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  1. [1.7.10] Paleocraft Cambrian 1.6 BETA 1
  3. -updated wave 1 textures
  4. -updated wave 1 models
  5. -added child pieces to wave 1 models
  6. -add tail animations for wave 1 dinos
  7. -added in dimension log
  8. -dimorphodon now flys away when the player gets too close
  9. -added dimension and biomes
  10. -Citipati now stays away from bigger predators
  11. -Added Paleocraft Logo to file
  12. -Added in Dimorphodon Land model
  13. -Added in Quetzalcoatlus Land Model
  14. -Added in "Takeoff" sound
  15. -Added Quetzalcoatlus Head Animations
  16. -Updated to Forge version: (1.7.10) 1.7.10-
  17. -Dromaeosaurus drops feathers
  18. -Dromaeosaurus walks faster
  19. -Added Horsetails
  20. -Citipati walks faster
  21. -Troodon walks faster
  22. -Added Dino egg
  23. -Added Cooked Dino egg
  24. -Removed Dromaeosaurus egg
  25. -Added crafting recipe for Fossil
  26. -Added smelting recipe for Dino egg
  27. -Added Baby Sea Reptile
  28. -Added crafting recipe for awake baby sea reptile
  29. -Fossil Ore now drops bones
  30. -Removed Fossil Flavoured Ice Cream
  31. -Added Nest
  32. -Added Nest Baby
  33. -Citipati can now swim
  34. -Citipati doesn't get hurt by healing potions
  35. -Baryonyx doesn't get hurt by healing potions
  36. -Megalodon doesn't get hurt by healing potions
  37. -Troodon doesn't get hurt by healing potions
  38. -Tylosaurus doesn't get hurt by healing potions
  39. -Dimorphodon doesn't get hurt by healing potions
  40. -Baryonyx doesn't despawn on peaceful
  41. -Cryolophosaurus doesn't despawn on peaceful
  42. -Spinosaurus doesn't despawn on peaceful
  43. -Added back Paleoplains
  44. -Added Cycads
  45. -Removed ravines
  46. -Dimorphodon now stays away from water
  47. -Biomes don't spawn in overworld
  48. -Portal added to paleocraft creative tab
  49. -Dromaeosarus doesn't say the message "Need raw beef" when it's tamed
  50. -Added Small Cycad
  51. -Updated Wave 2 textures
  52. -Updated Wave 2 models
  53. -Changed Compsognathus's health to 2 hearts
  54. -Compsognathus stays away from larger predators
  55. -Changed Massopondylus's Health to 5 hearts
  56. -Massopondylus now drops leather
  57. -Changed Tylo's health to 40 hearts
  58. -Changed Spinosaurus's health to 40 hearts
  59. -Changed Spinosaurus's damage to 10
  60. -Spinosaurus doesn't get hurt by healing potions
  61. -Changed Quetzalcoatlus health to 15 hearts
  62. -Changed Baryonyx's damage to 5 hearts
  63. -Changed Citipati's health to 4.5 hearts
  64. -Changed Dimorphodon's health to 2 hearts
  65. -Changed Troodon's health to 4 hearts
  66. -Added a description to the Fossil
  67. -Dimorphodon now randomly lands
  68. -Massopondylus doesn't despawn on peaceful
  69. -Removed PaleoDesert Sand from creative tab
  70. -Removed Paleoplains dirt from creative tab
  71. -Removed unused code from some entity files
  72. -Changed Dromaeosaurus's health to 4.5 hearts when wild
  73. -Changed Dromaeosaurus's health to 10 hearts when tamed
  74. -Quetzalcoatlus flys away when health is low
  75. -Updated Tylosaurus's sounds
  76. -Fixed Quetz name
  77. -Changed Quetzalcoatlus's Size
  78. -Cryo doesn't get hurt by healing potions
  79. -changed spino's hurt sound to spinohurt
  80. -spinosaurus will growl if the player gets too close
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