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Snippet for Books on Blog Sidebar

uriel1998 Sep 5th, 2012 72 Never
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  1. <center>
  2. <table cellpadding="1" border="0">
  3. <tr><td>
  4. <p>published by me</p>
  5. <!-- Non-Fiction Books -->
  6. <p>non-Fiction<br />
  7. <!--MyFirstBook--><a href="http://example.com/myfirstbook.html"/><img src="http://example.com/myfirstbookcover.jpg" alt="My First Book!" title="My First Book!" /></a></p>
  8. <!-- Fiction Books -->
  9. <p>fiction<br />
  10. <!--MySecondBook--><a href="http://example.com/mysecondbook.html"/><img src="http://example.com/mysecondbookcover.jpg" alt="My First Book!" title="My First Book!" /></a></p>
  11. </td></tr></table>
  12. </center>
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