Quiet Sunsets 4 (AiE, Celestia)

Oct 31st, 2013
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  1. >You don't remember falling asleep
  2. >You were up all night with the white pony princess
  3. >Telling her anecdotes from your past
  4. >While you both indulged on a cherry pie
  5. >Mostly she did, you leaned your head on her body and relaxed
  6. >She kept you warm with her wing
  7. >You only had to keep talking, that's all she wanted
  8. >But after hours of this, she excused herself to raise the sun
  9. >Next thing you remember is waking in a bed a lot larger than your own
  10. >In a room twice the size of your entire apartment
  11. >Groggily, you try to get out of bed
  12. >You have to roll over a few times to find the edge of the thing
  13. >Sheesh
  14. >On the night table there is a silver platter
  15. >A few pieces of fruit, a plate with toast and jam, and a note
  16. >You grab an apple and read the note while you read
  18. "Anon, I hope you don't mind but I had you brought to a guest suite. When I returned from my morning duties I found you asleep on my platform. I would have been a terrible host if I had left you there, I will be busy till sundown, as always, but I am free for dinner if you'd be kind enough to join me. I had a wonderful time last night and would love to enjoy your company again. Same time and place as yesterday. If you have other arrangements, please leave me a note with one of the guards, they'll be sure to get it to me. Thank you for your kindness.
  20. ~ Celestia
  22. PS: I took the liberty of having your uniform cleaned and pressed, you'll find it in the wardrobe
  24. >You didn't notice before, but you're in silk pajamas
  25. >Like something from a 50s TV show, complete with a nightcap you quickly remove from your head
  26. >Does that mean Princess Celestia....undressed you?
  27. >Then again you've seen her and practically every pony you've ever met naked
  28. >They don't really get the modesty thing
  29. >So it might not have been an invasion of privacy in her mind, just a simple act of kindness
  30. >And that's assuming she even did it, it may have very well been the maid
  31. >She was a unicorn too, right?
  32. >Besides, the really weird thing wasn't being naked
  33. >It's that Princess Celestia had perfectly tailored pajamas for you
  34. >...maybe the tailor made them for her using your uniform measurements
  35. >Yea that's all, she figured you'd be sleeping over eventually
  36. >She's been around so long she probably thinks really far ahead
  37. >So making you some pajamas was just an afterthought
  38. >...right?
  39. >You finish the apple and start munching on a peach while you spread some jam on a piece of toast
  40. >The room is eerily quiet while you eat
  41. >Every sound echos in this massive bedchamber
  42. >You look at the platter the simple breakfast is on
  43. >You're no expert but you're pretty sure its real silver
  44. >Along with crystal plates and serving bowls for the jam
  45. >You start taking in the entire room
  46. >Ceilings were painted with intricate patterns and laced with gold
  47. >The walls had paintings on them from who knows where and the wardrobe she mentioned looked so ornate it might be older than the castle itself
  48. >The castle you woke up in
  49. >In a room you could get lost in
  50. >In a bed that your entire kitchen could fit in
  51. >You suddenly felt very insecure
  52. >You were a nobody back home and really wasn't much of anything here
  53. >Yet the most powerful and influential woman in the entire world has the hots for you
  54. >She even made you silk PJs that felt like they were worth more than all the clothes you owned put together
  55. >You finish the rest of your breakfast in a hurry and change back into your uniform
  56. >After a few minutes of consideration, you opt to leave the pajamas behind
  57. >You leave the massive guest room only to find a pegasus guard waiting on the other side of the door
  58. >"Morning, sir!"
  59. "Good morning...."
  60. >You eye him for a moment, it's too early to try and match a voice to an armored body
  61. >Not that he gives you a chance to confuse him with someone else
  62. >"Princess Celestia wished to know that your accommodations were satisfactory and that you enjoyed your breakfast?"
  63. "I...yea, of course, they were fine.."
  64. >Deep down you wanted to tell him that a cot and a McMuffin would have been enough for you
  65. >But he looks like the type who'd repeat that, word for word, with a smile on his face
  66. >"I'll let her know immediately! Oh, and the main exit is that way"
  67. >He thrusts a hoof down the hall, then flies off in the opposite direction
  68. >You shrug and head toward the exit
  69. >Along the way every single pony you see either looks at you in wonder
  70. >Or approaches you with a bright smile and introduces themselves
  71. >You met more ponies on your walk out than you did your first week in Equestria
  72. >And the guards keep saluting you and smiling when you return the gesture
  73. >What the heck is going on?
