MagiReco Main Story 7.6

Apr 27th, 2018
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  1. 7.6 What Can Be Seen from the Map
  2. on a street in Sakae Ward
  3. Iroha: "Surely someone in the feathers know where Tsuruno and the others are!"
  5. 7.6.1
  6. [on the city streets of Sakae Ward, the shopping district]
  7. Iroha: "The black feathers and white feathers really don't seem to know anything."
  8. "But the first white feather we encountered seemed to know..."
  9. Yachiyo: "Yes..."
  10. "It might not be information that's shared among all of them..."
  11. "Or perhaps that was someone who wasn't assigned the role of protecting rumors..."
  12. Iroha: "If that's the case..."
  13. "Then all the feathers we've met are ones who are just protecting rumors..."
  14. "Of course they wouldn't know..."
  15. (Those people too...)
  16. [flashback; insert map of Kamihama with Central Ward highlighted]
  17. *The Rumor of the Puzzle Tile Lock*
  18. *If you line up the patterns on the manhole covers scattered all over the ground, a path to the Kamihama City government's hidden safe will be revealed.*
  19. *There are apparently all sorts of traps inside.*
  20. [flashback to downtown Central Ward with tall buildings]
  21. white feather: "You've been making a considerable commotion, going wild like that, but we will stop you here."
  22. "Let's go."
  23. black feather: "For the sake of release..."
  24. Iroha: "We'll definitely gotta get the next ones to tell us..."
  25. Yachiyo: "Yes, they won't get away!"
  26. [flashback; insert map of Kamihama with Sakae Ward highlighted]
  27. *The Rumor of the Stylish Monster*
  28. *It appears in front of a confident girl who has dressed herself up as best she can.*
  29. *Before you know it, you're taken to a back alley, and if you don't tell them they look stylish, your clothes will be stripped off.*
  30. [flashback to the streets of Sakae Ward]
  31. black feather: "Like we said, we don't know..."
  32. white feather: "We don't need to worry about anything now that the rumor has been defeated."
  33. "Let's retreat."
  34. black feather: "Understood."
  35. Iroha: Wait!"
  36. "...Nobody knows..."
  37. [back to the present, in the same place]
  38. Iroha: "Everyone was acting like that, so it really seems like they don't know."
  39. "Maybe we have to find a feather who is tasked with something other than protecting rumors..."
  40. Yachiyo: "Or maybe some kind of leadership who seems to know..."
  41. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  42. "Yachiyo-san, once again, should we summarize what we've learned so far?"
  43. Yachiyo: "Okay. If we just repeat what we've been doing, we probably won't find out anything new."
  44. "Let's start by marking on the map the points where we've taken out rumors."
  45. Iroha: "Yes."
  46. "But... It feels like there is more information that we could be going over..."
  47. mini-Kyubey: "That note." or "The Wings of Magius's special characteristic." I'll pick the second.
  48. Iroha: "It's not that, it's... something we already have a lot of information on..."
  49. "Ah!"
  50. [briefly show image of the Kamihama Rumor Files]
  51. Yachiyo: "What is it?"
  52. Iroha: "The rumors, why don't we mark all of them on the map?"
  53. "We'll put the ones we've previously erased on the map..."
  54. "Together with the ones we went around erasing today."
  55. "Our goal is to find the base of the Wings of Magius, right?"
  56. "So if that's the case, we should use all the information we have available!"
  57. Yachiyo: "All of the information... Ah, the Kamihama Rumor Files..."
  58. Iroha: "Yes, so let's try putting them all on!"
  59. "Every one in the Rumor Files that has the location known!"
