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Sequoia Session 20-1

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  1. [17:29:04 ][zoofman] So when we left off at session it wasn't even that late, maybe late afternoon.  How long does Lucian spend before he goes to hunt Sue Daria down?
  2. [17:30:02 ][Lucian] He crashes shortly after the session ended but finally wakes up late in the evening to go pee.
  3. [17:30:05 ][Lucian] Several hours?
  4. [17:32:30 ][Lucian] Oh, and look for water.
  5. [17:32:57 ][zoofman] Okay!  By the time your bladder starts to SCREAM at you, its sun down!  There's a few bon fires on the beach and quite a few folks starting up portable barbeques, but things have quieted down a lot since you passed out.  The beermiester isn't at his station at the moment, but he has left a cooler full of bottled waters open near it.
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  7. [17:34:17 ][zoofman] There doesn't seem to be a porta potty or anything set up out here, so finding where to piss is a different story.
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  9. [17:38:04 ]* Lucian stumbles around in a haze after obtaining a bottle of water, his bloated stomach and bladder making every step uncomfortable. He shuffles around the beach slowly, kicking up sand where he drags his feet. With no portapotty in sight he settles for the next best thing, the first tent that he comes across.
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  11. [17:40:46 ][zoofman] Like, he just opens the flap and lets loose?
  12. [17:41:22 ][Lucian] He opens the flap, stumbles in to a corner, and unzips his pants.
  13. [17:42:51 ][zoofman] Well, the good news is you're the only person in the tent.  Halfway through the act, the scent of coffee reaches your nose.  There's a lot of diving equipment, a french press, and lots of ground coffee bags in this pretty big tent.
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  15. [17:45:34 ]* Lucian lets loose once he's certain nobody is around, remembering vaguely that he knows somebody who's totally into coffee.
  16. [17:50:33 ][Lucian] When he's done, he exits as quietly as he came and checks his phone. Where exactly were the others.
  17. [17:50:38 ][zoofman] Halfway through the act, a small Pokemon tumbles into the tent.  It stares at you stupidly for a few moments before eeping and waddling back out.
  18. [17:52:22 ]* Lucian lets out a noise at the interruption, a cross between a dying Skiddo and some kind of Garchomp in heat.
  19. [17:53:33 ][zoofman] Well that just sounds terrible, it runs off crying.
  20. [17:53:42 ][Lucian] Unless something else interrupts him, he zips back up and exits.
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  22. [17:54:56 ][zoofman] You notice the little critter waddling awkwardly across the sand, its round with stubby limbs.
  23. [17:56:15 ][zoofman] It seems to be running down the coast, where you an see a rockier area of the beach.
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  26. [18:01:50 ][zoofman] >Lucian follows after it, chugging at his water bottle as he chases it across the sand.
  27. [18:05:30 ][zoofman] It's pretty easy to catch up to the little twerp, and when you get closer you notice its a Gible.  It's running toward one of the rocks, where a person's sitting with a bottle of champagne.  Looking closer you notice it's Sue - still wearing her swimsuit, she's just tossed on a zipup hoodie.  The Gible hops into her lap with a sound somewhere between a coo and a burp.
  28. [18:07:07 ][zoofman] "What's wrong, Davian?  Did you see your own shadow or something?" She scratches its back and turns her attention back to the ocean.
  29. [18:07:31 ]* Lucian stops some distance away, struggling to put a name to the face.
  30. [18:08:39 ][Lucian] "What are you doing up this late?"
  31. [18:11:28 ][zoofman] She looks over, little confused, takes a phone out of her jacket pocket and checks it, then turns the face toward you so you can read it.  "Uuuuh...what do you mean?"
  32. [18:12:42 ][Lucian] "It must be like 4AM by now, right?"
  33. [18:12:51 ][Lucian] "You're gonna have to tell me what's on your phone."
  34. [18:13:14 ][Lucian] "My eyes don't work good when I'm hungover."
  35. [18:13:37 ][zoofman] "It's like a quarter passed nine..."
