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  1. Luo Feng             Title ‘Milky Way’             Race/Species: Human (Earthling Lineage)           Age: 1.63 Trillion ~ Cosmic Eras Old
  3. Combat Prowess: Primal Chaos Sovereign Boundary ‘Saint’
  5. Cultivation Boundary (Invisible Phaseless Divine Power): Eternal True God Boundary (Over Twelve Light Years True Size) (Universe Size - One Hundred Billion Light Years (One Primal Beginning Structure)) (Invisible Phaseless Power)
  6. Life Gene Level: 100,000 Times Normal (Most Perfect Life Structure - Fourth Rank)
  8. Will Power: Primal Chaos Sovereign Boundary ‘Saint’ Top Level
  9. Law Comprehension: Ten Foundation Laws, Way of Destruction (Own Path) (Law Realm at Fourteenth Rank Level (Eternal True God Boundary))
  11. Secret Techniques: <Annihilation> (At Least Fourth Volume) (At The Price of Burning the Divine Power At Greater Speeds, Obtain Greater Power), <Eastern Flower> (Extremely Effective Escape Technique), <Undead River> (Enables One to Separate Fused Bodies and Resurrect From Small Body Parts) <God Eyes> (Sixth Volume) (Will Power Utilization Secret Technique), <Yuan Arranging Technique> (Will Power Utilization Secret Technique)
  13. Relevant Treasures/Weapons: ‘Star Tower’ (Suppression and Sealing-Type God King Apex Level Treasure, Seventh Stage), ‘Bloody Shadow Blade’ (Ghostblade Model Warblade, Origin Embryo Weapon, Currently Integrated Fourteenth Rank Blade Skill Secret Runes), ‘Primal Chaos Golden Wings’ (Wing-Type Eternal True God Level Treasure, Mechanical Class, Fifth Level - Controlling Primal Chaos), Modified Tomb Boat, Dark Beginning God (Single Body Treasure, Mechanical Class, Third Level)
  15. Soul Slave: Mo Luosa (Young World Beast King) (Eternal True God Boundary Equivalent)
  17. Appearance: Black Haired Human Youth, Ice-Cold Expression, Commonly Wears Silver Battle Armor and Silver Battle Boots, Shouldering A Stone Sheathed Blade, Normally Divine Body Stays Ordinary Human Size, Also Often Wears Silver or White Robes        
  18. Personality: Inborn Savage Bloodthirsty (from his Space Beast Bloodline), Loves to Kill/Slaughter (People Who He Thinks Deserve It), Generally Ice-Cold
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