Dadonequus Discord Part 165

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  1. >It took you another moment to get your vision from blurring and spinning.
  2. >when you looked around. You realized you were in the backyard instead of the front.
  3. >....luckily for you there was a pool. It had been over a day since you got to do this.
  4. >Going home didn't sound like a bad idea actually. You could use the time to check yourself and steady your mind. Last thing you needed was Fluttershy asking what was wrong. That entire meeting with Diamond didn't exactly go as planned.
  5. >You take your map from your saddle bag and toss it into the pool, and immediately hop in.
  6. >However, as you fall through the portal. You find yourself stopping in mid air once you cross.
  7. >You look down, and...huh...It was Discord. He had reading glasses on and was writing on a little notepad. Resting on your bed.
  8. >He didn't even look at you as he busily wrote "Welcome back Anon, I didn't expect you to come home so soon. Did you get chased off and needed an exit? Or are you taking a shortcut?"
  9. >You look down at him. But you didn't get angry or flustered. There was no reason to. He didn't seem to want to do anything mean to you. And he probably just had you suspended in mid-air as to not to drop on him.
  10. "Huh? oh...actually. everything went ok. I just wanted to come home to sort my thoughts."
  11. >You hovered towards the opposite end of the bed. Your butt being planted gently, your body facing Discord.
  12. >"Sort your thoughts?" Discord stopped for a moment and glanced at you "Did things not go the way you wanted?"
  13. >You readied yourself. In case he tried anything.
  14. "ummmm, it just turns out she reaaaallllyyy likes me. She got a little to close."
  15. >Discord goes back to writing "I see, well. Good on you for keeping your staff in check then."
  16. >..He wasn't doing anything so far. Odd...
  17. "....So, you're still planning the whole reveal to Twilight right?"
  19. >Discord nods "Indeed...I want to make sure we spring it on her on the most opportune moment"
  20. >You look at the notepad
  21. "And...that notepad just has doodles on it. doesn't it?"
  22. >Discord slowly smirks as he flips the notepad over. Revealing an animated,poorly drawn you and him dancing around a Twilight with the top of her head exploding like an atomic bomb. "I don't actually like writing out plans. But this is the projected results. What do you think?"
  23. >You...didn't find it appalling or bad. You were still in a slightly hazy state of mind about what happened with DT. But also, the fact that your opinion of Twilight still wasn't that high made you smile just a little. "needs steam coming out of her ears."
  24. >"ohhh..that's good" Discord snickers as he taps the notepad. making steam come out of the Twilight drawing's ears. "Complete and total meltdown....but enough about that." Discord tosses the notepad into a portal. "You're off to Fluttershy's, aren't you."
  25. >You nod
  26. " feeling ok Discord?"
  27. >So far he hasn't tried anything on you. He was acting......normalish.
  28. >"I'm quite fine. I'm just taking the day to unwind. Doing honest work takes a lot out of me you know"
  29. >That makes you chuckle a little. It was like the reverse of a dark joke.
  30. "I guess fixing other's lives instead of destroying them would tucker you out,huh?"
  31. >Discord took the moment to stretch himself out and yawn.
  32. >"It's hard work, that's for sure. Better reserved for ponies who are into that sort of thing. Still, thinking back on it. It wasn't all bad. It was actually fun working with you. You made it almost as fun as when we terrorized Chryssie. Buuuut, I think the next time we go out on a venture. I'd prefer it leaning towards chaos rather than harmony"
  34. >Wow...he really was in a relaxed state. He wasn't being an ass. He wasn't torturing you. He was being normal.....scary.
  35. "Well, just as long as it's somebody who deserves it. or if it's somebody who doesn't, then let it be a few light pranks."
  36. >"Can do"
  37. >Can do?
  38. "Are you sure you're ok? You're being very agreeable. It's kinda weirding me out man"
  39. >Discord stretches his arm all across the bed and gives you a gentle pat. "I told you, I'm fine. Really Anon, I have my relaxed moments too. If I didn't, I couldn't be friends with Fluttershy. Believe it or not, but my conversations with her actually border on normality."
