Chapter 41

Sep 11th, 2020
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  1. Ahh, the early morning. A time of peace. A time of reflection. A time to think of the wonders of the coming day. You watched the first rays of dawn creep down the wall as the sun peeked through the curtains.
  3. Nauraea snored loudly. Someone screamed at a vendor about the price of bread outside in the street. A guard was getting busy with her man a few balconies over. You had to pee.
  5. A perfect tranquil morning in Apliseline.
  7. “Oy, ‘wife,’ get up.” You said.
  9. Nauraea hugged you tighter into her chest. Her coils had mercifully kept you facing forward during the night. If you had twisted around, you probably would have smothered in her tits. You thrashed around a bit.
  11. “I said let me go!” you said.
  13. Nauraea groaned and released you. Her coils unraveled, spilling you out onto the bed as she stretched her arms and tail. You quickly dashed into the bathroom, eliciting some sort of predatory response from your alleged fiancé.
  15. “Hey!” she shouted, following you into the bathroom. “Where do you think you- oh.”
  17. You ignored her, and relived yourself. Nauraea quickly excused yourself when she realized that you weren’t actually making a break for it. After a quick hand wash, you hesitantly peeked out of the bathroom.
  19. “You said that you would have some clothes for me in the morning.” You said.
  21. “Yes, the seamstress should have them finished. Come have a seat while I have them delivered.” Said Nauraea. She opened the door and said something to one of the guards.
  23. She had a point. You HAD just spent the night wrapped in her arms. And tail. Slinking out of the bathroom, you took a seat on one of the many pillow piles scattered about the room and used a smaller throw pillow to preserve what little dignity you had left.
  25. “It’s here!” exclaimed Nauraea.
  27. That wasn’t good. If Maranth had taught you anything, it was that monsters are NEVER this excited to dress you in normal clothing.
  28. “Try it on!” said Nauraea slithering over to you. She flicked the pillow away and handed you a pile of linens. She smiled as she saw your dick, still stiff from her venom and the night you had spent sandwiched in her chest.
  30. “Still feeling sore? Maybe you’d like to let off a little stress~” said Nauraea, waggling her tongue at you and groping her breasts.
  32. You grit your teeth and looked away. It was almost too tempting. “Sauritus said-“
  34. “Sauritus said no fluid EXCHANGE. Since that includes saliva and even sweat to an extent, I can’t lay a hand on you. But YOU on the other hand… You have no such limitations.” She prodded your balls with the tip of her tail. You winced and shoved it away. “Everything in there is already mine; whether you like it or not. Do not forget, dear husband: I am your queen. If I command you to relinquish your seed to me, you will. Your flippancy extends only as far as I allow it, never forget that.” She sneered.
  36. You snatched the clothes out of her hand and quickly laid them out. Damn her. She was right though, until you got enough juice to fight back, you were at her mercy. Her tail alone was enough to incapacitate you at will.
  38. A few days was all you needed to recover, Suaritus’s medicine was working wonders. After that, it wouldn’t matter how strong Nauraea was. All you needed to do was escape. Find a cart or caravan heading out of town and ride off into the sunset. Piece of cake.
  40. “…Where’s the rest of it?” you inquired.
  42. Nauraea chuckled. “Whatever do you mean, love?”
  44. “This is just a waistcloth.” You said, holding the short piece up for her to see.
  46. “And?”
  48. Come to think of it, this DID seem par for the course for monster fashion. She was an apophis after all.
  50. “So, no shirt? No shawl? Nothing to cover my torso?” you said dryly.
  52. “None. Now put that thing on, I’m already running late.” Said Nauraea.
  54. You grumbled out a protest, but acquiesced her request. Knowing her, she was liable to drag you to court naked if you didn’t do as she said.
  56. “Cute!” said Nauraea, clasping her hands together. “You look so dashing. I see all that time in Valisisas did you well. I’ll have to send Maranth a thank-you present.”
  58. “Was she in on this?!” you asked.
  60. Nauraea frowned. “Hmm? What do you mean ‘this’?”
  62. “Kidnapping me!”
  64. “Oh! No, Maranth didn’t have a hand in that scheme. If she had been present when you left, she may have been able to see through the ruse, but the letter I sent was a perfect forgery, using Nefkara’s own letterhead. Tsakali trained for weeks to deliver the speech. There was no reason for any present to doubt the legitimacy of the offer or your ‘abduction’.”
  66. You slumped back into your seat. At least Maranth hadn’t sold you out. Nauraea’s tail slipped around you and lifted you to your feet.
  67. “Are you going to mope all day?” scolded Nauraea. “Either you accompany me to the dining hall, or YOU are going to be my breakfast.”
  69. “You’d have to kill me to get it.” You said.
  71. “Is that a threat, or a fact?”
  73. “More of the latter, I suppose.” You sighed.
  75. Nauraea slithered out the door, and you hurried after her.
  77. Walking through the palace was a strange ordeal. You had been a guest in other mansions or castles during your travels, but never as the king or count of those edifices. Hell, most of the undead in the Chiropta castle had been mocking or condescending. To the other nobles and their servants, you were an oddity. A curious creature sojourning through their house, here to satisfy their simple fascination with your circumstances.
