative effects of Anti at close range, even without her being conscious, teleporting the trapped Juggernaut to the pagoda. Enlisting the aid of Hollow, Kraut, Filth, and Vanil, Spiral sent Sweet to the lower Stalliongrad Market stone, then translocated the small team to an overlook south the Markets to survey her acquisition by the Watch Guard. Making notes of the late night earth pony mercenary and Watch Guard patrols, the appearance of a minotaur carrying a large axe and a bluesteel shield along with an armored pony was given a thorough examination, although Spiral was unable to conclude much about either. Leaving as Sweet was being transferred to the Industrial Sector under guard, the team returned to the Fortress with a wealth of information as to Stalliongrad's movements.
  902. After advisement from the minotaur, later found to be Skullcracker, Sweet was turned over to Shanis for interrogation, although she doesn't quite know why the Juggernaut wasn't taken to Dancing Eyes instead. After several days of interrogation, Shanis ordered Sweet's full plate armor to be removed from her body, including the Anti-empowering mask. Barely successful with the task, Shanis's unicorn allies then improved the muzzle portion to allow her to speak normally, modifying a section of the eyes to be transparent which would allow Sweet to see normally, though she still prefers dark conditions due to her poor eyesight. The segmented plating covering her anus and vagina, as well as the internal sections of her armor, have been stripped of the small tearing hooks, Shanis ordering said implements to be turned into a small plaque, then sent it to Razorback as a gift and an offer of continued information sharing.
  904. Arriving to survey the mercenary encampment south of Stalliongrad, Empress Silver, deeply disturbed by Sweet's seemingly unnatural nature, taught her how to properly utilize Anti and protect her own allies from it, preferring that the former Juggernaut be responsible with such a dangerous ability, then created replacement diamondine caps for her teeth, melding them in afterwards. Greatly displeased at the poor conditions and treatment by the descendants of those from her own hoof-wrought shining city, Silver silently declared that no psion would be allowed to target Sweet or her allies if their intentions and actions were peaceful, further enforcing her edict with a resolute promise of death, or worse, should it be broken.
  906. Despite (usually) knowing what a joke is, Sweet claimed the entirety of Tartarus Mercenary Air Corps and the Arcane Blades as her herd... to Shanis' partial disdain. While undergoing the second part of Shanis' extensive but simple education, Sweet began to consider Shanis far more than a marefriend due to her continuing refusal to challenge that claim. The truth, at least from what she has told Zigri, was that she was joking when she said it, wanting to see and hear what Shanis would do and say. Meditating on her words very carefully, Zigri believes that Sweet's mind is merely fragmented, not simply torn apart or lost as was originally thought, and speculates that if Sweet focuses enough she can still function properly for short periods of time.
  908. With the entire host of Tartaus Isle mercenaries backing her, Sweet aided in the defeat of the Solar Tyrant at Razorback Fortress by shattering it's body to prevent it from reforming, her mind at this point somehow fully active while in confrontation with another form of Anti. Returning, Sweet was on the verge of a final breakdown, close to truly losing her mind again after seeing Zigri dead, his subsequent revival by Filth's sunstone worsening the barely understood turmoil she was experiencing. Comforted by Shanis for several hours, Sweet finally gave in to her marefriend's silent urgings, and reciprocated the Captain's offer of her company in exchange for being nicer and more polite to her herd. (It's highly unclear as to which of them actually benefits MORE from this arrangement, however...)
  910. Since most ponies tend not to change their minds very easily, her training as an interrogator by Marrowgrin in Stalliongrad still makes her feared by all, though the mental programming, torture techniques, and the taught wonton sadistic nature have been nearly forgotten, or, as Zigri suspects, suppressed by Sweet herself. Making this fact even more difficult to counter is that Sweet cannot remember how old she is from minute to minute, as her memory is notoriously and completely untrustworthy. Most simple details are lost on her, hence why Marrowgin seemed to barely keep her in line, further adding to the former Juggernaut's notoriety. While the Enchains have changed her physical features far beyond what they once were, the incredible shifts to her mentality and mind appear to be slowly recovering or being negated due to Shanis using her newfound power and extensive reach, allowing her to hire some of the most prominent unicorns from across Tallus to understand, research, and hopefully repair, or at the least lessen, the damage from her former life.
  912. Where Sweet once preferred to torment and inflict pain on others, she is easily persuaded to back down from violence with significant promises of pleasure or food, but (to the surprise of nopony and no one) often forgets they were ever made. When bored, she usually give into her first thought of sex, but will not accept any painful activities since they only cause her disgust. Used to enjoy being dominated sexually, Sweet swings both ways to suit her whims... which change constantly and in (often) unexpected means. Unfortunately for some, her mentality is still based around how much lust she feels at any point in time, but rarely becomes reluctant to continue with a lesson or task at hoof, instead politely asking for attention and company. Due to her simple mindedness, this can be anything from having her ears rubbed, being brushed, or simply cuddling with a friend, as she makes few distinctions between the varying levels and forms of pleasure. It must be noted, however, that Sweet generally doesn't care what's going on, and will get herself lost for weeks on end roaming around if she can. It greatly helps that she heals unnaturally quick, and can eat most forms of plant life without ill effects.
  914. Outside of her typically whimsical and air-headed nature, Zigri has noticed Sweet silently leave Tartarus Island to several locations, notably Loriat Cave, now the home of the gel-like Saddle Arabian ponies formerly living in Tanviya, Imeron, Khahlani Island, Dragonspine Peak, Gryphon Vale, and even Cairn Wharf, mostly occuring during the renovation of Razorback Fortress. Unwilling to draw attention to her exploration, he has given orders to the Arcane Blades and Tartarus Air Corps. to ignore her activities unless Shanis or her personal guards are awake, as he no longer trusts their motives.
  916. On a visit to Cairn Wharf for nopony knows what reasons late at night sometime in the fall of 29,998, Bubba came across an alone and rather drunken Sweet at a crudely put together bar. Unknowingly triggering a change in her mental state with an offhand comment, an unusually long term reversion to her true poninality was accompanied by great distress, the former Juggernaut is both unable to cope with her past deeds and unwilling to forgive herself.
  918. *****
  919. CUTIE MARK: a white, ornate, and frilly round bed with a red cat facing up, a blue rabbit facing down, a green snake facing right, and a pink sheep facing left. Each animal directly represents Sweet's four basic mentalities. When her mental shifts, so too do the color of her eyes, though she is unable to switch between her mentalities at will. The pink sheep signifies Sweet's (normally) curious, kind, and all around sweet nature, preferring to wander or explore new locations, and visit her friends when she feels like it. The rabbit signifies Sweet's intense sex drive and near-instant arousal, though she can be easily persuaded into accepting a hug or other non-sexual actions so long as they can be considered socializing. The red cat signifies enhanced aggression and rage, allowing her to utilize Berserk at will, but locks out the use of Anti. The green snake signifies venomous hatred and spite, allowing her to utilize Anti at will, but locks out the use of Berserk.
  921. *****
  922. STATUS: currently living with Captain Shanis on Tartarus Island, but often wanders off to explore when she gets bored. Also trying to figure out the best way to add a gelatinously jiggling pony to her herd.. WITHOUT pissing Shanis off even more than she already has.
  924. *****
  926. -Bubba: for better or worse, her handler while at Razorback. Also the only human she (somehow) trusts enough to speak to openly.
  927. -Razorback: enjoys having 'fun' with the Operators.. in both meanings of the word.
  928. -Shanis: best friend, special somepony, and now engaged to her.. for whatever THAT'S going to cause.
  929. -Zigri: painfully clueless to his dislike, though often tries to convince him to sleep with her and Shanis. (He's still not sure whether Sweet understands this, or if she is simply trying to encourage the concept of incest.)
  931. *****
  933. Master Assault+9
  934. Master Parry+8
  935. Master Riposte+7
  937. Expert Demoralize+4
  938. Heavy Stomp+9
  939. Wingblow+9
  941. *****
  943. Expert Block+4
  944. Expert Evasion+4
  945. Expert Flight+3
  946. Expert Reaction Speed+4
  947. Expert Sprint+4
  949. Resist Damage+5
  951. *****
  953. Basic Thievery+2
  954. Perception+3
  956. *****
  958. -Crushing Force: rendered stronger than nearly any other mortal pony, and heavier by numerous Enchains as well as implementation of diamondine directly into her body, Sweet's own weight is a weapon in itself, allowing her to cause significant kinetic trauma whenever striking an opponent. Grants a [1d6+9] <Crushing Force attack when unarmored, or [1d6+18] <Enhanced Crushing Force when armored. Due to her weight, Sweet should neither be able to swim nor fly, yet is allowed to by two of her Enchains.
