From Hell to Home 6

Sep 22nd, 2017
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  1. >"...So Anon, you're, like, from another world, right?"
  2. >You look up from the motherboard you were tinkering with
  3. >Turning your head to the left, you looked at the only other person in the backroom besides you, Lyra
  4. >Lyra was supposed to be helping you build a few rigs for some orders that needed to be completed
  5. >Unfortunately, Twilight hadn't been kidding when she said that the lyre-player had no idea how computers worked
  6. >The girl didn't know the difference between RAM and a fan
  7. >Twice you had caught her trying to smash a VERY expensive processor into a hard drive
  8. >Once she had tried to use duct tape to secure a video card, and that other time she managed to somehow build a rig completely upside down
  9. >Still though, it wasn't like you could be upset with the tiny girl
  10. >She was doing her best, and she seemed happy to soak up whatever you and the other girls could teach her
  11. >...Still though, you had absolutely no idea where the fuck she got that duct tape
  12. >...Or how she managed to get that powerbox on fire even though she hadn't plugged the thing in
  13. "From another world? Where did you hear that, Lyra," you asked, picking up a syringe of thermal paste
  14. >"I heard Twilight talking about it the other day," Lyra replied, grabbing a fan and slapping it onto the side of her rig
  15. >You winced as the fan flopped back onto the table
  16. "Easy there, munchkin. You're gonna break that."
  17. >Lyra snorted
  18. >"Pl-ease! Twilight and Moonie toss these things around all the time!" she said, picking up the fan and examining it. "You could take a bat to one of these puppies and they'd be..."
  19. >She trailed off
  20. >A frown came to get face as she continued to look down at the fan
  21. >"...Shit. I think I broke this one."
  24. >You looked away from the motherboard yet again to look down at the fan in the girl's hand
  25. >Sure enough, one of the wings on the fan had completely snapped off
  26. "I think you did," you said with a nod of your head
  27. >Lyra let out a groan
  28. >"Shit. Moonie's gonna take that outta my paycheck," she said, blowing a bit of hair out of her face
  29. "Probably," you agreed, carefully grabbing the processor and putting it where it belonged
  30. >Lyra slumped in her chair, looking absolutely defeated
  31. >You would have gotten up and given her a hug, but you were a bit busy at the moment
  32. >Later...
  33. >The minty girl continued to look down at the fan for several more seconds, before her expression did a complete one-eighty
  34. >"So, are you some kind of alien or what?" she asked, her golden eyes staring at you quizzically
  35. "Something like that," you said with a nod.
  36. >Lyra perked up
  37. >"Really?" she asked, a smile exploding across her face. "That's neat!"
  38. "If you say so," you replied, putting the now ready motherboard into the big black rig sitting in front of you.
  39. >Lyra wiggled in her chair
  40. >"Did it hurt? When you space traveled here or whatever you did?" she asked, leaning toward you
  41. >You stopped what you were doing
  42. >You opened your mouth to say something but stopped
  43. "...No, it didn't hurt," you said. "All I did was step through some weird mirror-looking thing."
  44. >You kept your eyes on the table table
  45. "Before this it hurt though."
  46. >Lyra cocked her head to the side
  49. >"Before?" she asked
  50. >You pulled off your gloves
  51. >"Before I came here I popped up somewhere else."
  52. >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Lyra's smile widening
  53. >"You mean that world full of horses?" she asked.
  54. >You nodded
  55. >As you did so you remembered first waking up in horseland
  56. >Your arm had been broken, and your leg had been so fucked up that you could have bent is sideways
  57. >Everything had hurt...
  58. >Blood was everywhere...
  59. >You remembered being able to hear your heartbeat pounding in your ears...
  60. >It had been so loud that, at first, you hadn't been able to hear your screams...
  61. >You looked up at the table, realizing that you had just been sitting there staring at nothing
  62. "Uh-huh. That's where Princess Twilight's from."
  63. >Lyra, who didn't seem to notice your little episode at all, let out a giggle
  64. >"It must have been so AWESOME waking up there!" she said, her eyes sparkling. "Seeing all of those cute little horses walking around being all fuzzy and cute!"
  65. >You hadn't seen a pony when you had woken back up after passing out again...
  66. >There had been nothing but tall grass and dirty green water...
  67. "They weren't all that cute," you said, balling up your gloves and tossing them into the trash can sitting next to the table.
