Anon - Bee colored moths

Jun 8th, 2014
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  1. >You are Anonymous and you just saw something worth checking out
  2. >A few ponies you know are on a date
  3. >Waspy and Hexferry walk next to each other while both of them blush a bit awkwardly
  4. >And you decide to hold a safe distance and follow them around since you’re bored and this might be worth seeing
  5. >As Hexferry looks away you notice that Waspy is about to wrap his hoof around Hexferry
  6. >As his hoof moves closer you hold your breath
  7. >Waspys face grows redder and redder and he’s hovering his hoof now
  8. >Then Hexferry moves and Waspy quickly pulls his hoof back and you groan a bit
  9. >Hexferry starts speaking and you are able to just barely hear it
  10. “H-how about we go over t-there?”
  11. >Hexferrys hoof is trembling ever so slightly as it points at a café
  12. >Waspy looks at it and gulps
  13. “Y-yea, Yeah let’s go”
  14. >The nervous couple walks into the café and you follow suit
  15. >Hexferry and Waspy take their seat and you sit down a few tables away from them
  16. >They are completely oblivious to your presence as both of them seem a bit unsure
  17. >You do spy Hexferry giving a scrunchy look to Waspy as he looks around the menu while looking awkward
  18. >Maybe Hexferry is expecting for Waspy to make a move to lift the embarrassing mood?
  19. >Hexferry quickly turns to look at her menu and blushes a bit harder as Waspy suddenly lifts his gaze from the menu, almost catching the look Hexferry is giving him
  20. “I... I recommend the honey tart”
  21. >Hexferrys ears did a little twitch as Waspy spoke to him, and slowly she lifts her gaze from the menu while looking surprisingly coy
  22. “Y-yeah, I’ll try that... have never tried it”
  23. >Waspy gives a more confident smile now, most likely fueled by this huge confidence boost just now
  24. “I’m sure you’ll love it”
  25. >Hexferry sets her menu down and smiles shyly to Waspy as well and nods
  27. >The waiter comes around and asks you what you’ll order
  28. >You decide you need to know if this honey tart tastes as good as Waspy thinks
  29. >You smirk a bit, you are starting to feel a little cupid, maybe you’ll follow them around and try to aid them from behind the shadows, like a ninja!
  30. >Well that and it’s refreshing to see such innocent and awkward dating
  31. >The waiter soon brings the two their orders so they do not have that much time to chat, and judging by the embarrassed air around them they would not have talked that much anyway
  32. >You and Waspy both look with anticipation as Hexferry takes a spoon and tastes some of the tart
  33. >Judging by her eyes widening and her ears and antennae standing up for a split second before her face became that of bliss she likes it
  34. >You give thumbs up to Waspy who’s too focused on Hexferry to notice you
  35. >You don’t blame him, this Hexferry who almost looks like she’s squeeing like a little filly over a pastry is a rather cute image
  36. >And Waspy seems to think so too, he’s really staring at her
  37. >Hexferry suddenly notices this and stares back
  38. >The two of them lock eyes and look at each other
  39. >You decide to turn away and let them have their moment without you looking at them
  40. >As you do the waiter brings you the tart and leaves
  41. >You look at it, it looks absolutely delicious, but you are not so sure about that thick layer of honey on top of it
  42. >You hope it won’t be too sweet for your human tastes and take a bite
  43. >And wow... it’s really good!
  44. >You are not sure how, but the honey has the taste of regular honey, but without the overbearing sweetness
  45. >And the honey is so warm but still retains its gooey texture instead of being runny
  46. >You almost feel like mirroring Hexferrys reaction
  47. >You take a glance towards the table and notice that things have gone a bit sour there
  48. >Waspy is now looking at his tart while eating in silence and so does Hexferry
  50. >Hexferry seems almost like she’s begging for Waspy to open the conversation back up, but by the looks of Waspy he’s really struggling to come up with something
  51. >You cupid senses spike up immediately
  52. >You speak out, with changing your voice a bit, just loud enough for Waspy to hear
  53. >”Dear, you’re looking really pretty tonight”
  54. >You can practically see the lightbulb light up above Waspys head as he seems happy
  55. >Good, he took the hint
  56. “Hexferry, you look very pretty tonight”
  57. >Hexferry drops her fork accidently and blushes very hard
  58. “Y-you idiot... you did not have to say that so loud and in public...”
  59. >Hexferrys eyes are hidden by her mane as she picks up the spoon and you are biting your nails and hoping Waspy can see past her tsundereness
  60. >Waspy smiles, Yes he did it!
  61. >Hexferry notices this and turns her face away and looks at the floor while blushing hard and scrunching
  62. “Y-you idiot...”
  63. >The two of them continue to eat their tarts, but the mood now seem much more better even though neither of them are talking
  64. >You smile and finish up your own tart as well
  65. >The two of them pay and then start to make their leave and you do so too, tailing them
  66. >Waspy is once again hoverhoofing her and once again does not pull Hexferry against him
  67. >You almost facepalm but then notice he gives another try
  68. >Aaand it fails
  69. >Waspy gulps and then lifts his hoof once again, but this time Hexferry turns to look at him a bit annoyed
  70. “Just do it already!”
  71. >Waspy and you both jolt a bit at Hexferrys sudden loud outburst
  72. >Her face is blushing and she looks pissed
  73. “I’ve been waiting for you to move the move and you’re pussying out, s-so just take your hoof and pull me against you!”
  75. >Hexferry pounds her hoof onto the ground while saying all this and Waspy looks a bit frightened
  76. >He immediately puts his hoof around Hexferry and pulls her against him
  77. >Hexferrys ears and antennae lay flat against her head and her voice returns back to sounding coy
  78. “T-took you long enough you big idiot...”
  79. >Waspy sees to blush as red as he can while Hexferry nuzzles against him
  80. >You smile
  81. >time for you to take your leave and let those two continue in peace...
  82. >as you walk away you turn and give Waspy a salute
  83. >Godspeed Waspy!
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