  79. Here, the men and monsters eyed you with respect. Nauraea had already inculcated her guards and staff to respect you as their ruler. Soldiers snapped to attention as the two of you passed. Servants bowed and stepped aside. It COULD just be Nauraea’s presence, but you somehow doubted that. Even Sauritus, who had directly gone against her Queen’s wishes to protect you, referred to you as her king.
  80. The notion was discomforting. You never set out in this world to be a tyrant. All you wanted was a nice dragon-snake wife and a little slice of the world to raise your family. Ruling over monsters, being responsible for their safety and prosperity, making the decisions that shaped their lives… none of it had ever been appealing to you. Monsters were naturally obstinate anyway; royalty was more of a suggestion to most of them.
  82. The scent of food brought your attention back to more immediate concerns. Was that bacon? The dining room sprawled out before you, arranged so that the morning light illuminated the room without blinding the occupants. Platters of bacon, eggs, and toast were scattered across the great sandstone table.
  84. “Surprised? I had the cooks prepare something from your world. Though I suppose we eat this here too…” said Nauraea.
  86. “That’s a lot of food…” you said. It looks like the cooks had taken her request a little too literally: there was ONLY bacon, eggs, and toast. An entire coop’s worth of eggs, a stockyard worth of bacon, and several loaves of toast went into this feast. They had at least had the decency to cook the eggs in different ways.
  88. “Fret not, husband. Now that you are by my side, you need never go hungry again.” Said Nauraea proudly. She coiled herself around one of the lamia seats and gestured for you to take the seat across from her.
  90. Driven by your hunger, you sat down and began piling your plate with various types of eggs. Nauraea began filling her own plate, heaping on even more than you. Not that it surprised you; she was like twenty five feet long. Minimum.
  92. “I must say, I am used to more extravagant meals, but I do appreciate a return to the basics every so often.” Said Nauraea, taking a bite of bacon.
  94. “We ate other things too. You don’t have to feed me the same things every day.” You said.
  96. Nauraea nodded. “Tomorrow I shall have the chefs cook you a proper Capsalisman breakfast.”
  98. The two of you ate breakfast in silence. You because you had nothing to say, and Nauraea because she was absolutely demolishing her food. Usually lamia tended to eat like normal monsters, but Nauraea seemed to express the snake trait of swallowing her prey whole. She inhaled piece after piece of bacon and bread at a worrying pace. Worrying to others. If she choked on a slice of pumpernickel, you could probably use the ensuing chaos to slip out of the city.
  100. Your bread-icide fantasies were interrupted by the sound of footfalls and wheezing. Nauraea perked up, and slumped down into her chair.
  101. “She’s early…” muttered Nauraea.
  103. Tsakali sprinted into the dining room carrying a box of scrolls. Panting, she gave a small salute. “Your Highness… Your Majesty… You both need to come quickly… Court is about to begin!”
  105. “Yes, Vizier. I am aware of what time it is.” Said Nauraea, keeping her attention on her plate.
  107. “Then please, make haste Your Highness! Surely you have consumed your caloric quota for breakfast, so finis-“
  109. Nauraea swept the anubis’ legs with her tail. Tsakali yowled and collapsed, dropping the scrolls she carried.
  111. “You-you INSOLENT little sycophant! *I* decide when I am done eating. ME! What are you insinuating, hmm? Are you calling me FAT?!” said Nauraea, blushing furiously. She began to slap Tsakali around like some sort of canine hockey puck with her tail. You took another bite of bacon.
  113. “Never! I-I JUST WANT YOU TO BE ON TIME!” screamed Tsakali.
  115. “Damnable little… Anon!” snapped Nauraea. You coughed and straightened. She may not be a pharaoh, but after ruling for a few centuries she had her royal voice down pat. “Finish your food. If you’re hungry, I’ll have the servants bring something for you during court. As much as loath to admit it, my neurotic adviser is right: I need to be in court. Today is a special occasion.”
  117. “Why the hell do you need ME in your court?” you asked.
  119. “You’re a king! You need to learn how to rule. One day I will rely on you to handle a portion of the empire’s affairs.” Said Nauraea.
  121. “Eww. Pass.”
  123. “You don’t get a say in this!” shouted Nauraea. “Now come!”
  125. Nauraea slithered past the sniveling ball of black fur on the ground and out the door. You finished your eggs, and left the plate with a piece of bacon on it next to Tsakali before hurrying after Nauraea.
  127. ~~~~~~~
  129. “Anon, give me your hand.” Said Nauraea.
  131. “What? No.” you said.
  133. “Give! We need to look good for this.” Said Nauraea. She used her tail to scoot you closer, combing your hair into a more presentable fashion with her fingers.
  135. “I always look good.” You said.
  137. Nauraea chuckled. “I think you will be a welcome addition to court. It can be so dull sometimes. Now, your hand?”
  139. You hesitated.
  141. “Don’t make me take it.” She said sternly.
  143. You surrendered, and offered her your left hand. She seized it, interlocking her fingers with yours. “That’s a good boy~”
  145. Nauraea nodded to the guards, and they opened the door to the throne atrium. Again, the floor was filled with crowds of monsters. All heads turned to ogle you and your captor as she paraded you towards the throne.
