Daddy Services form — @crybabyjoon

Nov 22nd, 2016
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  1. full name — Kang Ha-Na
  2. gender — female
  4. birthdate — July 4, 1997
  5. age — 19
  7. height — 160cm
  8. weight — 45kg
  10. sexuality — bisexual
  12. personality — Hana is someone who isn't really social, outside of her laptop or phone. She finds it difficult to talk and interact with someone, because there's so many things to worry about when talking to someone. At least, that's what she thinks. Hana gets easily startled, apologizes for almost everything– it being her fault or not, answers with short responses and won't make eye contact with anyone when spoken to. Others find her rather rude & stuck up because of this, most people enjoy her because she has a cute personality, she's clumsy and somewhat flustered, but she'll just push people aside and hurry herself away. Online, she's a whole different person. She speaks her mind, has long conversations, when she's playing a game that involves a lot of hard work and she somehow dies, she'll even curse at the mic and people. Hana has a really sweet personality, doing anything and everything for anyone if asked, she's just very distant and has walls, making people jump to conclusions & she gives off different vibes. Hana does have close friends, and when around them, she's innocent and touchy. When things are said, the first thing someone says is "sh, Hana's here, she doesn't get that, stop." She's known as the "cold geeky girl" because she likes anime and romance, and would rather be home than out.
  14. habits / mannerism —
  15. —when angry or stressed, she ruffles her hair with her hands
  16. —huffs quietly when she doesn't get what she wants
  17. —pulls at the skin beside her left eye when she's not sure what to do / under pressure
  18. —taps with her feet / fingers when waiting for something
  19. —hums or sings quietly when she's thinking / busy or waiting for something
  22. —literature
  23. —great graphics in a video game
  24. —online friends
  25. —hard cover books & comic books
  26. —otome romance games
  27. —fan fiction
  28. —fan art
  29. —rainy days
  30. —watching animes / dramas
  31. —strawberry milk
  32. —the word "daebak"
  33. —hand hearts
  35. dislikes —
  36. —when pressured
  37. —poor graphics
  38. —haters or sasaeng fans
  39. —poor writing
  40. —too damaged books
  41. —hot weather
  42. —when the leads don't confess their love
  43. —banana milk
  44. —anything coconut related
  45. —people that have high egos
  47. talents / hobbies —
  48. —drawing
  49. —great memory
  50. —beat high scores
  51. —befriend anyone online
  52. —staying up late hours
  54. facts —
  55. —she owns a lot of cactuses & cute plants
  56. —works a part time job to save up money for video games & merchandise
  57. —really likes cranberry juice & sweets
  58. —dislikes dark coffee
  59. —says her whole life is on the Internet
  60. —is an ulzzang model
  61. —all her social media is @/hanamontana because she's always reminded about Hanna Montana because of her name
  62. —"I'm number 1 because Hana is #1 in Korean!" says in all her bios
  63. —has a pet cat and dog, named them Mona & Lisa
  64. —has a lot of memes saved in her camera roll
  65. —innocent, doesn't understand what sex jokes are and doesn't understand the point of them
  66. —has really good memory and tends to use the sex jokes on people online, even though she doesn't get them and their meanings
  67. —"I'm daddy." is mentioned out of her mouth everyday on a daily basis but, she takes it as a father figure type of joke & makes people question her
  68. —makes strawberry shakes three times a week
  69. —eats more junk food than actual food
  70. —spends all her time inside
  71. —whines when something happens in the anime / drama she's watching
  72. —giggles easily & is ticklish
  74. slot — Gamer
  75. backup — Mature
  77. face claim — Jeongyeon (twice)
  78. backup — Park Jamie (@jiminxjamie — Instagram)
  80. daddy — namjoon
  81. backup — seokjin
  83. his personality — though, he looks like a tough guy and someone who wouldn't want to even look at you, he's a bid ball of fluff. He's easily flustered and will giggle and clap at everything. When he cares about someone deeply, he'll take care of them and give them whatever they ask for. He's great at giving compliments and boosting people's confidence up. He'll do anything for the one he cares about a lot, even if it's sitting down and snuggling with them or standing out in the rain and waiting for them to arrive. He has a big heart, will stand up for anyone and believes in second chances.