  960. -Enhanced AutoRegen: numerous Enchains of regeneration grant Sweet exceptional vitality, unnaturally fast regeneration from physical harm, also giving her body a remarkable amount of.. 'stretchiness'. Immune to all physical poisons & toxins, automatically recovers 50HP every 3rd turn... and allows other things that are best not described here.
  962. -Grandmaster Berserk: when suitably enraged at a situation, ONCE per Operation Sweet may roll 4x [1d6], each result of 6 adding +5 to all Assault rolls, capping at a maximum of +10.
  964. *****
  965. SHARED ABILITY: Sweet's Dreams. A powerful side-effect from the Anti Core, the first item to be Enchained to Sweet, innately protects Shanis, her mind, and those of all Allied living beings from any form of Anti, also preventing damage and negative effects simply by being nearby, also preventing mental intrusions focused on herself and Shanis, whether psionic, Otherworldly, Planar, or Spectral in nature. With Sweet's awareness of her former actions, deepened focus, loving relationship with Shanis, and teachings from the Empress, she has gained an increasingly stable, warm-hearted sub-mentality, allowing her to shift the Anti Core's natural side effects into being much more pleasant: friendly and allied living beings sleep much more easily, waking up fully rested without suffering from nightmares, aches, or the effects resulting from post-traumatic stress disorder. When waking, each Ally must roll a [1d6] <Sweetened Dreams, the result being the number of turns that they are capable of performing tasks with greater energy, adding +1 to all rolls, though this effect is doubled to Shanis.
  967. *****
  968. UNIQUE ABILITY: Anti. Roll [1d6], the result causes that precise amount of damage bypassing DR in a 90 degree radius (with mask, non-transparent), or 180 degree radius (with mask transparent, or without mask). While active, all friendly/enemy enchantments and artifacts become unusable, while also preventing unicorns from casting. Psions, Crystal ponies, and Eldritch beings, however, are unaffected by Anti's effects, as their memories are wiped clean afterwards from their mental focus, though they still take damage. Anti creates a pseudo-reality that, when used on a target, is impossible to distinguish from reality and normally inescapable unless the user is entirely disrupted. A typical roll of 1 results in seemingly normal memories being twisted into painful re-imaginations or causing vivid hallucinations, with progressively devastating effects from higher results. Anti causes massive electrolyte losses in the target's body, forcing them to suffer continuing mental and physical deterioration. The exact cause and mechanism of Anti is as of yet unknown, and is equally puzzling as to why, and how, it can even function on some nonliving beings.
  970. *****
  972. -Black Diamondine Juggernaut's Armor (Traits: 1/3 Enchantment Slots, Crystal-Forged, Custom-Fit, Notorious, Unique Legendary Permanent Artifact): a full body, stained matte black diamondine armor, a little over an inch thick, custom made for Sweet's exceptional body size and wings. Resilient enough to shrug off most attacks, the segmented, as well as streamlined, to allow rapid movement and ease of mobility. Extraordinarily heavy as it weighs close to 900 pounds, Sweet is entirely unable to fly due to it's weight, though due to her immense strength she suffers no loss of mobility. Notoriously difficult to damage for long as the armor quickly repairs itself in an unusual fashion, it comes with a full head mask, the ears dotted with numerous pinholes allowing her to hear normally, the muzzle section cut and embellished with shark-like teeth decorations, intended to evoke a fear response from most living beings. The lower jaw section was modified to be able to drop down, allowing Sweet to speak clearly without being muffled, also letting her eat or drink whatever she wants with it on. The wings are capable of being folded or moved to nearly full extension, the joints mimicking a swivel, allowing their use as independent weapons.. if Sweet even remembers that she can do so. The small, heavily armored eye slots are capable of turning transparent, allowing Sweet to utilize Anti in a 180 degree radius, AND, most importantly: see out of.
  973. -Armor Value: 8DR.
  974. -Armor Class: Full Body, Heavy Unique.
  975. -Enchantment Slots: 1/3 remaining.
  976. -Offensive Enchantment #1: Fearsome Visage, grants an additional Demoralize roll.
  977. -Defensive Enchantment #1:
  978. -Utility Enchantment #1: Arcane Slowfall-Float, while falling from any height the wearer will be slowed to an easily survivable speed; this effect may be negated by mental command at any time, however, the wearer will automatically be cushioned from a lethal fall.
  979. -Heavy Weight Benefit: doubles the modifiers of Assault, Heavy Stomp, and Wingblow.
  980. -Heavy Weight Penalty: suffers a penalty of -9 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  982. *****
  983. ENCHAINS:
  984. -Anti Core: allows use of Anti, and protects nearby Allies from Anti's damage and side-effects.
  987. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  988. Tacit, Enforcer: 180HP, 4DR. Age: 32. Month of birth: June.
  990. *****
  991. (Blunt, Cunning, Direct, Droll Wit, Humorous, Steadfast)
  993. *****
  994. APPEARANCE: a muscular, full body dim red earth pony with a serious, yet comically dull attitude, nearly the exact opposite of Kend.
  996. *****
  997. BIOGRAPHY: unknown. After aiding Brenx in stealing Razorback's crate of explosives near the Crystal Empire, then transporting it to an abandoned mail facility in Stalliongrad, the Operators arrived to search for their stolen goods. With Tacit and Kend beginning to realize that Brenx would likely get both of them killed, they were accosted by the Operators, whom demanded the return of their weaponry, and eventually convincing the three earth ponies to provide the muscle to push the crate to the translocation stone. After doing so, Razorback left Kend and Tacit both alive and unharmed. Immediately afterwards, Tacit and Kend piled on Brenx with great relish, beating him nearly to death and leaving him in a cesspool outside of Stalliongrad's Industrial District. Accepting a cordial offer from Lucky, Tacit worked for the Rogues Circle, becoming an official member once the marketeer noticed his exceptionally quiet, and useful, skills. His manners belie a solid confidence in his abilities and knowledge, though he tends to keep both of them quiet, preferring to show an imposing brute figure and use his cunning when none are around.
  1000. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1001. Threx, Master Thief: 270HP, 3DR. Age: 34. Month of birth: May.
  1003. *****
  1004. (Aggressive, Discrepancy: Laziness, Efficient, Hatred: Cowards, Hunter, Steadfast, Veterancy: Combat/Thievery)
  1006. *****
  1007. APPEARANCE: a lithe, tough, and wiry flat yellow gryphon, his feline half resembling a cougar, the avian half oddly resembling a heron. Slightly smaller than most gryphons for his age, however.
  1009. *****
  1010. BIOGRAPHY: unknown. Formerly a long time buyer from and a veteran trainer of the Circle, Threx was the only gryphon to have been accepted as a Rogue, due in part to his interest in pre-Lunar-Solar War artifacts and a willingness to take on difficult jobs. An apt duelist with a very lazy side, discovered from living well in Las Pegasus for a little over ten years, Threx is much less tempermental than most gryphons, preferring to save his energy for when it's needed, rather than when it's wanted.
  1012. Depending on which pony is asked, Threx constantly used or abused his position as Lucky's de facto Lieutenant to send Rogues into situations where their skills would be tested, appraising their progress not by what they stole, but by their experience and cool-headed nature. On the outside he was seemingly unconcerned about the day to day business of the Circle, keeping his eyes on those that struggled, offering advice, tutelage, or his eyrie as a resting place for those in difficult standings, though on the inside all knew nothing was well. Half of each night was spent in the Auction Hall maintaining counsel with Meridian Veil, the pair's activities at this time unknown. Roughly a sixth of the night was dedicated to remaining in the Undercity doing who knows what, while the rest was spent in the private arena above Lucky's bar, keeping himself well trained and ready for possible trouble, especially from non-sanctioned thieves.
  1014. Before Lucky's split from Las Pegasus, Threx was noted to spend an unusual amount of time in her bar, and made numerous appearances during Auction days. Despite the curse of He-Who-Is-Never-To-Be-Named-Again, Threx's attitude toward humans remained rather amiable, and in particular when not in Lucky's Bar he managed to become friends with some of Razorback's rookie members.
  1016. Even now when he feels particularly sour or in a very rare self-hating mood, he'll use himself as a decoy to shield others from Lace Wing's advances regardless of where she goes, claiming that the often drunken pegasi mare is 'nothing more than trouble on bird wings'.