  36. [18:14:18 ]* Lucian settles onto his knees and then falls onto his side, letting the sand roll around on his arm. "Well it /feels/ like four."
  37. [18:14:42 ]* Lucian takes the rest of the bottles and turns it over his head. "What happened today. I remember a contest..."
  38. [18:14:43 ][zoofman] She tugs the champagne bottle a little closer to herself.  "The best cure for a hangover is just to keep drinking, ya know...but I'm not sharing." She takes a swig from the bottle.
  39. [18:15:08 ][Lucian] "And a battle...and a dinner I never paid for..."
  40. [18:17:57 ][zoofman] "I would suggest to check with your friends, but I think they left you passed out in the sand."
  41. [18:19:03 ][Lucian] "It's fiiiiine."
  42. [18:19:17 ][Lucian] "Is that your Gible? I think I scared it earlier."
  43. [18:19:33 ][Lucian] "It should know better than to poke around tents."
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  46. [18:21:13 ][zoofman] "Not a dificult task, ever since last week he's been a scar-" She stops talking and turns her head toward you slowly when you mention that last bit. "What is this abot poking around tents?"
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  48. [18:22:59 ][Lucian] "I uh...saw him come out of Sven's tent. I followed after him to see where he was going."
  49. [18:23:21 ][Lucian] "Didn't think I'd follow him back to a trainer though."
  50. [18:24:03 ][Lucian] "You're friends with him right?"
  51. [18:25:03 ][zoofman] She snortlaughs.  "Probably looking for food scraps ; he's on a special diet until he evolves."
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  55. [18:27:05 ]* Lucian crawls from his spot to get a closer look at the shark ball, "Interesting. What have you been feeding him, then?"
  56. [18:27:22 ][Lucian] "Is he a contest mon? Or are you training him for power?"
  57. [18:29:40 ][zoofman] "Yes, we went to school together and were members of the same club.  Most members of the club keep in touch, even if we all went our own ways after graduation."  She looks down at the ball of shark.  "Gibles are naturally rodund and have poor impulse control.  He'd eat everything in sight and get fatter if I let him." She pokes the little bugger in his stomache, which makes it make an embarassed grumbling sound.
  58. [18:29:55 ][zoofman] rotund*
  59. [18:32:01 ]* Lucian smirks, "Guess he's not taking to his training as well as you'd like."
  60. [18:32:38 ][Lucian] "It's cool that you stuck together though. I don't think I've really spoken to any of my old classmates besides some idle Chattr posts."
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  62. [18:36:30 ][Lucian] "But I guess I didn't really make many friends back then."
  63. [18:36:44 ][zoofman] She shrugs and takes another swig. "He knows whose boss, he'll just have to deal with it until he's older.  Davian, that is.  Trying to get Sven to do much of anything is like trying to walk a Slowpoke.," She mumbles something about doing nothing but drinking coffee.
  64. [18:38:58 ][zoofman] "Then again all of us in that club were dificult to deal with, its probably why no one could stand us but each other.  Loneliness makes you desperate, I guess."
  65. [18:39:51 ][Lucian] "What kind of club was it? I can't imagine Sven really applying himself to anything besides coffee."
  66. [18:40:01 ][zoofman] "Based on our short interaction before your interpretive dance, you likely would have fit right in," she takes another swig, looking away from you and at the water.
  67. [18:41:10 ][zoofman] "A specialist dueling club, sort of. More like one for jerks if you asked our peers."
  68. [18:42:08 ]* Lucian blinks and then remembers the specifics of the contest and fights to keep the heat from rising to his face, burying his face in the sand to hide his shame.
  69. [18:43:24 ][Lucian] "Specialist in what way? I don't really remember too much about Sven's style."
  70. [18:43:48 ][zoofman] "In a way you should be thanking me for kicking you, since it probably helped your jewels swell up enough to impress the judges.  I'm not even upset that you won, now no one will remember who else drunkenly volunteered for that charade."
  71. [18:44:32 ][Lucian] "Ahhh, West Coast style?"
  72. [18:45:37 ][Lucian] "Actually, wait."
