Starlight's Daddy Issues [Capped/Feels/Sex/AiE]

Jan 6th, 2017
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  1. This story was capped and uploaded; you may prefer the original format with images:
  3. * https://derpibooru.org/1334218 *
  5. The story alludes to objects in her room http://imgur.com/9TMPuO7.
  7. ---
  9. >You are Starlight Glimmer
  10. >You never really had a childhood.
  11. >Your daddy passed away when you were eight.
  12. >You loved your daddy. He played helicopter with you and always looked out for you.
  13. >After he died you cried a lot.
  14. >Your friend Starburst was there, though, as your mommy worked long hours to help.
  15. >But then he got his cutie mark and left, and you were all alone.
  16. >You devoted yourself to your studies and did away with your childhood at a young age.
  17. >You missed your daddy but you pushed it out of your mind. You loved him but you couldn't let things like that affect you. You had magic to practice, plans to realise. And you worked toward that.
  18. >Your mother was too busy working to see the type of mare you were becoming.
  19. >Maybe if your daddy had been there you wouldn't have turned out the way you did.
  20. >Today, you keep kites and a teddy bear in your room along with your studies.
  21. >The kites remind you of how daddy used to fly kites with you, even if you barely remember him.
  23. >Anonymous came along.
  24. >He was big, sort of like how your daddy was when you were little.
  25. >You remembered daddy picking you up high and spinning you around. You imagined Anonymous doing that.
  26. >It makes you uncomfortable around him, but it also feels sort of nice.
  27. >You have a lot of regret in your life, and you wish you could go back to when you were a little filly and start over.
  28. >Sometimes you remember that mindset as you walk with Anonymous, his tall legs striding beside you.
  29. >"Starlight?" he says, walking with you through the park. There were ponies flying kites.
  30. "Yes, daddy?" you say, mind wandering.
  31. >WHAT. You freeze, face going red in shock.
  32. >Anonymous freezes too and looks at you in shocked, slightly disgusted apprehension
  33. "I-- that's not what--" you begin to stammer, beet red.
  34. >His expression relaxes and he smiles slightly, still quizzically, and then, as if on a teasing whim, scoops you up in his tall arms.
  35. >Just like daddy used to do.
  36. >You lubricate yourself in his arms.
  37. >What is wrong with you.
  39. >Anonymous is holding you belly up, cradled in his arms like a large dog.
  40. >He isn't impolite but he can't help but notice your betraying marehood. Why are ponies always naked?
  41. >It's humiliating at times like this.
  42. >"So you like your daddy, do you?" he teases.
  43. >You wince and struggle to make a point as he holds you, but not too hard. You don't want to fall.
  44. >He holds you firm in his arms, just like your daddy. You feel light in your stomach and feel funny down there.
  45. >Embarrassed. You imagine your daddy holding you as a little filly and noticing that your clitoris became erect. You swell. Enough!
  46. "Daddy, put me down!" you struggle in a shocked daze. This is all too much.
  47. >"Daddy?" Anon smiles, still holding you supine in his arms.
  48. >Oh sh-
  49. >Your mouth gapes at your double faux pas.
  50. >You had called him daddy again!
  51. >You teleport yourself to the ground and run away, not looking back, tail between your legs in humiliation so he can't see your shame.
  52. >But it's too late. He knows you have massive daddy issues.
  53. >And he knows that you project that onto him.
  55. >Back in your room, you lie on your bed playing with your balls.
  56. >Also your cubes and tetrahedra.
  57. >Your kites are still by your bed.
  58. >And the teddy bear that daddy gave you.
  59. >You miss him so much, even if you barely remember him.
  60. >You think back to how you never really had a childhood after that, how stunted it probably made you.
  61. >If only you could really remember your daddy you might not have these issues. But all you have is the teddy bear and the glimmer of feelings of these whitewashed rose memories.
  63. >You hear a knock on your door.
  64. "Come in," you say, hiding your blocks under the covers. Another childlike habit.
  65. >Anon enters.
  66. >You look away in shame, curling up slightly. Twilight must have let him in. You should have told her you didn't want guests.
  67. >"There's nothing to be ashamed of, Glimmer. Are you feeling ok?"
  68. "Yes," you say, looking away.
  69. >Anon took your not telling him to go away as an invitation to stay. Anon is even worse at social cues than you. He looks around your room. You try to avoid letting anyone but Spike see it. He's young and wouldn't find the childhood knick knacks strange. Not until he's older, at least. Besides, he's nosy.
  70. >"What's this," he says, picking up the teddy bear.
  71. "Don't touch that!" you say, suddenly emotional. Anon puts it down.
  72. >"Sorry, I didn't realize it was so important to you."
  73. "It's just...". Anon already saw your issues. You may as well tell him.
  74. "My dad gave it to me. He passed away when I was eight."
  75. >"I'm sorry," Anon says.
  76. >You tell him how he used to fly kites with you, how you cried for so long after he died and then Sunburst left, how your mom was always working as you isolated yourself and went down the wrong path, but most of all how much you miss your dad. It's never left you even as you've devoted your time so brazenly to other things after your curtailed childhood. Perhaps because of it.
  77. >You begin to tear. Anon looks loving and sympathetic. You had never told anypony this.
  78. >"Anon," you say, as you don't bother to try to hold back tears. You remove from under your covers the wooden blocks your dad had given you and place them on your dresser. Anon still reminds you of your dad.
  79. >"Can you hug me?"
  81. >Anon begins to tear up too.
  82. >He lies down on the bed with you and cradles you as you wrap your forelegs around his chest.
  83. >He is big, his arms wrap all the way around you and gently hug you close while your forelegs can't even fit around him, just like when you were a filly.
