Soarin' x Shining Armor Pt 2 (cute)

Oct 15th, 2013
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  1. >Be an extremely long day of training
  2. >Got reamed out by the drill instructor again for...don't even remember
  3. >Made me do lap after lap around the air course
  4. >When I finished the laps he chased me down to the ground
  5. >Yelling the entire way
  6. >Every muscle in my wings ache
  7. >Accidentally say that aloud instead of think it
  8. >Sergeant jerkface makes me do pushups in the mud for another half hour
  9. >Miss dinner, covered in mud, cold and tired
  10. >Just want to have a shower and go to sleep
  11. >Get to my room, push the door open
  12. >"Hey Buddy!"
  13. >I grumble something incoherently
  14. >His happy look changes immediately to concerned when he sees the condition I'm in
  15. >"Oh shoot...what happened?"
  16. >He trots over in a hurry
  17. >Nuzzles my neck despite the mud and my disheveled appearance
  18. >Smile very weakly and give him a wing-hug
  19. "Stonehoof was pissed today..."
  20. >He nods and pulls me for a kiss
  21. >I gently push him away
  22. "I need a long shower and...I don't think I can do that stuff tonight."
  23. >He nods, a little disappointment on his face but he understands
  24. >Still teases me with that round butt of his
  25. >But I'm in way too much pain to properly enjoy it
  26. >When he turns around, his seductive smirk fades into worry
  27. >I don't say anything else, just zombie to the shower and turn on the water
  28. >The hot water...oh sweet Celestia's royal rump it feels good
  29. >I don't even scrub for a few minutes
  30. >Just stand there and let it soak every inch of my body
  31. >So relaxed I don't even hear the door creek open
  32. >Or the sounds of slow, steady hoofclops to the shower
  33. >I do catch the shower curtain pull open though
  34. >There's my roommate
  35. >With his big shower basket of soaps, brushes, shampoos the works in his mouth
  36. >Before I can say anything I see Shining Armor's horn light
  37. >And a scrubbing brush float to my back and begin its work
  38. >A quiet moan escapes my lips and my wings go limp
  39. >More of his brushes and soaps begin to levitate around me
  40. >Bars of soap scrub the mud from my hooves and wings
  41. >My mane and tail are covered with shampoo
  42. >I feel it lather on its own, his magic ruffling and caressing my hair
  43. >My eyes close and my knees buckle a little
  44. >He must have seen this because the next thing I feel is his body next to mine
  45. >And his gentle nuzzling against my neck
  46. >"Just relax, buddy, I'll take care of you tonight"
  47. >I nod weakly and feel his hooves begin to massage my back muscles
  48. >All while he keeps his magic focused on all the bath supplies
  49. >It's a miracle I didn't collapse right then and there in the shower
  50. >Eventually its just his hooves and my back
  51. >My mane is cleaner than it has been in days, my fur soaked but shiny
  52. >But the water is still steaming hot and his hooves find every knot and tense muscle in my back
  53. >I can do nothing but stand there and enjoy every second
  54. >He begins to go past my flanks for something a little more frisky but I shake my head
  55. >It's not him, we've been having sex every night since that first time
  56. >But I'm too spent, too tired and now far too relaxed to think about doing that
  57. >He understands and slides his hooves off me
  58. >His magic turns off the water and I feel more than one towel float around my body
  59. >One wraps my mane up over my head
  60. >I feel his body slide along mine as he comes back for another nuzzle
  61. >I turn slightly and give him that kiss he wanted earlier
  62. >It's the least I can do...especially after all this
  63. >Its a long, slow kiss, the kind you usually save for after a long romp in the bedroom
  64. >But its the best I can do right now
  65. >As our lips part, he sees just how exhausted I still am
  66. >My eyes barely staying open, my legs still quite wobbly
  67. "Thanks, pal...I really needed that"
  68. >He smiles and nods, giving me a gentle shove with his shoulders to leave the bathroom and walk with him
  69. >I wrap a damp wing over his back and comply
  70. >He's all smiles the entire way, telling me a bit about what he did when his day ended
  71. >I tried to listen but I was in a haze
  72. >Just wanted to get to my bed and...
  73. >....oh son of a camel...
  74. >My bed was nothing but a mattress
  75. >I remembered right then, I was supposed to pick up my laundry on my way back from training
  76. >Back when training was over at 1600, not three hours past sunset
  77. "...I...don't have sheets...."
