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  1. ThatRebornGuy has gained 1000 life points
  2. ThatRebornGuy: -___-
  3. Bakura: sup
  4. Bakura: lol
  5. Bakura: can't attack
  6. Bakura: battle phase end immediately
  7. ThatRebornGuy: negs eff
  8. Bakura: the effect activated in hand
  9. Bakura: not on the field
  10. Bakura: lul
  11. ThatRebornGuy: eff activates on field not hand
  12. Bakura: Fader activates in hand
  13. Bakura: trust me
  14. Bakura has called an admin
  15. ThatRebornGuy: its summon eff plays in hand
  16. Bakura: let's see what an admin says
  17. ThatRebornGuy: its second eff is on field
  18. Bakura: there's no second effect
  19. Bakura: only one
  20. Bakura: notice the comma
  21. Bakura: special, then end
  22. Bakura: it activates in hand
  23. Bakura: He thinks Fiendish can negate the battle phase ending.
  24. ChaosArchKing: no
  25. ChaosArchKing: you cant
  26. ChaosArchKing: that effect is applied in the hand
  27. ThatRebornGuy: smh the admin and duelist on this site are noobs
  28. ChaosArchKing: once it hits the field the battle phase is over
  29. ThatRebornGuy: its secondary eff applies on field
  30. ChaosArchKing: you know i can kick you for that
  31. ChaosArchKing: right?
  32. ThatRebornGuy: kick me den u bitch
  33. ThatRebornGuy: fuck off
  34. Bakura: wow
  35. ThatRebornGuy: pixie
  36. ThatRebornGuy: suck my dick
  37. ChaosArchKing: first Ill prove you were wrong
  38. ChaosArchKing: then Ill kick you
  39. ChaosArchKing: then Ill ban you
  40. ThatRebornGuy: pussy ass bitch
  41. ThatRebornGuy: ttitty boy
  42. ThatRebornGuy: gucci mane
  43. ThatRebornGuy: fa trell
  44. ThatRebornGuy: lil wayne
  45. Bakura: >_<
  46. ChaosArchKing:
  47. ThatRebornGuy: drake
  48. ThatRebornGuy: so icy ent
  49. ThatRebornGuy: bitch
  50. ThatRebornGuy: bitch
  51. ThatRebornGuy: bitch
  52. ThatRebornGuy: bitch
  53. ThatRebornGuy: bitch
  54. ThatRebornGuy: bitch
  55. ThatRebornGuy: bitch
  56. ThatRebornGuy: bitch
  57. ChaosArchKing: he effect of "Battle Fader" which Special Summons it and the effect which ends the Battle Phase are resolved as the same effect. The effect activates in the hand, so the effects of "Skill Drain" and "Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror" will not negate the effect even though "Battle Fader" is Special Summoned, so the effect which ends the Battle Phase will still be applied.[8]
  58. ThatRebornGuy's die landed on 2
  59. ThatRebornGuy's die landed on 3
  60. ThatRebornGuy's die landed on 5
  61. ThatRebornGuy: hjdskfjskfhdsafhdjhfdjksfhdk
  62. ThatRebornGuy: hdksjfhdkjsfhdjkl
  63. ThatRebornGuy's die landed on 2
  64. ThatRebornGuy: dfhfdhjkdfshfdskl
  65. ThatRebornGuy: bhdsjbfhdsjlfdsasfdl
  66. ThatRebornGuy's die landed on 4
  67. ThatRebornGuy: dbhjashjfdhhl
  68. ThatRebornGuy's die landed on 4
  69. ThatRebornGuy's die landed on 2
  70. ThatRebornGuy's die landed on 6
  71. Bakura: How did I end up in a duel with you?
  72. ThatRebornGuy's die landed on 1
  73. Bakura: :\
  74. ThatRebornGuy's die landed on 1
  75. ThatRebornGuy has left the duel
  76. ChaosArchKing: you see that?
  77. Bakura: Hm?
  78. ChaosArchKing: I proved him wrong
  79. ChaosArchKing: I kicked him
  80. Bakura: you did
  81. Bakura: Thanks
  82. ChaosArchKing: and now for part 3
  83. ChaosArchKing: best part of all
  84. Bakura: lol
  85. Bakura: yeah
  86. Bakura: you're a good admin
  87. Bakura: AHHHHHHHHH
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