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DartCraft Changelog 1.4.7

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Aug 27th, 2013
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  1. Beta 0.1.10
  2. - Fixed errant use of uninsulated copper cables instead of insulated copper cables in custom Electronic Circuit recipe.
  3. - Completely removed old versions of Milk Cans/Capsules in favor of the new ones.
  4. - Fixed a glitch that could have potentially made Force Infusers activate from a parallel dimension.
  5. - Force Bricks are now recolorable using IC2's paint rollers.
  6. - Force Bricks are now craftable into Force Slabs, which retain their color, blast resistance, mob spawning resistance and are placable like vanilla slabs. Force Slabs are not, however, allowed to be placed on top of each other, for that use a Force Brick.
  7. - Force Bricks are now craftable into Force Stairs.
  8. - Force Slabs and Stairs are reverse-craftable back into Force Bricks.
  9. - Custom Slabs and Stairs can also be made from Force Wood.
  10. - Custom slabs and stairs are also recolorable with IC2's paint rollers.
  11. - Added Disney effects to bricks, slabs and stairs when broken.
  12. - From time to time when you load an area Force Slabs and Stairs will appear invisible for a few seconds. Do not worry, they will appear shortly, this is simply the cost of doing business.
  13. - Ender is now a valid upgrade for the Force Rod.
  14. - Upgrading a Force Rod with Ender will make the "Rod of Return", which opens a custom gui when shift-right clicked.
  15. - The gui allows the player to set their current location as the recall location, and set a custom name that will show in the tooltip.
  16. - When a player right-clicks a Rod of Return they will teleport to the saved location. The Rod of Return only works in the dimension to which it is bound and it will take damage based on the distance traveled. (Always have a backup.)
  17. - The Rod of Return removes momentum but does not reset fall distance (be careful.)
  18. - The Rod of Return does not automatically load chunks, so be careful when teleporting to unloaded chunks.
  19. - Removed EnderStorage integration in anticipation of a big change.
  20. - Added facades for all types of Force Bricks.
  22. Known Bug: Force Slabs and stairs in dimensions other than the one a player first logs into are invisible until the player relogs. Fixing this is on the top of my to-do list.
  25. Beta 0.1.09
  26. - Fixed Xychoridite to Force Ingot recipes that seemed to "magic" themselves away during packaging.
  29. Beta 0.1.08
  30. - Flight particles can now be configured to only show in certain circumstances, or never, in the config file.
  31. - Flight particles moved down to prevent the user's screen from flooding in first-person view.
  32. - Force Ingots can now be crafted using Xychoridite of any color both in and out of the carpenter.
  33. - Players can no longer be "debug punched" or "force punched" under any circumstances.
  34. - Added an API subset for Force Rod transmutations.
  35. - Removed macerator recipes for bronze tools and armor in favor of making them force transmutations instead.
  36. - Added Force Transmutations for Railcraft steel tools and armor into railcraft steel ingots.
  37. - Fortune cookies may now be Force Transmuted directly into Fortunes to save time.
  38. - Fixed an upgrade exploit regarding the Force Pack.
  39. - The Force Rod no longer has a socketing interface as it can now be directly upgraded in the Force Infuser.
  40. - Heat is now a valid upgrade for the Force Rod. Heat will bestow Fire Resistance for a short time.
  41. - Added "Healing" upgrade from Ghast Tears or Tears. Healing is Tier 3 and its max level is 2.
  42. - The Force Rod is now upgradable with Healing to give the "Rod of Restoration" which will restore a small amount of health to its user as well as bestow regeneration for a short time.
  43. - Added the Power Saw, a socketable IElectricItem which is created by upgrading an IC2 Chainsaw in the infuser with Force.
  44. - The Power Saw has three sockets, and accepts most of the upgrades from both the Force Axe and the Force Sword.
  45. - The Power Saw can also be used to shear Sheep, Chickens and Cows... Ouch!
  46. - Base EU consumption for a block broken or entity attacked with a Power Tool is now 50 EU.
  47. - Speed on Power Tools now increases their base EU consumption by 20% per level.
  48. - Refactored the amount of EU the Power Tools use to be variable based on custom upgrades.
  49. - Added a specialty recipe for Electronic Circuits using Force Ingots.
