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  1. I do not really understand what you want me to say) that the code does not match R2 mangos coding standarts? this is not true, in fact, commit mangos last three months to meet these standards, much less than many commits R2. "do the above mangos" - quite funny, if you look carefully, on the home page was listed R2 - "R2 - not a separate project! only custom fork of mangos project".
  2. difference is not at all, how a developer decides to handle the rejection. difference is that the R2 team is doing something at all, and, moreover, seeks (and finds) the necessary code from third-party developers on their own, rather than waiting until it will bring on a silver platter. and in any case, I will never smear snot on the table and that "the patch is not presented for adoption and not finished." if the code is required - I can finish it himself.
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