Your chest hair feels magnificent

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  1. SWR #5 – Your chest hair feels magnificent
  2. Why did I accept this request
  4. =====
  6. “So, was she cute?” Kenji asks, in reference to what I had been talking about, meeting Hanako in the library. I thought about it a second. She wasn't really cute. She was kind of crispy. The burns... nah, not really my thing.
  8. My thing? Big ass fucking glasses. Conspiracy theories. And that fucking gold and red scarf.
  10. I wanted that gold and red scarf wrapped around my dick.
  12. “I think you're cuter.”
  14. Kenji paused for a minute. “W-What do you mean, bro?” I inched closer to him. “I mean we've got to stick it to the feminists. Those women out there? They can't be trusted. Only us bros can be trusted.” I moved slightly closer and I could tell her was a little surprised.
  16. “I want you to trust me, Kenji.”
  18. Kenji looked away for a second. His face was turning red. “But we can't love, man. If we do, the feminists will tear it all apart. They could kidnap one of us. Torture us. Try and take apart the resistance.” I took his hand.
  20. “It doesn't matter. I'd rather die loving you than not at all.”
  22. “Bro...”
  24. I kissed him deeply. His breath tasted like whiskey and garlic steak.
  26. Delicious.
  28. I took his hand and drew him into my room. I wasn't going to waste anytime. I slammed the door behind myself, locking it and pushing him deeper into the room.
  30. “On the bed, now.”
  32. “Whoa. You're being so alpha right now.”
  34. “That makes me hard.”
  36. “I know. Bed, now.” He gets to the bed and I start pulling off his clothes, removing each article roughly as I bite his lips and begin pulling his hair. He went to remove his scarf from his atop his shoulders, but I stopped him. “The scarf stays on.” He nodded, understanding my fetish for scarves. I continued working on him. I didn't spare his neck either, as I bite into it and start digging my nails into his back. I can feel the hardness of his penis against my stomach as I press him to the bed and start removing his pants.
  38. Although I'm on top of him and wrapping my hand around his penis, I decide that he's going to be the one doing the work if he wants to climax. I flip him over. “Get on top, put it in. Get moving, Kenji.” His face is deep red and he's already breathing sharply. I've had exactly the right effect on him.
  40. He starts removing my pants, positioning my member at the entrance of his ass. He was a wonderful specimen, hair running from his stomach all the way to his chest.
  42. “No lube, like any real man would take it.” Kenji proclaims with a grin as he shoves it into him, grunting like a woodsman cutting down a tree. In this case, he was mounting my tree, not cutting it down. I folded my hands behind my head as he rocked his hips back and forth, grabbing hold of his own penis and jerking it madly as he continued rocking.
  44. This went on for what felt like hours as we changed positions, exploring each inch of each others body. While I had him on all fours and pumping him as hard as I could, I felt him start to shudder. “Not allowed to finish before I do, Kenji.” I said as I slammed into him harder, rushing myself to a climax before he could. Unfortunately, we both did at the same time and I collapsed on top of him.
  46. “That felt great.” I said as I played with the tuft of chest hair that rubbed against me while I wrapped my arm around him. “It did. Let's do some shots now.” He said, reaching under my pillow for a bottle of Jack that I didn't remember having there.
  48. He then reached under my head and found a shotglass. What the hell?
  50. “Hisao, what's the matter?” That didn't make sense. Where did he get that? He poked me in the chest, looking confused. He signs to me, [What's wrong?]. What the flying fuck? Sign language? And how did I know it?
  52. I blinked for a second and I was looking at Shizune.
  54. We were in bed together. I jumped a little and then looked to the clock. It was six in the morning. Where was I? I looked around and realized this was my apartment. Shizune signed to me some more.
  56. [You were talking in your sleep. What did you dream about?]
  58. “Nothing.”
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