  50. - Added UU-Matter recipes for Emerald Ore and Ender Pearls.
  51. - Added Ender Tots.
  52. - Ender Tots are smaller, cuter versions of Enderman that are not as capable as grown-up enderman, but have a bit more personality.
  53. - Ender Tots drop ender pearls, but if you kill one be ready for trouble.
  55. Known Bug: Some bottled entities do not have correct display names.
  57. Beta 0.1.07
  58. - Removed an unnecessary setting that was causing problems.
  59. - "auto-regen ore" will no longer double Power Ore generation in new chunks.
  60. - Milk cans and capsules are now drinkable and have the same effect as drinking a milk bucket. Older milk cans/capsules will still contain milk but are not drinkable and no longer obtainable.
  61. - Fixed glitch where silver dust smelted into 2 silver ingots. (This was caused by DartCraft, but I still don't know how.)
  62. - Added recipes for Cake made from Milk Cans and Capsules.
  64. Beta 0.1.06
  65. - Removed some debug output that could potentially spam the console.
  66. - Fixed glitch where Speed was stackable to 10, it is now 5.
  67. - Halved base resistance on the Force Armor.
  68. - Halved durability of Force Armor.
  69. - Maximum damage reduction on Force Armor is now 70%. You can still swim in lava with a full set socketed with Sturdy, but you are by NO means invincible anymore.
  70. - Slowed Power Ore Regen by a factor of 10 (again). You're welcome slower servers!
  73. Beta 0.1.05
  74. - Fixed a few terrible bugs that popped up when I changed some of DartCraft's basic functions.
  75. - Removed Force Block as it has no real use.
  76. - Power Ore is now an "uncommon" block (yellow name)
  77. - Fixed NullPointerException when placing BioFuel cans/capsules in the Force Engine.
  78. - Force Infusers and Force Engines now send occasional packets to nearby players to prevent desyncronization.
  79. - Implemented new unintentional feature where Force Infusers refuse to resume their progress upon loading from NBT.
  82. Beta 0.1.04
  83. - Force Rods are now able to see past blocks such as glass, flowers and snow.
  84. - Inert Cores can no longer be upgraded direcly into Nether Stars. Instead, they must be set on fire and right-clicked with a Force Rod. This will create a Bottled Wither which you must release and defeat to earn your Nether Star. (Be careful as this Wither will have no charging time, he will just come at you.)
  85. - Bottled entities no longer have a secondary tooltip and instead display what they are in their name.
  86. - Upgrade Tomes now only recieve points for each unique upgrade added per item. This should drastically increase the time it takes an Upgrade Tome to level up.
  87. - Sturdy now affects a special upgrade's extra damage.
  88. - DartCraft's mod metadata is now handled internally.
  89. - Force Upgrades now adhere to meta restrictions.
  90. - Force Logs are now the only source of the Lumberjack upgrade.
  91. - Lapis Lazuli is now the only source of the Rainbow upgrade.
  92. - Golden Power Source can now imbue the Heat upgrade, with a bonus of 5 points.
  93. - Flint and Steel can no longer be used to imbue Heat.
  94. - Completely Removed unusued Thorns upgrade.
  95. - May have fixed glitch where Force Shards do not result from tools broken by massive damage. (Needs more testing.)
  96. - Added Thaumcraft aspects to Milk Cans and Capsules.
  97. - The Power Drill will no longer load if IC2 is not installed.
  98. - Added config option to only allow bottling of passive entities such as Cows, Wolves and villagers.
  99. - Fixed some odd exploits that popped up with the Force Infuser.
  100. - Nether Ore frequency is now configurable.
  101. - Lowered Tier on Experience to 2 so it may be used earlier, and raised Tier on Sturdy to 6 so that it's more of a later-game upgrade.
  102. - Wing no longer stacks, but one level is just as potent as three was previously.
  103. - Only one piece of Force Armor with Wing is required to allow flight now.
  104. - Increased Armor value of Force Armor by 25%.
  105. - Force Armor now offers bonus resistance of all damage by 10% per each piece equipped without any upgrades.
  106. - Sturdy no longer stacks on Force Armor, instead each equipped piece of Armor socketed with Sturdy will reduce all damage by an additional 12.5%.
