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  1. As I walked towards the large dark house, I heard my friends begin to whisper. I smile as I turned to them. “Don’t worry guys. We’ll be fine!” My friends nodded while my boyfriend gave me a frown.
  2. “Are you sure? I mean, Don’t get me wrong, I love exploring haunted places, but this? Where the kills happened? I don’t know why you would want to do this.. What if the killer still lives here?” He asked me.
  3. I walked up to him, “Hey, Look at me, We will be fine, I promise.” I grasped his hand as my friends and I walked onto the creaky steps. I pushed my hands onto the door and it flew open. To my shock, J walked in first.
  4. “Jera, look! It’s beautiful! Maybe we can make a house out of this, Live together, have kids!” She said, smiling.
  5. We all walked in but,  the door slammed behind us. I jumped, a shriek coming out of my mouth.   “S-sorry… I didn’t realize that the door would close on its own. Lets go explore.” As I walked up the stairs, I could feel my body fill up with fear and worry. I knew something would go wrong. My boyfriend looked at me, his eyes filling with dread.
  6. ”Are you sure you want to do this? Even you seem creeped out by it. The murderer could still be here.. And… you never know what you could find.” He told me, his hand tightening on my own hand. He looked around the room, before his gaze stopped on my, his eyes piercing me like a dagger.
  7. “Eli,” I told him, taking his other hand into my free hand. Holding his hands, I looked up at him. I was short for my side, he was around 6’4” and I was only about 5’4”- 5’5”. That doesn’t matter. I looked at him, and smiled gently.
  8. “Matt, what happens if you get hurt? You’re short for a male and..”I look at him, about to say something; a loud bang. We all spin around, my eyes gaping in shock, J’s hands shook and Jera held her. Eli pressed close to me, and then, with a quavering voice, I look up, “W..Who is there? Are you here to harm my friends and I?” I ask. Nothing. “Knock if you are here to harm us, shake something if not.” And within a few seconds, loud knocks echoed the room. Everyone screamed, and we ran to the door. Eli grabbed the knob and tried to open it.
  9. “Its locked! We can't escape! Try the windows!” He cried. We tried the windows, the other doors; nothing. Nothing seemed to be working. “Oh god..” I heard Eli whimper. I walked into the room, Jera at my side. We had split up to find a way out. When we entered the room, a sudden shock flew over the three of us. There was a puddle of blood on the floor. We looked up, and stapled there, eyes widened, was J.
  10. Jera let out a cry, tears falling from his face. “T-This is a dream! Tell me we're dreaming! WAKE UP J! WAKE UP! PLEASE!” He collapsed to the ground, tears falling from his face.
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