  74. >How long were you asleep?
  75. >Why is everyone acting you you're some kind of....
  76. >...oh christ...
  77. >You break into a sprint, nearly topping over a larger stallion in a tuxedo before bolting out the door
  78. >You needed to get home now
  79. >Despite the castle being a bizarro world of itself
  80. >The rest of Canterlot is normal
  81. >News of your private audience with the Princess hasn't left the castle yet
  82. >That's good, you're not ready for this
  83. >You make it back to your apartment
  84. >Let yourself in and slam the door behind you
  85. >Fumble with the only lock you had, a deadbolt you insisted be installed
  86. >Panting from your run through town and the castle, you put your back to the door and slump to the floor
  87. >What have you gotten yourself into, Anon?
  88. >Is this how it's going to be now?
  89. >Is it really that terrible?
  90. >You needed to have some alone time to think
  91. >You had the day off, thanks to Celestia
  92. >So you had a chance to shower, cool off and assess the situation
  93. >Ponies are happy creatures
  94. >They are especially happy when Celestia is nice to them
  95. >So once they find out she likes you...
  96. >They're going to be happy and nice to you to make Celestia happier
  97. >That isn't terrible news but its just weird
  98. >Especially the guards, you're used to humans
  99. >Humans would have gotten angry that you were trying to brown nose or something
  100. >Not been eager to make a good impression
  101. >Why get upset that the world here is all nice and cheery?
  102. >Heck, the only reason you had the deadbolt installed is because ponies kept inviting themselves over to check on you
  103. >It was cute at first but you liked your privacy and ponies didn't quite understand that
  104. >But really they were just being friendly and wanted to keep you company
  105. >...maybe you're the one who's in the wrong here, Anon?
  106. >Shrug and start getting ready for dinner
  107. >You figure the 'something comfortable' suggestion from last night was still valid
  108. >But you don't wanna go TOO casual
  109. >And you don't have many choices now that you look in your closet
  110. >Actually, save the robe you were given after you arrived, and a few various sets of uniforms and workout clothes, all you have is the jeans and t-shirt you arrived in the world in
  111. >So you decide to stick with your uniform
  112. >You feel a little more comfortable in it anyhow
  113. >You know she likes it for one
  114. >Plus, you hate to admit it but you look pretty damned good in it
  115. >It was designed to emulate the pegasus guard's general color scheme
  116. >Mostly white, with gold thread
  117. >The trademark blue star on your shoulders
  118. >It made you stand out in a good way
  119. >And if the ponies are going to be eager to make you happy, might as well look official
  120. >Even they might have problems saluting and introducing themselves to a guy dressed sloppily
  121. >Though you get the feeling Celestia won't care either way
  122. >She just wants a friend
  123. >Well, more than a friend
  124. >Even so, uniform it is, and you leave your apartment and start the walk over
  125. >It'll take about a half hour for you to--
  126. >There's a chariot parked outside
  127. >And a unicorn guard waiting for you
  128. >You seriously consider turning around and locking yourself in your apartment for the rest of the night
  129. >"Mr. Anonymous?"
  130. >You nod slowly
  131. >"Princess Celestia mentioned your dinner arrangements this evening. Her aides took the liberty of securing your transportation"
  132. >The two royal pegasus guards attached to the thing both salute and smile
  133. >The unicorn leads you to the chariot and uses his magic to open the door for you
  134. >You climb in, he shouts to the pegasi and follows you in, securing the door
  135. >He has the biggest grin imaginable
  136. >"I hope this made your night easier, sir"
  137. >This couldn't be more uncomfortable
  138. >But you thank him anyhow
  139. >At least you won't have to walk
  140. >The chariot brings you to one of the many "flat docks" adjacent to the castle towers
  141. >"This is the closest we can let you off, Anon. You will have to enter through the royal kitchen but Princess Celestia's private dining room is beyond them. If you'd rather we--"
  142. "No, it's OK, thank you!"