  73. [18:45:40 ][Lucian] "Full contact?"
  74. [18:46:02 ][zoofman] "Mmmm," she shakes her head.  "League standard, more about Trainers with particular strategies, I suppose.  For example, you might not have noticed, but Sven favors Normal Types.  And I," She pokes the chubby sharkball again, "Dragons."
  75. [18:50:47 ][Lucian] "Ah, I getcha. Heh, not sure if I would have fit in then. I'm particular about the way I battle but I don't think my strategies stray too far from the tournament meta."
  76. [18:52:39 ]* Lucian lets Roy out of his ball halfway between him and Sue. "Bruisers. Messy slugfests that go on until somebody can't fight anymore."
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  78. [18:52:44 ][Lucian] "Say hi, Roy."
  79. [18:54:02 ][zoofman] Roy waves at the sharkball, which actually doesn't seem too scared of him.  Davian crawls out of Sue's lap and hops down.  They sniff each other and then start making a sandcastle.  Ground types.
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  81. [18:57:28 ]* Lucian crawls closer but slumps face first into the sand halfway. "So you're a competitive battler. Sequoia doesn't really have a Dragon Gym. What does a trainer like you do to prove yourself?"
  82. [18:57:45 ][Lucian] "Are you on the gym circuit right now?"
  83. [19:00:59 ][zoofman] "I meant your attitude more than anything.  Most of us didn't sway too far from the norms either, considering half of us were there to just avoid being the class loner."  She snrks at your question.  "Well yes, there's no domestic benchmark for Dragon specialists in Sequoia, but that wouldn't mean much without performing well in the League in general.  And yes, I am."
  84. [19:03:31 ][zoofman] "I don't have a particular goal in mind.  Do well in the League, open up opportunities from that later.  Aren't we a big young to know exactly what we'd want out of life?"
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  86. [19:06:03 ]* Lucian smiles at her, "I want to explore the world, ply my skills and help people in need. I want to travel to all of the major regions and then some, visit foreign lands, and learn things about myself that I wouldn't be able to learn sitting at home. I want to catch rare Pokemon, win tournaments, sweep men and women off their feet."
  87. [19:06:14 ][Lucian] "I think I'd like to marry and have children someday too."
  88. [19:06:31 ][Lucian] "I know exactly what I want out of the life. The only trouble is figuring out how to get it all."
  89. [19:07:03 ][Lucian] "Because I won't be satisfied with just any one goal. I want it all."
  90. [19:08:03 ][Lucian] "I guess that makes me a little weird. But my selfishness is the one thing I can count on."
  91. [19:09:03 ][Lucian] "You have to have some kind of selfish goal, right? Something you know is wrong or unrealistic but the arrogance of wanting it is enough to drive you along."
  92. [19:12:23 ]* Lucian looks at her directly, with eyes wide enough that they're just a step away from looking crazed. "Right?"
  93. [19:12:55 ][zoofman] She squints and hrms.  "Your goal is to wander, and I wander without a goal.  Silly, same thing to me." She takes a longer swig, keeping eye contact with you.  "And yes, of course I do, but since we seem to be skirting a weird line between drunken frienemies and rivals at the moment-"
  94. [19:12:57 ][zoofman] Roll me Perception
  95. [19:13:51 ][Lucian] 4d6+1 Perception
  96. [19:13:51 ][CritSenpai] Perception: 9 [4d6=4,2,1,1]
  97. [19:15:18 ][zoofman] Out of the corner of your eye, you notice Roy and Davian kneeling over, their hands in the sand with their hands over their head.  They are trembling.  There's a sudden movement from your right, facing inland.  Something's swooping in at the two of you.
  98. [19:16:23 ][zoofman] er, heads in the sand*
  99. [19:17:05 ]* Lucian gets up slowly, his higher mental faculties coming back to him with the adrenaline. "Did you see that?"
  100. [19:18:25 ][zoofman] I mean, as in, a big THING is swooping out of the sky, diving at you two.  She starts to turn as you get up.