  68. >Lyra stopped her wiggling and looked at you with a frown
  69. >"Not cute? What are you talking about?" she demanded. "I might be a girly-girl but even I know ponies are cute.”
  70. >You remembered seeing your first Equestrian pony
  71. >After two days of dragging yourself through some god awful shit, you had seen a small wooden clearing with a house
  72. >You, feverish and all fucked up from drinking dirty swamp water, had thought you were hallucinating when you saw it
  75. >But when you figured out that what you were looking at was actually real you had been happier than you had ever been in your entire life
  76. >Everything was going to be okay
  77. >You were alright now
  78. >Whoever lived in that house would call an ambulance and you'd be in a hospital within the hour
  79. >It didn't hurt one bit dragging yourself across the field you were so ecstatic
  80. >But then you saw it...
  81. >A mutated yellow horse with a pink mane and tail...
  82. >It was an ugly thing, with a head far too big for it's little stunted body...
  83. >On it's back was a pair of wings that were far too small to carry it...
  84. >And those eyes...
  85. >Those horrible, giant eyes...
  86. >"Anon?"
  87. >You jumped in your stool when you felt a hand touch your shoulder
  88. >You looked over at Lyra, who was looking at you with her nose scrunched up
  89. "Hm? Oh yeah, they weren't all that cute," you said, realizing after a second or two that you had been wringing your hands. "They didn't have the same proportions are a real pony or horse."
  90. >"Are you alright, Anon?" Lyra asked, completely ignoring what you had said. "You look a little... pale?"
  91. "I'm fine," you replied, swiping a hand across your forehead to wipe away the sweat collected there
  92. >Lyra didn't seem too convinced
  93. >She let out a hum, looking you up and down before leaning close
  94. >"Is it that time of the month for you?" she asked
  95. >...
  96. >Guys have a time of the month here?
  97. >Before you could properly process that bit of information, the door leading to the lobby was thrown open
  98. >A very frazzled Twilight stepped into the room
  101. >"Anon? Anon?" she said, looking around
  102. >When her gaze settled on you she visibly relaxed
  103. >"Oh thank the goddess," she said, quickly making her way over to you and placing a hand on your shoulder. "Anon, I need you to do me a favor. There's a very... difficult male customer out in the lobby that needs some help and he's demanding that he speak to another guy."
  104. >"Did you try slapping him on the nose?" Lyra asked, slipping the fan that she broke under the table where Twilight wouldn't see. "I heard that calms guys down."
  105. >You reflexively snorted, a small smile coming to your face
  106. >Fucking Lyroo...
  107. >Twilight ignored her friend's suggestion, giving you a look so pitiful that you would have thought someone kicked her favorite puppy
  108. >"I know that you're very busy back here, but could you please come and help us out? I'll let you have the commission with whatever they buy and I'll work on this rig while you're doing it. Please?"
  109. "Sure," you said, standing up without a second thought. "I have my gloves off anyway, so I may as well make myself useful."
  110. >You stood up
  111. >Seeing that Lyra was trying to pour thermal paste into a fan, you quickly took both the fan and paste out of her hands and slid them as far away from her as possible before giving her a pat on the head
  112. "The customer is right outside, right?" you asked
  113. >Twilight looked over at the door with nothing less than a look of terror
  114. >"...You'll know him when you see him. I promise you that," she said
  115. >That instantly brightened your mood
  116. >What better way to ignore some bad memories than dealing with shitty, entitled people?
  117. "Okie dokie. I'll see you girls in a couple minutes then!" you said
  118. >You took a few steps to the door before stopping and turning around
  119. "And watch that one like a hawk, Twi."
  120. >You heard Lyra make some mildly upset lesbian noises as you made your way to the door and threw it open
  123. >A quick glance around the lobby didn't yield anything interesting
  124. >You could see some dorks looking around
  125. >Someone's grandparents had wandered in and were looking at your batteries
  126. >There was also a father and his little girl
  127. >But then you saw them
  128. >Across the room, standing right next to the aisle where you kept all of your cleaning stuff
  129. >There was a frightfully skinny girl with a pair of thick-rimmed glasses and a ponytail
  130. >Standing next to her was the most colorful SOB that you had ever seen in your life
  131. >He was an overweight fella with neon green and pink hair
  132. >He had about fifty armbands around his wrist, all of them different colors
  133. >His fingernails were painted, with each nail being a different color
  134. >He was wearing a hippy dye shirt--and shoes, you noticed after a second
  135. >And he had wood in his ears
  136. >Those weird circular things that Africans wore because they didn't know any better
  137. >It was a hell of a lot to take in, so you were forced to just stand there and process all of... that
  138. >A whistle escaped you, and quietly you couldn't help but wish for a pair of sunglasses
  139. >Whoo...