  1018. *****
  1019. STATUS: formerly the only gryphon Rogue, formerly one of the Circle's foremost combat teachers. Now the only gryphon of the Rogue Elites, maintaining his status as a trainer and sometime contract manager for Shanis on Tartarus Isle.
  1021. *****
  1023. Master Assault+8
  1024. Master Parry+9
  1025. Master Riposte+10
  1027. Basic Ambush+1
  1028. Basic Intimidate+4
  1030. *****
  1032. Expert Block+6
  1033. Expert Evasion+7
  1034. Expert Flight+7
  1035. Expert Reaction Speed+7
  1036. Expert Sprint+4
  1038. *****
  1040. Expert Appraisal+6
  1041. Expert Bartering+3
  1042. Expert Negotiation+1
  1043. Expert Perception+4
  1044. Expert Thievery+7
  1045. Expert Scouting+4
  1047. *****
  1049. -Raptor's Eye: a standard trait of intelligent predators, typically gryphons, that adds +1 to and grants an additional roll to one of the following skills: Assault, Parry, Riposte, Ambush, Perception, or Stealth. The bonus is only added to whichever skill is in use that turn.
  1051. *****
  1052. UNIQUE ABILITY: Enhanced Hatred. Threx is well known for his immense, tempermental hatred of any being attempting to flee from combat, mostly because of his ruthlessly enforced laziness when in Las Pegasus, and willfully pushes his physical body into overdrive with uncontrolled spikes of adrenaline, becoming increasingly faster, stronger, and more hostile when an opponent tries to escape, though at a great cost to his own health, and, possibly, his life span. After an enemy has attempted to avoid or evade Threx three times or more consecutively in combat, he may roll [1d6], the result indicating how many skills he must add +1 to all rolls, though this incurs a delayed physical & physiological feedback, suffering 6 times the result in HP damage the following turn.
  1054. *****
  1056. -Vindicator's Seal, The: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte and Block/Evasion/Flight/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls, but suffers a -2 penalty to all Negotiation rolls.
  1059. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1060. Valden, Honor Guard General: 200HP, 4DR. Age: 38. Month of birth: August.
  1062. *****
  1063. (Cautious, Conversationalist, Efficient, Honorable, Natural Leader, Soft-Spoken, Thoughtful, Veterancy: Casting/Defensive Works)
  1065. *****
  1066. APPEARANCE: a slightly smaller than average unicorn stallion, with an oddly soft bright orange coat and light red eyes. Carries no visible scars, but some among the Lunar Guard are suspicious as to why.
  1068. *****
  1069. BIOGRAPHY: an efficient, soft spoken General of the Honor Guard, with moderate abilities and skills, Valden was considered notoriously weak when he was General of Lunar Guard, as he neglected the majority of his personal studies. Originally a Captain in the Day Guard, Valden chose to run for General of the Night & Lunar Guard in the years following Twisted Wing's disappearance to fill the vacuum, though he lamented that no other ponies attempted to take the position regardless of his inferior experience and skills.
  1071. Was openly disliked by the Lunar faction Veterans since he was considered a political appointee, regardless of the fact that his election to the title and station of General was considered temporary rather than permanent, and vote rigging is unheard of in Equestria. Valden only succeeded in bridging the gap between Captain Keldon's rigorous military discipline and Nightblade Hodch's ruthless information retrieval, others considering him far too soft to run the Night Guard's highly decentralized command structure.
  1073. Once, Valden had a tendency to place personnel with opposing traits and complementary skills in teams that would normally be sufficed by one of the Night or Lunar Guard, leading to unusually high amounts of dissent. Often refusing to become involved in a single Guard member's personal matters generally caused a great deal of tension between the younger Valden and the much older, critical Veterans, whom saw his performance and attitudes as lackluster and arrogantly book smart. While competent from his days in the Day Guard, Valden lacks combat experience and typically prefers an orderly, staggered, injury-avoiding approach to conflict, much to the chagrin of those same veterans.
  1075. Due to his (supposedly) woefully weak performance and the near-total abandonment of aid by the Starborn, he desperately searched for recruits across Equestria, eventually winding up in Las Pegasus. Finding few to join the Day Guard, Valden came across Claren in her bar speaking with Celestia, and approached her with the offer of replacing him as Lunar Guard General, noting that Stalliongrad's increased hostilities would likely boil over, making all out war impossible to prevent. After accepting, he reluctantly gave Claren the location to a surviving set of Ruiner's armor, then removed himself and accepted his rightful position as General of the Honor Guard.
  1077. His worries and fears allayed, Valden has found true success as the Day General, now having enough time to pursue his own interests. Though his time with the Night Guard has both taught much and strengthened his resolve, he doesn't know what to think of the near total differences between those that prefer daytime versus those awake at night. At various times, Twisted Wing has noted that Valden simply lacks the worldly exposure to truly hostile forces, a lack of experience that dealing the various small conflicts with Stalliongrad's forces has begun to change.
  1079. During the renovation of Razorback Fortress, General Valden showed a remarkable increase in personal performance due to his diligence, quickly approaching the deceased Nightblade Fankil's standards of worthiness. Broaching the topic to Princess Luna on a formal visit, Valden's open desire to become more knowledgeable and capable was coldly reprimanded, the Nightmare commenting that he should spend less time filing papers and more time alongside "his" Honor Guard. Realizing that he was not being insulted, merely dignified with an honest opinion, Valden has chosen to delegate the entirety of his duties in Canterlot to various underlings, taking his position as General of the Honor Guard on their constant rotations.
  1081. *****
  1082. CUTIE MARK: unknown.
  1084. *****
  1085. STATUS: new General of the Honor Guard, formerly housed in the Canterlot Military District.
  1087. *****
  1089. Expert Assault+7
  1090. Expert Parry+7
  1091. Expert RIposte+7
  1093. Grandmaster Casting+15
  1094. Basic Demoralize
  1096. *****
  1098. Master Block+5
  1099. Master Evasion+4
  1100. Master Reaction Speed+5
  1101. Master Sprint+3
  1103. Expert Reflect Magic+8
  1104. Basic Resist Damage+4
  1105. Expert Teleport+9
  1107. *****
  1109. Basic Alchemy+1
  1110. Expert Negotiation+4
  1111. Expert Research+4
  1112. Expert Scouting+3
  1114. *****
  1115. UNIQUE ABILITY: Master Extended Barrier. Twice per operation, Valden may draw on his deep knowledge of emplaced defenses, fortifications, advanced casting, and shield placement principles, able to generate a much larger than usual defensive shield with 3x [1d6+22] rolls, able to protect up to eight allies at a time under an 11M diameter half-sphere. The shield lasts until completely destroyed or dismissed, and can even be reinforced by other unicorns. The upper limit for reinforcement is currently unknown.
  1117. *****
  1119. -Solar General: the last relic of the Solar Guardians, this is an ancient stained glass (or crystal) panorama of Princess Celestia surrounded by many notable ponies, including Captain Sharonel, Commander Shrel, and several other well known members. Rededicated to the Honor Guard which was formed roughly 50 years after the destruction of the Solar Guardians, the reverse was etched with Princess Luna, Skullbreaker & Skullcracker, Commander Dust Strider, and several others in recognition of the Lunar-Solar Conflict ending. When Valden was awarded this plate, he chose to bind it's essence to himself, then place the panorama on display at the Starborn Memorial Village, partially to prove that he holds no grudge against the Lunar Faction, though mostly to show that while both leaders have their faults, neither deserves the animosity that frequently occurs in the modern era. Adds +50 MaxHP & +1 to ALL rolls, and grants the Solaris Fury ability.
  1122. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1123. Warden, Changeling General: 350 HP, 5DR. Age: 20,000+.
  1125. *****
  1126. (Armored, Changeling, Eidetic Memory, Knowledgeable, Natural Leader: Changelings, Nocturnal, Purposeful, Respectful, Veterancy: Combat/Psychokinesis)
  1128. *****
  1129. APPEARANCE: a larger than average Changeling, his perpetually armored body covered in ragged scars and burn marks. Although his head and horn seem to have been missed or thoroughly regenerated over time, the vast majority of his wounds are carried as trophies and battle scars.