  101. [19:19:49 ][Lucian] "Hit the ground!"
  102. [19:20:14 ]* castfromphone` (~AndChat42@Rizon-6F399D51.sub-70-194-98.myvzw.com) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  103. [19:20:20 ][zoofman] Roll me Athletics!
  104. [19:20:23 ][zoofman] 4d6
  105. [19:20:24 ][CritSenpai] 4d6: 14 [4d6=1,5,2,6]
  106. [19:20:28 ][Lucian] 3d6+1 Athletics
  107. [19:20:28 ][CritSenpai] Athletics: 7 [3d6=1,1,4]
  108. [19:21:48 ][zoofman] She very quickly flattens herself once she sees it, you stumble as a talon runs across your back, but luckily it doesn't rip your shirt or draw blood!
  109. [19:22:12 ][zoofman] The thing CAWS, loops around and lands in the sand behind you.  You hear a man laughing as boots the the ground.
  110. [19:22:23 ][Lucian] "What the fuck was that!?"
  111. [19:22:30 ][zoofman] BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtHxWeOXNgM
  112. [19:23:14 ]* castfromphone has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  113. [19:24:59 ][zoofman] Sue sits back up, starting to look pretty pale as she looks toward the laughing.  You see a man in his late twenties or early thirties, and a big ass Braviary.  THe man is rocking a baker's boy and something similar to a peacoat.  Most noticable feature about him, honestly, is he's got a sheathed samurai sword hanging from his waist.
  114. [19:26:04 ][zoofman] "Damn, woulda been funnier had ya not noticed," the man says as he approaches.  "Whose this stud, Sue?  Finally land a boyfriend or something?"
  115. [19:26:24 ]* Lucian looks at her incredulously, "You /know/ this creep?"
  116. [19:26:48 ][zoofman] "Scared the piss out of your old man, by the way, fleeing the hospital before he got a chance to swing by."
  117. [19:28:02 ][zoofman] Sue seems a little choked up as she answers, "Y-yeah.  He's something like...my bodyguard."  "Mo' like babysitter.  Personal taxi.  I dunno I'm whatever your old man pays me to be it seems."
  118. [19:28:27 ][Lucian] "Wai-hospital!? What are you doing out here, then?"
  119. [19:29:47 ][zoofman] He kneels down when he gets closer, inspecting the sandcastle Davian and Roy were working on.  "Heh, cute.  A real date and a play date?"  He tries to pat Roy, but Roy nips at him.  The man laughs it off and looks up at you, Lucian.  "You can call me Highlight."
  120. [19:29:52 ][zoofman] Roll me Intuition.
  121. [19:30:32 ][Lucian] 2d6+1 AP
  122. [19:30:32 ][CritSenpai] AP: 9 [2d6=3,5]
  123. [19:32:02 ][zoofman] Well, when you said creepy, that's sort of true.  Physically he looks fine, nothing disfigured about him, and his mannerisms might be a bit dickish, but there's nothing really WRONG about how he looks.  At the same time, his movements, his eyes, something about him...just honestly is creepy.  He gives off a really weird vibe.
  124. [19:33:57 ]* Lucian forces down his fear and plasters a confident smirk onto his face, "...And my name is Lucian. But I would rather you didn't actually talk to me. Being near you is bad enough."
  125. [19:34:02 ][zoofman] Highlight stands back up and stretches, looking to Sue, "What?  Didn't tell your buddy the reason you were going on a beach vacation?  Sure as fuck coulda told someone else.  Took my boys a while to find out where and why.  Thanks for the video tip off, by the way.  And don't worry, there won't be en embarassing youtube blooper in your future," He winks as he looks over to the tents. "Wonder if they got any booze..."
  126. [19:34:48 ][Lucian] "Sue, I'm saying this as your drunken frenemy slash rival, but what the fuck is he talking about?"
  127. [19:34:49 ][zoofman] "I sorta prefer it that way to be honest, the not talking part, but you really should be a bit nicer to folks who are about to make a beer run."
