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  1. I feel obligated to explain situation because lot of people are asking for Picasso96 drivers and asking lot of kickstart related questions for Vampire card and this complete story simply demands new thread. First let's say that driver is nearly done and you have seen lot of videos showing how it works. Let's say that my own impression was so great and I was never thinking that complete project will go that far. In fact only thing you can say is boy what a shame that we don't have better web browser to use. As you probably know I did my best to keep price of Vampire card lowest possible, often going into debts and all night thinking how to do some things and the same time to not spend lot of money, because I don't have it not because I m cheap. Now when I see that after this some people are selling Amiga 600 at insane prices just because Vampire and Apollo-core I start to wonder what is going on, why I spend so much nights, days when some people still want to earn money from Amiga. Let's be honest I could put price of Vampire card at 300Eur easily and earn some money, there will be lot of people still interested. You have no idea how much mails I receive lately where people just say state the price for the card, any price just to get it. I have decided to still be honest and go slowly by created pre-order list. And again I m aware that I could play with the price because no one can compete with what's done inside apollo-team. Also, just to mention again I put all re-sellers on hold to stabilize the price and to be in situation that no one can sell cards at insane prices. Why is this important to me and for the rest of the apollo-team you may wonder. Because we want to stop this ripoff Amiga game where you see that simplest possible device is sold at hundreds of dollars for no practical reason. The same time as more and more we progressed strange things started to happen. No matter with whom we talked about everyone asked huge amounts of money for licenses constantly increasing the prices. At the end we were in story where kickstart license don't cost us like everyone else because our system is different that regular accelerator and for each kickstart we need to pay about 20USD. For Picasso96 we ended at number of 10 000USD needed for the license. I ask everyone, how many licenses of kickstart or Picasso96 are sold in past 15 years, how many developers asked for them 2-3, maybe. But instantly when some people smells that they can make money they will take that opportunity. Where that leaves us. To think to pay so much money is not an option. Don't get me wrong I respect others people work in development but we are not paying to actual developers we are paying to license holders. In the same time Hyperion is not interested to continue to develop anything for OS3.X, they are not even interested to build Picasso96 drivers for Vampire so maybe they can sell it. They didn't do anything to help us in drivers development and it seems to me that we should be the ones who will put them out from their debts. From the small team who is working for last few years we made good progress and now constantly we need to find ways to not be stopped, instead of designing we are wasting our time to mails, phone calls constantly trying to understand how is possible that none of them truly want's to see Amiga progress, that is all about money in fact. I wonder how much price for the license could cost if we didn't publish those videos, probably nothing, but now when we have something, then why not put insane prices. Our options are clear so we go towards AROS in the first place, we go towards CyberGraphX, maybe there will be someone who will have true Amiga spirit and honesty in saying I want to do something nice for Amiga not expecting profit. I m aware that for some people this is just a business like any other but is it so hard to give us just small wind in our back after all the things we done, from nothing, from few wires to huge success.
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