  107. - Full Force Armor damage reduction is now 90% from all sources. This is rounded off in favor of the player however, and many damage sources will end up nullified.
  108. - The Diamond Drill can now be upgraded to a Power Drill in the Force Infuser, and the three diamonds used to craft it will be shot out of the Force Infuser. (Be sure to catch them!)
  111. Beta 0.1.03
  112. - Hid the Heat and Ender bow from NEI for solidarity.
  113. - NEI is now completely hidden inside the Force Infuser Gui, as it was competing with the tabs.
  114. - Removed Power Sword as it does not yet function.
  115. - Added NEI overlays for the Clipboard, finally. (This took a long time.)
  116. - NEI is now also hidden in the Force Engine Gui, as it was competing with the tabs.
  117. - Sturdy's Force Armor effect can be completely disabled in the config file.
  118. - The Wing upgrade can no longer be disabled as it is considered an integral part of DartCraft.
  119. - The Ender Sword and all references to it have been completely removed.
  120. - Added BuildCraft facades for Force Bricks, Force Blocks, Force Logs and Force Planks. (Power Ore will not work.)
  121. - Force Infusers now visually have a book above them only if an Upgrade Tome is actually present.
  122. - Added custom particles and sound effects to the Force Infuser when it is running.
  123. - The Force Infuser now runs at 5MJ/t instead of 10. Energy cost per upgrade has not increased however, meaning upgrades will take twice as long to complete.
  125. Beta 0.1.02
  126. - Added an Error tab to the Force Infuser that shows up when an Upgrade Tome is not present.
  127. - BioFuel is now a valid Force Engine Fuel.
  128. - Milk is now a valid Force Engine Throttle 25% more potent than water.
  129. - Added config options to disable certain fuels in the Force Engine. All fuels are enabled by default.
  130. - Changed recipe for Proven Frame to an Impregnated Frame surrounded by Force Sticks.
  131. - Force Infusers are not created by right-clicking a block of Obsidian with a Force Rod. Obsidian is now dropped when a Force Infuser is broken.
  132. - Force Infusers now have a unique model and texture.
  133. - Significantly increased blast resistance of both Force Infusers and Force Bricks. Nothing short of a nuclear explosion should leave a mark.
  134. - Consolidated Force Cans/Capsules into one item id.
  135. - Force Saplings can no longer be created in the Force Infuser.
  136. - Books can no longer be upgraded in the Force Infuser. This is to prevent easy tier advancement.
  137. - Inert Cores now require the Heat upgrade to become Nether Stars.
  138. - Added an API subset for IForceWildCards to enable addition of custom Infuser upgrades for items that do not implement IForceUpgradable.
  139. - Added Cans and Capsules for Milk storage if Forestry is installed.
  140. - Added ability to "milk" cows with forestry Cans and Capsules to receive filled versions. Also works for Cold Cows.
  141. - The Wing Meter no longer recharges by a set percentage per tick, instead it recharges at a slower, constant rate that will end up taking over 10 seconds to fully recharge when maxed out.
  142. - Tripled penalty recharge time if the Wing Meter depletes.
  143. - Changed the way DartCraft loads so that BuildCraft is no longer required. If BuildCraft is not installed players may still use Force Engines to power their Force Infusers, although they will have to place them next to each other.
  144. - Force Engines can now directly turn Force Gems into Liquid Force. (This is mostly for users without BuildCraft.)
  147. Beta 0.1.01
  148. - Removed custom Crated Nikolite and Crated Brass in favor of legitimately fixing Forstry's existing versions.
  149. - Re-enabled Crated UU-Matter recipe that magicked itself away somehow.
  150. - Bottling entities can now be completely disabled via a config option.
  153. Beta 0.1.00
  154. - Force Rods with the Holding upgrade can no longer change blocks or items.
  155. - Added a piston recipe using a Force Ingot.
  156. - Added Force Engines that generate BulidCraft energy from Liquid Force.
  157. - Crafting recipe is a standard BC/Forestry engine using Force Gears and ingots.
  158. - Force Engines energy output can be throttled with a secondary liquid such as water.
