Dream Girl

Jan 18th, 2016
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  1. >Luna had always been the more reasonably built Princess
  2. >Especially after she returned from exile, where she arrived back as a young woman with near human proportions
  3. >Pipsqueak, however, had a rather distorted view of her
  4. >Since she avoided publicity as much as possible, his only experience with her was as Nightmare Moon
  5. >So it was of little surprise that the first time she arrived to save him from a nightmare, she appeared as a towering armored juggernaut
  6. >Luna was used to her dream form being rather malleable, so she had no problem rolling with it
  7. >when she had a moment of respite, she took the opportunity to inspect herself and realized what happened
  8. >although her suit of armor was clearly inspired by her Nightmare gear, she was still herself
  9. >herself, crossed with Pip's idea of what a Princess should look like (Celestia), amplified by the small boy's lowered perspective
  10. >never one to ruin a dreamscape, she pressed on and provided Pipsqueak the support he needed to vanquish his shadowy foe
  12. >while she often had other dream business to attend to, she would check in on her favorite subject whenever she could
  13. >he was quite an imaginative dreamer, conjuring vast adventures in rich and exciting worlds
  14. >Luna was happy to play along in a variety of roles: the distraught queen to his knight, the trusted side-kick to his Dr. Jones, the sinister countess who needs to be shown the error of her ways, even the poor captured damsel in distress for him to rescue.
  15. >oddly enough, as he grew up, she grew right along with him - maintaining the same size difference between the two
  16. >puberty was rather noticeable as well: not only were her outfits getting less and less practical, her body was swelling and thickening by the night
  18. >the kiss she gave him when she rescued her from the Dragon's Keep was decidedly less than chaste
  19. >but she felt he deserved it for his acts of heroism
  20. >it's a shame the shock immediately woke him up
  21. >hopefully he'll be ready next time
  23. ==
  24. >She awakened in a fit of sweat and lust
  25. >the growing colt's libido had clearly rubbed off on her.
  26. >steeling her resolve and containing her ladyboner, she decided to act
  27. >to that end, she threw on something presentable and found Celestia, presiding over her court
  28. >"Dearest sister, might I have a word in private?"
  29. >"Of course! I was about to retire to my chambers, would you care to join me for afternoon tea?"
  31. >Places set and privacy assured, the two exchange pleasantries before getting to the heart of the matter
  32. >Unsure of how Celestia would react to her inquiry, she decided just to blurt it out
  33. >"I want to grow. How did you get so big? What's your secret?"
  34. >"Oh! My little Lulu finally wants to grow up? I'm so proud!"
  35. >"Very funny, I know. But seriously."
  36. >"But I am being serious! This is wonderful news! What spurred you to make this decision? Is it for a man? Are you finally taking a consort?"
  37. >Luna buries her face in her hands as Celestia bubbles on
  38. >Finally deciding to interrupt, she vehemently denies the allegations that she's been dating "that muscleman turned actor all the tabloids have been going on about"
  39. >"So can you help me or not? What's the trick to a figure like yours?"
  40. >"Why, it couldn't be simpler. Just eat! That's really all there is to it."
  41. >"So that's what all the cake is for? To keep these fed?"
  42. >"Well no, cake is because it's delicious. And for these perfectly rounded hips and soft tummy. Milk is the go-to for for your chest. Bones too, of course."
  43. >Luna wasn't fully sure how to process her sister's reaction. She elected to stare, mouth partially agape.
  44. >"If you're just looking for height, I believe you'll want a simple high-protein diet. After the Tantabus incident, Pinkie Pie told me all about your 'totally smoking hot warrior princess' look. Is that what you're going for? I tried that once. Didn't care for it. I could see it working for you. But really, start with the milk and get yourself a nice princessly bosom. You may think you're big now, but just imagine how you could be!"
  45. >"Milk. Really?"