  78. >I'd never admit it
  79. >Not even to Spitfire
  80. >But I was a second from crying
  81. >It would have been a stress cry, ya know the kind you get when after a long hard day full of crap
  82. >Then you drop a glass or lose something
  83. >But before I could
  84. >Shining Armor motioned to his bed
  85. >It was the same size as mine, but somehow it always looked fluffier and nicer
  86. >Freakin' unicorns...
  87. >Freakin' unicorns dating princesses letting them sneak all kinds of nice stuff into basic
  88. >But then again, after the shower I just had with all his products...
  89. >"You can share mine"
  90. >He says it without a hint of seduction or slyness
  91. >Just a genuine concern for his friend, partner and occasional fuck buddy
  92. >We've been in the same bed before but it was more out of necessity
  93. >Or sheer tiredness causing us to end up that way
  94. >Never a gesture of affection or anything like that
  95. >I blinked a few times
  96. >Come on, Soarin' when did you become an emotional pegasus?
  97. >You're the best flier here, someday the best in the world!
  98. >Get it together!
  99. >"I'll sleep anyway you like, I'm not really-"
  100. "Thanks, I think I'll take you up on it"
  101. >Shining Armor smiles a little wider
  102. >He's always had a thing for taking care of the other ponies in our squad
  103. >Seen it a bunch, first time I've been on the receiving end
  104. >It's...really nice
  105. >I blink a few times again
  106. >Damned soap must be in my eyes...
  107. >His horn glows softly and the down comforter pulls back along with the flannel sheets
  108. >Holy hell it looks so soft...
  109. >"Get comfortable, buddy. I'll work with whatever you leave me"
  110. >He chuckles a little as I take my wing off his back and move toward the bed
  111. >On a normal day I would have thrown myself in that bed
  112. >But I'm in a lot of pain so its more like a slow crawl
  113. >I pull my upper body and my back legs wobble again when I try to get the rest of myself in
  114. >His magic lifts up my rear and gently plops me in
  115. >I manage a small laugh but it turns into a low groan as I sink into his bed
  116. >He must have a featherbed under his sheets or something because clouds aren't this soft
  117. >There's no way this is the same twin piece of junk I sleep on every night...
  118. >I lay on my side, my legs twitching slightly as they're finally relieved of duty
  119. >The rest of me turns to instant mush
  120. >My eyes get heavy by the second
  121. >"Comfy?"
  122. >I nod really slowly
  123. >I'm facing away but I know he's smiling again
  124. >The bed begins to creek as he gets in
  125. >Guess there is a mattress under here somewhere...
  126. >I'm too sleepy to think about it anymore
  127. >Or about him draping a hoof over my body
  128. >And pulling my limp body against his
  129. >He's nearly as plush as the bed beneath me
  130. >Smells really nice too
  131. >He nuzzles my neck as his magic pulls the sheets and comforter over us
  132. >I mumble something but even I can't make out what I said
  133. >His covers are so warm...
  134. >So's his body
  135. >I find the energy to wiggle back against him
  136. >I push back a little more, his back legs slipping around my hips
  137. >He's so warm...
  138. >My breathing is getting slower
  139. >But I feel him swallow and shift a little
  140. >I would have wondered why but the answer is already poking me in the small of my back
  141. >Can never spoon for very long no matter how tired you are
  142. >He sleepily mumbles and apology but I shhhh him
  143. >He chuckles again and kisses the back of my ear
  144. >I'd love it to go further but I couldn't move if I tried
  145. >He strokes my mane with his hoof
  146. >Whispers something but I can't make it out
  147. >For the first time tonight I'm fighting sleep
  148. >But it's winning
  149. >Come on just
  150. >Five more minutes
  151. >Let me enjoy this a little more...
  152. >I push against him more, despite the awkward position, just to feel his soft, slightly chubby body against mine
  153. >He lets me, nuzzling my neck and tightening his hoof around my chest
  154. >I can't stop myself from yawning
  155. >Just...five more...minutes...
  156. >I must have said that cause he replied
  157. >"Just go to sleep, hon"
  158. >I nod, barely, wrapping my hoof around his
  159. >Squeezing his leg with what little energy I had left
  160. >He returns the squeeze
  161. >My legs go completely limp
  162. >Even my wings loosen from around my sides
  163. >I feel my breathing slow and...
  164. >The last thing I remember
  165. >Was him whispering
  166. >"Sweet dreams, Soarin'"
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