  147. “Smile.” She hissed through a beam of her own. Her hand clenched yours a bit tighter. You gave a polite smile to the monsters around you.
  149. Nauraea directed you to the throne. She slithered into her throne, another one of those special lamia chairs, and subtly gestured for you to take a seat in her coils. You eyed the squirming pile of lustrous purple scales apprehensively.
  151. “Sit.”
  153. Nauraea adjusted her lower body to form a small bowl in her coils. You stepped in and sat down, reclining against her cool scales. For a tube of muscle, her tail did have a pleasant amount of give too it. Not too firm, not too soft.
  155. The crowd gathered around the throne, excitedly talking amongst themselves. Nauraea stood (lamia stood, she propped herself up with her tail) from her throne and addressed the court.
  157. “My proud subjects, today, as you all know, is a most auspicious occasion!” she boomed.
  159. The crowd cheered.
  161. “Long have I searched to find a man worthy to breed, one who could confer to me the power to accomplish what we have sought for centuries: to annihilate the Pharaohs, and to darken the sky for eternity!”
  163. Fuck this, you didn’t sign up to be the lube in the engine of geno/heliocide. A chorus of incensed shouts from the court prompted Nauraea to continue.
  165. “Though he is weak in his current state, his soul grows more robust by the day. The day I copulate with him will be the last dawn! I will reign supreme over all the Capsalisma, a dark empress, herald of the will of the Demon Lord! Steel yourselves! Victory is at hand! Soon we shall march upon Kyriavalissa, and drag the false goddess into the darkness.”
  167. The nobles applauded. Some dressed in white robes with black snake print snaking over their cloaks kneeled before the throne. Great. Cultists. Why not?
  169. “But you need not trouble yourself with the worries of the future today. Today, we celebrate Anon’s arrival. A human from beyond the stars. Unlike any other mortal to tread this world. Though he knows little of our language or our customs, he is wise and intelligent. I am certain that he will make a fine king to rule at my side.” Said Nauraea.
  171. Everyone shifted their attention to you. You slouched down farther into Nauraea’s coils. What the hell did they want from you? A tap-dance?
  173. “Preparations are already underway for our wedding. It is to be a public affair, on a date yet to be determined. Anon and I will be joined on the alter, and all lovers are free to revel with us as the venom-wine flows!”
  175. A magic induced orgy, drugs, and free booze. What more could a monster want? Nauraea may be a cunt, but she knew how to connect with her constituency. The nobles quickly started chattering amongst themselves at the prospect.
  177. “Rejoice, but do not shirk your duties to the empire. We must prepare for war. Anon’s arrival is no doubt known to the worm Nefkara; if she marches upon Apliseline, we must be ready to repulse the attack.”
  179. Nauraea eased back into the seat portion of the throne. “I know many of you have traveled far with pressing matters, but I feel that it is important that you learn more of your king. Tsakali, do you have it?”
  181. Tsakali perked up and rifled through the box she was carrying until she produced your lightly toasted journal.
  183. “Hey!” you shouted. Nauraea flexed her coils so that you fell backwards into the gap in her tail. You tried to fight back, but she quickly squeezed the defiance out of you.
  185. “He is still quite shy. Isn’t he cute?” said Nauraea, patting your exposed head. The monsters of the court snickered as you glared back at them. “I’ve studied his culture extensively, but I know so little about him beyond the brief introductions in the books and rumors passed down along the caravan lines. Written introductions and gossip can only tell me so much; today we learn what kind of man Anon REALLY is.”
  187. You gulped. Tsakali squirmed. You made eye contact with her. She silently pleaded for help. Oh NO.
  189. “Nauraea, dear, what are you doing?” you asked, trying to keep your composure.
  191. “I told you, darling, I’m getting to know you better.” She said.
  193. “If you have any questions, I can just answer them for you.” You offered.
  195. “Yes, that would be much faster.” Added Tsakali.
  197. Nauraea cradled your chin in her hand. “Hmm… But would you tell me the truth? ALL the truths I longed to hear?~”
  199. “Of course!”
  201. It was a damn lie and you both knew it. You could feel the heat pouring off your face as blood raced into your cheeks.
  203. “I think I’ll just take the REAL you’s word for it.” She said with narrowed eyes and a threatening smile.
  205. Tsakali was a mess. You had seen cheerier folks on the gallows.
  207. “Tsakali, pass me a copy of my notes, would you?” demanded Nauraea. Tsakali handed a scroll to a soldier, who dashed up the steps and handed the parchment to Nauraea. “Now, what shall we start with… How about your taste in women? I’m curious to see what kind of lover you desire.”
  209. “A ryu-“
  211. “I know what you want.” Snapped Nauraea. A few monsters in the crowd whispered to each other. You were surprised Nauraea would admit that she wasn’t your first choice. “But if you’re after one of those rain-harlots, I can’t be far behind. And soon, you’ll learn that I’m better than them in every way. Tsakali!”
  213. “Yes!” yelped Tsakali, snapping to attention.