  84. >This isn't healthy, you know. You barely even remember your dad. All you remember is the feeling. But you have adult feelings too, disgusting adult feelings as you want your daddy.
  85. >You spread your hind legs discreetly and push yourself up against your daddy anon, hoping to be discreet. It is almost subconscious.
  86. >And you hug your daddy tightly, all around, lost in the moment and feeling both comfort and sad longing as the region above your nethers tries to push against him.
  87. >Over the years your adult psyche has sexually internalised your daddy issues. You feel so ashamed. Your body moved of its own accord. You hope it was clandestine enough to avoid detection. This is supposed to be cathartic.
  88. >But Anon does notice. And he grabs your buttocks and pulls you against him. Against his erection.
  89. "Anon!" you shout, and push away, tears still in your eyes from the catharsis of hugging your daddy by proxy.
  90. >"Starlight, call me daddy," he says, his large masculine frame hugging you close as you feel like a little filly next to him. The sicko. He knows your twisted mind had internalised your long-standing issues into a naughty sexual longing. You feel disgusted with yourself.
  91. >But maybe it will be cathartic. Maybe it will be release.
  92. >The bedroom door was closed, but you remotely lock it. And cast a bubble of silence on your room.
  93. >You can't believe you're doing this. It feels so wrong. It is so wrong.
  94. >But after all these years, you want your daddy.
  95. >Your nethers are on fire.
  96. >You have been such a naughty girl. You have so much remorse. You enslaved a town. You tried to destroy the world.
  97. >You have been so bad. You feel like a bad little filly in your anon daddy's arms.
  98. >You want your daddy to forgive you, to love you anyway, to love his naughty girl. To fuck his sick little Starlight, to have your daddy, to be filled in depravity with your daddy's seed.
  99. >And your press your naughty nethers against your daddy's bulge.
  101. "I love you, daddy," you say, hugging him tightly as another tear forms in your eye while you frot gently against him. He large hands hold you firmly against him by your withers and lower back.
  102. >"I love you too, Starlight," he says, gently pulling your nethers against his bulge as you involuntarily frot.
  103. >"You will always be my little girl."
  104. >You let out a little moan as you thrust against daddy's love and lubricate yourself.
  105. "I've missed you so much," you cry, burying your face in his linen suit. At once you subconsciously associate the gentle scent of the linen with the comfort of daddy.
  106. >You move your forelegs down a bit to his lower back to pull his bulge against, but you can't reach very far. Daddy is so big, but he understands his little daughter and gently thrusts his bulge directly against your naughty privates, sliding his love over your dirty little clitoris as he says,
  107. >"You've been a bad girl, haven't you Starlight?"
  108. >Chills run up your spine as he thrusts, his bulge sliding from your clitoris to your little filly vulva and back again. You've been such a bad, disgusting little girl.
  109. >You hug him tight, hoping for love.
  110. "I'm sorry, daddy," you whimper plaintively.
  111. >"You disgust me," daddy says. It hurt. A lot. You bury your face in his linen and let out a few sobs, but only find yourself thrusting against him harder.
  112. >Daddy is still throbbing against you. He is only telling you you're disgusting because you are. But he still loves you.
  113. "I'm sorry, daddy," you whimper again. You genitals are throbbing.
  114. >But daddy stops hugging you and stands next to the bed, leaving you lying there looking up at him. He is so big. You see the teddy bear he gave you against the bookshelf and see his bulge.
  115. >"You're still my little girl," he says, unzipping his pants.
  116. >"But I have to do this."
  117. >And daddy drops his pants as you see his erect penis, a slight driblet of his love seed just on the tip.
  118. >Daddy is going to fuck you.
  120. >You spread your legs for him. You feel like a little filly. You remember how your childhood was cut short. How you've clung to it. How much you miss your daddy you barely remember. How much you want his approval. And how he knows how bad you've been. How sick you are. And he still loves you. You missed him. He is going to fuck you for being bad. And he is going to fuck you because he loves you. And you will be filled with his love. You are so sick. You are aching for him.
  121. >He prepares to mount you. He is so big. As if you were a little filly again. You are a little scared. You return to your childlike mindset as he holds you down, making you feel small.
  122. >Like a small child again.
  123. >In a sick adult body.
  124. >And daddy penetrates you.
  125. >You feel disgusted with yourself.
  126. >You struggle but he holds you down as he thrusts in and out. The sick part of you lubricates and engorges.
  127. >"I'm only doing this because I love you," anon-daddy says, pinning your little body to the bed.
  128. >You feel more like daddy is raping you for being bad.
  129. >And you deserve it. You've been an awful pony.
  130. >You begin crying and struggling as daddy holds you down, towering over what feels like your helpless filly body and raping you as you remember all the bad things you've done.
  131. >But you aren't saying stop. Anon knows this is a sick catharsis. And anon—daddy—keeps going, and you start bawling as daddy continues to rape you. You see your teddy bear in the background as your childhood and remorseful life flash before your eyes and you approach a forced orgasm.
  132. >And as you bawl, struggling and pinned down by your punishing daddy as he rapes you, you cum, screaming between sobs, contracting around daddy's cock as he squirts his love inside you, and then squirts some more.
  134. >And daddy lets go of you, and before you curl to your side to finish sobbing you see him pull out his love-soaked cock.
  135. >You could still feel his warm love inside of you.
  136. >You turn to your side and curl up, still gently crying from the momentum but filled with daddy's love, as daddy hugs you from behind, you the little spoon.
  137. >And daddy presses his body against you, his drenched genitals against your lower back, and hugs you tightly, saying,
  138. >"I will always love you, Starlight Glimmer. You will always be my little girl."
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