Chapter 39 of Shieldbro & Co Vs Plant Eyeball Thing.

Sep 12th, 2014
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  1. That was a fun chapter to do, I hope you guys enjoy it as well.
  2. Edited By: MythosIX
  4. Chapter 39
  6. Plant Invasion
  8. Naofumi: "Raphtalia, Firo, be careful."
  10. Now then, the enemy is coming with a plant.
  11. According to my vast knowledge of medical herbs, the plant in front is quite unique.
  12. Various ripe fruits could be found from the vines and potatoes could be seen on the root.
  13. That's not all, apparently it also has the ability to spit poison and attach parasites to the human body.
  14. Is the herbicide even going to be effective?
  15. Physically beating it up doesn't seem to be a good plan either…
  16. It attacked us with vines as it advanced.
  18. Raphtalia: "Haa!"
  19. Firo: "Yaa!"
  21. Raphtalia and Firo each cut down some vines.
  22. But, we have already been surrounded by them.
  23. Might as well try magic...
  25. Naofumi: "I am the Hero of the Shield who commands the origin of power. I have read and deciphered a law of nature. May the power of nature defend me!"
  26. Naofumi: "Fast Guard!"
  28. I applied defensive magic on Raphtalia and Firo.
  29. This magic improved the target's defence by a percentage. It is a support magic that shines when the target has high Defence.
  31. Raphtalia: "Thank you Naofumi-sama"
  32. Firo: "Thanks~"
  34. The pair thanks me as they continue to decimate the attacking vines.
  35. Although we are destroying plants left and right, it's still hard to advance.
  36. It's got to be that. To clear a path, we must use some strong magic, I guess our only choice is to withdraw for now.
  37. But at least, we'll annihilate the enemies here.
  38. There is a high chance that a strong demon is lurking within the village.
  39. According to the stories that have been passed down, there is no sure-fire way to exterminate the plants.
  40. Then a full frontal assault...
  41. Would be impossible, there has to be another way.
  42. Due to the vine's lacking in attack power, my progress should be unimpeded.
  44. Naofumi:"Anyway, I'll investigate myself first."
  45. Raphtalia: "Okay!"
  46. Firo: "Okay~!"
  48. I started running towards the root of the plants in the centre of the village.
  49. It's overflowing with plant demons.
  50. Though, this level is still manageable by the three of us.
  51. However, I'm quite uneasy about Raphtalia and Firo's defence.
  53. Naofumi: "Humm......"
  55. The names of the demons are Bio Plant, Plantriwe, and Mandoragora.
  57. Bio Plant is the general name for all the common plants. Plantriwe Is a demon in the shape of a human made of vines. Mandoragora seems to be an immobile plant fortress.
  58. According to Firo, the Plantriwe scatters poison pollen the big flower on top of its head.
  59. The Mandoragora sprays acid from a vine to weaken and drag in its prey.
  60. Bio Plant is the demon that is producing these two. Occasionally, a vine swells up and these demons burst from within.