  46. >"You don't believe me? Come now. I know we have our little games but I couldn't be more truthful when I say I am excited that you'll be joining me in being Equestria's tallest. How big would you like to get, anyway? As large as me, or maybe taller? Ooh, you growing taller would cause quite the stir in the court. You absolutely should do it!"
  47. >Luna shrank back into her chair
  48. >She hadn't really thought that far ahead, was she really ready to be the giantess from the dreamscape?
  49. >"What's wrong. Are you still hung up on the milk thing? Here…"
  50. >Luna perks up as her sister reaches into the cooler compartment under the tea cart
  51. >"One gallon, whole milk. Observe"
  52. >Luna stares as Celestia pops the lid, raises the jug and proceeds to drink
  53. >and drink
  54. >and drink
  55. >true to her word, after only a moment's delay Celestia's already more-than-ample chest starts to swell
  56. >and swell
  57. >and swell
  58. >and swell
  59. >"See? A princess's metabolism won't let her get fat. At least, not without some significant effort on her part. Go tell the kitchen to prepare a Growth Feast. I had one for Twilight Sparkle recently, I'm sure they'll whip up everything you need. Oh, and alert the tailor as well. Outgrowing your clothes is fun and all, but having something to grow into is invaluable."
  60. >Luna was still staring at her sister's cleavage, the growth finally tapering off
  61. >previously 'huge', Celestia's chest was now straining belief as hard as it was her dress
  62. >"Yes yes, I'm sure I look ridiculous with an extra gallon of boob. But go on, you've got work to do!"
  64. ==
  65. >Luna paced the halls outside of Celestia's chambers, under the watchful eye of several guards
  66. >She had long been envious of her sister's stature. Not so much the attention that came with it, but if some of it could be the right kind of attention, well, that wouldn't be so bad.
  67. >and having not only her sister's blessing, but her encouragement too?
  68. >she couldn't turn back now, right? Why would she?
  69. >No, cold feet are not befitting for a princess, she would proceed.
  70. >the guards snapped to attention as she addresses them
  71. >"You, send for the kitchen. I would like a very large breakfast. No less than two dozen eggs. Pancakes too, no butter. Once you've placed the order, fetch a gallon of milk and return to my chambers. I'll be dining in my room"
  72. >With a quick salute, he was off
  73. >"Two gallons. Fetch me two gallons of milk!"
  74. >Luna totally disregarded the faint laughter she definitely DID NOT hear from her sister's room.
  75. >"You, send for the tailor. I'll need a set of of sleepwear sized for my sister. Something decent to wear around the castle as well. Tell him I'll be needing a suit as well, but I'll wait on fitting that until the morning."
  76. >She turned to the remaining soldier
  77. >"How tall are you?"
  78. >"Six foot even, ma'am."
  79. >By her guess, that put Luna at about 6'6".
  80. >"and how tall is my sister?"
  81. >"I'm not sure. At least eight feet."
  82. >Luna ran the numbers in her head: Pipsqueak looked around 5' and his dreamscape version of her was nearly twice his size
  83. >Ten feet seemed a long way away, but she figured there was no need to rush
  84. >"I suppose my intentions are obvious enough. What's your take on this?"
  85. >"Permission to speak freely?"
  86. >"Granted"
  87. >"I think it's wonderful news. There have been those, myself not included, who have spoken with concern about you. Wondering if you're being punished, punishing yourself or if you're simply unfit to rule."
  88. >"Go on."
  89. >"a larger you will put all that to rest. There will be no question that you're every bit as deserving as Princess Celestia."
  90. >"I see. Thank you. And how do you feel about the elite of Equestria's army being used as valets and waitstaff?"
  91. >"It's a living, you know? Just because I can put a spear into a melon at a hundred yards doesn't mean I'd like to do that every day."
  92. >"Indeed. Thank you for your honesty."
