TITAN AF — @crybabyjoon

May 28th, 2017
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  1. // MOMOMO //
  2. USERNAME — @crybabyjoon
  3. PASSWORD 1 — aju nice
  4. PASSWORD 2 — momomo
  6. SLOT — ROCK
  9. FULL NAME — Dasom Hartlyn Nam
  11. STAGE NAME — Hartlyn
  14. sarang – group members, her first name is the older korean word for love
  15. lynnie – family, younger family members tend to call her this because it's cute
  16. hart – friends / group members, catches her attention easier
  17. nammy – family / group members, isn't really fond of it, usually used to tick her off
  19. BIRTHDAY — June 28, 1996
  20. AGE — 20
  22. NATIONALITY — british
  23. ETHNICITY — korean
  25. BIRTHPLACE — london, england
  26. HOMETOWN — seoul, south korea
  29. english (100%)
  30. korean (100%)
  32. HEIGHT — 157 cm
  33. WEIGHT — 50 kg
  34. BLOOD TYPE — AB +
  36. // CATCH ME //
  37. FACE CLAIM — binnie (oh my girl)
  38. BACKUP — eunha (gfriend)
  39. BACK BACKUP — hyebin (momoland)
  41. PERSONALITY — dasom is someone who is easily ticked off by the smallest of things, having a short temper, though she doesn't easily show it. the girl is amazing at hiding her angered feelings, making sure she doesn't backhand or snap at whoever caused her anger, though this fact makes people even more cautious towards her. of course, she can be your everyday young adult who smiles and gets along with everyone just like anyone else, but she gets even more sarcastic and blunt when tempted. dasom doesn't TRY to come off as scary or intimidating, it's just her thing sometimes as she's very fiery and easily comes up with a comeback. though, people can't help but question her if she was actually playing an act, all because of the mere fact that she happens to be very clumsy. dasom will be having a competition on who can come up with the most dangerous comebacks, till she jumps around in victory and end up falling flat on her butt. she'll be walking calmly, and suddenly drift on, thinking about something, and she messes up her perfect footsteps only to accidentally step on the back of her foot and fall. but!! because she's so much smaller than others sometimes, she'll be taken into their arms or she'll quickly make many movements and SOMEHOW stand up straight again. because dasom is really cute, at times, she easily catches attention. she's easily recognized, yet she isn't the most overrated member in the group!! she tends to blame it on herself and the fact that she comes off as slightly distant, not really liking the attention.
  43. BACKGROUND - in her birthplace, london, dasom was very known in her school and neighborhood. mainly being because, woah!! an asian who lives in england!! of course, she wasn't the ONLY asian in all of england, but she was one of the few in her school. dasom was born and grew up till the age of 13 in london, england, her mother's birthplace and hometown. though, she soon moved to her fathers birthplace, seoul, south korea, and wasn't s popular as she was back at home for the first week. that is, till she was listening to one of her favorite american band, mumbling the english words and!! she was suddenly known as the asian that was born in the united kingdom. after a while, dasom was scouted on the busy streets of seoul, being noticed by a entertainment company named PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT. she was highly confused, not really sure if she should listen to whatever she was told. heck, the girl was only winging it when she was rapping with the group her friends formed. after having a heated, serious conversation with her parents, she decided that maybe music was something she was exceptionally good at and wanted to take the chance. she visited the entertainment, soon becoming a trainee under the companies name.
  45. FAMILY -
  46. Nam Sung Min / 50 / father / doctor / 9
  47. Fenella Nam / 50 / mother / prosecutor / 9
  48. Daehyun Hannes Nam / 20 / twin brother / university student & tutor / 10
  49. Dae Huxley Nam / 15 / younger sister / high school student / 10
  51. GREETING - "it's the girl who stole your heart, hartlyn!" *holds finger hearts*
  53. // SECRET //
  55. -organizing
  56. -hip hop and indie
  57. -when people go "ooh" after a fiery comeback
  58. -small, cute plants she can look after
  59. -ship ships ships!!
  60. -underrated musical artists
  61. -amusement parks
  62. -boba tea
  63. -fluffiness aka dogs and cats
  64. -big, oversized, soft clothing
  66. DISLIKE -
  67. -really really messy people
  68. -hate comments
  69. -when someone is mocking or teasing another person
  70. -being called stuck up
  71. -really unappreciative people
  72. -when people speak their rude ass thoughts
  73. -heated weather
  74. -dark, bitter coffee
  75. -bugs and insects
  76. -really sexual, showy clothing
  78. HABITS -
  79. -taps her fingers on a table or her foot on the floor
  80. -unintentionally starts bopping once a really catchy song starts
  83. -can bend her fingers backwards to touch the back of her hand
  84. -can fit 300 small marshmallows and 95 big marshmallows in her mouth
  86. TRIVIA -
  87. -really enjoys making tie dye shirts
  88. -has really flexible fingers, can do a lot of figures and movements with them
  89. -has a cat and dog named roro and toto
  90. -likes placing stickers on things she owns
  91. -named all her plants weird yet cute names
  92. -thinks beatboxers are the coolest thing to exist
  93. -thinks honorifics are weird so she tends to forget about them and talks to everyone casually
  94. -likes the word sunbaenim???
