Heart's Home

Apr 2nd, 2021
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  1. [Originally took place March 20, 2021]
  3. Breaking through the ground, a glittering black rose unfurls.
  5. Illyria picks up a glittering black rose.
  6. A thorn upon a glittering black rose pricks Illyria's finger and a drop of blood is absorbed into the stem.
  8. Illyria plucks the rose and looks down at it, a thoughtful smile on her face.
  10. You tilt your head curiously at Illyria.
  12. Illyria murmurs quietly to you, "I think that someday I should like to be as this rose. A lovely flower of the Glomdoring, showing others the beauty of the Wyrd and drawing them closer to it..." she rubs the drop of blood between her fingers. "And stabbing without remorse any who grab too tightly."
  14. You have emoted: Esei tilts their head, staring down at Illyria.
  16. Illyria looks up. "Hardly here a few months, and already others seek to draw me back away once more," she explains quietly. "To pluck me free. I wish to develop the thorns to stab their grasping hands. I can't bring myself to, as I currently am."
  18. Softly, you ask, "Who?"
  20. Illyria smiles faintly and closes her eyes. "All well meaning. All pay lip service to honoring my choices while laying on subtle insults and trying to plant doubts. Or smiling with their lips and staring with wounded eyes, seeking to inspire guilt- which works more than I'd like." She shrugs faintly. "A girl from Magnagora, acquaintances from Seren, people who helped me get to my feet out of the Portal."
  22. Illyria says, "... perhaps the Auguries are best after all. Perhaps I need those rules. A cloak of thorns I wear by necessity until I grow my own."
  24. Tilting their head the other way, you ask, "Do you think you deserve to feel guilty or doubtful about your choices?"
  26. Illyria shakes her head, meeting your eyes. "Why should I feel guilty to have followed my heart to its home?" she replies. "I may not yet be as refined as others here, but... make no mistake. I intend to become so."
  28. You have emoted: Esei brushes their fingers lightly over Illyria. "Good," they say, wings rustling slightly behind them. "Do not allow them to make you doubt."
  30. In dark, lyrical tones, you say to Illyria, "The Auguries are open to you, should you wish to grow your 'cloak of thorns', as you put it."
  32. Illyria nods, closing her eyes as she rubs the velvety petals under her fingers. "The very fact that I do not wish to grow one.. means that I must," she says determinedly, opening her eyes. "At the very, very least, I must erase my weakness to being plucked at. My kindness is presently my weakness. I cannot afford to let it free until I am certain it will be useless as a tool against me."
  34. Softly, you say, "Kindness by itself is not weakness - but boundless kindness, unrelenting compassion, mercy..."
  36. Illyria nods. "Yes. And right now... I am struggling with the boundary."
  38. In dark, lyrical tones, you ask Illyria, "Perhaps I can give you a starting point?"
  40. Illyria nods silently, still stroking the rose.
  42. You have emoted: Gently grasping Illyria's chin in their fingers, Esei smiles slightly. "Share your kindness only to those who are Wyrden. All others do not deserve it."
  44. Illyria lifts her eyes to meet your, blinking slowly. "A good starting point," she agrees softly. "A worthy one."
  46. In dark, lyrical tones, you say to Illyria, "Know that should your kindness be mistaken for softness, and you are hurt, that pain is a teacher."
  48. Not unkindly, you say to Illyria, "When you are wiser, and more knowledgeable, you will be able to take their mistake and turn it against them. I look forward to it."
  50. Illyria whispers back, "Pain passes, and leaves behind a lesson," she agrees. "I am hurt already, wounded by my own emotions and guilt... but anger is taking its place. Why do they get to have the satisfaction of making me feel that way? They don't deserve it. And I am resolved to take that satisfaction from them entirely."
  52. You have emoted: Esei tips their head, humming faintly.
  54. In dark, lyrical tones, you say to Illyria, "Good."
  56. Illyria nods, tucking the rose away. "Another step," she says quietly, stepping back. "Another touch on the pillar."
  58. Softly, you say, "Indeed. I wish you luck, in that endeavor."
  60. Illyria nods her head at you.
  62. Quietly, Illyria says, "Thank you."
  64. In dark, lyrical tones, you say to Illyria, "Should you require anything else, reach out."
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