  94. ==
  96. >arriving back at her bedroom, Luna realized she hadn't clarified exactly which sort of milk she wanted two gallons of
  97. >more specifically, she realized this when she opened the rolling fridge that had been delivered and found it was stocked with two of everything
  98. >two gallons whole, two skim, two chocolate, even half-and-half and full cream
  99. >"Bless his heart" she thought. There was no way she was going through all this tonight, but it was nice to have options
  100. >she decided to start with chocolate, her favorite, while she waited for her meal
  101. >holding the jug, she takes one last opportunity to size herself up in the floor-length mirror
  102. >"Do I really have that much ass? Awesome."
  103. >"Goodbye inadequacy" she told herself as she popped the top and drank
  104. >and drank
  105. >and choked
  106. >and spewed a little
  107. >"How the devil does she do that?"
  108. >"May I suggest the use of a glass, your highness?"
  109. >oh of course the butler and his team of maids would choose that fucking moment to arrive and start setting the table
  110. >after some minor grumbling, Luna dismissed the staff and thanked them for their delivery
  111. >she elected to start small, taking one of the several omelettes and pouring herself a glass of chocolate milk
  112. >seeking retribution for the previous embarrassment, she decided to take the whole glass in one go
  113. >pacing herself, she was indeed able to finish it without incident
  114. >she caught herself looking expectantly at her chest before realizing how foolish she was
  115. >"obviously a single glass of milk has never made me explode out of my shirt. I suppose it will take more than that to make a difference."
  116. >"I best get to work, then"
  118. >and so she did
  119. >several omelettes, innumerable pancakes and a significant amount of milk later, Luna decided to take a break
  120. >it was getting late after all, she might as well raise the moon now while she was digesting
  121. >Luna had never noticed it before, but she didn't exactly get "full". Really, just "sated" or "satisfied".
  122. >Of course, with her new hunger motivating her, she wasn't feeling much of either right now.
  123. >Grabbing a banana to snack on on the balcony, she rose
  124. >rose, and when she realized just how tight her clothes had become, hopped and let out a cheerful squee~
  125. >apparently, that was just too much for her shirt: buttons shot off and her engorged knockers flopped free
  126. >and indeed they truly were worthy of being called "knockers"
  127. >simply massive when compared to only a short time ago
  128. >grinning madly, she patted her stomach, only to find she hardly had a belly at all
  129. >"magic at its finest" she mused as she disrobed
  130. >the shirt was easy enough to remove, but the now seemingly painted-on pants were a different story
  131. >unable to wiggle her way out, technique gave way for strength as she simply tore them at the seam
  132. >not quite as dramatic as letting them ride out her ongoing expansion, but it was undeniably more comfortable to let her ass fly free
  133. >alas, with draft from the opening balcony and the coming visit from the tailor (where the hell was he, anyway?) Luna decided she should be at least partially dressed
  134. >she would be on Dream Watch soon as well, and she had long since learned that entering the dreams of others while nude could have rather predictable side effects
  135. >all in all, she had only (only!) gained about six inches, so a previously baggy flannel and pajama pants would do for now
  136. >overly revealing, perhaps, but she could work with that
  138. >Moon raised and initial dream emergencies dealt with, Luna returns to the veritable buffet before her
  139. >tiring of pancakes, she checks another covered dish to see what else is available
  140. >what she finds is as good as gold
  141. >better, really, considering she had a whole vault of golden trinkets that wouldn't do a thing for her height
  142. >a bountiful plate stacked with bacon sure as hell would
  143. >with the ravenous fury of a starving animal, she tears in to the pile of meat
  144. >it's only after repeated rapping on her door that she breaks free from her trance
  145. >thinking quickly, she washes down a mouthful with a decent swig from a milk jug (by no means the whole thing, but she's certainly improved from her first attempt) and calls out that she'll be "just a moment"
  146. >thankful that at least someone in the castle knows how to knock, she quickly towels herself off with a napkin (somewhat successful) and stuffs her tits into her shirt (not even remotely successful)
  147. >her dream of looking presentable for her guest discarded, she opens the door and invites him in
  148. ==
  149. >"holy crap, I'm huge"
  150. >Rather than blurting out the first thing that comes to mind, Luna instead greets him and helps him with his things
  151. >it's a wise man who knows to bring his own step-stool when measuring a princess
  152. >it's the wiser man who recognizes said princess is still growing and that said measurements are futile
  153. >"As requested, a few outfits cut to Princess Celestia's measurements. I can see you're otherwise occupied here, so I'll leave you to it. You'll still be needed a suit for tomorrow morning, I presume?"
