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  1. (This isn't showing Kye's usual personality. However, it's the best I can think of that sums up his life circumstances and his important relationships.)
  3. Kye was still sitting on the same seat, rolling the worn-out baseball in his palm, when he saw Caewynn walking back in. The young boy looked at him as he sat next to him. Seeing Caewynn's face, Kye had already knew that was coming next. "You talked with the detective?"
  5. "Yeah,"Caewynn started off while putting a hand around his brother's shoulder, Kye merely leaned his head closer to him. Despite Caewynn had been taken in to be questioned as a murder suspect, there was a hint of happiness in tone. It was probably the first time he had gotten to speak with a detective he admired. "He just asked me the usual questions, for "formalities of the investigation"."
  7. Kye cocked his head a little, not sure what he meant by that, until he explained further. "Usual questions", were the basic questions that one would ask to suspects or witnesses. Where were they at the time of murder? Were there any witnesses? Do they have any knowledge of possible reasons for the murder?
  9. "Of course, I only said the truth, we were together at the park on the night Gaius' died," Caewynn continued saying. That was when Kye was practicing pitching without his catcher. He was the team's ace, and practicing every night was a must. He stared at his arm again.
  11. "Is your arm numb again?" The topic was changed slightly when Kye was seen looking at his hand. He quickly shook his head vigorously. It was feeling a bit numb when he woke up this morning, but he felt nothing strange. For now. "Did he ask other things, Wynn?"
  13. "Oh right," remembering back to what they were talking about. "No. That was it. After that, he talked about the Austen's Institute." When Kye had been speaking with the detective earlier, he had mentioned this name as well. He turned his head up to look at his brother at this. It was only now, that Kye realised Caewynn's eyes were slightly red. There were no tears at the corner of his eyes though.
  15. "I don't want to go there." Kye knew it wasn't a matter of whether he wanted to go or not, but the words were coming out in the spur of the moment. He felt both of Caewynn's hands on his shoulders, as he was turned to face him directly. "I really don't…"
  17. "I know, K. I don't either." He didn't need his older brother to tell him through words. Even if their mother was scared of him, his brother would never, ever hate him. He had told him several times today that Kye wasn't an orphan or an abandoned.
  19. "K, do you remember my phone number? And our home number?"
  21. Very quickly, Kye recited a sequence of numbers.
  23. "Cool. So if you want to see me, call me, ok? And maybe we can watch the games next season again."
  25. Hearing Caewynn's casual response, Kye's own words lightened up again. "Nah. If you had that time, you'd be studying like crazy." Caewynn was already in his final year of high school. Kye wasn't intelligent like he was, but he knew that he had worked hard night and day.
  27. "I'll think of a way." Caewynn replied quickly. "So in the meantime, can you promise me something?"
  29. This was the first time his brother had ever asked something. This would also be the first time that Kye would nod back, a sliver of a mature look in his eyes. "Ok. Anything."
  31. … …
  33. As they travelling by the train, Kye looked over at the small suitcase of his items, then back out the window. Judging by how long they've been travelling, it was definitely some distance from home. As the night scenery was rolling by, he soon got bored and leaned back. Turning back towards the seat opposite him, he blinked seeing Caewynn looking back at him.
  35. "What?" Their mother had decided to trust her elder son to take him here, so it was just the two of them. By now he had the usual chirpiness in his voice. "Something on my face?"
  37. "Nope. I was thinking of something I should say before we get there." Caewynn put the book in his hand aside then looked at his younger brother dead in the eye. "We're not real brothers, you know what that means?"
  39. Kye stopped idly kicking the air, and gave him a half-horrified look."…I have to change my last name?"
  41. "No!" Even though they could be closer than real brothers, Caewynn really had to spell things out for him sometimes. "Argh… let's see, K, who do you think is the coolest in the whooooole world?"
  43. Though confused, Kye pointed at Caewynn.
  45. "Ok, if the coolest person chooses you to be your brother, you can't be a bad person right?"
  47. "Oh," was all Kye was saying before his ears were getting more red. He fidgeted his fingers, he wasn't going to admit it. But hearing that after not having talked with their mother for a week felt… nice.
  49. "So don't forget, you're not an orphan, ok? I'm not going to - "
  51. "I get it, I get it," Kye cut in hurriedly, not showing the least hint of anger or impatience. From his pocket, he took out a wrapped chocolate and chucked it at his brother. "Stop being so embarrassing already."
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