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  1. The problem is that I feel like it would work but better as a shorter story, since I don't think I have enough to make it reach a decent length, but he paid for a 5$ commission, so he gets padded-out shit.
  2. 04:48   RandomSparks    Also out of every possible animal you choose a fucking hippo come on
  3. 04:48   Stupidium   Yeah his stories were pretty much limited to "girl turns into animal->does stereotypical animal shit->returns to normal"
  4. 04:48   RandomSparks    Well, he paid for it, I have to do it and hope it doesn't turn out completely terrible.
  5. 04:49   Stupidium   I can't really judge him on the species regard.
  6. 04:49   RandomSparks    I mean, fair enough on the choice, but it doesn't exactly make for an elegant transformation scene.
  7. 04:50   Stupidium   I have regrettably sought out whale TFs once or twice, on weird days
  8. 04:50   RandomSparks    :\
  9. 04:50   Stupidium   regrettably
  10. 04:50   RandomSparks    I would work on it now, but it's 4:50am and that's not a good time for writing.
  11. 04:51   Stupidium   Did he give you ANY other details
  12. 04:51   Stupidium   or was it just
  13. 04:51   Stupidium   "turn lara croft into a hippo then turn her back"
  14. 04:51   Stupidium   "here's five bucks"
  15. 04:51   RandomSparks    You know how I said I quoted it?
  16. 04:51   RandomSparks    That's a ctrl-v.
  17. 04:51   RandomSparks    That's literally it.
  18. 04:51   Stupidium   ha ha ha
  19. 04:51   Stupidium   ohhhhh wooooow
  20. 04:51   RandomSparks    Yep.
  21. 04:51   RandomSparks    I think I'm going to have to ask him for more details.
  22. 04:52   Stupidium   watch him say
  23. 04:52   Stupidium   "and she eats some plants I guess???"
  24. 04:52   RandomSparks    That's probably more constructive than anything I had in mind.
  25. 04:53   RandomSparks    WHich is really my big problem. I can't think of anything to draw it out that isn't really boring and reused.
  26. 04:53   RandomSparks    *Which
  27. 04:53   Stupidium   I dunno, man.
  28. 04:53   RandomSparks    "so you're a hippo now go walk around for a while while i pad things out ok"
  29. 04:54   Stupidium   All of Gysdude's stories come down to CHICK GETS TURNED INTO ANIMAL, DOES ANIMAL THINGS, "she turned back after (x time here)" AT THE END
  30. 04:54   RandomSparks    Pretty much.
  31. 04:54   Stupidium   WITH UNNCESSARY SHIPPING
  32. 04:54   Stupidium   THROWN IN
  33. 04:54   RandomSparks    :\
  34. 04:54   Stupidium   JUST BECAUSE.
  35. 04:54   Stupidium   no seriously check
  36. 04:54   RandomSparks    I know.
  37. 04:54   RandomSparks    I've seen his stuff.
  38. 04:54   Stupidium   he has a list of ships that all of his stories have to include if certain characters are in them-
  39. 04:55   Stupidium   maybe throw doppelganger as a hippo in there i'm sure he'd like that :V
  40. 04:55   Stupidium   pls no i'm kidding
  41. 04:55   RandomSparks    See, this is why I had the HoU. If I wanted to try a transformation, I had an excuse. If I want to do an original story, I want to have substance to it.
  42. 04:55   RandomSparks    I just don't want it to turn out really boring and generic.
  43. 04:55   Stupidium   there is a surprisingly low amount of "lara gets cursed, turns into an animal" stories out there
  44. 04:56   Stupidium   s'all breast inflation
  45. 04:56   Stupidium   such is life in dA
  46. 04:56   RandomSparks    This one just has the exact same excuse for it as always, which I'm guilty of using.
  47. 04:56   RandomSparks    "touches idol, BOOM TRANSFORMATION"
  48. 04:56   Stupidium   "just gonna touch this idol of a hippo nowwwwwFUCK"
  49. 04:57   RandomSparks    Pretty much that.
  50. 04:57   RandomSparks    My only idea for drawing it out is "Ok I'm going to touch it again to reverse it or whatever whoops it's on the other end of the spooky ruins now for some reason better go get it"
  51. 04:58   Stupidium   have her have to escape into a river at some point and do hippo shit, I'm sure he'd like that
  52. 04:58   Stupidium   ...but then again that probably isn't very interesting to write
  53. 04:59   RandomSparks    I think the problem is that he's basically gone through the thought process that he does for his stories, and then thrown it at me. Problem is, I don't write like him, obviously. This is not going to be fun.
  54. 04:59   Stupidium   igotnuffin
  55. 04:59   RandomSparks    *shrugs*
  56. 04:59   Stupidium   do something completely outlandish
  57. 04:59   RandomSparks    ancient african hippo temple IN THE SKY
  59. 05:00   RandomSparks    also it has to be in africa because reasons
  60. 05:00   Stupidium   AND MUST WIN IT TO SURVIVE??????
  61. 05:00   RandomSparks    *shocking twist*
  62. 05:00   Stupidium   ancient *AFRICAN GAMESHOW
  63. 05:00   RandomSparks    All this is is a brief distraction from the fact that this is going to be a clusterfuck of generic.
  64. 05:01   Stupidium   no man we can do this
  65. 05:01   Stupidium   we can wORK THIS OUT
  66. 05:01   RandomSparks    :\
  67. 05:01   Stupidium   this is like trying to make eating dinner more interesting, there's no way we can do it without making it stupid and outlandish
  68. 05:01   Stupidium   ffff
  69. 05:02   RandomSparks    no
  70. 05:02   RandomSparks    i can make eating dinner interesting as fuck
  71. 05:02   RandomSparks    it all comes down to character interaction and shit
  72. 05:02   Stupidium   shoot yourself out of a cannon, shoot grapes out of another cannon
  73. 05:02   Stupidium   profit
  74. 05:02   RandomSparks    This isn't helping at all.
  75. 05:02   Stupidium   maybe she can have an intellectual discussion with another hippo
  76. 05:02   Stupidium   and it probably isn't
  77. 05:02   Stupidium   sorry
  78. 05:02   RandomSparks    It's fine.
  79. 05:03   Stupidium   Maybe some African Deity is taunting her as she tries to fix whatever-it-is?
  80. 05:03   RandomSparks    that
  81. 05:03   RandomSparks    isn't
  82. 05:03   RandomSparks    actually a bad idea
  83. 05:03   Stupidium   stupidium king of ideas
  84. 05:03   RandomSparks    you're going in the credits ok
  85. 05:03   Stupidium   thx bb
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