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  1. [22:25] aWJuliaN: hi  the player haze says at 20.04 he wants to take the win by forfait because he has to go
  2. [22:25] aWJuliaN: and i have toi close my mouth ?
  3. [22:25] aWJuliaN: i only told them to shut up and let the cw continue
  4. [22:26] azunyashka: hi. u can be dissapointed but u was rude
  5. [22:26] azunyashka: its not ok
  6. [22:26] aWJuliaN: rude but when you ahve a comment from a player who wants the win a t20.04
  7. [22:26] aWJuliaN: its not fair too
  8. [22:27] aWJuliaN: goldm should be warned too in fact
  9. [22:27] azunyashka: no, they wanted the TW and waited for your player. U told them that your 1st player is late and they started to count time
  10. [22:27] azunyashka: thats all
  11. [22:28] azunyashka: its your fault in first place - u resheduled twice and late after all
  12. [22:28] aWJuliaN: i dream i must admt that angel wings had no issues since the begginning of the season
  13. [22:29] aWJuliaN: i react to a comment from their player
  14. [22:29] aWJuliaN: and i am rude...
  15. [22:29] azunyashka: thats good to hear. But usually your team players BMing all the way
  16. [22:29] azunyashka: 'shut up' is rude way to communicate
  17. [22:30] azunyashka: isnt it?
  18. [22:30] aWJuliaN: a âyer who tell me that we want to take the win at 20.04 its a rude comment too
  19. [22:30] aWJuliaN: player*
  20. [22:30] aWJuliaN: i only reacted to his comment
  21. [22:30] azunyashka: since u told that your player is late - its ok behavior
  22. [22:31] aWJuliaN: and the term "shut up let the clanwar continue" is no big deal
  23. [22:31] azunyashka: But technically they could claim the win onlu 20:10
  24. [22:31] azunyashka: It is a deal for ATL
  25. [22:31] azunyashka: We want our league to be friendly and kind
  26. [22:31] aWJuliaN: goldm is not firendly so ...
  27. [22:31] azunyashka: 'shut up' is not friendly
  28. [22:32] azunyashka: they ARE friendly
  29. [22:32] aWJuliaN: maybe but tehya re not either
  30. [22:32] azunyashka: they transfered your cw TWICE
  31. [22:32] aWJuliaN: twice ?????
  32. [22:32] aWJuliaN: is it a jjoke ?
  33. [22:32] aWJuliaN: thay accept to move the date once but twice
  34. [22:33] azunyashka: I was told so. twice
  35. [22:33] azunyashka: even once - its friendly move
  36. [22:33] azunyashka: and you are late
  37. [22:34] azunyashka: i dont see any need to discuss this issue longer. If you dont agree u can try to use talk_to_admins channel
  38. I told all i could about it
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