  154. >Luna grabs the oversized pajamas and ducks behind the privacy screen
  155. >it still hides 'the goods', but she's definitely poking out over the top of the seven foot high divider
  156. >"Yes, I hope to be meeting a very special individual."
  157. >He nods. "I've prepared a some options, but I won't be able to complete anything without knowing your final sizes. Have you made any decisions in that regard?"
  158. >"No, I'm afraid not. It really depends on how far this meal will take me."
  159. >"Of course. One must make do with what they're given, after all. Humor me though, you're on pace to outgrow your sister's cup size well before you reach her height. Do you foresee yourself remaining top-heavy?"
  160. >Luna considers the two gallons of full cream, as well as the other remaining jugs in the cooler and replies in the affirmative
  161. >"All things considered, you're still rather slender. Will you be attempting to become, as Princess Celestia might say, 'pleasantly plump'? Or do you intend to tone and refine your muscle as you grow?"
  162. >She stops dressing to peek over the screen. "I can do that? How does that work?"
  164. >"Indeed you can. I'm sure you'll find most typical exercise equipment woefully inadequate, but a simple bodyweight routine while you're still metabolizing will be incredibly effective. Your niece Princess Cadence was such a twiggy little thing before her first feast, but a few sessions of squats later and… well, you know."
  165. >"Yes, yes, the 'Jewel of the Crystal Empire'. Good to know."
  166. >Tying off the incredibly baggy bottoms, and adjusting her awkwardly fitting but rather full top, the memory of her dream self danced through her mind.
  167. >Pip's version of her dream self, anyway.
  168. >Impossibly tall, of course. Check that: from her increasingly higher perspective, striking the 'impossibly' and describing it as 'very' is becoming much more viable.
  169. >Strong enough to wrestle all manner of monsters, true
  170. >But still gentle enough to cuddle and caress her charge
  171. >"Yes, I dare-say I'll put on some bulk before the night is over. Just a touch of thickening all over."
  172. >He makes a few notes as she steps out from the screen
  173. >Ever the professional, he does not comment on how absurd she looks. Transitions are never perfect, after all.
  174. >"Shoes will be an issue. I took the liberty of having a cobbler prepare some generously sized footware, but with such short notice I'm afraid you may be left with nothing more than sandals"
  175. >Luna recalls her sister's most common choice: a simple leather pair with few straps
  176. >They work with long, flowing dresses, but will certainly clash with Luna's more formal choice of attire
  177. >"Hm, they'll have to do."
  178. >"Final question: Goal height?"
  179. >"Oh I don't know. Just write down ten feet?"
  180. >"A very tentative ten feet, slightly thicker build, very generous chest. Missing anything?"
  181. >"Flawless ass. No, tremendous ass. Flawless, tremendous ass? Can an enormous ass truly be without flaw?
  182. >"I'm afraid anatomical philosophy is not my forte, but your desires are noted. I'll be on my way then, seems I have an early morning ahead of me. You enjoy yourself."
  183. >"I shall. Thank you for everything, your work is truly appreciated."
  185. >As the heavy wooden door clicked shut, Luna once again returned to the mirror.
  186. >She now saw herself as something of a paradox: Her sister's virtual hand-me-downs made reminded her of a little schoolgirl. An image that clashed with her wildly overdeveloped figure.
  187. >It was a paradox with a simple solution. She just had to outgrow her sister.
  188. >Shouldn't be too difficult. After all, she could still feel the bacon within coaxing her larger and larger.