  215. “During your debriefing, you mentioned that Anon had made a comprehensive list of species he would like to wed, correct?” said Nauraea.
  216. “W-well, there were a few DIFFERENT lists and my translations were probably wrong anyways. Anon, an apophis is your SECOND choice for a wife, RIGHT?” Tsakali grit her teeth and smiled at you.
  218. “Naturally!” you said.
  220. “Oh? So, there isn’t a, quote: “comprehensive list of more than one hundred and fifty different species, meticulously organized into a definitive list in accordance with Anon’s tastes in monsters” end quote?” said Nauraea.
  222. Tsakali gulped. “O-oh… THAT list… Yes, I suppose that IS in his journal…”
  224. Nauraea’s tail flicked impatiently. “Read it, Vizier.”
  226. Tsakali flipped through your journal to a crude table you had sketched. “Number one, ryu. Number two… ushi-oni. Nu-“
  228. “AN USHI?!” bellowed Nauraea. Her coils wrapped around you. Your ribs creaked as she began to squeeze. “Your second choice for a wife would be one of those disgusting, hairy savages?! They’re hardly literate! Is that what you want, you little masochist? Being dragged into a cave and violated for the rest of your life?”
  230. “Your Highness, please!” pleaded Tsakali.
  232. Nauraea grit her teeth and sighed. “Fine. Fine. Am I at least his third choice?” You gulped as you watched Nauraea’s nails scrape into the armrests of her throne.
  234. “No…” said Tsakali softly.
  236. Nauraea clenched you tighter. “What position is apophis in, Tsakali?”
  238. “You’re near the top!” said Tsakali hopefully.
  240. “What. Position.” Hissed Nauraea.
  242. Tsakali looked at the crowd, then Nauraea, then you. You begged her with your eyes not to tell her. Tsakali gave you a pitied look and turned away.
  244. “…Twenty third.”
  246. A breeze blew through the atrium. The only sound was the rustling of paper, and the sound of sand being blown about in the corner.
  247. “…Twenty third?” said Nauraea softly.
  249. Tsakali looked away. A few nobles excused themselves, ducking out the door before the situation got any worse.
  251. “TWENTY THIRD?!”
  253. Nauraea seized your throat and lifted you out of her tail. You kicked weakly as she let you dangle by your neck.
  255. “Of all the mamono species in the world, you found TWENTY-THREE FILTHY, MUNDANE, SPECIMINES that you deemed better than me, an APOPHIS?! Scion of the Moon, Mistress of Chaos?! I’m ROYALTY, you ignorant slime! Do you even know the power I wield?!”
  257. You tried to pry her hands off to no avail.
  259. “Who are they, Anon? Who were the harlots who swayed your heart?” said Nauraea, bringing you closer. “Vizier, keep reading.”
  261. Tsakali watched helplessly as you struggled in Nauraea’s grip. Flipping back to the table she continued to read.
  263. “Hellhound… Manticore… Amazon… Lava golem… Gandharva…”
  265. With every name Tsakali read, Nauraea’s hands tightened a bit more. You craned your head back, desperate to get as much air into your lungs as her rapacious fingers would allow.
  267. “Cupid… Jinko… Apophis.” Said Tsakali.
  269. Everyone in the atrium was now visibly uncomfortable. Even the stoic mummy guards were now averting their eyes. The world was greying out as Nauraea’s nails dug into your skin.
  271. “Barbarians. Peasants. Weaklings. I offer you everything, and you would choose some BACKWOODS, CLUB-WIELDING BARBARIAN over ME?! THEY can’t protect you, Anon. They can’t give you what you want; only *I* can. So WHY?!
  273. “Is it the way they would take you? Do you yearn to be savaged so badly? Is your recalcitrance just a ploy? A game you play to entice women like me into ravaging you?”
  275. You coughed and dropped your arms to your side. Her grip loosened.
  277. “Weak women for a weak man. Pathetic.” Spat Nauraea. She repositioned her tail and dropped you into it.
  279. You coughed as she re-wrapped you in her tail. You could feel the tension in her body. Every few seconds she would gently squeeze you like some kind of desk-top stress toy.
  281. “How thoroughly displeasing. Though I suppose if it was easy to sway his heart, someone would have done so already. At least he’s principled, if lacking in taste…”
  283. She gently caressed your cheek. “You’ll soon learn of the all-consuming pleasure I shall subject you too. No man could resist. Once I can take you properly, I’ll show you what REAL debauchery is~”
  285. The nobles watched the scene unfold in discomfort. Tsakali’s ears were still flattened against her head.
  287. “Vizier, I think that we’ve heard enough for one day. What is the first matter I attend to today?” said Nauraea, segueing into the next part of her day as if nothing had happened.
  289. “A tax dispute with one of the caravan companies, Your Highness.” Said Tsakali, quickly stowing your journal before her boss could change her mind.
  291. “Hmm. Taxes. Listen well, Anon. You’ll be expected to settle matters like this after we are wed.”
  293. A portly man accompanied by his harpy wife waddled towards the throne and bowed. You zoned out as he began pleading his case for a small tax exemption, citing profits, current tax rates, his inventory and how a new system would be more profitable for both the city and himself. None of your business.