  128. [19:35:13 ][zoofman] He starts to whistle as he starts to walk toward the tents. "C'mon Captain Ruffles, let's get some road sodas."
  129. [19:35:50 ]* Lucian watches him march off and then turns back to Sue, expecting some kind of answer.
  130. [19:38:43 ][zoofman] You hear him mumble something about what sorta fucking beach doesn't have coconuts, too.  Sue takes a deep breath as he walks off.  "Last week my travel partners and I were attacked by a bunch of...mentally ill Pokemon.  Bidoofs, a whole pack of them.  They fought to the death.  We made it out alive, but it wasn't pretty."
  131. [19:39:38 ][zoofman] "I honestly wasn't that bad off.  I just wanted to forget about it.  So I called my old friends and tried to escape for a few days." she sighs.
  132. [19:41:03 ]* Lucian stops in his tracks and rushes to her, abruptly grabbing her shoulders. "Mentally ill bidoof. Where was this?"
  133. [19:42:44 ][zoofman] "Somewhere between Dahlia and Snowberry, I'm not exactly sure, I'm a terrible navigator."
  134. [19:43:51 ]* Lucian curses under his breath and then calms himself down, "Sorry. I just got a little heated up. Back to you."
  135. [19:44:12 ][Lucian] "So you...ran away from the hopsital? How?"
  136. [19:44:32 ][Lucian] "And your dad hired him to watch over you or something?"
  137. [19:45:52 ][zoofman] "I didn't -run away-.  I just was discharged and left.  My family uh...well to do," she settles for that, its clear she doesn't really want to elaborate. "My Father is unbelievably overbearing and paranoid, I guess he just assumed I ran off injured, or was kidnapped."
  138. [19:46:21 ][Lucian] "Aw shit, you don't think your dad is going to accuse me of kidnapping you, right?"
  139. [19:46:33 ][Lucian] "I don't need that kind of shit on my rap sheet."
  140. [19:47:25 ][zoofman] "Highlight's been my...uh..." She struggles for the right word.  " 'Guardian' since I was...like ten?  He's only around when my Father thinks he needs to be.  I imagine you can tell why."
  141. [19:48:10 ][Lucian] "No, I cannot imagine why anybody would want that psychopath near their children for any period of time whatsoever."
  142. [19:48:16 ][Lucian] "Your father is clearly insane."
  143. [19:48:42 ][Lucian] "For even thinking someone like him 'has uses'."
  144. [19:48:42 ][zoofman] Lucian, you get a text message.
  145. [19:48:47 ][Lucian] "...no offense."
  146. [19:48:54 ]* Lucian checks it.
  147. [19:49:25 ][zoofman] "That's harsh, kid.  And I was gonna get you a Hydreigon Piss while I was down here, too." its from an unlisted number.
  148. [19:49:43 ][Lucian] "Your asshole guardian has my number.
  149. [19:49:50 ][Lucian] "How the fuck does he have my number?"
  150. [19:50:04 ][Lucian] "Why did he text me?"
  151. [19:50:12 ][Lucian] "How the hell is he even listening in right now?"
  152. [19:50:49 ][Lucian] "Oh you know, I'm asking all sorts of questions right now. That's a little rude. How about you ask me a few things instead?"
  153. [19:51:43 ][zoofman] Sue looks around, and 'ah's.  She picks something off Roy, and shows it to you.  Little disposable microphone.  She chucks it into the ocean, completely unphased by this.
  154. [19:51:52 ][zoofman] "I don't know about the phone number thing, he does that sometimes."
  155. [19:52:07 ][Lucian] "Oh, clearly."
  156. [19:56:47 ][zoofman] "He's...a bit scary, and sly, but he's honest.  If I tell him I was simply discharged and came on my own, he'll report that to my Father.  It's just what he's paid to do."
  157. [19:57:50 ][Lucian] "...right. Do your travel partners know about him? Does he just show up all of a sudden, make a mess of things, and then leave."