  40. >That does sound like it kind of makes sense, You don't think Fluttershy would be as warm as she is to Discord if he was just causing chaos around her whenever he visited. And from what little you remember from their interactions in the show. It seemed....docile.
  41. "Sorry, just not used to it."
  42. >Discord smirks on that note "Interesting. Are you saying you want to be tormented? I didn't know you were into that sort of thing. You want me to whip up something?"
  43. >
  44. "nononono, I was just saying...I...ugh"
  45. >You sigh
  46. "I guess I'm still a little tense..."
  47. >"Relax..." Discord makes a sandwich appear,floating in front of you. "Eat something. Enjoy the reprieve. You won't get it in my company very often"
  49. >You look at the sandwich, and take it in your hooves. You knew you didn't need to test it. Discord never really ever did anything to your food but make it super healthy. And you begin to eat it.
  50. "Discord...can I ask you a question?"
  51. >"You may, I may not answer it truthfully depending. But that shouldn't stop you from asking"
  52. >That was the best you were going to get. The question you had though. You wanted answered with truth. So, here's hoping he doesn't lie. Because you'd probably not be able to tell.
  53. "Why don't you try actually dating Fluttershy? It's obvious that you like her more than anyone else."
  54. >Discord was already showing signs of being dodgy "What's that word you use?...Shipping. Anon , please. This isn't one of your "fanfics". Ponies don't just fall in love at the drop of a hat"
  55. "oohh hoo...I beg to differ"
  56. >"She doesn't count. If you had let me kidnap her as planned then she would have never fallen for you. She is a naive filly afterall. I like her attitude though." Discord said as he adjusted his glasses.
  57. "Well then, what's your reason then? Don't dodge the question."
  58. >Discord gives you a stare for a moment, he takes off his glasses and pulls out a drink. He smashes the glasses into the drink, stirs, and drinks.
  59. >"Because, she is a representation of Harmony. And I? a Representation of Chaos. Two things that could never truly coexist together. I wasn't lying when I said I couldn't stand making that kind of commitment. With the irony being that I actually enjoy her company and stories on our free time together. "
  60. >That again, seems he wasn't going to budge more than that. Maybe if you push just a little.
  61. "And that's what you always say, more or less. Are you telling me you wouldn't like her cuddling against you every night? Her telling you that she loves you. You don't want to personally protect that smile?"
  63. >"I could get most of those things without being married to her Anon, Chaos wasn't meant to be tied down in one spot. But I'm sure you need a simpler reasoning as to why I wouldn't. Let's see....hrmmm....ahh, well. How about this? I see Fluttershy, aside as my best friend, as my younger sister who happens to...not be a big fan of chaos. While we have our differences, we like eachother just the same. Actually, I like that analogy alot. It proves that I'm her best friend. I've never heard her other friends ever refer to her like that."
  64. >heh, you were pretty sure he wasn't paying attention if they ever did. But, it seems he really wasn't going to budge. That's fine. This was actually pretty entertaining in and of itself. Just...talking.
  65. "Well, you convinced me. But I'm going to give you hell if I ever notice you trying to be more of a friend to her. Just saying."
  66. >"Fat chance that'll ever happen. But ahhh, it's my turn to ask a question. It's a little personal. So I hope you don't mind if I ask because I'm going to ask it irregardless of if you'd want to hear it or not"
  67. >You think you can handle it.
  68. "Go ahead, there's nothing I can't answer that you probably don't already know"
  69. >"Well then...interesting, because this is a question I'm actually not sure of the answer. And that's why I want to ask it. Tell me Anon...."
  70. >Discord paused. But he didn't take a breath or even really move. His facial expression just became a little softer. "Do you, or have you ever wanted to go back home?"
  71. >......oh...
  72. >Well, of course you didn't want to go back home. Especially not now. Your life was much better here than it ever was there. But Did Discord not really know that? Did he think he was driving you away? Or that you felt homesick?
  73. >You shake your head.
  74. "I'd have to be an idiot to want to go back there. Besides, we're partners. Isn't that what you said? Plus, I don't think you'd let me go home anyway. I mean, what would Fluttershy say if I suddenly disappeared huh?"