  190. ==
  192. >Helping herself to a to a few more strips and a generous swig of milk, she decided to check up on the dreamscape again
  193. >Mostly to see if Pipsqueak was around, but also to see if there were pressing matters that needed her attention
  194. >Taking a seat on her meditation cushion, she decided it didn't feel quite right
  195. >After a few minutes of squats and another round of bacon & milk, Luna's amplified ass felt right at home on the soft shaggy rug.
  196. >"No other padding needed? How convenient."
  197. >Fortunately, Equestria had been blessed with a quiet night
  198. >with nothing worthy of her attention bothering the peaceful sleepers, Luna could drift freely to find her target
  199. >shining brightly as always, Pipsqueak's dream was easy to locate. With practiced ease, she entered his realm
  201. >Snapping into the new reality, Luna finds herself in a ship's cabin
  202. >inspecting herself, she realizes last night's kiss must have sent the poor boy's hormones into overdrive
  203. >while her body says "goddess", her garb says "pirate stripper"
  204. >concerned the outfit will simply fall to shreds the first time she moves, she takes a few gentle steps
  205. >satisfied it will hold (at least until a stiff breeze), she ducks out the door on to the deck
  206. >seeing the ship's crew, she realizes just how big he's made her: even the tallest among them stands beneath her skirt
  207. >thankfully, Pip had been so kind as to imagine her in underwear
  208. >for her bottom, anyway. She'd just have to live with constantly visible nipples
  210. >while everyone on deck turned as she approached, only the Captain himself showed much of a reaction
  211. >with a bright grin and practiced ease, the diminutive leader grabbed a hanging rope and swung across the ship
  212. >having landing squarely in her arms and climbed onto the enormous shelf of her bosom, he beamed up at her
  213. >"if it isn't my most beautiful companion! I trust your final inspection went well? Are we ready to cast off and give chase to One-legged Lenny, the most dastardly pirate in the sky?"
  214. >Ah, an airship? That was different
  215. >addressing the matter at hand, Luna put on an admittedly silly accent
  216. >"Nearly all clear. There's just one matter that needs your attention, if you'll come with me."
  217. >"Of course!" Not the he had much of a choice, now being firmly wedged in her cleavage
  218. >as much as she hated to interrupt a dream in progress, this was too important
  219. >so upon walking through the doorway, the pair found themselves in a featureless white void
  220. >"Uh, what?" the confused boy squeaked
  221. >"fear not, I have simply paused things. We will return shortly, but first there is something we must discuss."
  222. >taking a seat on the 'floor' the giantess extracted her companion and placed him in the air in front of her
  223. >now that he was apparently seated in an invisible chair, they sat eye to eye
  224. >"Pipsqueak, in our dream time together, you have shown great courage, honor and the key traits of heroism. I would like to invite you to live with me in Canterlot, so that we may grow to know each other more, and develop your noble heart."
  225. >"What!? No way! Really!?"
  226. >"Indeed. While we speak in dreamspace, my offer is genuine."
  227. >"That's amazing! Of course! But…"
  228. >he trailed off and broke her gaze
  229. >"Please, you have concerns then share them that they may be addressed."
  230. >"I just, well, I don't want to be cooped up in some stuffy ol' castle being bored all the time"
  231. >Luna couldn't help but laugh at the one
  233. >"I believe you'll find your new life life anything but boring. You've proven yourself worthy to enlist in the Night Watch, the Royal Expedition League or any number of conspiracies and secret societies."
  234. >"Cooooool"
  235. >"Quite."
  236. >"But what about… us? Could we, you know..."
  237. >She restrains a laugh as he makes a particularly lewd gesture
  238. >"Perhaps, but aren't you a little young for such things?"
  239. >"Am not! My birthday was a whole six months ago, I'm legal and everything!"
  240. >"Please accept my apologies. You must understand, from my elevated perspective you seem so young. I had no idea you were of age."