  60. Yachiyo: "Okay, let's mark them all down!'
  61. [in a restaurant]
  62. Yachiyo: "Well then, let's start by looking in the index."
  63. Iroha: "There was an index?"
  64. Yachiyo: "Yeah, the very last page."
  65. "They're divided up into three: 'Rumors that appear unconditionally'"
  66. "'Rumors that appear when you perform certain actions' 'Rumors that appear in certain locations'"
  67. Iroha: "Wow, you did all that..."
  68. Yachiyo: "Then, let's start put checkmarks in."
  69. Iroha: "Okay, I'm ready with a pen."
  70. [insert image of Kamihama with green, pink, and blue X's and O's marked]
  71. *Rumors that appear unconditionally*
  72. *Rumors that appear on their own for no apparent reason. There aren't many that are geographically limited. Example: Misery Water.*
  73. [a bunch of pink X's appear]
  74. *Rumors that appear when you perform certain actions*
  75. *Rumors that emerge as a result of someone's actions. There aren't many that are geographically limited. Example: Breakup Rule.*
  76. [a bunch of blue X's appear]
  77. *Rumors that appear in certain locations*
  78. *Rumors that constantly exist in certain locations. Sometimes conditions must be fulfilled in order to enter. Example: Kuchiyose Shrine.*
  79. [back in the restaurant]
  80. Iroha: "We've put them all in..."
  81. "We haven't looked into many of them east of Central Ward."
  82. Yachiyo: "We have an pact in place with them."
  83. "We cannot carelessly go east of Central Ward."
  84. "In the past, there weren't so many witches, so it was a matter of territory."
  85. "In order to avoid fights, we made an agreement."
  86. Iroha: "I see..."
  87. "But now that we've put them all down..."
  88. Yachiyo: "But?"
  89. Iroha: "Ah, Yachiyo-san..."
  90. Yachiyo: "Iroha..."
  91. "No way, to think that it came to this..."
  92. [battle]
  93. [at the Adjuster's]
  94. Mitama: "The rumor of the amusement park, huh..."
  95. Momoko: "Have you heard anything about it, Adjuster?"
  96. Mitama: "What if I have?"
  97. "Maybe, you're going to invite me there, Momoko?"
  98. Momoko: "That's not it..."
  99. Mitama: "Ah, what a shame. I thought you were going to come play with me."
  100. Momoko: "Or do you really want to be invited that much?"
  101. Mitama: "No, not really."
  102. Momoko: "Oi."
  103. "Or wait, that's not the issue."
  104. "Have you heard the rumor of the amusement park?"
  105. Mitama: "Hmm..."
  106. "I haven't heard anything about it in particular from magical girls."
  107. "Nor have I seen any of that in their memories."
  108. Momoko: "I see..."
  109. "Lately, it's suddenly been spread around, it seems."
  110. "I heard it in school, you see."
  111. Mitama: "An amusement park you've only recently heard about huh... Ah, I might've heard something..."
  112. Momoko: "Really!?"
  113. Mitama: "Recently, when I went shopping, I heard it in front of the station near 1090."
  114. Momoko: "1090? So Sakae Ward huh..."
  115. "By the way, do you think it sounds like a rumor?"
  116. Mitama: "Hmm..."
  117. "Well, an amusement park opening is a big deal, and we hadn't heard anything about it until now..."
  118. "...Yeah, I think it's a rumor."
  119. Momoko: "I figured."
  120. [insert map of Kamihama with Shinsei Ward highlighted]
  121. *It finally spread to Shinsei Ward, where our school is, just yesterday...*
  122. [now Mizuna Ward is highlighted]
  123. *And today, it seems to be spreading quite fine in Mizuna Ward.*
  124. [highlight Sakae Ward]
  125. *And even before that, the rumor had already been spreading in Sakae Ward.*
  126. [back to the Adjuster's]
  127. Momoko: "Somehow, the farther you go east, the more the rumor is visible..."
  129. 7.6.2
  130. [in a restaurant]
  131. Yachiyo: "I hadn't put all of them down on a map before..."
  132. "To think it would be like this..."