  76. >Discord snickered."Good guess, you'd be here for the long haul whether you wanted to go back or not.....but"
  77. >Discord gave you a genuine smile of care "I'm glad you'd want to stay anyway. I've said it before, but you've really grown on me"
  78. "Same here buddy, you're an asshole. But you're a likable asshole...sometimes....kind of."
  79. >You both share a laugh right there and then. And as you do, the floor door slowly opens.
  80. >"....There's a large abundance of love in this room. What are you two doing in here?"
  81. >Chrysalis slowly poked her head up. Eyeing the room, clinging to the ceiling right under the door.
  83. >"Ahhh, Chryssie. Did you want in on our conversation? Feeling lonely perhaps?"
  84. >Chrysalis shifts her eyes towards Discord, she didn't look pleased. "Can it, I'm here for the buffet and...wait..."
  85. >Chrysalis then shifts her eyes towards you with odd curiousness "Anon, is something the matter?"
  86. >She doesn't say it as if she cares, she says it in a way that makes her sound a little sinister.
  87. "What? I'm fine. If you mean me talking to Discord. We're just having a friendly moment. I wouldn't mind if you joined in. It'd be really cool to just sit down and chat with eachother. Maybe tell eachother funny stories"
  88. >"No...I'm not talking about your "moment" "
  89. >Chrysalis slowly crawls completely into the room and nears your bed in a low crawl. Looking up at you. "...........interesting"
  90. >You start to get a little nervous.
  91. "W-what?"
  92. >Chrysalis stands up on all four hooves and looks at you very closely before turning her head towards Discord. "So, he's actually on the precipice of falling in love. Tell me...who's the lucky mare? Is it the Pink one? Did he fall for her? Or maybe he's taken the yell-"
  93. >Discord wiggles a single finger of his talons at Chrysalis "Ah ah, don't mention her in that context while I'm around. You wouldn't like the results. But if you must's a filly actually"
  94. >"W-what?! HAHAHAHA" Chrysalis starts laughing and turns to you "A filly?! Seriously?! I thought you were an "Adult". What happened?!"
  95. >ohhh....goddammit. Well, the comfy moment didn't last long as Chrysalis crashes the moment.
  96. "I am an Adult! geez, and I am not in love with her at all. It's just I care for sister! That's it"
  97. >Discord snickers at that, Chrysalis taking that as a cue of it being a lie. She could tell you were lying anyway. or morseso just in denial. She definitely tasted actual love. Though, not fully bloomed.
  99. >"It's definitely more than a sister. I think it's cute....and delicious"
  100. >You grimace at that, then sigh.
  101. "Come on Chrysalis, don't be like that. Can't we have a normal conversation? Isn't there a subject you'd like to talk about. Hell, if you want. We can talk about how Twilight is dumb."
  102. >"I do like that idea, alright Anon. I'm game...but first. Since I now know your preferences..." She floats upwards. And shrinks down to filly form and glomps and gently nuzzled behind you. "I'd like it to be that of a social gathering. Both of grand topics and scrumptious meals. You're such a generous host"
  103. >You just lean your head down and sigh, blushing a little as she cuddles and feeds.
  104. "...fantastic. Ok, fine...whatever. So, since we are actually going to talk about Twilight. Discord, when are we going to spring the news on her?"
  105. >"News?" Chrysalis asks "Did something terrible happen?" You can feel her bounce gently in excitement "Did somepony get destroyed!"
  106. >"No no, we managed to solve a near impossible friendship problem. One that affects an entire family. It's a problem nopony could solve. Not even Twilight and her friends. Anon and I did such a good job actually...." Discord snaps his talons. You and him both grow horns and alicorn wings. "That I believe an ascension is in order, hurrahs all around"
  107. >Woah, was he serious?
  108. >ahh give your horn a tap. and it just shoots a small stream of confetti.
  109. "We did do pretty damn good. Trust me Chrysalis, if you thought I was bad. This pony wouldn't have had a drop of love to feed on before we reformed her. A real demon of a mare."