  1131. *****
  1132. BIOGRAPHY: unknown. a highly efficient and respectful Changeling Warden, a position essentially the same as a General, to Queen Chrysalis, and formerly the last known of his particular subtype. His command of the Hive under expansion is nearly complete as he only reports to the Queen, making hsi utter loyalty both necessary and inspiring within the Hive. Directing the efforts to rebuild from two defensive battles against the Tyrant and several Royal Guard units, one a year before Razorback arrived, the previous one twenty-one years before,
  1134. The lone remaining Warden, he seems incapable of speech, instead able to pantomime smiling, frowning, and other small expressions, typically expressing himself through body language, subtle mimicked gestures, and writing in Common Equestrian. The Warden seems to understand history and new concepts quite well, picking up cues from both the Operators and Crystal ponies, answering those he can. It does not seem as if he is capable of the same creation of text and instantly readable Changeling runes that Roust performs normally, instead carrying about quills and paper when non-Changelings are in attendance.
  1136. *****
  1137. CUTIE MARK: unknown.
  1139. *****
  1140. STATUS: General of the Hive, Queen Chrysalis' second in command. Now the Hive's representative at the Spire in the Crystal Empire.
  1142. *****
  1144. Master Assault+8
  1145. Master Parry+9
  1146. Master Riposte+10
  1148. Expert Intimidation+4
  1149. Master Psionicism+11
  1151. *****
  1153. Expert Block+6
  1154. Expert Evasion+5
  1155. Expert Flight+6
  1156. Expert Reaction Speed+4
  1157. Expert Sprint+5
  1159. Expert Fearless+5
  1160. Basic Resist Damage+6
  1161. Expert Stealth+5
  1163. *****
  1165. Expert Leadership+5
  1166. Basic Recovery+3
  1167. Expert Shapeshifting+5
  1168. Expert Writing+3
  1170. *****
  1172. -Razorback: highly friendly towards most Operators. Except that one. Yeah, THAT one. You all know him.
  1173. -Shanis: a close friend to.
  1176. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1177. Zigri, Mystic Hunter: 110HP, 1DR. Age: 26. Month of birth: April.
  1179. *****
  1180. (Addiction: Stimulants, Blunt, Careless, Cold-Blooded, Direct, Distrust: Enchained, Efficient, ELITE: Mystic Combat, Fierce, Lucky, Passive-Aggressive, Resourceful, Ruthless, Severely Scarred, Warrior)
  1182. *****
  1183. APPEARANCE: an unassuming, lithe, and partially wiry shiny black pegasus stallion, once having never suffered a single scar or injury.. unfortunately for him, his coat is considered extremely 'pretty' for a stallion, having nearly the same sheen and luster that most mares would have after spending hours at a spa. Has a learned southern Zebraic tone, roughly equivalent to an inner city ghetto accent, but he does have a much more pronounced and intelligent vocabulary, when he cares to use it.
  1185. *****
  1186. BIOGRAPHY: born to the same mare as Shanis, though from a different stallion in their same mercenary herd. Along with other downtrodden pegasi from Stalliongrad, Zigri and his father left for new futures in Saddle Arabia once he could fly on his own. Finding little of opportunity in Buzzard's Rest, Imeron, and most other Saddle Arabian cities, the small herd of pegasi became wandering nomads, enjoying their newfound freedom and the constant movemarent greatly. While traveling through the Zebra lands, Zigri's curiousity was piqued at the various tribes they encountered, setting off to visit them all at the age of 11, along with one of the herd's older mares as a guardian, whom was overjoyed at giving the young and eager pegasi a chance to explore their new homeland with abandon.
  1188. Eventually settling down with one tribe in particular after a year of exploration and searching, Zigri's aunt returned to Saddle Arabia, leaving him in warm, welcoming hooves, but also promising to return if he needed her. In the nine years he spent with the mystics of the Gajunu, one of his rites of passage into mysticism was halted, the tribe's Seer proclaiming that Zigri would eventually come to rest his hoof on a crown of bloodied feathers, and that his eyes would become naught by the brightest of false truths. Unable to speak any more of her vision, the Seer abruptly ended the ritual and left, never to be seen or heard from again, the young stallion becoming confused and afraid of his supposed future.
  1190. Despite this fear, he strove to become one with his second family and Tallus, mastering the basics of mysticism to complement his speed and skills. Constantly in combat against the many non-Tallus natives spread across Saddle Arabia and the Zebra lands, Zigri learned much more of himself, Tallus, and the Planes than he knew existed, becoming one of their Warriors, and eventually a Mystic-Hunter. Although barely able to understand and utilize the basics of mysticism, Zigri is one of the few non-Saddle Arabians or Zebras capable of calling forth friendly spirits for advice, or sometimes divining small events in the future, making him well appreciated by those in close company.
  1192. Happily leaving the Gajunu after passing most of their trials, Zigri returned to Stalliongrad at the age of 20, without scar or injury, no small feat there, and was joyful to be reunited with Shanis, joining her newly formed mercenary company, the Tartarus Air Corps. Realizing his position and useful teachings, he quickly recreated his lineage's offshoot of the Arcane Blades, teaching and specializing small pegasi teams in anti-unicorn, anti-psion, and non-native combat, particularly focusing on Otherworldly and Planar.
  1194. Throughout their relationship, Shanis has always seen eye to eye with her publicly outspoken but quietly respectful brother, allowing him to inform her on Tallus politics and events that could be used in their favor, but during the Councilierge's resurgence, subsequent takeover of the Watch Guard, and purging of nearly all non-earth pony citizens from Stalliongard over a year ago, Zigri's legend of untouchability continued, spreading greatly after slaying five of the Watch Guard's most potent psions in close combat, leaving without so much as a nicked hair.
  1196. Downtrodden at his birth city's betrayal, he remained mutely furious at the Councilierge's actions while attempting to keep the refugee camp from falling apart with fresh food, heatstones, blankets, medical and alchemical supplies, and the other hundreds of items that somepony from a modern city would need. Although Zigri initially disregarded Spiral's offer of aid, knowing Shanis's disgust against humans, he was forced to persuade her during Razorback's second winter, realizing that they desperately needed allies if they were to save those still injured or ill. To himself, however, he wanted to prevent from having to dig yet one more grave through the frozen ground with his own hooves.
  1198. Meeting the arrival of several humans, Zigri's initial shock upon seeing Twisted Wing again was hidden beneath a mask of lazy disregard, the two choosing to keep their friendship silent out of mutual respect, albeit Twisted's unnecessary preparations in case events went sour were looked upon humorously. At the time however, Zigri had chosen to paint himself with small, false scars, partly to give an intimidating aspect to others, but mostly to allow him to blend in with other mercenary pegasi. Several of the worst injured were freely treated by Lont, garnering a great deal of respect, while a suitable arrangement was made afterwards: in return for Spiral repairing the damaged translocation stone, Twisted Wing would convince the batponies of the Moors to provide a constant stream of food, as well as certain goods they could obtain from Las Pegasus. In return, Zigri and Shanis would provide information on Councilierge activities, but only as long as supplies continued. Immediately after this, several renegade Watch Guard, realizing their situation had changed with the Burning Pegasus extending her wing, ended their oaths to the citizens of Stalliongrad by considering them fulfilled, and requested official membership in Tartarus, to which Zigri had no need to convince his sister of accepting.
  1200. Finally freed from his year long misery, Zigri shortly met and persuaded Lucky to back his idea of using the Arcane Blades and Tartarus Air Corps. as collateral, working through the black marketeer in order to move the majority of refugees either to Las Pegasus, or other allied cities and towns, though that plan fell short by several degrees. After being notified, by an anonymous letter, of a deserted and unclaimed island off the coast of Saddle Arabia, Zigri convinced Shanis to 'hire' Razorback to search it over thoroughly, using Sweet as their intermediary. Finding it more than suitable to live on, the brother and sister immediately relocated all injured and permanently crippled to the island, Shanis renaming it Tartarus Isle in honor of Zigri's efforts, and began searching for and hiring allies, particularly unicorns, to begin creating a retirement village.
  1202. Following another letter similarly written to the first, it took little more than a mention of the 'perfect armorer' to gain Shanis's approval, sending Sweet and several Operators to a southern Saddle Arabian jungle in search of an ancient, abandoned Lunar Guardian barracks and Armory. After Sweet's return, Zigri kept track of the mercenary companies, including those that had joined them from Las Pegasus and the Moors, ensuring each and every single mercenary visited the Arcane Atelier for proper weapon and armor enhancements, or would be forced to spend a night in Sweet's tent, under guard, unarmored, without a single weapon to defend themselves... but most importantly: ALONE.
