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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="/layout/character-achievements.xsl"?><page globalSearch="1" lang="en_us" requestUrl="/character-achievements.xml">
  2.   <characterInfo>
  3.     <character battleGroup="Retaliation" charUrl="r=Ghostlands&n=Tesandra" class="Priest" classId="5" faction="Alliance" factionId="0" gender="Female" genderId="1" guildName="League Of Valor" guildUrl="r=Ghostlands&n=League+Of+Valor&p=1" lastModified="April 10, 2009" level="80" name="Tesandra" points="1320" prefix="" race="Draenei" raceId="11" realm="Ghostlands" suffix=" Jenkins"/>
  4.   </characterInfo>
  5.   <achievements>
  6.     <summary>
  7.       <c earned="131" points="1320" total="749" totalPoints="8435"/>
  8.       <category>
  9.         <c earned="18" earnedPoints="180" total="53" totalPoints="560"/>
  10.       </category>
  11.       <category>
  12.         <c earned="9" earnedPoints="90" total="49" totalPoints="530"/>
  13.       </category>
  14.       <category>
  15.         <c earned="15" earnedPoints="150" total="70" totalPoints="830"/>
  16.       </category>
  17.       <category>
  18.         <c earned="18" earnedPoints="180" total="149" totalPoints="1755"/>
  19.       </category>
  20.       <category>
  21.         <c earned="41" earnedPoints="410" total="216" totalPoints="2385"/>
  22.       </category>
  23.       <category>
  24.         <c earned="10" earnedPoints="100" total="72" totalPoints="730"/>
  25.       </category>
  26.       <category>
  27.         <c earned="1" earnedPoints="10" total="44" totalPoints="545"/>
  28.       </category>
  29.       <category>
  30.         <c earned="19" earnedPoints="200" total="96" totalPoints="1100"/>
  31.       </category>
  32.       <category>
  33.         <c earned="3"/>
  34.       </category>
  35.       <achievement categoryId="168" dateCompleted="2009-03-16-05:00" desc="Defeat Cyanigosa in The Violet Hold without using Defense Control Crystals and with Prison Seal Integrity at 100% while in Heroic Difficulty." icon="achievement_dungeon_theviolethold_25man" id="1816" points="10" title="Defenseless"/>
  36.       <achievement categoryId="168" dateCompleted="2009-03-16-05:00" desc="Defeat Cyanigosa in The Violet Hold on Heroic Difficulty." icon="achievement_dungeon_theviolethold_heroic" id="494" points="10" title="Heroic: The Violet Hold"/>
  37.       <achievement categoryId="168" dateCompleted="2009-03-16-05:00" desc="Defeat the Utgarde Keep bosses on Heroic Difficulty." icon="achievement_dungeon_utgardekeep_heroic" id="489" points="10" title="Heroic: Utgarde Keep"/>
  38.       <achievement categoryId="168" dateCompleted="2009-03-15-05:00" desc="Defeat The Nexus bosses on Heroic Difficulty." icon="achievement_dungeon_nexus70_heroic" id="490" points="10" title="Heroic: The Nexus"/>
  39.       <achievement categoryId="168" dateCompleted="2009-03-15-05:00" desc="Defeat Keristrasza in The Nexus on Heroic Difficulty without allowing Intense Cold to reach more than two stacks." icon="ability_mage_chilledtothebone" id="2036" points="10" title="Intense Cold"/>
  40.     </summary>
  41.     <rootCategories>
  42.       <category id="92" name="General"/>
  43.       <category id="96" name="Quests">
  44.         <category name="Classic"/>
  45.         <category name="The Burning Crusade"/>
  46.         <category name="Wrath of the Lich King"/>
  47.       </category>
  48.       <category id="97" name="Exploration">
  49.         <category name="Eastern Kingdoms"/>
  50.         <category name="Kalimdor"/>
  51.         <category name="Outland"/>
  52.         <category name="Northrend"/>
  53.       </category>
  54.       <category id="95" name="Player vs. Player">
  55.         <category name="Arena"/>
  56.         <category name="Alterac Valley"/>
  57.         <category name="Arathi Basin"/>
  58.         <category name="Eye of the Storm"/>
  59.         <category name="Warsong Gulch"/>
  60.         <category name="Strand of the Ancients"/>
  61.         <category name="Wintergrasp"/>
  62.       </category>
  63.       <category id="168" name="Dungeons & Raids">
  64.         <category name="Classic"/>
  65.         <category name="The Burning Crusade"/>
  66.         <category name="Lich King Dungeon"/>
  67.         <category name="Lich King Heroic"/>
  68.         <category name="Lich King Raid"/>
  69.         <category name="Lich King Heroic Raid"/>
  70.       </category>
  71.       <category id="169" name="Professions">
  72.         <category name="Cooking"/>
  73.         <category name="Fishing"/>
  74.         <category name="First Aid"/>
  75.       </category>
  76.       <category id="201" name="Reputation">
  77.         <category name="Classic"/>
  78.         <category name="The Burning Crusade"/>
  79.         <category name="Wrath of the Lich King"/>
  80.       </category>
  81.       <category id="155" name="World Events">
  82.         <category name="Lunar Festival"/>
  83.         <category name="Love is in the Air"/>
  84.         <category name="Children's Week"/>
  85.         <category name="Noble Garden"/>
  86.         <category name="Midsummer"/>
  87.         <category name="Brewfest"/>
  88.         <category name="Hallow's End"/>
  89.         <category name="Winter Veil"/>
  90.       </category>
  91.       <category id="81" name="Feats of Strength"/>
  92.     </rootCategories>
  93.   </achievements>
  94. </page>
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