  110. >She nuzzles along your neck "I believe you, but what does this all have to do with Twilight Sparkle?"
  111. >wooo, you kept your wits about you as best you could. Sometimes you wondered if making the decision to just feed on you like this was a bad idea. She always had to get so touchy. Your mind had a hard time deciding if this was a good or bad thing.
  113. "Oh, we're just going to rub it in her face. She'll go crazy over it."
  114. >Both you and Discord let out a bit of an evil chuckle. But Chrysalis was actually confused. "......How is that supposed to drive her crazy? Ponies do that kind of nauseating task all the time, don't they?"
  115. >"Yes my dear, but for us. a couple of chaotic characters solving a friendship issue of this magnitude would be momentous and absolutely nonsensical. She'd be stuck on it for Celestia knows how long, ruminating on what should be impossible."
  116. >Chrysalis had her doubts "Or She'll be like every other simple little pony and smile. Clap the ground. And congratulate the both of you on a successful reforming because going insane over something like that doesn't make any sense."
  117. "Yeah, but this is Twilight. I mean, how would you react if say...your changelings just went out on their own and started doing social services for the ponies like cleaning their house or cutting their lawns or babysitting foals?....and not doing it for the love?"
  118. >Chrysalis stayed silent and unmoving for a moment, "I see your point. But is it that wild an idea to solve a friendship problem?"
  119. >Discord nods "When it deals with me? It makes no sense. And when it makes no sense. Twilight goes absolutely bonkers. Though Anon, we do have to watch our wording. If she get's the idea that it was your idea to solve the problem. Then she'll most likely conclude that you convinced me on it."
  120. >You nod "So, all your idea?"
  121. >Discord nods "Exactly, good to know we're both on the same chaotic wavelength."
  122. >"Well...if you both succeed. I demand film and pictures of the moment. I want to see that miserable worm writhe in agony at every moment I can get"
  123. >"Noted, I'll do my best to remember anyway." Discord said as he started stuffing dirt beneath his talons.
  124. "Actually, Discord. ummm...H-hey!"
  125. >Chrysalis began nibbling on your ear.
  127. >"What? stop fidgeting and moaning about this. sheesh Anon, at this point I might as well be your mother; Grooming you to be better equipped when a mare shows you something more than a filly would do."
  128. >You were blushing as she gave your inner ear a little lick. Making it twitch.
  129. "Y-yeah but you're not my mom or my marefriend! You're just doing this for food! You don't see me getting touchy on you."
  130. >"That's because I wouldn't let you. Now what question did you have to ask?" Chrysalis goes back to hugging you from behind. Expertly clinging and massaging your backside.
  131. >You sigh as you start to feel more relaxed. You look at Discord. But he speaks before you do.
  132. >"Anon, I was actually wondering. What if you and Chryssie actually had a child of your own? Ohhh..I wonder what that kind of hybrid would look like. oooohh...makes me shudder just thinking about it, so interesting"
  133. >"WHAT?!" You make a whimper of pain as Chrysalis slams you down with both hooves so she can angrily look at Discord. "HOW DARE YOU! YOU ACTUALLY THINK I'D BREED WITH THIS SCUM I CALL A FRIEND?"
  134. >Discord nods up and down like a happy child "mhmm. From the looks of it, you could take things to the next level fairly soon and make me a granddaddy. Of course, since he or she would be under my roof, then I'd get full rights to him or her."
  135. >Chrysalis stomps over you and steps towards Discord with intense rage. "You listen here you amalgamation of all things stupid! I am feeding off of him. I'm not prepping him for the deed of child making! And if you make another comment on it. I swear I will strike you down right here and....HEY!"
  136. >Discord gently picks up the fillified changeling queen by the tail and gives her a spanking. "I will not tolerate threats in my home....unless I'm the one making them."
  138. >Chrysalis wined as she tried to fly away or change back. But she could do neither as Discord gave her a few waps.
  139. >You sat yourself back up. And stretched. ouch, geez.
