May 28th, 2019
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  1. Audio visual {equipment|devices} is {really|truly|actually} {nice|good|great} to have when you {need|require} it, {but|however} it isn't something you {necessarily|always} {want to|wish to} {invest in|purchase|buy}. Audio visual {rentals|leasings} {have|have actually} {proven|shown} a popular {way|method} to get some {pretty|quite} {impressive|outstanding|excellent|remarkable} {technology|innovation}, without {having to|needing to} {commit|dedicate|devote} to a purchase or {long-term|long-lasting} lease {agreement|contract|arrangement}.
  3. What {Kind of|Type Of|Sort Of} {Equipment|Devices} Can You Get?
  5. You {name|call} it. {Most|Many|A lot of|The majority of} rental {firms|companies} {offer|provide|use} {a huge|a big|a substantial} {selection|choice} of {equipment|devices}, from the {biggest|most significant|greatest} plasma screens to the {smallest|tiniest} microphones.
  7. If you are {planning|preparing} {a trade show|an exhibition|a trade convention} {booth|cubicle}, training {seminar|workshop} {or even|and even|or perhaps} {a small|a little} sales {presentation|discussion}, you can {use|utilize} AV {rentals|leasings} to {fill in|fill out|complete} the {gaps|spaces} in your {technology|innovation}. You're up {against|versus} {competitors|rivals} who {may|might} have {deeper|much deeper} pockets than you, so you {need|require} to {find|discover} {a way|a method} to impress for less. With {rentals|leasings} you can {obtain|acquire|get} some {great|fantastic|terrific|excellent} {technology|innovation} for the short-term:
  9. Plasma or LCD screens are {perfect|ideal|best} for any {kind of|type of|sort of} {trade show|exhibition|trade convention} {exhibit|exhibition|display}. They have {instant|immediate|instantaneous} {cachet|prestige} and {help|assist} you {create|produce|develop} {an eye-catching|an attractive|an appealing|a captivating|a distinctive} {presentation|discussion}. {Want to|Wish to} {really|truly|actually} {hit|strike} one out of the park? {Try|Attempt} a video wall.
  10. {The greatest|The best} display screen {in the world|on the planet|worldwide} is {nothing|absolutely nothing} without {a decent|a good} projector. Although LCD projectors {have|have actually} {come down|boiled down} in {price|cost|rate} {recently|just recently}, they are still {a luxury|a high-end} for {a lot of|a great deal of} {businesses|companies|services|organisations}. {Renting|Leasing} {the latest|the most recent|the current} {model|design} can {help|assist} move your AV {presentation|discussion} from {good|great|excellent} to {great|fantastic|terrific|excellent}.
  11. The {sound|noise} in your {trade show|exhibition|trade convention} {booth|cubicle} is {also|likewise} {a major|a significant} attention getter. {Good|Great|Excellent} speakers are {essential|important|vital|necessary}.
  12. If you {are presenting|exist} {a seminar|a workshop} to {a large|a big} group, {a wireless|a cordless} microphone can {ensure|guarantee} your message {gets across|makes clear} {clearly|plainly}.
  13. You can {probably|most likely} see the {great|fantastic|terrific|excellent} {potential|prospective|possible} in this AV {equipment|devices}, {but|however} {an outright|a straight-out} purchase is still {pretty|quite} {hard|difficult|tough} to {justify|validate}. So {rentals|leasings} are {probably|most likely} {the best|the very best} {way|method} to go.
  15. Other {Advantages|Benefits} of AV Rentals
  17. All that {fabulous|fantastic|amazing|wonderful|incredible|magnificent} {technology|innovation} looks {great|fantastic|terrific|excellent} in {a booth|a cubicle} or {conference room|meeting room}, {but|however} pulling {it all|everything|all of it} together {takes time|takes some time|requires time} and {a lot of|a great deal of} {expertise|proficiency|knowledge|competence|know-how}. When you {rent|lease} your AV {equipment|devices}, you get all that {finicky|picky} setup {done for|provided for} you. No {need|requirement} to {waste time|lose time} {figuring out|determining|finding out} what input and output and HDMI and DVI are. The rental {company|business} will {take care of|look after} {it all|everything|all of it}. They will {also|likewise} {disconnect|detach} {everything|whatever} and {remove|eliminate} it. {Additional|Extra} technical {support|assistance} {might|may} {also|likewise} be {available|offered|readily available}, if you {required|needed}.
  19. If you {need|require} to {travel|take a trip}, {renting|leasing} makes {complete|total} sense. {A national|A nationwide} rental {company|business} can {arrange for|schedule} {a local|a regional} {office|workplace} to {supply|provide} your AV {equipment|devices} and set it up where you {need|require} it.
  21. With {rentals|leasings} you get {the latest|the most recent|the current} {technology|innovation} without {having to|needing to} {buy|purchase} it. Rental {companies|business} {generally|typically|normally|usually} have {large|big} {inventories|stocks} of AV {equipment|devices} {available|offered|readily available}. They can {also|likewise} {help|assist} you {decide on|choose|select|pick} the {equipment|devices} that is {best|finest} for your {needs|requirements}.
  23. Why {Rent|Lease} {Instead|Rather} of Leasing?
  25. {Renting|Leasing} and {leasing|renting} are {often|frequently|typically} {confused|puzzled}. Leasing is {normally|typically|usually|generally} done over the long term. It is {a great|a fantastic|a terrific|an excellent} {solution|service|option} for {everyday|daily} IT {equipment|devices} like {computers|computer systems} or {copiers|photo copiers}. {But|However} when you {need|require} {a specific|a particular} {piece of equipment|tool} for {a short|a brief} time {period|duration} - {a few|a couple of} days or weeks - {renting|leasing} is the {better|much better} {choice|option}. This is {especially|particularly|specifically} {true|real} of AV {rentals|leasings}, which {give|provide|offer} you the {flexibility|versatility} to {obtain|acquire|get} the {equipment|devices} you {need|require} for the {exact|precise|specific} length of time you {need|require} it.
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