Pirates IRC NOV'17 Changelog

Nov 25th, 2017
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  1. Pirates IRC -
  2. November 2017 Changelog
  4. 24Nov
  5. Changes:
  6. Cooldown per commands increased to 2 seconds, but are per player vice global
  7. 23Nov
  8. Fixes:
  9. Potential game freezes in all ship instances
  10. 22Nov
  11. Changes:
  12. Live map data will now be updated every 8mins
  13. Fixes:
  14. Ship status on the live map when sailing
  15. 21Nov
  16. Changes:
  17. Increased time between commands cooldown to 1.5 seconds.
  18. Decreased low level command cooldowns for work triggers such as swab, rig, lookout.
  19. Renamed zombie to Zonbi in reference to the Haitian zombies
  20. Added a black herb that will prevent a player from becoming a zombie in the future. Black herbs can be found only in independent port markets.
  21. Added a blue herb that will spawn in all factions' markets, but is rare. The blue herb will cure all of a player's diseases.
  22. The Cap'n will receive a msg upon returning from being off the ship on how much doubloons were stolen from 'em (Captain offline penalty).
  23. 20Nov
  24. Fixes:
  25. Rare instance where a monster encounter did nothing when vote was successful
  26. 19Nov
  27. Changes:
  28. Added IDs to !PIRATES GOODS
  29. Captchas disabled when game in free-for-all mode (end of round)
  30. 18Nov
  31. Changes:
  32. Added !PIRATES GOODS
  33. Goods at Independent ports now worth +30%
  34. Players no longer able to enter commands when multiple goods are being purchased from the market
  35. Duels, robs, and insults against your crew if you moor next to Queen Anne's Revenge
  36. 17Nov
  37. Changes:
  38. Bot can only accept commands (!P) from pirates once per second
  39. 16Nov
  40. Changes:
  41. Cell/grid info added to !P PORT <PORT>
  42. Added when you can sail in !P SHIP STATUS
  43. Fixes:
  44. Unable to sail after losing a Cap'n vs Cap'n duel due to ship tasks
  45. 15Nov
  46. Changes:
  47. Captcha check frequency now be variable per ship
  48. Fixes:
  49. Unknown voucher spamming exploit
  50. Live map not showing ships in rare instances
  51. 14Nov
  52. Fixes:
  53. Skill learn not showing up for Cap'ns in !P BORED
  54. Work listed in !P BORED when max works reached for the day
  55. Ship signal task not being completed
  56. Bot reward for charver going to victim
  57. 13Nov
  58. Changes:
  59. Added !P SHIP TAUNT
  60. Added !P SHIPS
  61. Added additional checks that may stop !P CAPTAIN MONSTER
  62. !P POLL can now be entered in privmsg to the bot
  63. Fixes:
  64. Inability to buy rum from the ship's store when moored at a cell
  65. Ship name blank when a ship departs in the middle of a sabotage vote
  66. 12Nov
  67. Changes:
  68. Added !P INSULT
  69. Added underway ship tasks !P SHIP TASKS
  70. 11Nov
  71. Changes:
  72. Added additional commands to !P BORED
  73. !P MARKET CHEST TRAPS now recommends what trap to purchase based on player level
  74. Added random 'insult name calling' to various events
  75. Players designated as clones or channel bots now unable to perform more commands such as !P SEARCH, !P DEFEND, !P MARKET
  76. Added !P CREW CAPTCHA
  77. Max number of captchas (triggered automatically not by admin, mod, or crew) to check a player per day is now 4
  78. The same captcha questions should no longer be used as often
  79. Fixes:
  80. Various grammar/spellin' fixes
  81. Removed false positives in !P BORED
  82. 10Nov
  83. Changes:
  84. Added ability to specify what goods type to sell in the market: !P MARKET SELL <TYPE> GOODS
  85. Fixes:
  86. Miscellaneous !P BORED and !P OPTIONS fixes
  87. 09Nov
  88. Changes:
  89. Added "Sail to a cell" achievement
  90. Fixes:
  91. Fixed Fishing skill odds when fishing
  93. 08Nov
  94. Changes:
  95. Added !P CELL <cell/grid>
  96. Hurt Cap'ns can be dueled in a port by another Cap'n regardless of health (regular player from another ship vs another ship's Cap'n will continue to check players' health)
  97. Reduced port status messages to the Cap'n
  98. Fixes:
  99. Bot reward for a charver
  100. Disease achievement
  101. Infect task completion
  102. !P STATUS <player> now showing if player is dead (dueled too much today)
  103. !P LEVEL should now be more accurate and faster (code-wise)
  104. Ship's store should now be more accurate in determining who the Cap'n is
  105. 07Nov
  106. Changes:
  107. Added !P BORED and associated achievements/tasks
  108. 06Nov
  109. Changes:
  110. Captcha optimizations
  111. Work (swab, fix, steer, etc) cooldowns are now variable
  112. Fixes:
  113. Exploit progressing in skills with !P SKILL STATUS
  114. Double messages in !P SKILL STATUS
  115. 05Nov
  116. Changes:
  117. Pirates with broken weapons unable to shoot/stab epic monsters
  118. Pirates without a gun/sword now be unable to shoot/stab epic monsters
  119. Removed redundant options in !P OPTIONS
  120. Player /msg and /notice are now more consistent. /notice will be sent if player is awake, otherwise /msg will be sent. Bot will ignore if player is awake based on what the player specifies in !P OPTIONS MSGTYPE
  121. Players no longer able to perform work commands (swab, clean, work, captain command) when wearing manacles
  122. Added small delay for achievements and task completion checks
  123. 04Nov
  124. Changes:
  125. Low level commands (swab, rig, fix, etc) have a new cooldown
  126. Increased leveling requirements for Apprentice and Master pirates onboard The Methadone Clinic
  127. Added additional text defining when a pirate is dead
  128. Moderator list can be seen in !P GAME OPTIONS
  129. Moderator commands will be announced to the rest of the ship
  130. Moderator commands can be entered in privmsg
  131. Fixes:
  132. Unable to duel after Cap'n lost a port duel and then !P SAIL'ed
  133. Queen Anne's Revenge pirates not showing up in !P LEVEL when moored at same port
  134. Ye be learnin' level 1 o' Luck. Ye be 100% (30/10) complete. Ye can progress in this skill now!
  135. 03Nov
  136. Changes:
  137. Added additional internal menus for monitoring ships
  138. Added Moderator commands
  139. Fixes:
  140. Fixed markets not opening at some ports
  141. Lottery task will not be given to players that already purchased the max number of lottery tickets
  142. Message confirmation for !P Options MSGTYPE
  143. Captain command confirmation messages
  144. Port claiming not starting on certain ports
  145. Mass find always being nothing on certain objects
  146. 02Nov
  147. Changes:
  148. Ship treasure map hints will be shown after 36 hours and the map will 'expire' 12 hours after the hint is shown (2 days from map start)
  149. Added !P Captain Rep
  150. Added !P Captain Favor
  151. Captain help adjustments... Captains and non-captain players can use !P Captain Help
  152. 01Nov
  153. Changes:
  154. Own nickname will be shown in !P INFO
  155. Barbossa will randomly insult other ships when mooring at same port
  156. Added Ship message player task
  157. Fixes:
  158. When purchasing a new nickname from the store, the new nickname will now not be the same as the previous nickname
  159. Other ship departed messages not be displayed
  160. False positives for when another ship moored at same port
  161. Internal cross-ship player level lookup errors
  162. Blank player tasks for master pirates
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