  140. "Well that escalated quickly...heh"
  141. >You chuckle as Discord lays down one more whap and puts her down in front of you. She just looks at you with an angry pout. "....What are you looking at?"
  142. "You, come on. It was kind of funny."
  143. >"IT WAS NOT!" Chrysalis yells at you. "I'D SQUASH YOU IF I COULD CHANGE BACK!" Then she growls and turns her head slowly towards Discord "....cheater"
  144. >But it only makes you laugh all the more. She couldn't do shit to you even if she tried. And it made you feel pretty good that she was subject to Discord's pranks. the same as you.
  145. >"STOP LAUGHING!" Chrysalis dives at you as you both fall off the bed and roll. You actually manage to end up pinning her. It seems her strength was matching her current form as well.
  146. "Gotcha!"
  147. >"This isn't a game you idiot! We're supposed to be friends, remember?! But no, it seems you have a death wish!"
  148. > were feeling a little pranky yourself. You were caught up on the moment. And for once, you wanted to dominate Chrysalis.
  149. "Maybe...oh hey! Remember how you like to feed on my love?"
  150. >Chrysalis slowly cringed as she slowly turned her head, eyeing you "....yyesssss....why?"
  151. >You give her a smooch on the nose
  152. "That's why"
  154. >You give her another smooch
  156. >Discord however, was prepping a camera and taking photos. "What? And ruin the moment? I don't think so"
  158. >You grin at her. Hell, this whole situation actually was pretty fun now that Discord was working in your favor. It was mess with Chrysalis take two. But it was a lot more light hearted than before. And a lot cuter too.
  159. "Want me to let you go?"
  160. >"YES! NOW GET OFF OF ME!" She barks
  161. "Say I'm your best friend!"
  162. >"What is this childish nonsense? I'm already your friend.......though by a very small degree at this point"
  163. "Really? Well, that isn't really best friend material is it? Guess I'll just lay on you until you admit that. Because right now, I've managed to dominate you for once"
  164. >"You're cheating! Disco-"
  165. >You give her another smooch
  167. >That made you hesitate for a moment, it made you think of your next words.
  168. "I'm...not in love with anypony. This is called playing. It's been awhile since I've done something like this. But, this is the perfect time and you know I don't mind a nice cuddling. So, ready to give in?"
  169. >"I'd rather be destroyed..."
  170. "Suit yourself. Cuddle time!"
  171. >You bring your head down and start nuzzling on her. Despite her tough carapace, cuddling was still possible. and she wasn't as tough and hard as she was when he's in normal form. And her struggling did her no good. Discord was definitely putting things in your favor.
  173. >That was good enough. You get off of her and grin.
  174. "See? Was that so bad?....Chryssie"
  176. >Chrysalis quickly zipped to the wall, then to the ceiling like a bug. "You are both monsters!"
  177. >You look up at her as she flits her wings, looking down at the both of you angrily.
  178. "Come on. Don't be like that, you tease me EVERY time. Now you're gonna get angry because I teased you once?"
  179. >"Yes! And technically this is twice! You're supposed to be my friend remember? Friends don't do that to eachother!"
  180. >You chuckle and shake your head
  181. "But Chrysalis, friends do mess with eachother from time to time. But always in fun. I just wanted to mess with you a little. I dunno why, I just..felt more confident. I just wanted you to see how it is to be on the receiving end of all that cuddling you do. You know, how you always mess with me anyway? Which kind of contradicts your statement?"
  182. >Chrysalis scoffs "Queen trumps friendship status. Plus I can feed off what I do to you, you however have no reason. And the reason you have is pitiful."
  183. "You gotta give and take Chrysalis. You can't just mess with me and expect me to do nothing."
  184. >"But that's what you usually do is nothing! It made it easy....ugh. I refuse to have this conversation. Just apologize to me and I'll be on my way. And be glad I only ask for an apology. Consider it an act of good will due to our "friendship"."
  185. >Or she just wanted compensation for something she didn't deserve. She couldn't assault you. Just as you can't assault her. And she probably still couldn't change back and was still subtly weakened. You could push it, but. You didn't want her to get stubborn and hold this against you. Even if it was fun.