  158. [20:00:02 ][zoofman] "No, no, he hasn't been around in a while, honestly," She says.  Highlight's returning as it looks like she's about to ask you a question.  He's filled up what looks like a bandolier with beer bottles. "What a nice guy, that Gym Leader guy over there," Highlight comments.  "By the way, you know a Serabi?  Funny shit, used to train under one."  He fastens the bandolier to the big eagle.
  159. [20:01:28 ][Lucian] "I know one, yeah."
  160. [20:01:33 ][Lucian] "What's it to you?"
  161. [20:04:25 ][zoofman] "Not much, just a small world, s'all.  I seen all I need to anyway.  The princess is fine, got her dumb coffee loving friend and a bunch of hippies around her, and there's no one I need to go all Liam Neeson on.  Little sad about that last part, ah well.  Always next time."
  162. [20:05:07 ][Lucian] "Yeah," he says, looking over at Sue. "Next time."
  163. [20:05:17 ][zoofman] "I'll tell your old man yer fine and give him the baby Spearrow gotta leave the nest bit, but he'll probably throw something at me and tell me to get the fuck out, like always."
  164. [20:05:33 ][zoofman] He shrugs.
  165. [20:06:58 ][zoofman] He jumps on the bird, "Ya'll kids have fun, just remember, Sue, wrap it before you tap it!  I don't care how much your dad offers me I ain't trackin' down your baby daddy if you become a planned parenthood paitent."  And swoosh, the bird is gone.
  166. [20:07:22 ][zoofman] Sue looks back to you and laughs nervously, "So, uh...whats YOUR family like?"
  167. [20:07:35 ][Lucian] "..."
  168. [20:08:31 ][Lucian] "...you know, before tonight I might have told you that my parents are overbearing. That they're too controlling and have set ideas on what they want out of my life but you know what?"
  169. [20:08:38 ][Lucian] "My parents are pretty fucking great."
  170. [20:09:07 ][Lucian] "You would love them, I'm sure."
  171. [20:10:09 ][Lucian] "Hey, look at that, my world view has expanded because of my experiences."
  172. [20:10:24 ][Lucian] "I'm already /well on track/ to achieving my goals, aren't I?"
  173. [20:10:50 ]* Lucian continues babbling about nothing until he goes red in the face and collapses to his knees.
  174. [20:11:04 ][Lucian] "You've had it rough, girl."
  175. [20:14:40 ][zoofman] She laughs and rubs her face, red as a Voltorb.  "Ugh that was more embarassing than showing off my tits earlier.  The bidoofs were still worse than him, though."
  176. [20:16:15 ]* Metaknight has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  177. [20:16:35 ][zoofman] "I didn't expect you to be so...empathic, given how smug you seem to get about winning things."
  178. [20:17:45 ][Lucian] "I'll be honest, I was going to goad you after I found you at first but I was still kind of tired after waking up."
  179. [20:17:56 ][Lucian] "And after getting to know you a bit more, it didn't feel right?"
  180. [20:20:28 ][Lucian] "I think what finally cinched it was how familiar you were with him and his whacko moods."
  181. [20:20:47 ][Lucian] "That's not really something a ten year old girl should like, have to deal with I don't think?"
  182. [20:21:03 ][zoofman] "I can be quite the bitch too, though," She ponders for a moment.  "I'm never going to be able to have a normal relationship, like who knows what would have happened if he showed up with us yelling at each other."
  183. [20:22:33 ][Lucian] 5d6+3 Med Edu
  184. [20:22:33 ][CritSenpai] Med Edu: 24 [5d6=5,1,5,6,4]
  185. [20:22:56 ][Lucian] "Oh don't worry, he'll be sure to have insightful gems of wisdom for whoever it is you trick into being your boyfriend."
  186. [20:23:03 ][Lucian] "Wrap it before you tap. Genius."
  187. [20:23:12 ][Lucian] "You should write that down. You never know."
  188. [20:23:27 ][Lucian] tap it*
  189. [20:26:21 ][Lucian] "Also, don't worry. You were pretty on the mark with me. I may not be showing it but inside I'm extremely happy that I apparently won the 'never had to interact with Highlight in his childhood' contest."