  295. “Nauraea!”
  297. The doors to the atrium were flung open and Sauritus slithered up the steps of the throne.
  299. “What did you do to Anon? I overheard some of the nobles gossiping about how you were going to rip him apart!”
  301. “I did nothing of the sort! See for yourself, if you’re so inclined, you hysteric.” Scoffed Nauraea.
  303. Sauritus gasped. She lifted your chin and gently touched your throat.
  305. “What happened to his neck?! Were you STRANGLING him?!”
  307. “Oh, please. He could still breathe. I’ve seen your husband do worse to you in bed. Now cease your fussing and leave, or I’ll have the guards remove you instead.” Said Nauraea.
  309. “You arrogant-…” Sauritus cut her rebuttal short. The lamia slithered off with a huff, exiting the atrium again.
  311. “I don’t know whether to punish her for being so nosy, or give her a raise for being so dedicated…” said Nauraea.
  313. “…Shall I continue then, Your Highness?” offered the merchant.
  315. “Yes, yes. Get on with it.” Nauraea began massaging your scalp with one hand as she listened.
  317. You tried your best to listen as well, but the affairs and political maneuvering of the Capsalisma ere lost on you. Nauraea swiftly and conclusively ended every dispute, inquiry, and request her populace had to offer her. You hadn’t been sure whether or not Nauraea would actually care about the affairs of her empire, but she did seem to listen to even the humblest guest and deliver a fair verdict. Harsh sometimes, but never so harsh that the solicitor questioned the judgment. Tsakali acted as a stenographer, taking down the solicitor, their issue, and Nauraea’s solution. The whole process was like clockwork. How the hell were sex-demon/monster hybrids better at bureaucracy than humans?
  319. “Your husband is so cute! I’ve never seen anything like him!” gushed a tanned succubus who was there to give some agricultural report.
  321. “Isn’t he? Feisty little thing, but that just makes it more fun~” said Nauraea.
  323. “Hey there, Your Majesty! Have you had your first taste of venom yet? I’m jealous you get to taste it every day.” Crooned the succubus.
  324. “He’s getting there. I gave him a dose when he arrived, and he’s still recovering. When his body recovers, I’ll give him a second taste.” Said Nauraea, licking her lips.
  326. “Your Highness, how fiendish! I hope you won’t get him TOO addicted to your juice. He does have to rule with you, after all.” Giggled the succubus.
  328. Oh fuck, was that stuff addictive? Probably. Being addicted to apophis venom or the pleasure it provided sounded like something that would be in the encyclopedia...
  330. “All the more reason to train his body to resist it. What can I say? I’m a biter~”
  332. The succubus smirked. “I can’t wait to see what kind of faces he’ll make once you take him. Oh! I almost forgot!”
  334. She clapped twice and one of her attendants shuffled forward with a box. The succubus opened the box and pulled out a black leather collar, gilded with silver patterns.
  336. “I got you a wedding present! I heard that he could be a bit ‘rowdy,’ so I had this made for you!”
  338. “Not a chance in cold hell.” You quipped.
  340. The succubus sneered. “What a queer accent! I don’t think you’re going to have much of a say in the matter. Your Majesty.” Her voice oozed sarcasm. You’d have to get her name from Tsakali. She was going on a list.
  342. “How darling! But I’m afraid I can’t accept just now. I’ll be taking gifts at a later time.” Said Nauraea.
  344. “Very well, Empress. I see his neck is sore anyways.”
  346. Nauraea frowned. “Will that be all?”
  348. “Y-yes, Empress. Thank you for your time.”
  350. The succubus quickly fled the atrium before she could further arouse Nauraea’s ire.
  352. “His neck she says… Your neck is fine. Right?” said Nauraea.
  354. You absentmindedly rubbed your throat. It was still a little sore, but you were otherwise unharmed. Nauraea seemed to be of a different mind. She gently traced certain areas of your neck, along what you presumed to be bruises. Her brows folded in concern.
  356. “Yes, you are perfectly healthy. I shall have Sauritus give you an examination anyways when court is finished.” She said confidently. The nod she gave only convinced herself.
  358. “Tsakali! Who is next?”
  360. ~~~~~~~~
  362. “Anon, wake up.”
  364. Nauraea shook you awake. You grunted and tried to stand up, unable to find footing on Nauraea’s coils.
  366. “Court is over. Do try to at least feign interest in the future, please? I know that managing an empire can be a tedious affair, but Tsakali already manages the lion’s share of the queendom.”
  368. Tsakali’s tail wagged. “With ease, might I add.”
  370. “Does that mean I can go back to bed?” you asked.
  372. “Nonsense! You spend all day lounging about on top of me, and now you want to go back to sleep? This is Apliseline! Humans and mamono the world over come here to revel in the decadence we offer.”
  374. Indeed, the atrium had become a bit more packed since you had fallen asleep. Many monsters were now sitting upon swaths of cushions in the wings of the atrium, smoking, chatting, or making love to their spouses. A flock of harpies circled over the open roof of the atrium.
  376. “There they are.” Said Nauraea.