  159. - Force Engines can be stocked with liquid via buildcraft pipes, or right-clicked with an appropriate liquid container in-hand and the liquid will be added to the internal tank.
  160. - Added a ForceEngineLiquid subset to the DartCraft API for future use.
  161. - Force Gears can now be crated from Force Ingots and an Iron Ingot if BuildCraft is not present.
  162. - Bugfix: Ender Pouches no longer crash your client when you attempt to place them inside a Force Pack. The ability to place Ender Pouches inside Force Packs is disabled by default, but configurable.
  163. - Luck is now stackable up to 4. (Up from 3)
  164. - Changed textures on several guis slightly.
  165. - There are now config options and an API to blacklist entities from being bottled. By default Creepers will be blacklisted, and there is an option to blacklist Ghasts as well.
  166. - Increased the hardness and material strength of the Force Infuser.
  167. - Force is not longer a valid upgrade for the Force Shears, as they now inherently have the ability to shear cows and chickens.
  168. - Added inventory slots to the Force Engine. These slots only accept valid fuel and throttle liquid containers.
  169. - Added Lava, Oil and Fuel as valid fuels for the Force Engine.
  170. - Added particle effects when breaking various Force-related Blocks.
  171. - Added helpful tabs to the side of the Force Engine that tell you how much the engine is outputting, what multiplier the throttle is giving and give the user several hints and tips about the Force Engine itself.
  172. - Added an "info" tab to the Force Infuser to help out new players.
  173. - Changed the display name of the Force Tome according to the function it possesses.
  174. - Halved the experience received from Force Infusers with mastered Upgrade Tomes.
  177. Alpha 0.0.67
  178. - Updated to Minecraft version 1.4.7 and Forge 497.
  179. - Removed Heat and Ender bows from creative inventory.
  180. - Added recipe for BuildCraft Emerald Pipes using Green Sapphires from the OreDictionary.
  181. - Added /Commands to spawn Upgrade Tomes and Experience Tomes. In singleplayer commands must be enabled, and in multiplayer the user must be OP.
  182. - DartCraft has been packaged into a .jar file! No more zip files!
  183. - Fixed bug where using Force Shears without an upgrade would cause a NullPointerException.
  184. - Added logo and description for DartCraft on the Mods page.
  185. - It is now more difficult to accidentally Force Punch basic IC2 machines. (Advanced Machines will still smash like glass, be careful!)
  186. - Added "punish" server command for admins. Applies PunishDamage in the amount specified.
  187. - Trimmed included APIs for efficiency and extensibility.
  188. - Inert Cores may now be crafted with Forge Sapphires as well as diamonds.
  189. - The Experience upgrade is again Tier 3.
  190. - Force Saplings can now be fermented into Biomass.
  191. - Force Saplings can no longer be squeezed into Liquid Force.
  192. - Force Trees generate less often when on Humus. (Arboretum Nerf)
  195. Alpha 0.0.66
  196. - Force Armor is now repairable with Force Ingots in the Anvil.
  197. - Fixed bug where the Force Rod transformed both entities and blocks at the same time, it should now only do the first one it hits.
  198. - Fixed an NPE causing a server crash when a player used an ender arrow on another player and was promptly killed for his/her transgressions. Now you can die without crashing the server!
  201. Alpha 0.0.65
  202. - The Wing Meter will now be a bit more discerning as to when it shows up.
  203. - Experience is now a Tier 6 Force Upgrade.
  204. - Replaced several "cloud" effects with a new custom particle effect.
  205. - Holding upgrade may now be socketed into Force Rods.
  206. - Right-clicking an entity (up to 16 blocks away) with this upgraded rod will remove them from the world and place them inside a bottle which will drop at their location. This requires an empty bottle in the user's inventory.
  207. - Right-clicking the Bottled Entity will throw the bottle and the entity will spawn where the bottle lands, with all its data in tact. (health, being on fire, etc.)
  208. - Force Rods now have only one available socket.
  210. Alpha 0.0.64
  211. - Increased durability of Force Armor by 25%.
  212. - Now only 3 pieces of upgraded Force Armor are required to receive their unique bonus.
  213. - Sturdy on Force Armor now also reduces the chance the armor will be damaged by punching blocks. With a full 12 levels of sturdy the Force armor will not take damage from punching blocks.