  1204. Pleased that the former outcasts were now able to live freely on their own terms, Zigri became instrumental in bringing unicorns and Crystal ponies to Tartarus Isle to treat those still afflicted, often for free, as well as convincing two former Circle of Wards members to take permanent residence on the island by showing off the constantly warm beaches, delicious fruits, and the hundreds of lovely, fit pegasi mares available. On a surprise visit by the Nightmare, he even managed to coax her into lending several of the Starborn's dedicated healers for a month by pleading the cases of those that were crippled. Afterwards, Zigri and Shanis were promptly given several archaic healing relics, with proper instructions of use, and were both left a Moonstone Orb in case either should ever need her again.
  1206. When the Solar Tyrant resurged at Razorback Fortress, Zigri was the second pony in line to rush after Sweet, having had just barely enough time to summon his wingblades from his Eldritch friend. While nopony besides Sweet dares to talk about what occurred, Zigri's death and subsequent revival by a Sunstone has shaken his confidence, souring his outlook on life by a great amount.
  1208. As confusion at the perceived dishonor of death turned to anger, then depression, Zigri has has become concerned as to why the Tsiotrope has not responded to him since that time. Oddly, the Juggernaut has been the one to revive his sense of family, (partially) forcing him into staying around Shanis and his friends, even if she has no idea what she's doing or why.
  1210. *****
  1211. CUTIE MARK: does not seem to have one. Rarely, faint, dim imprints of multiple circles winding around and through each other can be seen.
  1213. *****
  1214. STATUS: Commander of the Arcane Blades on Tartarus Isle, grimly overseeing the island's expansion into a fortified city. Keeps to himself otherwise.
  1216. *****
  1218. Master Assault+6
  1219. Master Parry+5
  1220. Master Riposte+7
  1222. *****
  1224. Master Block+5
  1225. Master Evasion+7
  1226. Master Flight+6
  1227. Master Reaction Speed+5
  1228. Master Sprint+5
  1230. *****
  1232. Expert Alchemy+6
  1233. Master Bartering+5
  1234. Master Carving+6
  1235. Master Crafting+5
  1236. Expert Perception+4
  1237. Expert Scouting+4
  1238. Master Sleight of Hoof+6
  1240. *****
  1242. -BOSS-class Fearless: Zigri cannot be Intimidated or Demoralized normally.
  1244. -Expert Mystic: twice per Operation, Zigri may call upon his Gajunu training, attempting to see the properties, or understand the skills, intents, and meanings of a non-Tallus being with 3x [1d6+2] rolls. When not in combat, he may also try to divine the future through the Woven Threads, or attempt to call forth friendly and allied spirits for aid, though he must be content and at peace in order to do so.
  1246. *****
  1247. UNIQUE ABILITY: Superior Formless Disdain. Zigri's early years spent in the Zebra lands combating the often starkly overwhelming numbers of non-native forces have given him great insight into how to wound them more effectively. Becoming completely inured and intolerant to their existences due to the Gajunu's Mind-Bead Chain, as a result he cannot even be bothered to do more than dislike their existence, though his resentment can be keenly felt. When in combat against hostile Eldritch, Otherworldly, Planar, Spectral, or Undead beings, Zigri must add +2 to all rolls, while all Allies within 100M must add +1 to all rolls, but must add +2 to all Fearless/Iron Will rolls against those same enemies.
  1249. *****
  1251. -Shanis: her older brother and confidant, though their relationship has become extremely strained.
  1252. -Sweet: still distrusts the Juggernaut, regardless of the benefits of having her around.
  1253. -Twisted Wing: a close friend from her time spent traveling the Zebra lands in search of herself, Zigri managed to ignore his disregard for the Burning Pegasus after some time. Even though they do not speak to each other often, they consider one another as close to brother and sister as they could be given their strange circumstances.
  1255. *****
  1257. -Gajunu Mind-Bead Chain. Formerly a 5' long string containing numerous bone, teeth, shell, hide, and core pieces taken from destroyed or killed hostile Eldritch, Otherworldly, Planar, Spectral, and Undead beings during his time in the Zebra lands. Before leaving on his 20th year, as was custom for their tribe, the elders of the Gajunu tallied the number of destroyed beings attributed to Zigri, and upon finding that he had surpassed the required number spoken by their eldest Seer when he was sent to train with them, fashioned this collection of trophies and tokens as an adornment. Zigri chose to allow the chain to be permanently affixed to his body underneath his coat, wound three times around his neck in a gruesome, excruciating rite of passage completed by the entirety of his adopted tribe, making him the third non-Zebra to receive such an honor. The nature of the 'Many Worlds, One Mind, Two Voices' vision Zigri received during the ritual has rendered him permanently Fearless against all hostile non-Tallus native beings; though he should hold virtually no animosity towards such, the resurgence of the Tyrant has returned his immense hatred towards the unnatural.
  1259. *****
  1261. -Arcane Mystic-Hunter Armor (Unique Legendary Eldritch Artifact): a multi-hued black and grey partial body covering armor made from the skin, shell, and plating of three friendly Eldritch beings, donated to him during his years in the Zebra lands, with numerous charms and tattoo marks present across it's surface, all created by the Gajunu Tribe. Further reinforced by softened kanpri plates under the plating, the interior is composed of six layers of various spectral and Planar spider silk Moor weaves, providing additional protection against the non-native targets and enemies that the Arcane Blades routinely encounter and purge. Protects from above his hooves to below his neck without hindering mobility, though is only worn on missions.
  1262. -Armor Value: 3DR.
  1263. -Armor Class: Full Body, Eldritch Medium.
  1264. -Enchantment Slots: 0/4 remaining.
  1265. -Offensive Enchantment #1: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte & Block/Evasion/Flight/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls.
  1266. -Defensive Enchantment #1: adds +1 to all Sleight of Hoof & non-combat Stealth rolls.
  1267. -Eldritch Boon: reduces damage from all elemental, Casting, Druidry, Mysticism, Psionic, and other esoteric means by 1/4.
  1268. -The Tsiotrope's Benediction: reduces damage from all Eldritch, Otherworldly, Planar, Spectral, and Undead beings by 1/4.
  1270. *****
  1272. -Dravet Tsiotrope Spineblades (Archaic Cursed Legendary Eldritch Artifact): approximately fifty bright white blades created from the spines of the Dravet Tsiotrope, a legendary Eldritch being known for escaping Tartarus, then protecting the Zebra lands since ancient times. Given as a gift during Zigri's 15th year, they were hoof-carved into a preferred shape over the next year, using methods similar to the Gozkan minotaurs. Shortly after his 16th year, Zigri made the pilgrimage to the Tsiotrope's home along with his teacher, a young Seer of the tribe, speaking to the being for some time. Realizing his potential in the world, Zigri allowed the Dravet to bond the blades to his Ka, granting him the right to summon them from the Eldritch being's own body for use at any time. Afterwards, the Tsiotrope made the request that, should Zigri die, he must take his spines into the Oceanlands, rather than be returned to regrow and be reshaped by another Mystic-Hunter once more. Despite
  1273. -Melee Weapon Class: Heavy.
  1274. -Enchantment Slots: 0/4 remaining.
  1275. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  1276. -Armor Pierce: 2 (negates 2DR).
  1277. -Offensive Enchantment #1: grants a [1d6+5] <Tsiotropic Scorn non-elemental attack, the result causing all Eldritch, Otherworldly, Planar, Spectral, and Undead beings to lose 1/2 of their rolls, rounded up.
  1278. -Utility Enchantment #1: Eldritch Slowfall-Float, while falling from any height the wearer will be slowed to an easily survivable speed; this effect may be negated by mental command at any time, however, the wearer will automatically be cushioned from a lethal fall.
  1279. -Utility Enchantment #2: Eldritch Sticky, cannot be removed.
  1280. -Mechanical Enhancement #1: adds +4 to all Block rolls.
  1281. -Two-Winged: grants an additional Block roll.
  1282. -CURSED! Only Zigri is capable of touching these blades without being harmed.
  1284. *****
  1285. PHYSICAL ENCHANTMENTS: 2/3 Enchantment Slots.
  1286. -Sticky: a powerful full body enchantment that allows it's owner to stick to nearly any surface, including cloud material, without fear of being removed. May also attach items to oneself for a near-permanent hold.
  1289. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1293.                                                       RULERS:
  1295. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1296. Cadence, Princess of Rebirth: 1,600HP, 15DR. Age: 25,000+.