  241. >"So wait, you were fine to come visit the dream of some little kid built, and dressed, like that?"
  242. >"Oh don't put that on me, everything you see before you is the result of your imagination."
  243. >"Huh… you don't say."
  244. >Pipsqueak looks down, getting an eyeful of her alphabet defying cleavage.
  245. >as he does, he concentrates, causing her to swell up another size
  246. >"Neat!"
  247. >"Cut that out"
  248. >"Aww"
  249. >"So you accept? You'll join me?"
  250. >"Sure!"
  251. >"But if this is all my imagination, you're not really this big?
  252. >"Not quite. I believe you'll be pleasantly surprised tomorrow morning. But if that's all settled, I believe we have a villain to defeat?"
  253. >"Right-ho! He'll rue the day his bounty ever caught the attention of Pipsqueak the Privateer!"
  255. ==
  257. >one raucous, clothing destroying adventure later, Pipsqueak and Luna stood ready to board the vile bastard's Zeppelin
  258. >before they could act, Luna yells out at her companion
  259. >"Dammit Pip, now is not the time! Quit making me grow!"
  260. >"huh? I'm not! I stopped when we left port!"
  261. >"Then why are my clothes so tight?"
  262. >"What clothes?"
  263. >That gives Luna pause. Indeed, her shirt had fallen to shreds the first time the wind had caught it, and her skirt and panties had suffered a similar fate during a particularly deep lunge.
  264. >If even her jewelry had been discarded to leave her so gloriously naked, then why the hell…
  265. >A momentary lapse of concentration was all it took to cause her to vanish from from the deck and find herself back in the castle dressed in a rapidly shrinking set of pajamas
  266. >Checking a lit candle, she confirmed she had only been "gone" a moment, but apparently that had been enough for her her to shoot up to, and even past Celestia-size.
  267. >with equal parts joy of surpassing her initial goal and annoyance of missing the end of Pipsqueak's adventure, she decided to give this blasted outfit the treatment it deserved.
  269. >After polishing off the gallon she had left out (whole milk, judging by the bulge in her shirt) she opened another tray.
  270. >Yes, this will do nicely
  271. >Apparently, Celestia had included a little gift.
  272. >Luna smiles as she reads the card aloud.
  273. >"Enjoy yourself and be sure to say hi tomorrow, I want to see your progress!"
  274. >A dozen-egg omelet, this one stuffed with steak and sausage, served on a bed of weaved bacon with a particularly tall, ice cold glass glass of milk on the side
  275. >Making a quick toast to her sister's kindness, she took a drink
  276. >with a flavor so rich and thick, this was clearly not milk at all
  277. >despite the delicious surprise, Luna continued to gulp down the cream
  278. >the effect was immediate
  279. >even as she set the empty glass down, her entire body began to swell and plumpen
  280. >her massive rack was the most obvious target, but she could feel her bottom half undergoing a similar transformation
  281. >indeed, in a matter of moments her clothing had gone from "uncomfortably full" to "stretched beyond reason"
  282. >the pants were the first to give, practically disintegrating beneath the force of her ass as she leaned forward to grab the plate
  283. >her shirt soon followed, not just bursting open, but tearing at the sleeves as well
  284. >tattered clothing falling to the floor, she gave a brief shrug and swallowed her sister's gift
  285. ==
  286. >feast consumed and a circuit of exercise complete, Luna found herself bored
  287. >she had a few hours to kill before her fitting (hopefully she would be done growing by then) and little to do as she had cleared her schedule for the night
  288. >falling back on her classic pastime, she elected to masturbate
  289. >of course, why should she do the work herself when she could just as easily conjure a dreamscape and have herself taken care of?
  290. >after another trip to the mirror (she wanted to get her dream-self proportions right, after all) she laid out a towel and took a seat on the floor
  292. >She found herself on a vast, rolling hill beneath a vibrant starlit sky.