  140. >They could probably see that motherfucker in a blizzard no problem...
  141. >As if he could hear your thoughts, the walking color explosion perked up
  142. >He looked around the room until his eyes settled on you
  143. >He smiled--with thankfully mostly white teeth--grabbing Mrs. Skelele and forcibly dragging her over to you
  144. >"FINALLY! I thought I was going to have to talk to that four-eyed pig all day," the guy said, his nose scrunching up as he looked at the door to the backroom
  145. >Your first instinct was to defend your employer
  146. >It wasn't her fault that her eyes were shit!
  147. >...
  150. >Well, to be fair, it could be her fault...
  151. >Too much reading wasn't all that good for the ol' peepers...
  152. >And you knew for a fact that she had her face a inch from her computer monitor whenever she did anything...
  153. >Still though, she wasn't a pig
  154. >She was a smol little dork that didn't do nothing wrong to nobody
  155. >But a customer was a customer, and you didn't want to get yelled at for physically throwing someone out of the store
  156. >So the only thing you could do was be aggressively nice
  157. "Well, I'm sorry about any inconvenience, sir," you asked as politely as you could. "Now, what can I help you with today?"
  158. >"We were looking--" Mrs. Skelelele began, only for tubby two-by-four to cut her off
  159. >"I'm looking for a better video card for my pc," he said as he rested his hands on his hips. "I've been trying to get into streaming games on Jolt, but what I have now isn't cutting it."
  160. >The girl flinched slightly
  161. >"A-Actuall--"
  162. >"We were going to buy it online, but I wanted to get a new card fast, so here we are," the guy continued
  163. >You looked between the two before nodding slowly
  164. "Alright. Do you know exactly what you need?"
  165. >The guy's expression soured slightly
  166. >"No. That's why we're HERE," he said, with an odd emphasis on his words.
  167. >...
  168. >What?
  169. >Though you were thrown for a bit of a loop, you decided to press forward
  170. "Okay... do you know what kind of motherboard your computer has so I can make some suggestions?" you asked
  171. >The guy scoffed
  172. >"Well, no, but it's just a video card right? Anyone should fit into it!"
  175. >You stared at Mr. Rainbow for several seconds
  176. >He stared back at you, somehow managing to look both completely serious and constipated at the same time
  177. >Mrs. Skelelelele mumbled something as she looked down at the ground
  178. "...Actually, there's a lot of things that go into getting a video card," you said
  179. >Tubby scoffed again
  180. >"I told you there were only idiots in this place, Scarlet!" he said, grabbing the girl's hand. "Lets just go and--"
  181. >Being very calm and professional--because you were very calm and professional--you placed your hands on the guy's shoulders
  182. >The guy twitched, looking up at you with slightly widened eyes as you gently pushed him to the side
  183. >You then took a step toward Mrs. Skelele and bent down so that you were somewhat face-to-face with her
  184. "Ma'am. Do you know what kind of video card you need?" you asked
  185. >The girl looked up at you
  186. >She then attempted to look over at Boo Berry, but you made a clicking sound with your tongue
  187. "Hey, look at me not at him. Now, do you know what video card you need?" you asked, making sure to keep your tone as gentle as possible
  188. >The girl was nothing for a moment or two, just chewing on her lip
  189. >Beside you, the guy frowned harder than you've ever seen anyone frown
  190. >"You know, I really don't appreciate--"
  191. >You raised a hand, silencing him with a boop to the nose, not taking your eyes off the girl
  192. >"Y-Yes I do. We'll need a CVT 327 Dragster," she said, shifting her weight from left to right as she looked back down at the ground. "If you h-have it."
  193. >There we go...
  194. >Nodding, you stood back up to your full height
  195. "Thank you very much. I'll go and see if we have that in the back," you said
  196. >The girl's lips tilted upwards slightly in what might have been a smile
  199. "T-Thank you very much."