  1298. *****
  1300. 6x Grandmaster Assault+14
  1301. 6x Grandmaster Parry+15
  1302. 6x Grandmaster Riposte+13
  1304. Grandmaster Casting+18
  1305. Imperial Intimidation+14
  1306. Master Mysticism+8
  1308. *****
  1310. Master Block+9
  1311. Master Evasion+12
  1312. Master Flight+10
  1313. Master Reaction Speed+9
  1314. Master Sprint+8
  1316. Arcane Perception+10
  1317. Expert Regeneration+20
  1318. Basic Resist Damage+16
  1320. *****
  1322. 5x Grandmaster Alchemy+20
  1323. Grandmaster Bartering+6
  1324. Grandmaster Negotiation+6
  1325. Grandmaster Recovery+20
  1327. *****
  1328. 6x Grandmaster Crystal Runes+30
  1330. -Learned Runes: ALL.
  1332. *****
  1334. -All In Peace, None Without: unlike her sisters and despite the various troubles of her sovereignty, Princess Cadence's very existence pulses with an endless warmth of life, and her dedication to maintaining neutral rule is seen as strangely harmonius in contrast to Queen Chrysalis' laissez faire leadership. At any time she desires, Cadence may draw those of intellectual, gentle mentalities to her in preparation for holding a Conclave at hoof, often to address the issues of the City-State, though may be done to elect new Warden Generals, or, even more rarely, to seek counsel for matters on Equestria at large.
  1336. -Imperial Immolation Enrage (Leader): suffers -50HP per turn, adds +5 to all Conjuration & Recovery rolls, and +10 to all Crystal Rune rolls.
  1338. *****
  1339. LEADER ABILITY: DIAMOND REPRISAL. Summoning shards of natural diamond kept from the construction of the Crystal Empire City-State's Spire, Cadence may selectively target from one to eight enemies before unleashing a hail of diamond spikes, spears, and blades upon them from any direction she chooses. Allows 8X [1d6+24] rolls that ignore DR and causes Severe Bleeding on living targets ONLY.
  1341. *****
  1342. UNIQUE ITEM:
  1343. -Imperial Outrider Badge: a small, solid gold medal badge of a Snarling Lance, a form of polearm with a chainsaw's long bar & serrated chain in place of a blade, dividing its surface, one side covered in a stylized Outrider engine, the other bearing the flag of Lont's former regiment, earned after his graduation. Formerly pinned on Lont's beret, it has been with him the better part of over 22 years, though he has given it to Cadence as a mark of esteem and friendship. Now carried on the right side of her mane, and while once kept hidden during important functions, she now wears it openly, as if daring others to condemn her for bearing it.
  1345. *****
  1347. -Lont.
  1349. *****
  1350. Relationships:
  1351. -Lont: great friend.. with benefits.
  1352. -Highly friendly with the Operators
  1355. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1356. Celestia, the Dawn: 600HP, 6DR. Age: 25,000+.
  1358. *****
  1359. (Anti-Otherworldly, Challenger, Distrust: Explosives, Efficient, Gifted, Honorable, Mischievous, Natural Leader, Planes Delver, Polite, Scarred)
  1361. *****
  1362. APPEARANCE: a bright platinum-white alicorn with light magenta eyes and a brilliant rainbow mane, able to meet nearly all humans at eye level. Carries a number of sharply defined zigzag scars across her back and wings, caused by an Ethereal Remnant in the Old Canterlot Ruins. Her chest and neck are pockmarked by numerous small burns, caused by Flowing Spark in the Lunar Memorial Village.
  1364. *****
  1365. BIOGRAPHY: formerly the sun goddess and one of three princesses of Equestria, Celestia removed herself from her station after allowing her other ego, the Solar Tyrant, to erupt during a meeting in Canterlot Palace. Once awoken, the Tyrant, confused, and enraged, split off from the body and mind of Celestia, having been created as a spark of thought long before the time of Empress Silver. Celestia went into hiding after realizing that her actions, and the Tyrant's, had caused immense amounts of harm to her country, far beyond her reckoning.
  1367. Spending several months in a secluded, isolated cottage, Celestia continually grieved for her lost adopted daughter, Sharonel, eating only enough to survive. After weeks wandering through the snow aimlessly, she eventually lost the will to continue living and spent a week holed up on the edge of the southern plains, hoping that her suffering would end. Answering a letter written by Filth, Celestia was stunned at his arrival, and afraid of retribution from her actions in Canterlot Palace. Calming her down, Filth requested that she leave with him to the Fortress, acknowledging her worsening condition. While hiding from Razorback's pony entourage, Celestia left to visit Luna in her Village for advice, then returned with Filth to the Fortress once more.
  1369. Although her initial reception was quite cold, she has chosen to remain and perform any action, regardless of harm to herself, that may salvage her mind and heart. Deciding to travel to the ruins of Old Canterlot in an attempt to find pieces of her past untouched by the Tyrant, Celestia and Filth encountered an Ethereal Remnant, one she had forgotten was called to Equestria. Directing Filth to the north entrance of the now exposed, underground third level mockup training city and arena, Celestia suffered under the Remnant's focused attacks, allowing Filth to set several charges to cover their escape. Losing her timidity to the event, Celestia is sure that there were actions she had taken outside of the Tyrant's control, though has decided to keep that knowledge quiet, for now. Unconcerned about her appearance, Celestia is worried that her past crimes haunt her still, and has been seeking evidence that the Tyrant was only part of her, not the whole.
  1371. Failing to give Harlon and Rhoda in their temporally lost mansion a proper goodbye, Celestia did not know where she stood or what she was, giving up the last vestiges of her formerly formidable resistance to sharpen her taking the path leading away from the sun.
  1373. The shock of seeing six undead ponies during an Operation gone awry forced her to confront her most primal fear: death, allowing her to remember and release the essences of other planes she has wandered and visited. After choosing the Vortex plane for her new life's inspiration, Celestia became a Corruptor, focused on disrupting, slowing, and ensnaring enemies, preparing them for rapid and painless elimination, though during her visit to Doctor Harlon's lab, located in the ruins surrounding Old Canterlot, she came face to face with another relic of her past: the Rune Forger Suisan, Harlon's second love, now a Specter.
  1375. Unwilling to resort to violence with the chance of bringing Suisan to her senses, Celestia suffered under the raging gryphon's incorporeal attacks, all the while imploring her to remember her past with the unicorn and Crystal mare. Once suitably calmed, Celestia made the difficult choice of escorting Suisan to the Oceanlands, one of several realms beyond death, bearing the gryphon's wingblades with Suisan atop one of them in order to cheat the Ocean's requirement of being deceased to enter. Remaining in the Oceanlands for two days, in Tallus time that is, Celestia searched for Harlon and Rhoda amongst the millions of inhabitants, wanting nothing more than to reunite the pair with Suisan, now able to think clearly once passed beyond the living realms.
  1377. Leaving the reunited trio with her fondest wishes, Celestia used the short remainder of her time in the Oceanlands learning from the earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns killed during the Lunar-Solar War, until being forcibly removed and sent crashing into the Fortress's fountain. While she was unable to make contact with the Lunar forces she had fought and sent her forces against, Celestia is bitterly determined to breach the Oceanlands again at any cost, silently, immensely furious that her goal of making up for her and the Tyrant's mistakes was cut short.
  1379. Throughout the course of the Fortress's renovations, Celestia has kept little contact with Razorback, remaining in Canterlot for the most part, stripping the Royal Guard and royalty of their prestige, members, and supporters, visiting Manehattan and Detrot to do much the same whenever suitable. While consolidating Solar faction grievances resulting from the Tyrant's resurgence and her departure, she has turned her (admittedly changed, but no less awe/fear inspiring) venomous wrath against the royalty. Even though the few remaining Canterlot nobles will not, or cannot, support her endeavors, Celestia has become far more willing than before to place herself directly in the path of harm, and has openly expressed her desire for the Canterlot nobility to confront her.
  1381. *****
  1384. *****
  1385. CUTIE MARK: a stylized bright orange sun with white and yellow flames surrounding it.
  1387. *****
  1388. STATUS: seeking a means to return to the Oceanlands at night, openly consolidating Solar faction business & grievances in Canterlot during the day.
  1390. *****
  1392. Master Assault+12
  1393. Master Parry+12
  1394. Master Riposte+12
  1396. Master Casting+13
  1398. *****
  1400. Auto-Regen+6
  1401. Basic Resist Damage+4
  1402. Master Teleport+10
  1404. *****
  1406. Expert Alchemy+6
  1407. Expert Arcane Engineering+6
  1408. Expert Bartering+4
  1409. Basic Cooking+2
  1410. Master Enchanting+11
  1411. Expert Negotiation+4
  1412. Expert Perception+4
  1413. Expert Research+6
  1414. Expert Scouting+4
  1415. Expert Shapeshifting+4
  1416. Master Translocation+10
  1418. *****
  1420. -Awe: despite patches of her history being rough, Celestia's acknowledgement of her legacies and a renewed presence have drastically changed the way most factions see her. When she prefers to do so, the Dawn may invoke vestiges of her past, inspiring Awe in all those whom look upon her.