  143. >You practically have to shove him out of the way to get off the thing
  144. >He waves and the chariot takes off to go back to the garage or hangar
  145. >It depends on who you ask
  146. >Earth Ponies and Pegasi tend to bicker about that a lot
  147. >You shake your head and push open the double doors leading to the kitchen
  148. >This is a service entrance but he's right, it goes right into a storeroom that feeds directly to the kitchen
  149. >You've been here once before, when you were training with Storm Dancer on a dual species exercise
  150. >They grouped you with the Earth Ponies and he was to drop you off and---
  151. >The kitchen, the one you expected to be full of ponies hurrying about making dinner, is completely empty
  152. >All except one large, white alicorn
  153. >Her back is to you, a cookbook floating to her left, a pot with a spoon spinning in it on the stove
  154. >She's humming softly to herself
  155. "Princess....Celestia?"
  156. >She freezes, every spell she had cast simultaneously stopping at the sound of your voice
  157. >The cookbook lands on the counter
  158. >"Anon?!"
  159. >She turns around
  160. >She looks shocked and slightly embarrassed
  161. >"How did you...where did you come from?"
  162. >You explain how the guards picked up you and had you come in through the service entrance
  163. >"Oh...oh that makes some sense, yes."
  164. >She smiles
  165. >But you could tell something was up
  166. >Because she kept eyeing her pot of something
  167. "Where're your chefs?"
  168. >"I sent them home, I figured after that feast they made yesterday, it would be only fair they received a day off for their trouble"
  169. >You nod and walk to her side
  170. >You look at the cookbook
  171. >The recipe is for a tomato bisque
  172. >But whatever is in her pot is more like ketchup
  173. >"I must admit, preparing a meal is not as easy as I remember it"
  174. "When was the last time you made dinner, your highness?"
  175. >It takes her a few seconds to answer you
  176. >But to her credit, she was legitimately thinking about it
  177. >"I believe it was during the great famine, as a show of good will I opened the royal food stores and helped bake bread."
  178. >That doesn't really answer your question
  179. >Your face gives away your puzzlement
  180. >"Anon, how old are you?"
  181. >You tell her
  182. >"Before you were born, let us simply leave it at that"
  183. >You blink a few times
  184. >She winks and chuckles
  185. >You laugh and shake your head
  186. "Forget I asked, do you want some help?"
  187. >"You can cook, Anon?"
  188. ", but I saw a bunch of stuff that would look good between sliced bread."
  189. >She smiles and levitates the pot off the stove and dumps the contents in the sink
  190. >"I believe I can settle for a few sandwiches tonight."
  191. >You grin and agree to do that while she cleans up
  192. >The kitchen itself is large enough where you and her don't run into each other again
  193. >But you catch her watching you every so often when you look up
  194. >Always wearing that soft, happy smile
  195. >You give her a small wave when you catch her observing you and she blushes and goes back to what she was doing
  196. >It so strange seeing her like that
  197. >But you can think about that later, you haven't eaten since breakfast and you're standing in a pantry with more food than you can imagine
  198. >Grabbing a loaf of bread, you get to work
  199. >Everything has to be done by hand, including slicing the bread and cheese
  200. >Takes a lot longer than you thought
  201. >You end up making a bunch of different sandwiches with whatever you find
  202. >Few different cheeses, some PB&J
  203. >You pile them on a plate and bring them to the dining room
  204. >It's not lost on you that this food should be beneath her
  205. >"They look delicious!"
  206. >But she doesn't seem to mind
  207. >While she's admiring the bunch of sandwiches you prepared, she levitates a pie from a nearby oven
  208. >Smells like pecan this time
  209. >"I had the baker stay a little longer, I know better than to meddle with dessert"
  210. >She winks again and you follow her to her table
  211. >Your turn to blush
  212. >She had turned away so she doesn't see
  213. >Your eyes wander and you blush a little more
  214. >But you try not to lag behind
  215. >Or stumble, that wouldn't be good
  216. >The table had been set but other than the sandwiches and the pie, it looked bare by comparison to last night
  217. >Despite that, Celestia looks like she's happier than she's ever been
  218. >Is it the simple meal, you wonder?
  219. >Or just that she's sharing it with you?
  220. >"So, how was your day off?"
  221. >She asks while retrieving one of the cheese sandwiches and taking a bite
  222. "Well..."
  223. >You take a bite of a sandwich to buy you a little time before you tell her about how surreal everything was
  224. >From the ponies being super nice, to the guards treating you like a VIP
  225. >Down to waking up in the guest suite in different clothes
  226. >She must have sensed your uneasiness and addressed the last part
  227. >"Oh, don't fret, Anon. The maids were responsible for your change of clothes. I wouldn't have violated your privacy."