  293. >apparently she had been a bit more excited than she thought, as she had decidedly not gotten her proportions correct
  294. >thankfully, the dream's relaxed rules allowed her to recline comfortably despite the her tremendously overgrown ass
  295. >and while her bust obscured the rest of her body and made her real self's beach-balls seem flat and underdeveloped, she had no problem reaching to and squeezing her hypersensitive nipples
  296. >she certainly couldn't see it around her impossible chest, but she could tell her marehood was swollen and aching with need
  297. >getting to work, she summoned a dream copy of her favorite companion
  298. >not nearly as good as the real thing, but it would do in a pinch and just might pull him into her dreamspace
  299. >Okay wow, why was he so tiny?
  300. >He sat comfortably in the palm of her hand. Had she really overgrown herself by that much?
  301. >"Whatever, he'll do all the same." She mused as she reached around and placed him before her dripping cave.
  302. >with an almost robotic rhythm, the dream clone tweaked and massaged her bulging clit
  303. >Suddenly, Luna was wracked with waves of pleasure as the pace increased
  304. >Once gentle and almost relaxing, Luna cried out as Pipsqueak's aggression escalated
  305. >Now sucking and squeezing, he was virtually entombed by her monumental thighs
  306. >As quickly as it arrived, Luna's climax faded, leaving her exhausted, panting and relaxed on the hillside
  308. >"Hiya Princess! Boy you sure know how to show a guy a good time. Was this all me?"
  309. >it had taken a few minutes, but Pipsqueak had crawled up her belly and through the cavern of cleavage
  310. >"No, this is of my own doing. It seems I had let myself get pent up more than I expected. I must thank you for the relief, I am feeling much better now."
  311. >"No problem!" he rolls over and gazes up at the stars. "Sure is peaceful here."
  312. >"Quite. I hope to teach you how to make this sort of place for yourself. Having a private space to collect one's thoughts and attend personal matters is quite valuable. Unfortunately, the the rising sun means our time has come to an end. Fret not, soon I will arrive and collect you myself."
  313. >After kissing her small, juice-drenched partner one last time, she returned to reality.
  315. >A reality in which she was slightly less absurdly proportioned, but only just
  316. >Still clearly growing, she threw on the sheet-turned-mumu the tailor had left and set out
  317. >She stopped only to flag down a guard (now about half her size) to send for cleaning service to her room
  318. >It just wouldn't do to have a mess of leftovers, ruined clothes and a particularly love-soaked towel when her companion arrived
  320. >"Twelve feet, three inches and counting. I must say you've certainly exceeded all expectations."
  321. >Luna suppressed a grin
  322. >"but not exceeded your ability to clothe me, I hope?"
  323. >"Not yet, anyway. The suit is enchanted to stretch to fit even your more extreme build. However, due to the added size I can only guarantee the magic will hold for five hours. Less, if you grow significantly in that time."
  324. >It was just past six, there would be plenty of time to pick up Pipsqueak, give him a brief introduction and be back by eleven. It had been a rather long night, so she'd be happy to be in bed before noon.
  325. >"That will have to do. Thank you kindly. "
  326. >"Do try to be out of it before it's too small to wear, it will be much easier to make it into a permanent solution than to start from scratch."
  327. >"Of course."
  329. >The train ride down was rather uneventful
  330. >having a private car allowed her to avoid most unwanted attention, but she certainly attracted some looks boarding and disembarking
  331. >"I suppose one can't blossom into a giantess overnight without turning a few heads."
  333. >The visit with Pipsqueak's parents was rather straightforward as well.
  334. >Once she assured them that he would be free to visit as he pleased (and they were of course welcome in the castle should they visit Canterlot), they were simply overjoyed their young man had earned the Princess's favor.
  335. >Bounding down the stairs with his backpack in tow, Pipsqueak nearly tumbled over when he saw the real Luna
  336. >Spending dream time with the larger-than-life Princess was one thing, but seeing the incredibly beautiful, incredibly huge lady sitting on the floor and still looming over her parents was just too much.