  1422. -Enhanced Lightstep: Celestia's time spent without the sun in her possession unlocked much of her resolve and will to live by any means necessary approach, granting her the use of 4x [1d6+5] rolls that function as either Movemarent (ESC) OR Stealth, though the second may ONLY be used in or near sources of light. While she would rather deal with a hostile opponent honorably, Celestia has few compunctions of resorting to stepping back until she can speak or strike, unless the target is one she cannot face openly, but will only do so if there are no other alternatives.
  1424. -Power Surge: an early relic from her years experimenting with the principles and theories of Casting, Celestia may draw the vast majority of arcane energies in a wide radius into herself, temporarily holding them in preparation to greatly boost one of her abilities. Roll Casting as normal, total results -2 for each roll are added to each roll of ONE of the following skills: Casting, Enchanting, Teleport, and Translocation, capping at a maximum of +30. If used for Teleportation or Translocation, total results -2 for each roll indicate either the percentage, out of combat, or quantity, in combat, of items or targets marked for transport, as well as dramatically increasing the maximum traveling distance. This skill may ONLY be used once per Operation, may not be upgraded, and cannot be used in any offensive capacity.
  1426. *****
  1427. UNIQUE ABILITY: Superior Solar Vortex. at any time Celestia may summon a heavily modified plasmatic rift from the Sun itself for [1d6] turns, dealing [1d6+20] damage against Otherworldly, Planar, Spectral, and Undead beings in a 30M radius, those same beings also suffering a -6 penalty to all rolls while the Solar Vortex is active. Theoretically, a Solar Vortex should cause harm regardless of distance, thought it seems to have been deliberately calculated to ignore any living beings in it's vicinity should she wish to keep casualties down. Celestia's concentration on keeping the rift open, and most importantly stable, prevents her from using all other skills or abilities while the Vortex is in effect, and if Shocked, Stunned, knocked Unconscious, or struck with enough force to disrupt her focus the Solar Vortex will immediately dissipate, preventing potential feedback and harm from occurring to herself or her allies.
  1429. *****
  1431. -Delver Blades: a matching pair of bright yellow 5' long spine segments, approximately 5" wide and 1/2" thick, harvested from a Southern Equestrian Poison Delver. Taking note of the relatively high resiliency of these spines, Celestia carved a traditional sweeping blade eight hooves down from the tip. Each are highly resilient to being damaged due to Celestia improving their natural functionality with her understanding of Arcane Engineering, and has gone so far as to sync them to her thoughts, able to use them as both weaponry and tools at will.
  1432. -Melee Weapon Class: One-Hooved.
  1433. -Enchantment Slots: none.
  1434. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  1435. -Natural Poison: grants a [1d6] <Delver Poison attack, for each max critical the target suffers a cumulative -1 penalty to all rolls, up to a maximum of -3, but cannot effect Eldritch, Otherworldly, Planar, Spectral, or Undead beings.
  1437. *****
  1439. -Suisan's Dualsteel Wingblades (Custom-Fit, Rune-Forged, Unique Legendary Permanent Artifact): Siusan's personal set of wingblades, masterly forged by the Glyph Master herself in the traditional gryphon style of no-nonsense weaponry, possessing neither frills nor engravings. Originally custom fit for Suisan's wings alone, she was able to reforge them in the Oceanlands for Celestia's use, albeit not without a great deal of difficulty due to the lack of materials available. While a hard pair of weapons to master due to being forged from separate metals, both of which react oddly to each other, mastering their use has bestowed Celestia with great adaptability, making her an efficient and significant threat against hostile Otherworldly, Planar, Spectral, and Undead beings, as well as most others. The left blade is composed of pure bluesteel from the Gryphon Kingdoms and the Crystal Kingdom, the right blade of pure greensteel from the Southern Plains, yet show none of their apparent age thanks in part to having been left undisturbed on a shelf, and also due to bearing the same form of glyphs used in the construction of the Time Manipulator Prototype, allowing them to remain untouched by the flow of time.. or at least suffer far less from it's passing. While non-sentient, the pair possesses a 'programmed' spell that constantly searches for hostile presences in the local vicinity.
  1440. -Melee Weapon Class: Two-Winged.
  1441. -Enchantment Slots: 0/3 remaining.
  1442. -Base Modifier: adds +3 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  1443. -Offensive Enchantment #1: grants a [1d6+2] <Frostshock elemental attack.
  1444. -Offensive Enchantment #2: grants a [1d6+2] <Nature's Wrath non-elemental attack.
  1445. -Mechanical Enhancement #1:adds +3 to all Block rolls.
  1446. -Inherent Ability: grants a [1d6+3] <Auto-Search ability that detects Otherworldly, Planar, Spectral, and Undead from a minimum of 40M to a maximum of 90M.
  1447. -Two Winged: grants an additional Block roll.
  1449. *****
  1451. -Copy Amulent: a small, dull bronze-like disc of unknown age, origin, and material, able to fit in an average sized hand. On it's two surfaces are engraved twin dragons, facing away from each other, though whatever composes the material nobody and nopony has found anything similar to it. Was discovered in a wooden box in Harlon's laboratory, though there is nothing among the lab's records on it due to it being a recent acquisition at the time of the lab being shut down, but was apparently purchased by a friend of his while on vacation in Las Pegasus. Beyond this, there is no other known information. It's use is fairly simple: directing thoughts of oneself through the amulet will produce a perfect physical copy, with all of one's abilities and skills for a limited amount of time. The copy produced will change depending on the thoughts directed through it, thus if Celestia uses the amulet, she can create a copy of how she is now, or how she was 1,000, or even 10,000 years ago, with all the physical traits and skills she would've had at that time. The copy has all the abilities and skills of the user, but is unintelligent and must be explicitly ordered to perform any action. Creates a physical copy of it's user with a [1d6], the result indicating the number of turns the copy lasts, but may only be used ONCE per Operation.
  1453. -Custom Fit Radio+Headset: finished and miniaturized, as well as made invisible, by Spiral's Shadow form.
  1455. -Harlon's Journal: the personal journal of one Doctor Harlon, a unicorn genius and a traveling scientist before he met Rhoda and Suisan, detailing his experiences on the road, in Old Canterlot, the Crystal Empire, and the Vale as well. Kept in a personal pocket dimension for safe storage. Grants an additional Research roll.
  1457. -Temporal Power Lattice Spheres: a collection of six ancient power crystal developed by Harlon used in the construction of the Time Manipulator Prototype. Highly dangerous due to their unstable reality-tearing effects, Celestia is forced to spend some of her magical reserves into keeping them inert at all times.
  1459. -Time Manipulator Diagram: a set of incredibly complex arcane engineering plans made by Harlon in his Everfree mansion for the purpose of traveling into the past. Created solely with anger and revenge in mind, these diagrams are technically useless in Celestia's possession, though she has decided to reach into her own past and attempt to utilize her former knowledge, contacts, and leadership capabilities to construct it, once she's able to that is. Kept in a personal pocket dimension for safe storage.
  1461. *****
  1462. PHYSICAL ENCHANTMENTS: cannot maintain any permanent enchantments.
  1465. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1466. Chrysalis, Queen of the Hive: 2,200HP, 23DR. Age: 25,000+.
  1468. *****
  1470. 6x Grandmaster Assault+30
  1471. 6x Grandmaster Parry+30
  1472. 6x Grandmaster Riposte+30
  1474. Grandmaster Casting+20
  1475. 6x Grandmaster Psionicism+30
  1477. *****
  1479. Expert Block+10
  1480. Expert Evasion+6
  1481. Expert Flight+8
  1482. Expert Reaction Speed+7
  1483. Expert Sprint+9
  1485. Expert Resist Damage+30
  1486. Basic Regeneration+10
  1488. *****
  1490. Master Alchemy+20
  1491. Arcane Perception+10
  1492. Grandmaster Bartering+5
  1493. Master Illusionary+18
  1494. Grandmaster Shapeshifting+24
  1496. *****
  1498. -Balance of Grace: contrary to her sisters, Queen Chrysalis is, to most ponies, more informal and friendly than rumors state. At any time she wishes, the Queen of the Hive may invoke her affable nature in close proximity, creating an atmosphere of gracious conduct that few are able to resist.