  85. trivia / facts —
  86. —he is very flirtatious outside, but is actually very timid and innocent inside
  87. —owns a lot of Ryan merchandise
  88. —will flirt with anyone if have to but he easily catches feelings
  89. —has never actually had a real girlfriend / boyfriend
  90. —cheers for people on a daily basis because he believes everyone needs it
  91. —is tall and very clumsy
  92. —winks a lot
  93. —skinship is his number one favorite thing to do
  95. relationship type — romantic
  97. services type —
  98. —cuddles & snuggling
  99. —cute midnight dates (you know, taking a quick walk to the store or a fast food place for food)
  100. —indoor dates
  101. —for him to rap to her
  102. —small forehead kisses
  103. —hand holding
  104. —confident boosting talks
  106. his behavior towards you — He's extra in everything when around her or talking about her, or just anything about Hana. He's extra nice, extra caring, extra happy— he'll make sure to be on his greatest behavior because he wants to make her happ. He's always giving her pep talks like –"Hana, you can do this! Just, go up to them and ask if they'd like to go to a movie. Go, I'll pay babe." or "If you don't ask your classmates what was for homework, you'll get a bad grade. Do it & get a good grade for Daddy." (I'm cringy ew) he gives her nicknames and always asks what she wants, in general. Though, if she says no or not to waste anything on her, he'll buy her whatever he finds great.
  108. your behavior around him — Hana isn't as shy or timid around him as she is around other people. She doesn't keep quiet as much and won't stalk away. Hana's actually the complete opposite. She'll ask for his opinion on everything and even give hers, she'd cling to him and sometimes ask for food or even a game she wanted that was at a cheap price. She tells him everything and looks him in the eyes when she speaks. Hana giggles and smiles when around him and ask for advice like— "Daddy (idk who to put oops), what do I do? Some girls from class asked if I'd like to go to a movie but, you know me." or "What if I put the x here instead of, oh no that's wrong. Hey, can you help me? I don't understand." She takes his nicknames and his skinship as if it's nothing, giving it back in smaller and way more innocent amounts in her own way.
  110. interactions —
  111. beginning — Hana was scared and not sure if doing what she was doing was correct. She was distant and somewhat shy around him but knew she was who signed up and asked for this, so she tried her best. He acted like usual, but would be more nice and less persistent.
  112. middle — they've gotten pass the honorifics and such, Hana has shown her true personality with the help of him. They're closer and they seem like an actual couple, talk about anything. feelings starting to grow.
  113. end — they've grown actual feelings but difference is, they know their feelings is mutual. Though, they don't speak of it because Hana's not sure how it'll work out and he doesn't want to confess his feelings and taken Her feeling so incorrectly. They're the same but that being the only thing they can't talk about.
  115. scenes —
  116. —after staying in and binge watching episodes of Naruto, Hana's favorite anime, she's finally hungry and asks if they can go eat out. They go to a chicken place, it being something he isn't used to but goes with it anyways. Hana accidentally gets drunk and shows how she actually is, making his heart warmer for the girl as he hears her mumble about how cute she finds him & how much she wants to pinch his cheeks. (Probably in beginning of story?)
  117. —Hana was asked to go the movies by a group of girls she's been hanging out with and talking to recently, facing her fears of talking to people thanks to him. She hurriedly calls interest (or daddy omg) and tells him everything, sooner or later he gets to her university. "Hi! I'm her boyfriend, why don't I tag along? She usually doesn't go out and feels better if I do."
  118. —they had planned to go on a date, but Hana had forgotten and to top it off was busy with something at school, busy enough that she didn't notice him calling her. He ends up driving to her school, worried and walks up to her class, hugging her sideways and asking about their date as he saw her talking with another male student. [I'm sorry (:]
  120. by should you & your daddy end up/not end ip together? — oh, I think they should end up together because they have a great relationship and friendship (?) and I think it'd be cute (?my explanation is 10/10)
  122. extras — nope! just lots of thanks for letting me fill the form out and for having such a book that will let the army's with huge imagination have their time!!
  124. password — camboy
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