  378. The harpies descended into the atrium. Obviously they were part of the same troop, designated by the scant uniforms they wore. A mix of sirens, gandharvas, and burley harpies carrying instruments and gear.
  380. “Hiya, Empress!~” chirped one of the sirens. “We’re all ready to play!”
  382. “Thank you Novahall. You have a few minutes to prepare, I want to wait until I consecrate the first cask.”
  384. “Sure thing, queenie! Say, that’s a cute boy yah found. I thought you were single?” said the siren, giving you a lecherous grin.
  386. A gandharva sniffed the air. “He’s a virgin! Are you trying to savor the flavor, Your Highness?~”
  388. “Not quite. The scent is actually quite distracting.” Said Nauraea, propping you up a bit more for the singers to see.
  390. “If you ever get sick of him, I’ll take him off your hands~” joked one of the gandharvas.
  392. Nauraea squeezed you tighter. Her lamia nature, your intractability, and the fact that you had listed gandharvas higher on your list than apophis was no doubt creating a trifecta of jealousy in her heart.
  394. “Anon is quite content with me. Isn’t that right, husband?~” prompted Nauraea.
  396. “Yes, dear.”
  398. The harpies squealed gleefully.
  400. “What a cute accent!”
  402. “He’s so shy!”
  404. “Isn’t this the human that was dredged up from the deep sea?”
  406. “Do you think he knows any new songs?”
  408. “Actually, he does have the lyrics to several songs from his world written in his journal…” said Tsakali.
  410. “You gotta give us a copy later! We’re always looking for new songs to sing.” Said the lead siren.
  412. “I can give you a translation, but Anon would have to give you the tune.” Said Tsakali.
  414. “Thanks Anon!”
  416. “I never agreed to… You know what? Yeah, sure. I’ll teach you some of the songs. Talk to Tsakali and set up a time.” You said. Time you spent teaching birds to play music was time out of Nauraea’s hands. The worst-case scenario would be having to teach them all the lyrics in a language they didn’t understand. Rape was off the table since Nauraea wouldn’t let you so much as sneeze without supervision.
  418. A troop of servants entered the atrium carrying trays of food for the guests. Everyone picked at the plates a bit, but it was clear that they were waiting for something else. When a large cask was wheeled in on a cart, the crowd let out a raucous cheer. Nauraea slithered over to the cask, leaving you behind on the steps.
  420. One of the servants affixed a large, flexible tube to the cask at the end of the spigot. Nauraea took the hose into her mouth and bit down without hesitation. On cue, the servant opened the cask, allowing the wine to pour out into a large bowl below.
  421. After a minute of pouring, Nauraea pulled out of the hose and wiped her mouth.
  423. “As always, the first cup goes to me!” she announced.
  425. The crowd cheered. Nauraea took a silver goblet from one of the servants and dipped it into the bowl. Slithering back to the throne, she smiled at you as the rest of the court descended upon the spiked wine.
  427. “Mmm~… I wish you could taste this. Nothing like you’ve had before, I assure you that.” Said Nauraea.
  429. The atrium descended into chaos. Any couple who downed the wine began fucking like animals, without regard for their surroundings. Nauraea’s tail wrapped around your torso and lifted you up.
  431. “Hey! Don’t move me like this!” you said.
  433. “Hush. Come here.”
  435. Nauraea put you down on her lap (or whatever it was lamias had) and hugged you from behind with her free hand.
  437. “Hmm… Anon?”
  439. “…What?”
  441. “Promise me you’ll get stronger fast. I want to do these things with you.” Said Nauraea, surveying the hedonism. She chugged the last of her wine and set the cup down on the armrest. Hugging you closer, she nuzzled the nape of your neck.
  443. “Mmm… You smell so good… You don’t mind if I have another ‘taste,’ do you?”
  445. You pulled away from her. “You said no biting!”
  447. Nauraea pulled you back. “I didn’t say I was biting, boy.”
  449. She rested your head against her breasts and dipped a hand into your short waistcloth. You winced at the feeling of her sharp nails on your shaft, but she was gentle enough not to scratch you.
  451. “Easy now… Just relax~” said Nauraea softly.
  453. You squirmed as she began to massage you. Not quite a handjob, just her feeling up her prize. Despite your best efforts to remain flaccid, the orgy of drunken revelers and Nauraea’s hands coaxed the blood into your dick.
  455. “Soon, Anon. Soon…” giggled Nauraea. She wiped a drop of pre from your glans and sensually lapped it off her finger with a flick of her forked tongue.
  457. The harpies began to sing a prurient, lilting song of hedonism and desire. Your head rattled with the enchanted notes of the sirens and the hypnotic sound of the gandharva’s guitars. The mana accumulating in the air was making you dizzy. Sinking deeper into the crevice of Nauraea’s tits, you shut your eyes and prayed for the ordeal to end quickly as she continued to molest you.
  459. ~~~~~~~
  461. “Ahh~ That was a good court session.” Sighed Nauraea.
  463. You grunted. Your stomach was still queasy. Nauraea had mercifully allowed you to be excused after she saw how pale your face had become. Now, after dinner, she had hinted that she had some important task for you.
  465. “Anon, how good are you with your hands?” asked Nauraea.