  214. - Slightly increased force block punching speed.
  215. - Fixed glitch where Force Punching did not always do damage.
  216. - The Flight Bonus on Force Armor now allows a player to initiate flight with no held item as if they were holding a Wing Sword. (Space + Shift and Right-Click)
  217. - Reduced Flight Power required to fly by 1/3.
  220. Alpha 0.0.63
  221. - Force Armor will no longer automatically glow after being socketed.
  222. - Force Armor is no longer enchantable.
  223. - Force can be socketed into Force Armor to boost the player's base strength.
  224. - While punching the player will break things faster, and if all armor slots have Force socketed the player will be able to break the block bare-handed. Beware as this does durability damage to your armor!
  225. - Tool efficiency will also be slightly increased, however this does not use armor durability.
  226. - Punching enemies will be met with relative success as well as slight knockback.
  227. - Experience upgrade is now Tier 3. (Down from tier 5)
  228. - Removed recipe for Force Tome.
  229. - Force Tomes are now made by right-clicking a Book with the Force Rod.
  230. - Sturdy can now only stack up to 3. (Down from 4)
  231. - Sturdy can now be socketed into the Force Armor, reducing the damage you take from all sources by a variable amount. Maximum reduction is 95% if all pieces are socketed with 3 levels of Sturdy.
  232. - Removed tool subsets from creative mode/NEI.
  235. Alpha 0.0.62
  236. - The Wing Sword now sends fewer packets to achieve slow falling.
  237. - When the Wing Meter depletes there is now a 5 second penalty before it will being to recharge. The wait time begins when you are no longer in the air.
  238. - Jumping while under "penalty time" will prolong your wait.
  239. - Wing Sword flight no longer conflicts with the GraviSuit. It should also work with any other well-programmed flight mod.
  240. - Added "Debug Punch" for creative-mode users.
  241. - The "Debug Punch" can be disabled in the config file, and the damage may be changed. (0-20)
  242. - Added Force Armor. Can be socketed with certain upgrade cores.
  243. - Wing increases the amount of Flight Power the player has available, allowing for more flight time or slowfall time.
  244. - If all four pieces are equipped and socketed with Wing the player may slow fall at any time, and also continue flying after switching active items from the Wing Sword as long as they have enough Flight Power left.
  245. - Force Rods crafted with vanilla sticks now have 3 uses instead of just one.
  246. - Force Rods can be used to transform Leather Armor into Force Armor.
  248. Alpha 0.0.61
  249. - Storage upgrade is now called "Holding" and is imbued by glass bottles.
  250. - You must now upgrade your Force Packs one bottle at a time, however this can be done consecutively with no waiting time.
  251. - Removed debug zombies with Heat Swords that spawned upon "Punish" damage. (Trying to ender arrow a player)
  252. - Punish damage will now do 10 hearts of damage. >.<
  253. - A player may now shoot themselves with an ender arrow and receive no ill effects (except for random teleportation.)
  254. - Added breaking effects for Force Logs harvested by the Logger.
  255. - Force Saplings can now be created by using the Force Rod on an already planted vanilla sapling of any type.
  256. - Force Rod change effects are now "Disney" effects.
  257. - Added distinct magic sound to Force Rod change effects.
  258. - Flight "Disney" effects should now properly render on multiplayer.
  259. - The Flight meter will no longer decrement while in creative mode.
  260. - The Force Axe is now registered and calculated as a proper Forge Axe. (Hello IC2 Crops)
  261. - Added limited legitimate flight to the Wing Sword. To engage, sneak and fling yourself from the ground or in the air. While flying, particles will spawn and the Wing Meter will drain. Beware falling to your death with this dangerous feature!
  262. - The Wing Meter depletion sound is now audible on the server.
  263. - Finally fixed Power Ore rendering at wrong light level.
  264. - Added maceration recipes for Bronze Tools from IC2.
  267. Alpha 0.0.60
  268. - Changed the way Wing Sword flight works internally to be more extensible.
  269. - Added particle effects to players that are flying. (Experimental needs MP testing.)
  270. - Force Trees can now grow a few blocks higher.
  271. - Force Trees are now able to be grown and harvested automatically with the Forestry Arboretum and Logger.
