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  1. OTSC vs RipTide
  3. So Riptide comes into this fight sporting its "longboard" wedges, which YSM wasn't quite expecting, but it doesn't seem to have changed their strategy as they rocket out of the starting square as the fight begins. Monsterworks is prepared for an attempt at angling in, but said attempt never comes as OTSC charges straight at Riptide. The middle of the forked wedge does go between the longboards of Riptide, but said longboards easily slide under the gaps in the brick's wedgelets and feed said middle fork right into Riptide's drum.
  4. The impact throws OTSC back, causing a perfect form double backflip, but the wedge looks fine aside from a few scratch marks from the impact. Riptide is quick on chaining the attacks and once again wedges under the front wedge. However, this time OTSC wisely j-hooks backwards and looks for an opportunity to either wedge under or push.
  5. This opportunity comes quicker than expected, with Riptide gyrodancing juust enough for OTSC to shove its wedge under the front corner of Riptide and start pushing. The side part of Riptide's drum skitters meaninglessly against the wedge, slightly popping Riptide up and making it difficult for both bots to control the push. Riptide does quickly free itself, but in the struggle bots bots end up near the corner. With a cheeky angle and a lucky break, OTSC manages to get under Riptide's long wedges and finally manages to push them into a corner.
  6. After a max length pin, Riptide is finally released and immediately gets their drum pointed at OTSC. This time YSM goes for an angle attempt, but the spacing of their own forked wedge doesn't allow it, and Riptide gets another fling upwards. This time OTSC lands with its flat wedge down. Riptide attempts to follow up on the hit and it met with only a few sparks before YSM's bot escapes and resumes pointing their now flat wedge at the Monsterworks bot.
  7. Surprisingly, OTSC has a better time with the flat edge of the wedge down, now able to angle in and somewhat negate those long forks on Riptide. Of course they don't get under every time, but there are a few occasions where they manage to wedge under and push. Unfortunately Riptide is mostly able to avoid the hazards they're being pushed into with some smart driving, j-hooks and occasionally winning the wedge war and getting  hits off on OTSC's wedge that cause nothing but pretty sparks and a brick flying through the air.
  8. Aggression: OTSC 4-1 Riptide
  9. Damage: OTSC 1-4 Riptide
  10. Control: OTSC 3-2 Riptide
  12. OTSC wins by a close 8-7 Judge's decision.
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