  62. I smile in satisfaction as the herbicide withers these demons.
  63. It seems the shield does not consider scattering herbicide an attack.
  64. Is it because these are just really aggressive plants and not actually demons?
  65. I wonder what the criteria is.
  66. Is it the same principal as sprinkling holy water and recovery magic on Zombie-Type Monsters?
  67. There is also the fact that my medicine can cure the parasitic state to consider....
  68. I don't understand.
  69. Perhaps the parasites are pathogens and my treatment medicine is effective against sicknesses.
  71. Naofumi: "So what do we do?"
  73. Plantriwe and vines continued to attack me meaninglessly.
  74. The attacks themselves do nothing, but my nose is slightly stuffed because of the poison.
  75. The acid is also troublesome. It seems to be very effective in lowering the Defensive status.
  76. Still, it's not as if they can break through. Snake's Poison Fang (Intermediate) makes those effects useless.
  77. This is pretty common. The enemy is a plant and uses poison.
  79. Naofumi: "Raphtalia"
  80. Raphtalia: "Cough...! What is it?"
  82. The air seems to be bad for Raphtalia...
  83. Raphtalia's respiratory system was damaged before. Although she is cured, it might still be weak.
  85. Naofumi: "Here, take this herbicide just in case."
  86. Raphtalia: "Ah, Okay!"
  88. I throw some herbicide to Raphtalia. I hope it will be useful in an emergency
  90. Raphtalia is caught by vines and it looks like she's about to be violated.
  92. The ways these vines wriggle about remind me of heroines from an eroge…
  94. Raphtalia: "Naofumi-sama?"
  96. Raphtalia: "You're thinking of something quite rude aren't you?"
  98. However, when the vines wrap around Raphtalia, she tears them apart calmly.
  99. Unexpectedly, it seems like they have no durability.
  101. Raphtalia: "Naofumi-sama? Let's hurry up and go!"
  102. Naofumi: "O-okay"
  104. When I arrived at the centre of the village earlier, I saw a gigantic tree.
  105. No wait, if I look carefully, that's a giant vine.
  107. Naofumi: "That seems to be the main body..."
  109. Suddenly, huge eyes appeared on the trunk and stared at us.
  111. Monster: "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  113. That's creepy.
  114. But, that is the main body.
  116. Firo: "Master~ Firo's going in"
  118. Firo does a running jump onto an eyeball from the main body. However, she is intercepted by a giant vine.
  120. Firo: "Ei!"
  122. Firo kicks the vine mid-air, using it as a foothold, but the distance she gained is insufficient.
  124. Firo: "Master~"
  125. Naofumi: "I know! Air Strike Shield!"
  127. I used Air Strike Shield on where Firo was falling to let her use it as footing.
  128. Firo jumped off the shield and straight for the eyeball again.
  130. Firo: "Tei!"
  132. Bicha! With a squish, Firo kicked the eyeball.
  133. That was pretty gross...
  135. Monster: "!!!!!!!!!!"
  137. The earth shakes as the vines tremble in rage.
  138. Is it still not dead even after the eyeball was destroyed?
  139. Hmm...... What happened?
  141. Naofumi: "It's not falling over."
  142. Raphtalia: "I noticed."
  144. With a grotesque sound, the eyeball regenerated.
  145. At the same time, I spotted a plant seed in the middle of the eyeball.
  147. Naofumi: "Raphtalia, Firo. The main body is within that eyeball. Pour the herbicide in it."
  149. The cool-down time is over. I can use Air Strike Shield again. By the way, Plantriwe and Mandoragora were attacking me together.
  150. But it does nothing so I can take it forever.
  152. Naofumi: "I understand!"
  153. Firo: "Roger~!"
  155. Raphtalia Jumps onto Firo's back while approaching the regenerating eyeball.
  156. The eyeball must have registered them as the highest priority threat and unleashed a rain of vines at them.
  158. Naofumi: "Shield Prison!"
  160. I used the cage formed from Shield Prison to protect both of them.
  161. The shield will stay in the air, unless an attack is strong enough to break through.
  162. Effective time is 15 seconds.
  163. Meanwhile, the vines are bouncing off the Prison.
  164. Oops... Vines surrounded the Prison.
  165. After 15 seconds, the Prison disperses. At that moment, I cast Air Strike Shield under Firo to be used as a foothold.
  167. Raphtalia: "Tei!"
  169. Raphtalia's sword flashes and the vines surrounding Firo was cut down.
  170. The vines were cut beautifully and Firo succeed in jumping off the shield.
  171. She kicked the Eyeball twice.
  173. Monster: "!?????"
  175. The eyeball's movements have stopped to repair itself.
  176. By taking advantage of this chance, Raphtalia spreads the herbicide over the eyeball's wounds.
  178. Monster: "!!!!!?????"
  180. An enormous vibration which isn't exactly a voice spreads around the Bio Plant.
  182. Naofumi: "Did we do it?"
  184. I don't even care that I death flagged myself, these attacks aren't even enough to make me itchy.
  185. However, the Bio Plant begins to move again.
  187. Raphtalia: "I apologize. It seems I didn't spread the herbicide well enough."
  188. Naofumi: "No, you did it properly. It seems the herbicide is not effective enough."
  190. There must be something we can do...
  191. Oh, that might work.
  192. Personally applying medicine makes it more effective. I wonder what will happen if I apply the herbicide myself.
  194. Naofumi: "Well, it won't hurt to try that next."
  196. I ignored the enemies surrounding me and took out the herbicide with one hand.
  197. Though recently, I've noticed that my defence is now ranged, I can proceed through enemies even though I’m surrounded.
  198. However, this doesn't apply to my attacks.
  199. I stroll through the large amount of demons like it's nothing.
  200. At last, I've reached the Bio Plant.
  202. Naofumi: "The effect might increase even more if I apply the herbicide while riding Firo."
  204. I scattered the herbicide on all its roots.
  206. Monster: "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????"
  208. The Bio Plant convulsed violently. It seems to be its death throes.
  209. The Bio Plant is dyed brown as its eyeballs dries up.
  210. With a poof, the whole thing started falling apart.
  211. The whole Bio Plant crumbles and we evacuate.
  213. Naofumi: "Oooh..."
  215. All the other demons started turning brown and withering. Everything is gone except for fruits that grew on their bodies and us left.
  216. And...Where the Bio Plant used to be is a shiny seed.
  217. ... It would be dangerous to leave that here...
  219. Naofumi: "I'll keep it for the time being. Maybe my shield can absorb it."
  220. Raphtalia: "Okay"
  221. Firo: "Food!"
  223. We were collecting seeds while Firo stuffed herself with the remaining fruits and potatoes.
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