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  1. Production Support Analyst
  3. I believe that I am a fitting candidate for the role of Production Support Analyst as I am a particularly logical thinker, I enjoy analyzing trends and I am a passionate individual who is eager to progress in their career at OVO Energy.
  5. My aim is to continue to develop my skill set I have cultivated over the duration of my time here at Ovo. Ultimately I would like to enhance the customer experience from a technical perspective, reducing customer call drivers through understanding trends that promote contact.
  7. Whilst working as a Single Skilled and then Cross Trained Customer Service Agent I have faced many challenges that have not been easily rectified, whether this is due to My Ovo/Boost not allowing customers to login, top up, or issues within our own internal systems that cause our customer experience to be less than satisfactory. I am eager to be in a position where I can identify and remedy these issues.
  9. I have enjoyed being able to resolve issues that require more critical thinking and understanding of how the systems in question operate. There have been times when this is not possible, resulting in the customer experience being affected. I feel the more I learn if given the opportunity to within this role, the more likely I am to be able to eradicate certain problems that affect customers and help to reduce drive for customer interaction.
  11. My attitude during my tenure at Ovo has been proven through appraisal scores and comments that show that I am willing, capable of learning, adapting to new environments, and eager to learn. I already work fairly autonomously and as I am writing this have a score of 1 across almost all KPI’s of the scorecard. I have been awarded colleague of the month for going outside of my role to help another department, and I am continuing to find ways to grow professionally.
  13. I work best when I am problem solving, understanding obstacles and finding ways overcome to them. I always keep the customer in the forefront of my mind and try to go beyond at every opportunity, treating everybody as an individual which is reflected in the feedback which I have received from my previous teams.
  15. In summary, I think I would be very well suited to this role as it’s something I am already incredibly interested in, I am eager to learn/grasp the technologies used within the Production Support Team and am always striving to enhance the customer experience.
  17. Thank you for your consideration
  18. Bobby Brown
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