Pokemon Sapphire (J) Any% Glitchless FAQ

May 30th, 2018
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  1. Pokemon Sapphire (J) Any% Glitchless FAQ
  2. twitch.tv/g_heinz
  3. [Updated 5 Jun 2018]
  5. Q: What are you trying to do?
  7. A: Beat the Japanese version of Pokemon Sapphire as quickly as possible without glitches.
  9. Q: Why are you playing in Japanese? Is it because the text is faster?
  11. A: Yes and no. Unlike other speedrunning communities, Pokemon runners do not consider two different language versions to be the "same game", so we keep separate leaderboards for ENG and JPN runs of all games. So while text does save a lot of time compared to the English version, the biggest reason I am running Japanese is because the natures of the enemy Pokemon are different, and in many cases this changes the routing options significantly, and for the better.
  13. Q: Why does X nature difference matter?
  15. A: Here is a list of the most important (beneficial) differences:
  16. - Calvin's Zigzagoon is neutral speed (+spe in ENG), so you always outspeed instead of tying
  17. - Josh's L10 Geodude is neutral attack (-atk in ENG), so it always 2HKOes Wingull
  18. - Joey's Machop is -spdef, so non-Torrent WG always 2HKOes
  19. - Wattson's Magnemite is neutral speed (+spe in ENG), so you outspeed naturally. This allows you to heal with
  20. a Potion instead of a Super Potion before the gym and use your X Speed on Voltorb guy instead of Wattson, and
  21. still have good HP for Brooke
  22. - Brooke's Roselia is -def (neutral def in ENG), so +0 MS always OHKOes (77% range in ENG)
  23. - Hiker Mike in Rustturf Tunnel is a required fight in JPN, like in Emerald. This gives enough exp that, with
  24. an additional encounter (Rock Smash or Route 110), you can candy early for Admin Shelly and, with Torrent, OHKO
  25. her Mightyena (avoids risking Swagger)
  26. - The Strength Room Zangoose is -def (neutral def in ENG), so not only is MSx2 always guaranteed, but MS+Strength
  27. is nearly guaranteed
  28. - Norman's first Slaking is neutral def (+def in ENG), so you must MS+Strength+MS in order to avoid heal
  29. range, rather than MSx3
  30. - Winona's Swellow is -spdef (neutral spdef in ENG), so +1 Surf always OHKOes (64% range in ENG)
  31. - Liza and Tate's Solrock is -spdef (neutral spdef in ENG), so Surfx2 is a better 2HKO range. Dive in rain is
  32. 7/16 to OHKO
  33. - Archie 2's Mightyena is -spdef (neutral spdef in ENG), so +1 Surf and Torrent Surf always OHKO. It is also
  34. +spe (-spe in ENG), so it outspeeds you, meaning it will not use Scary Face (spams Scary Face in ENG), which saves
  35. a Guard Spec.
  36. - Archie 2's Crobat is -spe (neutral speed in ENG), so you outspeed at +1
  37. - Archie 2's Sharpedo is -spdef (neutral spdef in ENG), granting better ranges on +1 Torrent Surf,
  38. non-Torrent +2 Surf, and guarantees +3 non-Torrent Surf
  40. Q: Why didn't you stop time at the Hall of Fame?
  42. A: Historically the Japanese community stops time in Pokémon speedruns when "THE END" appears at the end of the credits, whereas English timing stops when the screen fades to black after entering the Hall of Fame. This is strictly a formality, since there is no execution to be done during credits, and simply adds ~2m50s to the run. We abide by Japanese timing when playing the Japanese version, and they abide by our timing when playing English.
  44. Q: What's WR?
  46. A: 2:02:34 JRTA by ringo.
  48. Q: What's your goal time?
  50. A: My goal is a deathless, spinnerless run, without horrible timeloss to a bad Kyogre. This should get me at least sub-2 JRTA. Until then though, I will take bad runs (such as a death to TnL on good pace) so that I can PB/record in the meantime.
  52. Q: Do you have notes available?
  54. A: Yep, they can be found here: https://pastebin.com/MLuAsPcX
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