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Feb 15th, 2011
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  1. <RJ> wow 2:54 PM
  2. <RJ> apple just fucked over online music subs for the iphone 2:54 PM
  3. <RJ> presumably in anticipation of launching their own streaming sub later in the year 2:55 PM
  4. <RJ> (i don't imagine spotify's margins are anywhere near 30%, so subs via itunes are useless to them, for example) 2:55 PM
  5. <matt> RJ: wonder how they split "when Apple brings a new customer" vs "when the publisher brings" 2:55 PM
  6. <RJ> matt: if you signup on, eg spotify's website, that's "the publisher brings" 2:56 PM
  7. <matt> yeah, that's what I figured 2:56 PM
  8. <RJ> but you are forbidden from having a link to that from within the app 2:56 PM
  9. <jono> wow, that sucks 2:56 PM
  10. <attila> ouch 2:56 PM
  11. <RJ> so basically, people on the iphone will *always* subscribe using itunes, because it's easier 2:56 PM
  12. <matt> so yeah, any appstore-based discovery (ie. featured) means the 30% applies 2:56 PM
  13. <matt> eeeek 2:56 PM
  14. <RJ> better for the consumer, except many services can't survive a 30pc loss of revenue 2:57 PM
  15. <matt> not in music, anyway 2:57 PM
  16. <jono> it's especially harsh that they're enforcing the app price to be the same or less through the app store 2:57 PM
  17. <RJ> slightly less of an issue for some other content, however some publishers will have deals where they only get <=30% of net sale price etc.. and it fucks them just as bad 2:57 PM
  18. <RJ> should be fun to watch the ensuing shitstorm 2:58 PM
  19. <matt> indeed :-/
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