  338. >Final goodbyes shared, the they headed off to the train station with plenty of time to spare
  340. >"Cool, we get a whole car to ourselves?"
  341. >Luna nods. "The door locks on our side, as well."
  342. >"So, say I wanted to do something like what we did on the hill last night."
  343. >"Our privacy would be assured."
  345. >Apparently, he was just as skilled in reality as he had been in the dream.
  346. >Luna was speechless, decided instead to lie back and pant as she recollected herself
  347. >"Wow, you're even more delicious for real!"
  349. >With a decent portion of the trip still ahead of them, Luna thought of another way to pass the time
  350. >"You want to see a trick?
  351. >"Sure do!"
  352. >"The kitchen should be one car over, fetch me a gallon of milk. Whole, if they have it."
  353. >He looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his skull when he saw the effect it had on her
  355. >With a good 90 minutes to go, they arrived at the castle
  356. >"So you're the young man who has charmed my sister so? It's a pleasure to meet you."
  357. >"It's an honor, Princess Celestia." he said with a bow
  358. >"Oh my, and so polite too! But Luna, look at you: You've grown so magnificent in such a short time! I can't wait for to see how large you end up."
  359. >"The process was quite enjoyable, but I daresay twelve and a half feet is enough."
  360. >"You don't know? I could have sworn I mentioned it. Only about half of a Princess's growth is immediate. The rest will occur throughout the week. Longer, perhaps, considering how much you've done already."
  361. >"What?! That's insane! But how have I grown so much from just a single meal?"
  362. >"Well, my most significant gains were made when I was channeling power from the sun. Perhaps you were drawing from your connection to the moon? Have you had any 'large' dreams as of late?"
  363. >"I have, I have. As I've grown six feet so far, I can expect to grow another three? That's far too much! We have to put a stop to this at once!"
  364. >"Even more if you continue to 'dream big' as it were. But it can't be helped, we'll just have to let the magic run its course and deal with the aftermath. I'm sure we've got some sort of shrinking spell in the library. But you'd really want to throw all of this away?"
  365. >"Certainly not all of it, but I can't be fifteen or twenty feet tall! That's absurd!"
  366. >"any particular reason? Our castle's high ceilings are certainly more than accommodating. Judging by the look on your consort's face, he'll accept you just the same."
  367. >Pipsqueak silently blushes and nods
  368. >"See? He loves the idea. A two story tall Princess? How incredible! You know, I might like to join you up there. With your blessing, of course. Don't let me steal your thunder!"
  369. >"Sister, please."
  370. >"Oh fine. Look, if it will ease your concerns, I'll send a letter to Princess Twilight. She was fascinated by the subject: If anyone knows how to reverse your growth it'll be her. I'll copy our librarian as well. If we don't have any literature on the subject we should see about getting some written."
  371. >"Thank you. I must take my leave, it's been a long night and it's getting late."
  372. >"Sleep well, sister."
  374. >Luna threw herself on to the bed. What had once been 'extravagantly huge' was now merely 'appropriate'
  375. >"Pip, be a dear and undress me before this suit shrinks off me."
  376. >he didn't want to say anything, but during the piggyback ride to her room, he noticed the jacket was growing tighter and tighter around her breast
  377. >"With pleasure, ma'am!"
  379. >Suit hung on the outer doorknob for collection and blackout shades drawn, the room was shrouded in darkness
  380. >lit only by the faux moonlight of the ceiling, Luna contemplated the enormity of her form
  381. >"Aw, don't be down, Princess. So what if you have to spend a few days being extra huge? Twilight Sparkle is the smartest around! If there's a way to turn this around, she'll find it!"
  382. >"And if there isn't?"
  383. >"then you get to keep being the biggest, prettiest, best princess around!"
  384. >"You little flatterer."
  385. >"Too little for you?"
  386. >"Never. Get over here."
  387. >"Yes ma'am!"
  388. >Snuggled deeply together, they slept, and dreamt
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