  133. Iroha: "It is very interesting, the position of these rumors..."
  134. Yachiyo: "Yeah, the distribution."
  135. [insert map with tons of markings on it; a blank spot on the border between Sankyou Ward and the Artisan Ward with no rumors is highlighted]
  136. Yachiyo: *I wonder what it could be.*
  137. *The rumors just suddenly cut off cleanly.*
  138. Iroha: *It reminds me of the eye of a typhoon...*
  139. [back to the restaurant]
  140. Yachiyo: "If we don't know the distribution on the east side, we can't know for sure..."
  141. "But if it's the same, what might it mean..."
  142. Iroha: "Perhaps there's a reason why there are no rumors..."
  143. Yachiyo: "And isn't this place interesting as well?"
  144. [insert map with tons of markings on it; three blue and one green X's on the north end of Shinsei Ward is highlighted]
  145. Iroha: *This place in Shinsei Ward has a few rumors gathered in one spot?*
  146. Yachiyo: *Yeah, conversely from the east, it feels like they're concentrated...*
  147. Iroha: *This is...*
  148. [back to the restaurant]
  149. Yachiyo: "Iroha?"
  150. "Do you know this place?"
  151. Iroha: "Yes, It's the Satomi Medical Center."
  152. Yachiyo: "Is that... the hospital where your sister was?"
  153. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san..."
  154. Yachiyo: "Yes, let's take a look."
  155. [battle]
  156. [on the streets of Sakae Ward]
  157. Momoko: "I think the Adjuster heard the story around here..."
  158. "Rena should be here, but..."
  159. "Ah, there she is."
  160. "Hey, Rena!"
  161. Rena: "Ah, Momoko."
  162. Momoko: "Yo, good work."
  163. Rena: "Good work my butt! You forced this on me."
  164. Momoko: "Ah, my bad, my bad. But you really helped me out, thanks."
  165. Rena: "Mm. Well, you owe me one Mont Blanc."
  166. Momoko: "Wait what? When did this happen?"
  167. Rena: "What, you thought I was serious? I don't need it."
  168. "I wouldn't mind if you treated me, though."
  169. Momoko: "Oh come on..."
  170. "Well, did buy something good?"
  171. Rena: "Yeah, a fruit tart from Dappled Sunlight on the Hill."
  172. "Kaede likes them too, so I want to bring her there later."
  173. Momoko: "Don't spoil her..."
  174. Rena: "I'm not going to spoil her!"
  175. "Anyway, about the amusement park rumor, I did try asking about it."
  176. Momoko: "Ah, thanks, Rena."
  177. "Well, how was it?"
  178. Rena: "They seemed to know a lot."
  179. "Especially those around our age."
  180. Momoko: "Just as I expected..."
  181. Rena: "What did you expect?"
  182. "In the first place, since when has there been talk of an amusement park going up?"
  183. Momoko: "Well, only recently, I think. I only just heard about it."
  184. Rena: "I see..."
  185. "Um, Momoko..."
  186. Momoko: "Hm?"
  187. Rena: "When Kaede gets better, to celebrate her recovery..."
  188. "Let's all go to that amusement park, okay?"
  189. Momoko: "Huh?"
  190. Rena: "What's with that reaction?"
  191. Momoko: "Rena, are you misunderstanding something?"
  192. "This isn't just a normal rumor, this is a rumor like the Rumor of the Breakup Rule."
  193. Rena: "Ehh!? What the heck!?"
  194. "If that's the case, you should have told me that from the start!"
  195. "I've been thinking about it totally wrong!"
  196. Momoko: "Don't get angry at me, I'm sorry!"
  197. "It's just that for us, this is one of the more dangerous rumors!
  198. Rena: "I won't know unless you tell me though!"
  199. Momoko: "Ah, well. Fine, I'll get you a Mont Blanc later..."
  200. Rena: "Hehe, I forgive you."
  201. Momoko: "Coming right up."
  202. Rena: "But I haven't heard this rumor at all around our school."
  203. Momoko: "Is that so?"
  204. "That was bothering me too..."
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