  1500. -Hive's Immolation Enrage (Leader): suffers -50 HP per turn, adds +5 to all Casting & Riposte rolls, and +10 to all Psionicism rolls.
  1502. *****
  1503. LEADER ABILITY: QUEEN'S DEVOTION. Drawing on the collective power of the Hive, Chrysalis is capable of unleashing a concentrated wave of physical psionic energies, piercing through all mortal defenses with ease. Allows 8x [1d6+25] rolls to all enemies in line of sight, ignoring DR and causing Stun to all enemies capable of being Stunned. As a side effect, Queen's Devotion counts as an automatic Mass Leadership to all allies within range, adding +2 to all rolls until the Operation ends or Queen Chrysalis leaves, whichever occurs first.
  1505. *****
  1506. Relationships:
  1507. -Highly friendly with the Operators.
  1508. -Hollow: quite friendly towards.
  1511. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1512. Luna (Princess), the Nightmare: 1,800HP, 20DR. Age: 25,000+.
  1514. *****
  1516. 6x Grandmaster Assault+24
  1517. 6x Grandmaster Parry+26
  1518. 6x Grandmaster Riposte+30
  1520. 6x Grandmaster Casting+25
  1521. Grandmaster Conjuration+26
  1522. Lunar Intimidation+20
  1523. Master Mysticism+11
  1524. Grandmaster Necromancy+22
  1526. *****
  1528. Master Block+11
  1529. Master Evasion+10
  1530. Master Flight+9
  1531. Master Reaction Speed+10
  1532. Master Sprint+11
  1534. Basic Regeneration+10
  1535. Basic Resist Damage+20
  1537. *****
  1539. Grandmaster Alchemy+22
  1540. Arcane Perception+10
  1541. Grandmaster Bartering+5
  1542. Master Creativity+10
  1543. Grandmaster Negotiation+10
  1545. *****
  1547. -Immolation Enrage (Leader): suffers -50HP per turn while in use, adds +5 to all Assault & Conjuration rolls, and adds +10 to all Necromancy rolls.
  1549. -Primal Fear: mostly owing to her wartime reputation as a merciless, efficient hunter and killer, the Nightmare may, at any time she chooses to, invoke the fear of mortal death to those within her sight, rendering all save a select few to be lost in mute terror under debilitating hallucinations of war.
  1551. *****
  1552. LEADER ABILITY: NIGHT REAPER. Drawing on the essence of the Night, Luna may assault from one to eight enemies with a series of powerful strikes by diving into the Underdark and striking with impunity from its shelter, the assault itself lasting from one to two seconds. Grants 8x [1d6+30] Melee attacks that ignore DR and cause Severe Bleeding on living opponents ONLY.
  1554. *****
  1556. -Clemency and Jeff: very friendly towards, and sees them as part of her (greatly) extended family, regardless of species.
  1557. -All other Operators: mostly friendly towards.
  1559. *****
  1561. -Nightmare Incursion Armor (Ancient Legendary Eldritch Artifact, Crystal-Forged, Custom-Fit, Graven-Carved, Heavy, Lunar-Forged): provides +10DR, adds +2 to all Bartering/Negotiation and +4 to all Assault/Parry/Ripose rolls, but suffers a -5 penalty to all Block/Evade/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls.
  1562. -Armor Value: 10DR.
  1563. -Armor Class: Full Body, Ancient Legendary Eldritch Unique.
  1564. -Enchantment Slots: 0/5 remaining.
  1565. -Offensive Enchantment #1: each turn the Nightmare may select one hostile target, inflicting a [1d6] <Bane of the Mortal Coil curse, the result being the number of turns the target has left to live before suffering a fatal fit.
  1566. -Defensive Enchantment #1: when encountering a Faction traitor, the Nightmare may reveal their true name with Necromantic sigils, allowing them to be tormented by the fallen spirits of her closest kin
  1567. -Passive Enchantment #1: adds +4 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  1568. -Passive Enchantment #2: adds +2 to all Negotiation rolls.
  1569. -Heavy Weight Penalty: suffers a -5 penalty to all Block/Evasion/Flight/Sprint rolls.
  1572. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1573. Silver, the Empress: 5,000HP, 20DR. Age: 25,000+.
  1575. *****
  1576. APPEARANCE: a giant silver earth pony, best known for her deep, glowing green eyes, and four bright white fangs, almost always bared with a lustful intent. Silver's only other known notable feature is her metallic skin and her shape-changing, capable of shifting her body size or weight with little more than a thought, usually appearing at twice the height and length of Celestia. Before or during the Early Dynasty Era, a number of prominent alchemists from numerous races created a metallic liquid made from equal parts silver, diamond, and mythril, in the hopes of giving earth pony psions an effective material for armor and weaponry that would be difficult to replicate. The young Empress later chose to replace the entirety of her natural skin with the newly designed silverine, granting her extraordinary vitality and protection, at the cost of nearly all physical sensation.
  1578. *****
  1579. BIOGRAPHY: one of the five sisters, and the only one without wings or a horn, Silver is the first psion, and a primal one at that, capable of utilizing psionicism and it's various related abilities with inherently greater precision and versatility compared to the other four, yet entirely lacks the capacity to influence non-physical spectrums or beings. Although little is known about her true personal life, Silver wrote a book on the proper uses of truth, wisdom, and knowledge before becoming the Empress, while excoriating liars and willful malcontents in scathing anecdotes, praising the honest and humble above all, with a large portion of the book dedicated to simple, and proper, greetings for nearly every species she had come into contact with. Many ponies in modern days have remarked, in varying shades of amusement or scorn, how hypocritical Silver would become.
  1581. Before openly declaring herself Empress, Silver, along with great aid from many willing followers, constructed numerous city-states across Equestria and possibly other lands, dedicating them to all species, afterwards guiding numerous inter-species relationships to flourish, allowing Tallus unthought of heights in trading, industry, expansion, magical insight, alchemical philanthropy, and philosophy. In the past, before her self-imposed exile, the Empress would appear only to earth ponies in desperation or suffering, giving them a chance to face their innermost fears on neutral ground, though as of late she has come to the aid of all sentients she notices in trouble.
  1583. While her power and influence has greatly waned in comparison to the other four sisters, Silver is still capable of ruling, though politely refuses any and all possibilities of doing so, having stated numerous times that she could not feel comfortable in such a position again.
  1585. *****
  1586. STATUS: formerly in exile. Spent time aiding any and every troubled pony across Tallus, taking some small delight in puns. Now, however, she is catatonic and inconsolable.
  1588. *****
  1590. Grandmaster Assault+50
  1591. Grandmaster Parry+50
  1592. Grandmaster Riposte+50
  1594. Grandmaster Psionicism+50
  1595. Grandmaster Shattering Earth+30
  1597. *****
  1599. Grandmaster Block+10
  1600. Grandmaster Reaction Speed+10
  1601. Grandmaster Sprint+10
  1603. Grandmaster Teleport+15
  1604. Grandmaster Warp Shift+40
  1606. *****
  1608. Grandmaster Alchemy+12
  1609. Grandmaster Creativity+40
  1610. Grandmaster Negotiation+7
  1612. *****
  1613. SPECIAL ABILITIES: ?????
  1615. *****
  1616. UNIQUE ABILITY: Primal Anti. The least understood of Anti's forms, Primal Anti creates a separate reality in a conscious being's mind-state that is impossible to distinguish from true reality, and is virtually inescapable unless Empress Silver decides her target, or targets, have learned enough from their errors. A low result of 4 creates massively altered and horrifying false memories, the effects swiftly becoming crippling under higher results, and causes tremendous electrolyte losses in the target's body, forcing them to suffer intense and continuing mental, physical, physiological, and psychological deterioration, though the mechanism is still as of yet unknown. Primal Anti prevents unicorns from Casting, nullifies runes, glyphs, sigils, and all other esoteric effects from being used, also rendering Artifacts and enchantments, whether infused into a living being, weaponry, armor, or items, completely useless in a 250M radius. Psions, Crystal ponies, and Eldritch beings ARE affected by Primal Anti's effects and damage, though the false memories created are wiped clean afterwards from their innate mental focus. Roll [1d6+3], the result causes that precise amount of damage bypassing DR in a 180 degree radius in front of Empress Silver. Neither Empress Silver, nor any living being she considers an ally or neutral, will be affected by any form of Anti as a side effect of her intense focus.
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