  467. “If you think I’m sticking ANYTHING near your cunt, you’ve got another thing coming.” You said.
  469. Nauraea giggled. “I like where your head is at, but I have something else in mind.”
  471. A string of attendants joined you, carrying toiletries and towels. One of them opened the door for Nauraea, who entered into a spacious bathhouse. Steam rolled off the expanisve pool out into the cool night air. The first stars were making themselves visible through the window at the edge of the bath.
  473. Nauraea shed what little clothing she wore and slipped into the bath. The servants placed the jars and bars of soap and shampoo around the edge of the pool. Nauraea selected one of the jars and poured it in. The smell of flowers and spice filled the air. One of the servants handed you some sort of brush. It looked like a comically large toothbrush, but with more bristles running down the handle than a regular dental implement.
  475. “What the hell is this thing?” you asked, running a finger over the stiff bristles.
  477. “That’s your tool for the night~” said Nauraea.
  479. “Huh?”
  481. “You’re going to help me clean my scales.”
  483. “…Eww.”
  485. “It’s not ‘eww’! I have legions of mamono who BEG me to let them clean my tail!” said Nauraea, slapping the surface of the water with her tail.
  487. “I’m a king. I don’t clean people.” You mocked.
  489. “If you don’t start scrubbing, I’ll start dunking you.” Said Nauraea.
  491. You rolled your eyes and slipped out of what little clothes you had. The servants collected your things and excused themselves, leaving you alone with your captor.
  493. “Get in Anon, it’s not going to scrub itself.” She said, prodding your chest with her tail.
  495. Slipping into the bath, brush in hand, you nearly went under as you stepped down into the ostensibly shallow water.
  497. “Careful.” Chided Nauraea. “It’s shallower over here. Grab that soap and start at the tip~”
  499. She flopped her tail up onto a shelf, and looked at you expectantly. You sat down on the shelf and dragged the tip of her tail into your lap. Nauraea looked at you with a contented smile as you lathered the first foot of tail with soap. Taking the brush, you began to scrub the scales.
  501. “Ah! That’s not what that brush is for. That’s an edging brush; you use that to scrub the sides. Just trace around each side.” Said Nauraea.
  503. You sighed and resumed scrubbing. Carefully, you swiped down the side of each scale, towards the point. The fine scales at the tip of her tail were ignored, and it seemed Nauraea was willing to let that slide. You would both be here all night if you did the little ones. Not that she would mind.
  505. Once you finished one section, Nauraea rolled over to give you access to the top of her tail.
  507. “Ahh… I can’t tell you how much better it feels to have you doing this~” said Nauraea, resting her torso on the edge of the bath.
  508. “Mmhmm.”
  510. “How’s the water? It isn’t too hot, is it? I know you come from a rather frigid land…”
  512. “It wasn’t that cold.”
  514. “…Do you miss it?”
  516. “Not really. Admaz was seasonal enough to have a winter.”
  518. “No, not the cold. Your homeland.”
  520. You paused your scrubbing and looked out the window at the strange constellations appearing in the sky. “Sure I miss it. Anyone would. But it’s been a long time. I’ve come to terms with my fate; all I can do is carve out my own place in this world.”
  522. “That’s an awfully romantic sentiment.”
  524. The bristles hissed over her scales.
  526. “…I’m glad you didn’t break. That you were strong enough to adapt, even when others may have gone mad.”
  528. You cleaned the bristles in the water. “Uh huh.”
  530. “… I know you think me cruel for trapping you here.”
  532. “Somewhat.”
  534. She cocked an eyebrow. “Oh?”
  536. “I know that it’s in your nature. Monsters seek men. I’m not so arrogant as to think myself beyond the natural order of the world.”
  537. “Hmm…”
  539. You had cleaned enough of Nauraea’s tail to warrant her repositioning. She scooted her body closer to you, looking out the window over the lamps and lanterns below.
  541. “Anon?”
  543. “Yes?”
  545. “When all this is over… When Nefkara is defeated, I mean… Do you want to go back to your world?”
  547. You looked up from your work. “Go back?”
  549. “Once I take the Capsalisma, I’ll have more than enough money and influence to hire the best mages in the world. Surely if Lussazan could bring you here, she could find a way to send you back as well.”
  551. “I don’t know…”
  553. Nauraea frowned. “I thought you would want to return in a heartbeat! Of course, any trip we make to your world would be temporary; I can’t just abandon my subjects.”
  555. “Like I said, I’ve made my peace living here. And someday, I’ll have a wife and child to keep me here.”
  557. You were also deathly afraid of what you might find if you went back. Who knows how time flowed here compared to Earth? You might pop back in time to see a tow truck arrive for your car, or you might wind up so far into the future that everyone you ever knew had died. Who knows if it was even possible to return to YOUR world? What if you wound up in a world with another Anon?
  558. “So you want kids?! How many?” asked Nauraea excitedly. Her tail wiggled in your lap.
  560. You felt your face redden. “I don’t know. Shut up and roll.”
  562. “I can give you many heiresses. I’m quite confident of my fertility.” Puffed Nauraea.
  564. “I said roll!” you desperately tried to move her, but she was too slippery.