  272. - Added recipe for Energy Crystals using Rubies instead of diamonds.
  275. Alpha 0.0.59
  276. - Power Ore will no longer regenerate by default, however if enabled in the config file for a world previously loaded with DartCraft ore will still regenerate once.
  277. - Added Nether Ore variant of Power Ore that generates in the nether at any height with 75% greater frequency.
  278. - Significantly lowered overhead on ore regen. (1/40 as fast)
  279. - The Wing Meter now fades at the same rate regardless of framerate.
  280. - Changed Texture on Force Logs.
  281. - Fixed duplicate Thaumcraft aspects on certain DartCraft items.
  282. - Increased Force Stick resultant from crafting recipe.
  283. - Added Force planks crafted from Force Logs.
  284. - Added Force Planks to the OreDictionary, allowing them to be used in many recipes that require planks.
  285. - Changed sawmill recipe for Force Logs to give Force Planks.
  286. - Added the Force Gear. Crafted from a stone gear and 4 Force Ingots.
  287. - Can be used as a replacement for Gold Gears to make Diamond Gears, the Filler, and the Quarry.
  288. - Force Leaves now emit a moderate amount of light and particle effects, as well as have a slight animation to them.
  289. - Force Leaves and Power Ore spawn custom particles when breaking and in the process of being broken.
  291. Alpha 0.0.58
  292. - Power Ore will now automatically generate into maps that were created without DartCraft installed. This should happen only once per world.
  293. - Grinding now attempts to use Thermal Expansion's Pulverizer recipes if available, allowing for occasional bonus drops from ore.
  294. - Fortune adds 10% per level to the bonus drop chance.
  295. - Added Force Sapling.
  296. - Upgrade any vanilla sapling in the Force Infuser with Force.
  297. - Force Sapling grows into a Force Tree with custom logs and leaves.
  298. - Leaves drop more Force Saplings and occasionally Force Nuggets.
  299. - Added Force Tree parts to the Forge OreDictionary.
  300. - Force Logs can be used to imbue Lumberjack.
  301. - Force Logs can be crafted into Oak Wood Planks x4.
  302. - Added standard sawmill recipe for Force Logs.
  303. - Added squeezer recipe for Force Log x1 >> 0.1 buckets of Liquid Force.
  304. - Added squeezer recipe for Force Sapling x1 >> 0.25 buckets of Liquid Force.
  305. - Changed name of Monster Claw to Claw.
  306. - Added Force Sticks, craftable from Force Logs. 2x Force Logs >> 4x Force Sticks.
  307. - Force Rods crafted from vanilla sticks have only one use.
  308. - Force Rods can now be crafted from Force Sticks.
  309. - Force Tools and Force Arrows now require Force Sticks to craft.
  310. - Added Carpenter recipe for Proven Frame using Force Sticks, Liquid Force and String.
  311. - Removed crafting recipe for Force Bricks.
  312. - Force Logs smelt into Golden Power Source.
  313. - Removed crafting recipe for Golden Power Source.
  314. - Added Thaumcraft aspects to new items.
  317. Alpha 0.0.57
  318. - Force Ingots can now be made from Silver as well with the same return as Refined Iron.
  319. - Force Nuggets, Monster Claws, and Tears now have Thaumcraft aspects on them. Rare ones too!
  320. - The Force Pickaxe and Power Drill are now correctly registered as Pickaxes. (I'm looking at you, MystCraft crystals.)
  321. - Grinding on a Power Drill may be suppressed by holding shift.
  322. - Grinding effects have been toned down to less-comical levels.
  323. - Ender Arrows no longer work on players.
  324. - Shooting a player with an Ender Arrow anyway will be met with punishment.
  325. - Serious punishment.
  326. - Heat and Touch are now valid Core upgrades.
  327. - The Power drill can now accept Heat and Touch core upgrades.
  328. - The Force Infuser now spawns experience orbs when the Force Tome can no longer accept the experience from an upgrade.
  331. Alpha 0.0.56
  332. - Aggregated all tools but the Force Bow into one itemID for each type. This will make previous "Heat" tools etc. disappear.
  333. - Added Upgrade Cores.