  228. >You nod
  229. >She levitates a second sandwich from the pile
  230. >You wait for her to take a bite before you address something that's been bugging you all day
  231. "Why did you have pajamas for me?"
  232. >She stops chewing for a second and swallows
  233. >"Oh...I felt they would be necessary someday so I had the tailor make them."
  234. >You don't say anything
  235. >Your eyes tell her you'd like a little more information
  236. >She looks toward the ceiling and actually rubs the back of her head with her hoof
  237. >"I put the order in before you joined the guard, I wasn't sure what your intentions were but I wrongly assumed you would have spent more time in the castle. They would have been a gift"
  238. "You give all your guests pajamas?"
  239. >"Only the ones who make a habit of sleeping over"
  240. >She winks for the third time now
  241. >You feel your face redden slightly
  242. >She must have noticed because she giggles a bit
  243. >"I understand if it was a little unsettling but they just happened to come in handy"
  244. >You take a drink of water to cool your face a little
  245. "I'm sorry, I'm not used to someone being this nice to me"
  246. >That's one way to put it
  247. >If it wasn't an immortal sun goddess sitting across from you, you would have been creeped out
  248. >But because of who she is, you feel more honored than anything else
  249. >That she'd give your comfort a second thought, or even have time to
  250. >"These sandwiches taste as good as they look, Anon"
  251. >You nod in agreement, realizing she's on her third
  252. >She sure can eat
  253. >Must be all that magic to raise and lower the sun
  254. >"I appreciate you rescuing us from my cooking. Anyone else would have choked down that mess I was making and told me how delicious it was."
  255. >You laughed
  256. "Your secret is safe with me, Princess"
  257. >"Good. For if word spread across the Kingdom that their Princess could not cook, we'd have a revolt on our hands!"
  258. >You both laugh a little louder, exchanging silly stories about the fate of the realm resting on her ability to prepare food
  259. >All the uneasiness of the day seemed to melt away as you two laughed and joked
  260. >That always happened when you were alone with her
  261. >All the other stuff didn't matter
  262. "Maybe next time we can go out somewhere?"
  263. >It was a pretty simple suggestion
  264. >That seems to bring the good mood to an end
  265. >She sighed and the utensils to cut the pie levitated into view
  266. >She offered you a slice
  267. >You decline and ask again about maybe going somewhere for your next dinner together
  268. >"Oh we...could would be quite problematic"
  269. "How so?"
  270. >She sighs
  271. >"You saw how they were just to you, Anon. How uncomfortable that made you feel? Can you imagine if I was with you? We wouldn't get a moment's peace"
  272. >You sigh, she was right
  273. >You've seen how the ponies wait on her every whim
  274. >Plus she always enjoys your talks more than anything else
  275. >Without that, you two might as well dine alone
  276. >"It was a nice thought, Anon. Believe me when I say, I felt more joy from the request than sadness that we could not make your offer a reality"
  277. >She was smiling again
  278. >You could set your watch to how quickly she could cover her emotions and return to her normal state
  279. >But you're not discouraged just yet
  280. "Couldn't you...magic up a disguise or something?"
  281. >She chuckles and shakes her head
  282. >"Anon it's not that simple..."
  283. "Why not?"
  284. >It seemed like she didn't expect that
  285. >Because the fork with a big chunk of pie stopped mid-air
  286. >"I...honestly do not know. I've never attempted it. But the guards and the staff would be rattled if I were to just vanish!"
  287. "You're technically 'vanished' right now. They don't need to know you left your chambers"
  288. >Her eyes darted around the room a little and she quickly shoved pie into her mouth
  289. >To avoid talking
  290. >This is unexpected
  291. >She's genuinely flustered
  292. >You wait silently, a small grin on your face as she takes forever to chew the pie
  293. >It was tough to decide what was really going through her head
  294. >Was she excited at the thought or nervous to leave the castle without an escort?
  295. >Or maybe overwhelmed that she'd actually go on a date for the first time in...
  296. >Age is just a number, Anon, don't think about it
  297. >She's beautiful, intelligent and a whole list of other things
  298. >Don't get hung up on her age
  299. >Or that she's a different species
  300. >"I would...have to ponder this, Anon. There would be more to do than just 'magic up a disguise' as you said"
  301. >You nod and help yourself to a slice of pie
  302. >That makes her smile a bit
  303. >Simple things always did
  304. >"It may take awhile to discover the right set of spells and magic, would you be OK with our current arrangement till then?"