  566. “Aww, there there, love. How about we switch roles?”
  568. Nauraea began slathering herself with soap.
  570. “I can wash myself, thank you very much.” You said.
  572. “I know. But I can wash you better~”
  574. She pounced on you, ensnaring you in her violet scales. You gasped and sputtered as she dragged you through the water until you were within reach of her hands. Once you were in position, she began to squeeze you back and forth through her coils by applying pressure on your legs or shoulders.
  576. “See? No other species can clean like lamia.” Boasted Nauraea.
  578. “Cancers.”
  580. “Hey! That’s not fair! What they do is more… ‘cleansing’.”
  582. “What the hell is the difference?”
  584. “The difference is that they can’t do this!” snapped Nauraea. She increased the pressure with her tail. With enough force, her scales took on a slightly abrasive quality, gently exfoliating your torso.
  586. “Ow! Easy!” you said.
  588. “Going to squirm? I’d appreciate it if you did~” said Nauraea.
  590. Damn her. You adjusted yourself as she massaged you, but relented to her ministrations. She hummed to herself as she poured some shampoo onto your head and began cleaning your hair.
  592. “I just had this imported from the north. It’s scented with pine. I love the scent, it’s a shame that we can’t grow any here.”
  594. Taking care to keep the soap out of your eyes, she eased you back until your head was partially submerged. You shut your eyes to keep them clean as the water lapped at your ears. Nauraea released you from her tail and allowed you to stand on your own.
  596. “There we are, now you’re looking princely!” said Nauraea.
  598. You stepped out of the bath and grabbed a towel. Nauraea slithered out of the bath onto some sort of rug/towel and began shaking back and forth to dry her tail.
  600. “Mmm~ That was nice. Nothing like a good bath to rejuvenate the soul.” She said.
  602. “Do I get pants tonight?” you asked.
  604. “No. If your in the bed, there’s no point to you wearing anything. Now, go warm the sheets for me. I have something to attend to, I’ll be there in an hour.” Said Nauraea. She slapped your ass with her tail and slithered out of the bathroom.
  606. You swore under your breath and followed the guards to Nauraea’s bedroom. Flopping down onto the bed, you closed your eyes and tried to fall asleep before your fiancé returned.
  608. Only a few moments later, you heard a soft scraping from the balcony. You opened your eyes. The curtains swayed in the breeze, but there was nothing there. Meh. The guards would have seen any prurient prowler here to plunder your purity. You shut your eyes again.
  609. A hand clamped over your mouth. You yelped into the palm in shock as you tried to sit up. The assailant pressed you back into the mattress and shushed you. A girtablilu glared down at you from behind a black veil.
  611. “Silence! I serve the Pharaoh Nefkara!” she hissed.
  613. Your eyes widened.
  615. “If I remove my hand, will you cooperate?” she asked.
  617. You nodded. The assassin slowly retracted her hand and sheathed her dagger. Reaching into her robe, she pulled out a small metal plate embossed with the same symbol that had adorned the carriage Tsakali had used to transport you here.
  619. “My badge of office. I am Lierus, Master of Secrets to Goddess Nefkara. She has sent me to verify the rumors of the Usurper claiming a husband.” Whispered the scorpion.
  621. “Well, she did.” You said, gesturing to yourself.
  623. “So I see…” said Lierus, glancing at your exposed hips. “But you have not been claimed, why?”
  625. You gave Lierus a quick explanation of the situation at hand. Your arrival, your history, your brush with death, and Nauraea’s plans for you.
  627. “I see… It’s worse than we feared…” said Lierus.
  629. “Is there anything you can do?” you asked. Surely the Pharaoh could do SOMETHING. After all, if Nauraea was stronger than her, she would have already conquered Kyriavalissa.
  631. “That remains to be seen. There are too many uncertainties to act now. I shall report this development to Nefkara; she will determine your fate.”
  633. “Oh…”
  635. Lierus scuttled out onto the balcony. “Know this, Anon. It is in our best interest to save you. We will do all we can. Until then, stall your mistress if you can. Speak of this to no one, the agents of the Pharaoh will all carry a badge. Stay safe, and sun preserve you.”
  637. Lierus cast a spell and vanished. You pulled the covers around you and tried to calm yourself. There was still hope!
  638. Nauraea burst into the room. You jumped.
  640. “Ahh! Apologies, husband. I didn’t intend to startle you. I hope you weren’t TOO comfortable without me~”
  642. She wrapped you in her tail and hugged you from behind with her human torso.
  644. “Your heart is racing! Did I really scare you that bad?~” asked Nauraea.
  646. “No.”
  648. “Then you must have been thinking of me~”
  650. You tried to pull your arms out of the coil, but Nauraea just giggled and squeezed harder.
  652. “No need to be shy~” She kissed the back of your head and reclined onto a pillow.
  654. Nauraea quickly fell asleep with you still wrapped in her arms. You were drowsy, but the idea that you might be able to leave this accursed city was enough to keep you awake for a bit longer. Whatever Nefkara was going to do, she had better do it fast.
  655. You nestled into Nauraea’s breasts, and let yourself be lulled to sleep by the rise and fall of her chest.
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