  190. [20:26:53 ]* superblazed (~weed@Rizon-B3216C08.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  191. [20:29:24 ][zoofman] "Well you've seen enough of my baggage for my charms to ever work on you, clearly," she smiles wryly.  
  192. [20:29:31 ]* Tupac has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  193. [20:29:54 ][Lucian] "Nope. You're just really hot. You sorta lucked out that you grabbed somebody as shallow as me."
  194. [20:30:17 ][Lucian] "Congratulations. Or not, depending on how you want to look at it."
  195. [20:32:32 ][zoofman] She drops the smile immediately, not really sure how to react to that one. "Uh?"  She's super easy to read, like, 'wait what just happened.'
  196. [20:33:17 ][Lucian] "Your charms. They totally worked on me."
  197. [20:33:25 ][Lucian] "Consider me 100% totally wooed."
  198. [20:33:44 ]* Lucian shoots her a thumbs up.
  199. [20:34:12 ]* superblazed is now known as Tupac
  200. [20:35:37 ][zoofman] "Wow, um, I'm a little too tipsy and emotionally unstable to really process that at the moment, um, tell you what, where are you and your friends heading?"
  201. [20:36:57 ][Lucian] "Blackwillow. We've got a conference to attend and make a presentation at."
  202. [20:37:13 ][Lucian] "You gonna be here in Luvdisc Bay with Sven for a while?"
  203. [20:37:36 ][zoofman] "Huh, funny, me too.  And yeah."
  204. [20:37:46 ][Lucian] "He's probably disappointed that we never went diving with him..."
  205. [20:38:02 ][Lucian] "Wait, what? Do you mean the Blackwillow thing or are you also showing up at the conference?"
  206. [20:38:41 ][zoofman] "He mentioned the diving? Jerk, that was stuff -I- brought, I couldn't get him to go with me.  And yeah, both."
  207. [20:39:52 ][Lucian] "Well to be fair, you were off being drunk and sulky for most of the day."
  208. [20:41:17 ][zoofman] "This was way earlier!  But yeah we're here till I need to go to Blackwillow."
  209. [20:41:40 ][Lucian] "When do you need to be there? And why are you attending, by the way?"
  210. [20:42:20 ][Lucian] "We're working for Professor Benedict and have field samples we're going to talk about but I don't think I really know what you do."
  211. [20:42:57 ][zoofman] "I'm a Professor's Aide, we were told we need to be there for it but weren't given my specifics on the topic."
  212. [20:43:10 ][Lucian] "...huh. Small world."
  213. [20:43:19 ][Lucian] "Who do you work for?"
  214. [20:44:20 ][zoofman] "Professor Bing, you work for Benedict? Huuuh...I'd expect someone like him to pick someone...bulkier?"
  215. [20:45:23 ][Lucian] "I'm bulky where it counts."
  216. [20:45:28 ][Lucian] "My brain."
  217. [20:46:07 ][Lucian] "Which is to say I'm very academically inclined and intelligent."
  218. [20:46:50 ][zoofman] "Fair enough, it is a research job, after all, even if the guy in charge isn't known for being witty."
  219. [20:49:15 ][zoofman] She looks at her bottle and decides to down the rest of it. "Wow this conversation got unsexy fast.  Since we'll be around each other for a while, wanna just see how things go in Blackwillow?  And for now, go back, get some more drinks, go to my tent, and just make out?"
  220. [20:50:30 ][Lucian] "I've love t-"
  221. [20:51:28 ][Lucian] "Your tent, as in the one you share with Sven?"
  222. [20:52:24 ][zoofman] She thinks about that, "Oh right that'd be awkward for him, wouldn't it?"
  223. [20:52:35 ][Lucian] "Yeah, it would be..."
  224. [20:53:07 ][Lucian] "So yeah, I'd love to but I think going back would be a little weird."
  225. [20:53:43 ][zoofman] She hrms, "Well it's quiet over here..." she decides to forget the drinks (for now) and just pounces on you like a Jynx in a cagematch. </mini>
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