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  1. [03:44:45 PM] Graham: nobody uses the emps server for downloading porn
  2. [03:44:51 PM] Melting Fire: except thomy
  3. [03:44:55 PM] Melting Fire: we never know what he's doing
  4. [03:44:57 PM] Graham: i'm 99% sure he doesn't
  5. [03:45:00 PM] Melting Fire: well
  6. [03:45:02 PM] Graham: i could check you know melting
  7. [03:45:04 PM] Melting Fire: he deleted the database too
  8. [03:45:08 PM] Graham: lol
  9. [03:45:12 PM] Melting Fire: so...
  10. [03:45:14 PM] Graham: thomy tries to delete history
  11. [03:45:15 PM] Melting Fire: it's highly possible
  12. [03:45:17 PM] Graham: deletes database instead
  13. [03:45:21 PM] Graham: I SEE THE TRUTH NOW!!!!
  14. [03:45:24 PM] Melting Fire: YES
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