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  1. Abbadon Sadi
  2. Eddie 'Snowman' Verdino
  3. Ellocin Aeturnus
  4. Grace 117
  5. Incarnate duJour
  6. Isidor Dorgiers
  7. Jynx Electro
  8. Lakayn Parquez
  9. Logan Necros
  10. Lot Lizzy Herpalitis
  11. madz skillx
  12. Owen McGrady
  13. Ray Kilo Sosa
  14. ReachOut and TouchFaith
  15. Someone ToHear YourPrayers
  16. Soree
  17. Soth Ravenspur
  18. The Master Blaster
  19. Vector Casius
  20. YourOwn Personal Logi
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