  334. - Upgrade in the Force Infuser to get different types.
  335. - Used in socketing interfaces.
  336. - Animated texture.
  337. - Added socketing interface for socketable tools.
  338. - Added Exp upgrade.
  339. - Force Tomes (Exp) can now be used to store and recall experience points for a small loss. (About 5%)
  340. - Force Rods can be used to turn Force Tomes (Exp) into empty upgrade cores. The tome is expended and one core is dropped per 50 exp stored.
  341. - Power Drill is now upgradable.
  342. - Luck imbues Fortune
  343. - Grinding macerates
  344. - Speed increases efficiency
  345. - Increased EU usage based on upgrades.
  346. - Force Rod is now upgradable
  347. - Speed: imbues the user with the Speed buff for a short time.
  348. - Monsters cannot spawn on Force Bricks.
  351. Alpha 0.0.55
  352. - Added the Force Brick
  353. - Recipe: 4x Force Ingot = 4x Force Brick
  354. - Upgrade Stone Brick into Force Brick in the Force Infuser. (Cheaper)
  355. - Removed crafting recipe for Force Infuser
  356. - Force Infuser now drops a Force Block.
  357. - Added the Force Rod
  358. - Right-click a Force Block with the Force Rod to change it into a Force Infuser block.
  359. - Right-click a Stone Brick with the Force Rod to change it into a Force Brick.
  360. - Force Infusers now face the direction they were activated.
  361. - Changed Wing Sword texture.
  362. - Added Thaumcraft aspects to new objects.
  363. - Added Experimental Power Drill
  364. - Upgrade a Mining Drill with Force.
  365. - Added Charge upgrade from IC2 RE-Battery.
  366. - Added Experimental Power Sword
  367. - Upgrade a Force Sword with Charge.
  370. Alpha 0.0.54
  371. - Fixed bug where Luck did not affect normal shearing.
  372. - Added animated texture and unearthly glow to Power Ore.
  373. - Added Inert Core.
  374. - Added carpenter recipe for Inert Core.
  375. - Upgrade with force to become a Nether Star.
  378. Alpha 0.0.53
  379. - Changed the way Looting works on the Force Bow. (Nerf)
  380. - Lowered amount of Lambchops dropped by sheep. (Nerf)
  381. - Added the Monster Claw.
  382. - Dropped by bats. (1-2)
  383. - Force no longer gives Sharpness/Power.
  384. - Monster Claw gives Damage upgrade.
  385. - Added the Tear.
  386. - Dropped by Cold Cows when killed.
  387. - Same potion effect as Ghast Tears.
  388. - Heat Shears now kill animals in one shear.
  389. - Added Grinding to shears. Macerates drops if possible.
  390. - Added macerator recipes for non-white wool.
  391. - Added Thorns upgrade using Cacti.
  392. - Increased Force Points necessary to max out Force Tome by 20%.
  393. - Force Tomes do not receive NBT data at creation. Instead you must upgrade a blank Force Tome in the Force Infuser with the Force Upgrade.
  394. - Force Tome recipe changed to use Force Nuggets.
  397. Alpha 0.0.52
  398. - Added Thaumcraft integration
  399. - Aspects on various DartCraft items.
  400. - "Pure" aspect on IC2 Terra Wart.
  401. - Fixed crated nikolite and brass.
  402. - Ender pouches cannot be placed inside Force Packs.
  403. - Force packs now show their names on the first line of their tooltips.
  404. - Added Buildcraft triggers for Force Infusers
  405. - Has Tome
  406. - Can upgrade
  409. Alpha 0.0.51
  410. - Fixed missing block-breaking effects in multiplayer.
  411. - Fixed Grinding on Force Axe not using durability.
  412. - Grinding and Heat on tools now uses significantly more durability than before.
  413. - Force Nuggets are now used to imbue tools with Force instead of Force Ingots. (Buff)
  414. - Added experimental Crated Nikolite and Crated Brass Ingots.
  417. Alpha 0.0.50
  418. - Max Looting/Fortune obtainable on Force Tools is now 3. (Nerf)
  419. - The wing meter now fades when full for more than a second.
  420. - Added Grinding upgrade to Force Axe. Uses Thermal Expansion Sawmill recipes.
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