[L5R 4e] Schools and Techniques Houserules

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  1. Asahina Shugenja
  2. - The Asahina technique takes a Free action to activate.
  4. Doji Courtier
  5. - The Doji Courtier's rank 2 technique can be used to communicate subtly with another Crane trained in the Doji Courtier school or who has at least 1 rank in the Courtier skill rather than 5.
  7. Daidoji Iron Warrior
  8. - Chooses 'Heavy Weapon or Spear' in their outfit rather than 'Heavy Weapon or Polearm'.
  10. Mirumoto Bushi
  11. - In addition to the normal benefits of their Rank 1 technique, a Mirumoto Bushi may also draw their wakizashi with the same action it takes them to draw a katana.
  13. Tamori Shugenja
  14. - When using their technique, the Tamori shugenja must make a spellcasting roll to store a spell into a potion. It still takes one hour per mastery level to make the potion, but Raises to modify a spell's effects are possible.
  15. - A Tamori may begin an RP session with some spells stored as potions, making the spellcasting rolls when the session starts. They have a total of 24 hours before each session to make potions, and may keep any unused potions at the end of the session.
  16. - In a similar way, an Agasha alchemist (Book of Fire) must make a spellcasting roll for turning a Fire spell into a potion.
  18. Togashi Tattooed Order
  19. - Their Tattooing skill is an Artisan skill rather than a Craft skill.
  20. - Replace Ki-Rin tattoo's effect with the following: Upon activating this tattoo, you may spend a Void Point to immediately re-roll any one roll once per round, keeping the higher of the two results.
  22. Kitsu Shugenja
  23. - The Kitsu shugenja technique takes a Complex action to activate.
  25. Shiba Bushi
  26. - May select Spears 1 or Polearms 1 as one of their School skills.
  28. Shosuro Infiltrator
  29. - Replace the Rank 1 technique with the following: The first lesson of an infiltrator is to mask all signs of one's true nature. You do not lose Honor for using Low Skills or weapons with the Ninja or Peasant keywords in the service of the Scorpion Clan (subject to GM approval). You gain a bonus of +2k0 to the total of all Stealth Skill Rolls.
  30. - Replace the Rank 3 technique with the following: Striking quickly and effectively is the hallmark of a true shadow warrior. You may make melee attacks as a Simple Action instead of a Complex Action. When wielding shuriken, you may take a Complex Action to make a number of ranged attacks equal to your School Rank.
  31. - Starting outfit consists of the following: Ashigaru or Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Assorted Disguises, Daisho, 6 Shuriken or Tsubute, any one weapon, Traveling Pack, 5 koku
  33. Mirumoto Taoist Swordsmen
  34. - Do not automatically count as having the Ascetic disadvantage. Like Togashi monks, some of them may still be seeking enlightenment through worldliness. They also start with 5 koku rather than 1.
  36. Daidoji Scout
  37. - Starting outfit gives only a daisho, bow and knife as weapons.
  39. Kakita Artisan
  40. - Starting outfit does not include a horse.
  42. Ichiro Bushi
  43. - Replace the Rank 4 technique with the following: Ichiro samurai are taught to strike with the speed of the deadly avalanche. Your attacks with heavy weapons or unarmed strikes are considered Simple Actions.
  45. Usagi Bushi
  46. - Replace the Rank 4 technique with the following: The Hare has learned not only how to strike with speed, but also how to dodge and avoid his foes at the same time. If you are in the Full Attack stance, you can leap forward and attack an opponent up to 15' away without taking a Move action. All of your attacks on this Turn must target that opponent. If you already possess this ability, then you may perform this Technique in the Attack stance or make your second attack of the Round against an another opponent within 15' of the first opponent.
  47. - Replace the Rank 5 technique with the following: The final lesson of the Hare school is a whirling flurry of leaps, feints, and attacks that come at the opponent from all directions, confusing and disorienting him. You may perform the Feint Maneuver for only 1 Raise. If you strike an opponent with a successful Feint, you gain +10 to your Armor TN against any attacks from that enemy for one Round.
  49. Suzume Bushi
  50. - Replace the Rank 1 technique with the following: The Suzume watches the flow of combat to discern the perfect time for his assault. If you have higher initiative than an opponent and delay to take your Turn after that opponent has acted, you may add +1k0 to your attack and damage rolls against that opponent for the Round.
  51. - Replace the Rank 3 technique with the following: The Suzume is a masterful storyteller, captivating audiences with his words. You may add your Honor Rank to the total of all Perform or Lore Skill Rolls.
  53. Suzume Storytellers (from Secrets of the Empire)
  54. - Replace the technique of this Path with the following: The Suzume Storyteller can use a skillfully crafted story to make virtually any point he wishes. You gain a bonus to the total of your Courtier rolls equal to your Perform: Storytelling Skill Rank.
  56. Shadow Blades (from Strongholds)
  57. - This path replaces Bayushi Bushi's rank 4 technique, but still replaces the Shosuro Infiltrator's rank 3. The benefits of this Path's technique also applies to weapons with the Peasant keyword.
  59. Kitsune Shugenja
  60. - The element needed to sense, commune or summon animal spirits depends on the native environment of that animal. Air is used for birds and other flying creatures, Earth for land animals, Water for aquatic creatures, and Fire for certain magical creatures.
  61. - An animal spirit can only be communed with if there is one in the general vicinity. Sense can be used to detect the presence of an animal spirit (if any), and Summon is used to call for one.
  62. - When summoning an animal spirit with a rank higher than 2 in the Ring of the corresponding element used to summon it, one Raise on the spellcasting roll is required for each rank that the spirit's ring exceeds 2.
  63. - A summoned spirit lingers in the area where it was summoned for as long as the GM deems appropriate, but will disappear immediately or be angered if faced with any risk of physical harm or violence.
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