  305. "Of course, I'm having a great time with you"
  306. >"I'm...very glad. I was worried the beginning of your day may have soured how you felt about...with me"
  307. "It was a little weird but I'll get used to it. You're worth all the hospitality, soft beds and happy ponies I'll have to deal with from now on"
  308. >You smirk and she blushes, giggling softly
  309. >You love these tiny moments you two keep having
  310. >Its like you're chipping away at the wall around her heart and genuinely liking what you find
  311. >Even if you only get small, quick glimpses of it
  312. >"Care to join me on my balcony again?"
  313. >You shake your head
  314. >She seems a little upset but you quickly follow up
  315. "Take me for a tour of the castle instead. I feel like I've been here forever and don't know a thing about the place. There must be a story behind every brick"
  316. >Her smile, her real smile, quickly returns and she gets to her feet
  317. >"That's a wonderful idea"
  318. >The castle is pretty deserted at night
  319. >Guards see the two of you, stop and salute
  320. >She nods in respect, you salute back
  321. >But for the most part, you're largely allowed to wander without any real interruptions
  322. >And for once she's doing most of the talking
  323. >Explaining how certain decorations were acquired or who painted which painting and what inspired them
  324. >Even the architecture had a story behind it
  325. >Especially how they managed to build a castle in the side of a mountain
  326. >And no matter what, she had a way of explaining things in a way that never flew too far over your head
  327. >It was a welcome change and you enjoyed every minute of it
  328. >If she had hands you would have been holding one long ago
  329. >But the castle was massive, and despite how much time you spent touring it, you only covered maybe a few floors
  330. >She seemed to notice you getting more and more tired because before you knew it
  331. >"And the the Apollo Guest Suite. I believe you've been here before."
  332. >She opened the door with her magic and led you inside
  333. >The bed had been made, the tray of food long gone, and...
  334. >"Your pajamas were placed in the wardrobe, I guessed you may have stayed another night."
  335. "I take it I'm off tomorrow too?"
  336. >"That is a safe assumption"
  337. >You both chuckled, you shaking your head
  338. "You always think of everything, Celestia?"
  339. >"Not always...I cannot think of how to end this tour properly."
  340. >You turn to her
  341. >Her features are shining, a smile across her face
  342. >Her mane is blowing gently as always
  343. >And her eyes lock with yours, those soft purple windows to her soul
  344. >You step closer, placing a hand gently on her neck
  345. >She wraps a wing around your back
  346. >The space between your faces slowly diminishes, her warm breath caressing your skin
  347. >And just as both your eyes begin to close, your lips nearing each other
  348. >She pulls you to her body with her wing, her head resting on your shoulder
  349. >You wrap your other arm around her and give her a tender squeeze
  350. >Neither of you say a word
  351. >She whispers something, while you didn't quite catch what she said, you understand and stroke her back slowly
  352. >The hug lasts longer than any single embrace you've ever had
  353. >With her or anyone really
  354. >She feels so soft and warm, you hardly care that this wasn't exactly what you wanted
  355. >All the while you feel her heart trembling in her chest
  356. >Giving away how nervous she actually was
  357. >It was still hard to believe little old you could make her feel like that
  358. >Eventually, she backs away, withdrawing her wing and looking you in the eyes again
  359. >"Thank you, Anon"
  360. >You nod and smile
  361. >She does the same
  362. >She sighs happily and her horn glows, the door to the room opening
  363. >"I think I'm going to retire for the evening. I'll need to raise the sun soon."
  364. >You walk with her back to the door
  365. >Stopping only when she reaches the hallway
  366. >"This evening has been a pleasure. Perhaps tomorrow night we can explore the library together? I believe there are a few spell books I need for our future endeavors"
  367. "Of course, Celestia, sounds like fun"
  368. >She doesn't leave right away
  369. >You both stand there, studying each other, enjoying the moment together
  370. >She has a slight blush on her cheeks the more you look at her
  371. >Accentuated more by her beautiful smile
  372. >She pulls you in for another hug
  373. >A much quicker one than before, but it still felt wonderful
  374. >You parted again, and it took a lot of willpower not to try and kiss her again
  375. >There would be plenty of chances in the future
  376. >"Goodnight, Anon"
  377. >She smiled and bowed her head
  378. "Goodnight, Celestia"
  379. >You give her mane one final stroke before she takes her leave
  380. >You kept watching till she disappeared down the hall
  381. >Your heart racing with every quiet hoof step
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