  96. -use to be really friendly with everyone, used to be asked on the daily if she had a crush on so and so because she showed so much sweet emotion to everyone she talked to
  98. TRAINEE YEARS - 4 years
  100. HOWDID THEY GET IN? — dasom had a group of friends that practically dedicated their teen lives on making dance, vocal, or rap covers of popular songs. of course, dasom being the very good friend that she is, watched every of their performances. she'd even watch the practicing due to the fact that she was bored everyday after school, meaning she knew almost everything the group had worked for. on that night, as the group was performing in the middle of a crowd and dasom was bobbing her head to the music as she was in charge of pausing or starting the music, a group member had made a wrong step resulting in a limping leg. she was suddenly pulled into the group and was slightly dancing as she held a microphone and rapped. dasom caught attention and was scouted by PLEDIS ENT. (ik u said 5 sentences but like, ily <3)
  102. HOW DO THEY ACT ON VARIETY SHOWS? — dasom is either always in the front or in the back, though she's always extremely quiet and doesn't WANT to catch attention. but because her normal expression makes her look mad, she always gets caught and teased. she's very loud, when she gets attention though, and even jumps around and pulls other members around with her.
  104. TALENT TWIN —
  105. vocals — jungkook ( bts ) [hopefully I can put a male?]
  106. rap — T.O.P ( bigbang) [tbh I don't listen to girl groups)
  109. jooheon ( monsta x )
  110. kid ( varsity )
  112. STAGE PERSONA — though dasom is really introverted when she's out, she's really out there when performing and on stage. she makes sure to say hello to every phone she sees, recording her. oshe's really jumpy and energetic (as well as smiley), she'll cling onto a members back or smile to another member from across the stage.
  115. —does small aegyo routine she made herself when none of the members are looking
  116. —she accepts and makes sure to wear / carry around all the gifts that's given to her by fans
  117. —when at fansigns, she makes sure to do whatever the fans request her to do
  119. // I WISH //
  123. —the girls go on a c o f f e e d a t e
  124. —weekly idol! weekly idol! weekly idol!
  125. —& when they're on weekly idol, have them be all quiet and the calmest group they've ever had there but once they get comfortable they'rE THE CEAZIEST AND WONDER WHY THEY WERE INVITED
  126. —they're filming for a music video, but then it gets dark out so wherever they were filming at gets really spooky and they play hide and seek!!
  127. —a lot of jump scares and whining and just,,^^
  128. —they, which ever group members, encounter fans on the street for the first time ever and it's hella awks bc wow!! first time!!
  130. SCANDALS —
  131. —in which sasaeng fans made a rumor that dasom was dating, can be her fraternal twin brother or another idol??, because she was seen out in public with a male and seemed to be very close with him.
  132. —was rumored to be really rude and stuck up because she was seen to be 'having a heated conversation' with a staff member when in truth she was only talking about another member and how cute they were earlier so passionately
  133. —was rumored that she's gay because she declined to give her number to multiple boys back in high school, a student that use to attend making this a big topic online.
  136. —BIG (bc when I think of 'TITAN' I think of the anime...)
  137. —CLASH (idk where I'm going at I'm sorry)
  139. SONG SUGGESTIONS — (lemme check my Spotify playlist real quick)
  140. —200% by akmu
  141. —don't flirt by winner
  142. —4 walls by f(x)
  143. —love paint by nu'est
  144. —u by primary (i <3 this song omG)
  145. —pretty pretty by pentagon
  146. —beautiful by crush
  147. —stay with me by chanyeol & punch
  148. —who are you by sam kim (i love him)
  149. –hush by lasse lindh (this song is so great, I'm–)
  150. —(tbh all of the GOBLIN ost)
  151. —july by kris wu
  152. —time machine by seven o'clock!!
  153. –yesterday by block b
  154. —she's a baby by zico
  155. —sentimental by winner
  156. —pricked by mino & taehyun (winner)
  157. —love is a lie by winner
  158. —empty by winner (can u tell I like winner??)
  159. —please don't by k.will!! (you should listen to this omg omg it's so good)
  160. (k, that was a lot tbh)
  163. INDIVIDUAL FANDOM COLOR — burgundy or wine red (?)
  166. instagram — hart.som
  167. snapchat — hart.lyn
  168. twitter — hart.som
  169. snow — nammy
  171. GROUPCHAT USERNAME — hartbeat
  173. MESSAGE TO ME — ily btw <3 I hope u do really good on this apply fic, and ik I tend to forget to read what you update but if I get the chance to be on your new aplomb fic, I promise to be much more serious!!
  175. EXTRA — nope nope nope : ))
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