  200. >You were about to make your way toward the door but stopped
  201. >You quickly looked between Tootie Fruity and the Skeleton
  202. >Humming to yourself, you leaned back down toward the girl
  203. "If you don't mind me asking, how long has your boyfriend been a streamer?"
  204. >The girl flinched
  205. >"We're not a c-couple," she said, a bit of bitterness mixing in with her meekness. "He's just a... f-friend."
  206. >You let out a sigh
  207. >There it is...
  208. "Ah. And I'm guessing that she just up and wanted to do this?"
  209. >Casting a fearful glance at Mr. Grumpy, who appeared to be getting more upset as time passed, the girl nodded
  210. >"Yeah. H-Hee thought she could make money doing i-it instead of getting a j-job."
  211. >Without saying a word, you wrapped an arm around the girl
  212. >She let out a surprised "eep!" but you ignored it, leading her to the other end of the room
  213. >Tubby didn't seem to like that very much
  214. >"Hey! Where the hell do you think you're going?" he demanded, taking a few steps toward you
  215. "We'll be back in a second, sir," you said without looking back. "Since your friend here knows what you need I'd like to pick her brain for a bit. Also, I'd very much appreciate it if you kept your voice down in the store please."
  216. >You didn't see tubby's expression, but you definitely heard what he said
  217. >"Whatever... You giant FREAK."
  219. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  221. >Be Sunset
  222. >You had just gotten off work and you were laying back on your couch with your feet propped up
  223. >You had a whole weekend off ahead of you and you wanted to start it off right
  224. >That meant you were wearing nothing but a bra, had a big bowl of popcorn sitting next to you, and had a big pile of horror movies sitting on the table in front of you
  227. >At that moment you were watching a killer clown movie that you hadn't seen in awhile, just waiting for Anon to come home
  228. >Hopefully he liked horror movies
  229. >It'd be really fun just sitting with him for the whole weekend eating horrible food and watching movies
  230. >At the very least you hoped you could convince him to watch one or two
  231. >If he was really spooked you could just have him hide his face in your shoulder
  232. >Or your tits
  233. >You hoped he went for the tits...
  234. >You perked up as you heard your front door opening
  235. >That must be Anon now...
  236. >Poking your head over the couch, you saw Anon shuffle into your apartment
  237. >He looked as tired as you've ever seen him
  238. >But not only that he looked... sad?
  239. >No...
  240. >He looked almost haunted...
  241. >The happy, excited feeling that had been welling up inside of you since you had kicked up your feet evaporated
  242. >You sat up on the couch
  243. "Anon? Is everything alright?" you asked, concerned
  244. >Anon said nothing as he walked over to the couch
  245. >Reaching out, he grabbed you underneath your armpits and picked you up
  246. >Before you could so much as make a sound he sat down on the couch, taking you with him
  247. >Your heart rate spiked
  248. >Oh fucking Celestia...
  249. >This was gonna be it wasn't it?
  250. >The big F
  251. >The down and dirty
  252. >You heard Anon sigh as he laid down as best as he could on the too-small couch
  253. >He tightened his grip around you, burying his face into your stomach
  254. >And that was it
  257. >...
  258. >Oh...
  259. >"I'm sorry," he said, so quietly that you could barely hear.
  260. >Though a little disappointed at the lack of climax--father fuckering cunt tease-- you placed a hand on Anon's head
  261. "What's wrong, Anon?" you asked. "Did something happen at work?"
  262. >Anon said nothing, just pressing his face a big more firmly against your stomach
  263. >You twitched in startlement when you felt wet skin touching yours
  264. >It wasn't drool or sweat or anything like that either...
  265. >Frustration gave way to concern
  266. >You wrapped your arms around Anon's back
  267. >Though it might have been a LITTLE inappropriate, you also wrapped your legs around him
  268. >Anon didn't react at all, just continuing to hold you tightly
  269. "Do you wanna talk about it?" you asked
  270. >Anon shook his head
  271. "That's fine. Do you want me to order us a pizza and when you feel better watch some movies with me?"
  272. >A few seconds passed before Anon ever so slightly nodded his head
  273. >You smiled
  274. >Good...
  275. >Now when you managed to calm him down you had a few texts to send
  276. >Primarily to the people that would tell you just who the hell made your big puppy dog roommate so unhappy
  277. >Then a Shimmerin’ was a'coming
  278. >A BIG one
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