  186. "I'm sorry Chrysalis. How's that?"
  187. >"That will do...."
  188. >She flies down in front of you and eyes you as she walks sideways towards the floor door. "Know this Anon, just because I enjoyed your company and the movie does not mean you can do those kinds of things to me. And once you realize this, then I shall grace you with my presence once more."
  190. >that was code for "We're friends, but I get to be the one in control"
  191. >You sigh and give her a gentle, well meaning smile
  192. "Ok, but Chrysalis. Sooner or later you're gonna see that friendships really are a give and take sort of thing. If we work together, I be-"
  193. >She cuts you off "Don't...don't go sounding like one of those self righteous dregs. Now, the next time I see you. I expect a little more obedience and respect. Am I clear?"
  194. >for now, you'd let her have this. got too confident. But you were only having a little fun with her. Something you could never usually get by yourself. But if you continued to piss her off. Then it'd be back to square one with her.
  195. "Yeah, but Chrysalis, I'm just saying, I think your capable of caring as much as any other pony. That's all I really wanted to say."
  196. >"Save it, just be glad that I still can find some enjoyment in your company....and you"
  197. >Chrysalis points towards Discord "I expect to be able to change back to my excellent original self when I leave this room"
  199. >And so she left. Irritated with how things went.
  200. >You climb back onto the bed and rest your head down, chin first.
  201. "She's so testy. Geez, sometimes I wonder if she ever not has world conquest on her mind."
  202. >"Well, she is still a bug. They infest,scatter, and take over something else. It's just that she's of a high enough intelligence to know that holding a place that she took over is actually advantageous."
  203. "I guess...thanks for the help by the way. I mean that"
  204. >"No need, I had to take advantage of somepony. Chryssie was just the one with the bad luck that time."
  205. >Ever the prankster, that Discord.
  206. "I see....ehhh, still. Thanks anyway. But she may have had a point. What if Twilight doesn't spaz out?"
  207. >Discord smirks as he snaps his talons. Producing a purple,bulging, brain. It drops right in front of you. Making you jump back in surprise.
  208. "Oh geez! What's that?!"
  209. >"It's Twilight's brain of course. Isn't it big? No wonder she flaunts it around. It's really a sight to see"
  211. >Discord snickers "Oh did I say that? I meant it's a replica. Color coded to represent our favorite purple pony princess."
  212. >You let out a annoyed gruff
  213. "....You did that on purpose"
  215. >"I did!" Discord says joyously "But the time of shock is over, now is the time to learn. Now..."
  216. >Discord puts on a lab coat and glasses. Then zaps you with a bolt of magic. Putting you in a labcoat as well. "We experiment."
  217. "How exactly? It's just a brain. I don't even believe it's a real one"
  218. >You move a bit closer. It was pulsating like a real one. And had a very distinct smell.
  219. >"Of course it's real. A replica copy to be sure. But still. Now then, let's just say this..."
  220. >He holds up a cube "Is what happens when our dear Twilight Sparkle solves a friendship problem"
  221. >He drops the cube on the brain. The brain hops up and starts doing flips. Making you move away from it and duck. Then use your blanket as a shield from it's flying liquids.
  222. "What the hell is it doing! ugh, it's getting everywhere!"
  223. >"It's jumping for joy Anon, what does it look like it's doing? Now then..." Discord pulls out another cube as the brain suddenly stops "Let's say this is Twilight knowing we solved a Friendship Problem....but it was you at the helm and lead everything" Discord drops it on the brain.
  224. >You hold up your blanket again. But the brain doesn't really move this time. It just shifts about.
  225. "What's it doing now?"
  226. >"It's suspicious. It believes that you'd want to solve a friendship issue. Which is no surprise considering your reputation. But it doesn't understand why I'd involve myself. It's a very mild reaction. Obviously there can be some very rational explanations to it"
  227. >You move in very slowly to get a good look. then cringe.
  228. "'s juices are all over my bed..."
  230. >"Hush Anon, now comes the final part of the experiment" Discord produces one last cube "This doozy of a cube contains the same information as the last. The only difference being that this cube assumes that it was all my idea and that I talked you into helping me with this friendship problem." But Discord doesn't drop it in. "That is fine with you, isn't it?"
  231. >You shrug, still a little grossed out by the gooey brain.
  232. "I..guess. I only cared about the results. So if you want to tell Twilight it was all you. Go ahead, I kind of want to see her reaction myself. Not like she'd ever actually find out whose idea it was."
  233. >"Indeed, it won't even be the act itself that sends her wild. It'll be the fact that I did it. Now then, let's see what happens" Discord drops the cube.
  234. >He drops the cube. At first nothing, the brain just becomes a slightly darker shade of purple.
  235. >"interesting" Discord says as he stares at it
  236. >You tilt your head, confused
  237. "huh? What's it doing? I would have t-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
  238. >The brain suddenly leaps and attaches to your face, shaking and vibrating as it gushes onto you. Making you scream and gargle.
  239. >"Experiment over! If this replica is close to the real thing. Then we can expect a total meltdown! haha! Simply brillaint! Wouldn't you say?"
  240. >You couldn't answer, you were still screaming.
  242. >Discord takes the brain from your face and eats it as you fall on your back. Heaving, taking deep breaths.
  243. "T-that....was...the...grossest....thing...I've....ever.....touched....u-ughhh"
  244. >Discord gently sits you up and starts cleaning your face with a rag, making you struggle and release muffled yells "Science is never a pretty thing Anon, but it is necessary for the advancement of ponykind. And that experiment was doubly important. There we are..."
  245. >Discord stops cleaning you. Your face and mane was all puffed up and furry. Like you just came out of the dryer. "Adorable, you're ready for your good time with Fluttershy"
  246. ".......right"
  247. >You straighten your coat and mane with your hoof. Annoyed, but not angry. But you never wanted to feel brain juice on your face again.
  248. "....Can we not...ever do that again?"
  249. >"Oh don't be so serious. Didn't you have some fun of your own with my present yesterday?"
  250. > did.
  251. "Yeah...but...nmmm"
  252. >You did mess with Rainbow Dash, the Flim Flams, and most notably...Twilight.
  253. "I..guess I did"
  254. >"Then? You're only being so boring because you lack the kind of power I have. Still, as much as that pains even me. The limit on the horn still stands. Now then?" Discord snaps his talons as the portal door opens "Better get going before it gets too late. And try to get some rest. You do have school tomorrow"
  255. > Damn, you did forget about that.
  256. "Alright, just don't go freaking Twilight out without me, ok? I wanna be there too"
  257. >"No worries Anon, I won't leave you out. Oh and...." Discord pulls out a picture frame of you and filly Chrysalis and puts it on your dresser, it's of you smooching her nose in fact "There we are, another happy memory."
  258. >Looking at it now. It...did look kind the bad sense of weird. Even if it was also cute.
  259. "Erm...thanks. But won't she get angry if she sees that?"
  260. >"And I care why?"
  261. "...right..ok...anyway. Umm...seeya tomorrow I guess."
  263. >"Ahh before you go Anon, I have one thing to say"
  264. "What?"
  265. >"Be sure that if I come up in conversation that you make me look good. Or I'll rearrange your face for a day"
  266. > think, this whole thing almost went semi-perfect.
  267. "R-right, gotcha."
  268. >Discord gives you a happy and ignorant looking smile as he waves "Bye bye then!"
  269. >....that smile. Hiding the fact that he pretty much enjoyed threatening you like that. Well, you knew what you were doing. You we're sure you could handle not making him look bad. And besides, this was Fluttershy. Unlike most everyone else you know. You've only ever really known soft cuddles and the feeling of true nurturing care from her. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
  270. >And so you step through the portal, and stand before Fluttershy's cottage once more.
  271. >You take a breath. That whole experience wasn't a bad one by any means. But every moment with Discord meant there was a tense aura around the room. He could do anything at anytime based on a whim. Even during a friendly conversation. It was never wise to relax. You needed a moment to properly unwind.
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